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top 10 Strange Mysterious Places to visit in the world

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top 10 strange mysterious places to visit in the world. In this video, we will travel to some of the best places on earth. Some of these places are considered as the wonders of the world. Note: This video created for entertainment informative and educational purposes. The background music is from a free YouTube Audio library Author Username: RalphReal Item Title: Back To It Author Username: Andrew Huang Item Title: Club Author Username: Hanu Dixit Item Title: Sahara Rains Author Username: Diamond Ortiz Item Title: Crock Pot Author Username: Geographer Item Title: Val Holla Author Username: RW Smith Item Title: Turn On
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Text Comments (114)
Katambara Mudathir (2 hours ago)
It's amazing art of Got.
Rolma Guiland (4 hours ago)
Iris lol (14 days ago)
China already have 3 strange mysterious places to visit, a easy way to visit together.
wfpg1234blox (15 days ago)
Com legendas em português ficaria muito melhor. Bom vídeo 😍
Masoud Aghaei (16 days ago)
خیلی زیبا ‌‌‌‌
christine jefferies (19 days ago)
Thank you
Mike Fen (21 days ago)
So avatar is even more unoriginal than i thought. Not only is the story a complete copy of ‘fern gully’ the landscape is copied off the chinese mountains. Fk avatar
JSP TECH (21 days ago)
what the hell!!!! rice terraces belong to the PHILIPPINES, china has great wall
Jayson Ross Ligutan (22 days ago)
What if someone visit the rice terraces in china, but the people will tell you that it is located in Philippines not in their country, china.. Wrong information maam.. Im from philippines and its located here..
Wayne Aubrey (24 days ago)
2:10 triggering my trypophobia
Josefina Lucernas (12 hours ago)
Wayne Aubrey つ
Maria Bjuvsjö (1 day ago)
Marsh Mallow (26 days ago)
I was actually proud for my country philippines when l heard the rice terraces but when l saw that its on china, lm like WHAT!?!?!?
David Buzzin (28 days ago)
👍🇺🇸❤TRUMP 2020
Kimberley Vanderlinden (29 days ago)
Isn't the cradle of civilization supposed to b in Africa!? Scientists know that every human on earth can b traced back 2 one woman who was from Africa
Amay Lotlekar (1 month ago)
I am poor who can afford my expenses if i wish to visit these places 😟
Amay Lotlekar (29 days ago)
Someone please take me there
Peter Njoroge (1 month ago)
Mary Austin (1 month ago)
I got a question....how do you know if it's true or not???
Joseph Jimenez (1 month ago)
i have that crytal cave in my almanac 2019 book
Bはならりゆぬちはみ (1 month ago)
the underwater lake found in twit island
ESTHER Juan (1 month ago)
Where did you get your research, rice terraces is found in the Philippines
Laurice Day (20 days ago)
Jimmie Davis III (1 month ago)
Good thing you don't have Filipino hacker viewers here... I can't get over with the rice terraces in China?? Hahahaha..
Jimmie Davis III (1 month ago)
Rice terraces in CHINA???? That is BULLSHIT!!! That rice terraces is in the PHILIPPINES!!!!
ZachDThatsMe aka zach lipsey (1 month ago)
what's the track?
L BP_BP (1 month ago)
I saw the meteor in the image of Fire fall - Yosemite Horsetail Fall in California.
Top Most Extremely Scary Videos (1 month ago)
so strange
Asma Iqbal (1 month ago)
Under water water fall is amazing😍
energy perpetual motion (1 month ago)
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ARONIOUS2 (2 months ago)
antelope canyon is in arizona
Jonathan Santos (2 months ago)
That cloud formation near the mountain top had a really insightful message to set and suture. Other terrain freatures are still under research helping and other evolved awaitence service and fortourals. There’s so much puzzles to complete together. So we know what to do with everything!its soo cool of you to care about such things! The lessons of each of those places are so far in message receive ment and still early for spead work! Thanks so much!
Samina Naseer (2 months ago)
Beautiful place in the world
Daniela Jacob (2 months ago)
You guys forgot about blue cave in Croatia
John Gordon (2 months ago)
allegations that have not yet been challenged seriously
Loud Mike Media (2 months ago)
just subbed
Nothing Just want to make this (2 months ago)
There is a rice terraces in the philipines
Isaiah Sanders (2 months ago)
The angel falls looks like the far lands from minecraft
paul skillman (2 months ago)
Yosemite, firefalls, Indian Love Call. Very unique.
Mehmet Yilmaz (2 months ago)
Terrible monster with an enormous head 😂😂😂😂😆😆😆😆
Maja B (2 months ago)
These wonders are created by only GOD Jesus in which you do not belive!!!!😞 They are not older more than 6000 years! Please read the Bible!
El Barto Runner (2 months ago)
6:34 where Superman lives
Ian Mattice (2 months ago)
Gonorrhea Breath (2 months ago)
Who gets to vote on the "most beautiful places on Earth" and how do I go about getting a vote in this shadowy cult? 😎⁉️🦔❓
Parmod Thakur (2 months ago)
Awesome places, very interesting video
Angela Fitch (3 months ago)
I love visit these strange places.
Ewan Allen (3 months ago)
i like your video ex about the lena pillars russia
Marciel Luta (3 months ago)
This buildings from china from this high and dangerous vertical mountains are realy amazing, only the chineze would be capable to built there, who nobody have built before .They show us they could be capable to built citys of our moon too. For this little people do not exsist a real chalenge , this( ants people) will conquer our entire solar system soon ,i have no doubt for !
Mime Style (3 months ago)
Thank you for a beautiful video cannot stop watching it
Isiah Torres (3 months ago)
Top 9 but its still top 10 wow nice
Phillip Lyn (3 months ago)
Loving this one thanks for sharing very important information giving thanks blessed love to all knowledge is power hopefully everyone pays attention keep up the good work 🙏🙏🙏🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲💪💪💪
Bansynshar Khongmawloh (3 months ago)
Beautiful n wonderful place that God given us.
Fatima Bhatti (3 months ago)
amazing vedio😀😀
Luiz Berg (3 months ago)
Estão precisando de um cinegrafista ? Fotógrafo ? Curioso . doidão . lunático . . - sou eu mesmo ! Pode me pagar com vinho, queijo, chocolate . e erva 🌿
Michael S (3 months ago)
The places really strange mysterious ....but very beautifulllllll.................
Lea Agcopra (3 months ago)
rice terraces is from the philippines..one of the 7 wonders of the world man made
Hillary Nolasco (3 months ago)
cahaya kemilau (3 months ago)
4.20 blue fires in Kelimutu ? not in Kawah Ijen East Java??
Xiangdong Zhang (3 months ago)
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lyn patano (3 months ago)
Beautiful ..
lyn patano (3 months ago)
Its amazing !!!!
Divya Shree (4 months ago)
Superb mysterious 👌😊
Tun Tun (4 months ago)
Christopher Klymson (4 months ago)
#3 countdown could also be in "Castlegar BC Canada", very nice. yvo
Silk Queen (4 months ago)
God is amazing!!!
thaisalem 102 (4 months ago)
Everywhere u show very nice.thanks
Melissais Dav (4 months ago)
#3........ancient trees.
Ganesh Sabale (4 months ago)
Super .
javelin1010 (4 months ago)
Incredible Thank you
Melahat Kavak (4 months ago)
Wooow amazing, wonderful places I love it , Really interesting video and beautiful I enjoy it , thank you for sharing this video with us
EnesG G (4 months ago)
Kapadokiya Turqie?????
Kimberley Vanderlinden (29 days ago)
I was going to say...there is a couple of places in Turkey that r breathtaking!!
max jojo (4 months ago)
Tk 4 sharing this wonderful video
Anttics (4 months ago)
China is beautiful. in the hands of mad man. who pollute the hell out of it. sad really.
robert n (4 months ago)
really cool thank you
Tatiana Simion (5 months ago)
Beautiful world! Thank you!
Israar Ahmad (5 months ago)
Allah is great
Tre Nation (5 months ago)
Was the best place to go for the first visit and the prices were good but I got my own
Lumturi Sinan (5 months ago)
waw super video
Sakina Master (5 months ago)
Da Li (5 months ago)
Another beautiful and interessting collection of natural places with unbelievible stupid music in the background!
Wandering Lion (5 months ago)
Thumbs down for fake click bate image on the search result
Tenacious One (5 months ago)
Another misleading thumbnail! Quit doing that! Your video was GREAT. You didn't need trickery. Also I was expecting to see the Salar de Uyuni as well. It's beautiful. Check it out during the rainy season.
Iwant Youtube (5 months ago)
Correction! Rice Terraces is located in the Philippines not in China.
max jojo (4 months ago)
Yap they are at Philippines
Shaainna Shane (5 months ago)
Wrong info..... not in china but its in philippines
Shaainna Shane (5 months ago)
Ganti Nama (5 months ago)
Adu Du (5 months ago)
4:28 blue fire in banyuwangi, indonesia
Brian Mason (5 months ago)
Angus Gibson (5 months ago)
Really interesting. Great natural wonders. But please, please, please couldn't you have a real, live person narrating? So irritating!
Be- q (5 months ago)
4:00 is my country hehe
Brian Brewster (5 months ago)
I can watch spectacular stuff like this all day. So soothing and serene.
Sechana Dinesh (5 months ago)
Surprising videos of mother Earth!!!
Алексндр Алекс (6 months ago)
С Днем Победы поздравляю и от всей души желаю: счастья, радости, тепла, неба мирного всегда! С ДНЕМ ВЕЛИКОЙ ПОБЕДЫ!!
Mary Austin (1 month ago)
A what????
vaijogarcoco ilha (6 months ago)
Maciej Gołąbek (7 months ago)
8:00 Komi Republic in not in Russia, but in Russian Federation.
Maciej Gołąbek (7 months ago)
Patti (7 months ago)
Why the hell is the whole video just black for me?
Magic Yeti (6 months ago)
Dohn bee rass ist-engz
Top 3 Tourism (7 months ago)
Very cool list 👍😃 It's a strange world..
World Top ONE (7 months ago)
Kevin Morrison (7 months ago)
Computer generated narrators really make what would be a good video about as cheap as you can get, not to mention the lame ass background music! Maybe thats why you get such piss poor thumbs up with such a high subscriber count! Stop being so lame! Classic example of how NOT to make a video.... ROFLMFAO!
chs rgpcr (7 months ago)
España 🌍
yaacov hilu zaed (7 months ago)
your videos are very good
World Top ONE (7 months ago)
Fabricio Souza (7 months ago)
Vídeo Top...
MĔŅĪŃØ ĐƏ ØŮŘØ (7 months ago)
l really like your channel
World Top ONE (7 months ago)
thanks, i'm glad to hear that.😉
MĔŅĪŃØ ĐƏ ØŮŘØ (7 months ago)
l live in Brazil
V Ganapathi (7 months ago)
Really really strange... Nature always have mysteries... 😘
World Top ONE (7 months ago)
Top 10 strange places in the world Discover an exciting journey to the 10 strange places on earth, that looks like from the underworld One of these places is bizarre and mysterious and looks like a hell gate Another one place with a strange landscape like a from another planet and the hottest temperature on Earth. Some of them are considered as the wonders of the world and unique natural phenomenon Some places are bizarre and look like from movies Find out some interesting facts about the strangest places in the world
MĔŅĪŃØ ĐƏ ØŮŘØ (7 months ago)