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KICKZR4US - http://bit.ly/1UFk7hj KICKZR4US IG - http://bit.ly/1Saw5Sp KICKZR4US TWITTER - http://bit.ly/1mNrng5 KICKZR4US FACEBOOK - http://bit.ly/29nYZLZ JOIN THE MAILING LIST HERE! ► http://bit.ly/2vnIxFg SUBSCRIBE HERE ► https://www.youtube.com/user/mrfoamersimpson?su... FOAMIE & BUCKETS: season 1 episode 64. This is the ADIDAS YEEZY BOOST 500 UTILITY BLACK! They released today and we went up to the mall to see if they had them and they did! It's a celebration! Check it out and let us know what you think! Like, Comment, Subscribe and Share! Check it out and let us know what you think! Like, Comment, Subscribe and Share! WANT TO SEND US SOMETHING? FOAMER SIMPSON PO BOX 5513 CLEARWATER, FL 33758 CONNECT WITH FOAMIE ON SOCIAL MEDIA! Snapchat ► https://www.snapchat.com/add/itsfoamie IG ► http://full.sc/1b2RF27 Twitter ► http://full.sc/H8tB5t Facebook ► http://full.sc/H8txms CONNECT WITH BUCKETS ON SOCIAL MEDIA! Snapchat ► https://www.snapchat.com/add/thouartbuckets IG ► http://bit.ly/2pIaGW8 CONNECT WITH FORREST CONNER ON SOCIAL MEDIA! IG ► https://bit.ly/2HZMwP7
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Text Comments (125)
Ramon Guerrero (6 months ago)
Can you sell your sneakers to them?
roccorostagno (7 months ago)
Im convinced kanye can put dog turds in a box and the hypebeasts will flock to their neighborhood sneaker shop cash in hand.. 🤢🤮
Rayyan Siddiqui (7 months ago)
Those look ugly as shit
JustFrags (7 months ago)
lol putting yeezy box into a nike bag!
CQC Fighter (7 months ago)
Y'all hypebeasts are stupid. Kanye took a slip resistant work shoe and put his name on it just so he could charge a lot of money for it.
@tomsco (7 months ago)
They are sitting on adidas.com. guess the hypebeast resell season is over. The people who really like them to wear can actually get a pair now. Awesome
Hegotkickz (7 months ago)
the beard bro!!!! lol
JC12 (7 months ago)
I am so excited to get my Constanza tee! Hey foamie, any chance on a Lebowski restock?
Brazen (7 months ago)
“Bust out a moonwalk, you might go viral.” 😂😂
iBanz (7 months ago)
Hmm, all black shoe for work.
DLH 79,1223 (7 months ago)
Let me guess bang bang everybody go buy now!! Can’t stand you & the rest of the fake shoe tubers
KDpyro (7 months ago)
Nice Volkwagen! Is it a Passat?
InZaneKicks (7 months ago)
Haha bust out a moonwalk maybe next time.
Edrees Panjshiri (7 months ago)
I am sorry but the yeezy are ugly 🤮🤮🤮
kwanlo944 (7 months ago)
These are the 2nd ugliest Yeezy I've ever seen. The no.1 ugliest are 350 v2. But I respect your choice, enjoy them joint Foamie!!
JimmyP (7 months ago)
Still available on adidas and yeezy supply. I blame the boring monochromic non boost Avia look.
Elliot Beam Hurst (7 months ago)
Bust out a little moon walk or something.. lol. Classic
harith Irfan (7 months ago)
the idiots who disliked prolly aint got feet
Mike P (7 months ago)
Congratulations for reaching 300K subscribers Lads. You’re Vlogs are always high quality and very enjoyable thank you and congrats 🤙🏽✌🏽👍🏽
Mini Panini (7 months ago)
that mall lookin dead AF.
Biz Kicks (7 months ago)
Feel uncomfortable they put your Yeezy’s in a Nike bag 😂
Thristan Selma (7 months ago)
C'mon Adidas. At least make the shoe look good. Shit ugly af.
flocco (7 months ago)
2:09 yeezy shoes in a nike bag. What a savage
zacklton (7 months ago)
Skipped these
jb onthedaily (7 months ago)
moonwalk hahahah
Mark Davis (7 months ago)
I can’t wait for mine to come
MagnifyTV (7 months ago)
He paid resell? They were sitting on adidas
dC821957 (7 months ago)
kickzr4us ........ or also known by me as "let's rip off the stupid customer and charge double".I was picked in the sneakernstuff raffle in NYC.Went to get them (in the "studio 54" roped line) stupid! As I got to the register I asked to see them....they are NOT black they are grey.I said I'll pass. no Yeezy's no interested. Can't separate the guy from the shoe.Almost slipped for this one I'll stick with my (real) black sneakers.
Yong Chen (7 months ago)
buys adidas and gets a nike bag XD
Kirisute Gomen (7 months ago)
Yong Chen so? Lol
ReliantX (7 months ago)
So sad that they are bricks except for the 4,4.5,5.5
Marco Ortiz (7 months ago)
FOAMER SIMPSON +👊👊👊 Big shout out to you and Buckets!!! Fuck the haters!!! That Mall cop wannabe should've eaten a Black Rat for lunch!!! Sounds like IT swallowed marbles!!! How dare they interrupt the vibe!!! Such audacity and nerve. 😂😂😂Great vid!!! Salute fam. 👍✊👊✌💃🏼🕺🏿💯🙏
PREDA KING (7 months ago)
Those are made with 100% rat ass!
BackseatJuice (7 months ago)
Frank Corbato (7 months ago)
The fact that it’s midnight the day after the drop and Adidas.com and yeezy supply all have sizes still on deck shows how crazy this game really is. Resellers wipe everything out and then screw the people that wanna really cop and wear them.....I’m glad this shit is happening, everyone who really wants them will now have a shot of having them at retail cost....these will look 🔥🔥🔥 with that Costanza shirt 🤔
Breana joyeux (7 months ago)
Lol spell it for her!!
Breana joyeux (7 months ago)
I'm concern with how easy it was to get these why is that
Younghomiezoee (7 months ago)
Review the bricks 😩🎬🔥💯
Woah (7 months ago)
They literally have a full size run on adidas, yeezys are dead
maroonblood151 (7 months ago)
Naw only this particular model will brick. It’s an ugly shoe without boost doesn’t matter if Kanye’s name is attached to it. People tend to forget that a shoe’s appearance can still be a determining factor of whether it will sell or not.
Mihir Bharane (7 months ago)
Are there any Seattle based sneakerhead on youtube??????
Woah (7 months ago)
they are bricks
Dee Jay (7 months ago)
These are hideous
PS Player (7 months ago)
Security! You gotta live life! I think he just lost his chance to go viral... Ha!
Pariah Carey (7 months ago)
Can't film in a mall? Since when? It's a public space.
DE LA TORTURE (7 months ago)
You can have them ugly yeezys and the butters are not good.
Blue Too Dope (7 months ago)
How long yeezy supply take to ship?
maroonblood151 (7 months ago)
Depends on what you buy. I’ve been waiting about a month for a clothing purchase I made. I’m pretty sure sneaker purchases are a lot quicker
DisgustingSauce (7 months ago)
Blue Too Dope too damn long naw tho they been shipping pretty quickly lately
Italian Spaghetti (7 months ago)
Puff puff PASS. Them things are dusty af.
Sean Max (7 months ago)
University Mall (813) Tampa #1
Dacollector (7 months ago)
I need a size 12 anybody know where I can get them Adidas sold out in my size :((
Derrick Henderson (7 months ago)
Stock x
bjy (7 months ago)
Dasolecollector yeezysupply.com kanyes website
XxBringBackThePastxX (7 months ago)
so fatty the security guard who hurt his wrist jackin it wants to get on ya'll smh lol
wikedwun (7 months ago)
Plz don’t tell me u paid resell for these...
E.J. Craig (7 months ago)
stock x resell is only $40 more than retail tho
Cindy (7 months ago)
only a few sizes
G2 DC (7 months ago)
Hero Hour bro, 2 hours after release there was still stock online...
Matt Mascarenas (7 months ago)
Adidas still has them in stock!! (some sizes)
Hero Hour (7 months ago)
Pay or YOU won't PLAY!!!! cheapskate
C G (7 months ago)
Adidas.com and Yeezy supply still has them check them out if y’all want them still
Caymen Bryant (7 months ago)
Mall cop wasn’t having it 😂
Milan The GOAT (7 months ago)
Well Connected (7 months ago)
Courtney Campbell causeway.
Samuel Sagua (7 months ago)
Congrats on 300k Guys! Unward and upwards ♥️
Vader Swank (7 months ago)
Secured My Bag 💼Easy The Promise Is Being For told
Andrew Simon (7 months ago)
300k 👊🙌🏽
Labrinth ? (7 months ago)
Anyone know when the next Mens colour way of the 98's are dropping?
illegalfreakTV (7 months ago)
Yeezy Supply still has them in stock as of 6pm Central time
David Drinkwine (7 months ago)
Thumbs up for safety first. 👍
Jaylen *Straightoutda80s* Brown (7 months ago)
I read "ugly." Not utility
conor13640 (7 months ago)
cmon it doesn't count if the store in the mall is a Resell shop xD would've been cool if they were just sitting in an adidas store. xD
Matt Montoya (7 months ago)
You found them at a consignment store that just so happens to be in the mall. KicksR4Us sells fake merchandise
Angel (7 months ago)
Matt Montoya Ok thanks for the info ✊ so what your saying is you trust stockx more
Matt Montoya (7 months ago)
And since it’s at a consignment store, you didn’t get it for retail if you walked in and bought it. From what it seems, mr foamer Simpson is getting something in return from kicksr4us just by looking at the way he promotes it (all their links in bio, constantly shouting them out in a ton of your vids. Hopefully they gave you those 500s for less than retail, you else you are insane
Matt Montoya (7 months ago)
Angel multiple people including myself have found out some stuff was fake after we bought it
Angel (7 months ago)
Matt Montoya that they fakes . iam just trying to get inform
Matt Montoya (7 months ago)
Angel wym
Clell Hamm (7 months ago)
300k congrats man!
Black Titan (7 months ago)
Blush >
ULT chimera (7 months ago)
Hi to anyone scrolling through the comments. ✋
Joseph Masood (7 months ago)
Carted 5 pairs on adidas and won a 5.5 instore in Chicago who wants
ULT chimera (7 months ago)
Hmmmm yeah. Will get resold 5.5 times tho lmao
Joseph Masood (7 months ago)
yeah alright ahaha yeah true but thats a rare size so they’ll always be worth more
ULT chimera (7 months ago)
Joseph Masood some 11 year old hypebeast does lol
LandenBray (7 months ago)
i was there and got some bred toes they posted it on ig
Gregory FoReal (7 months ago)
That's my mall...too bad it's shutting down. I just got some supreme air force 2s from kicks r for US this week.
Gunther 8544 (7 months ago)
Puma Thunder?
MR. B (7 months ago)
Cop 👮 size 11
Dani (7 months ago)
Copped my pair online size 5 😊
Jason (7 months ago)
I already know the animal they're made from? Bronx rat. Lol!
A Bowl of Miso Udon (7 months ago)
Jason 1 rat skin makes 1 size 13 pair since they're so big
Wesley Reed (7 months ago)
Hahaha...mall security no chill... Foam: "wanna bust out a moon walk... Go viral?" Mall fuzz: "nope"... Hahaha
MStew23 (7 months ago)
Please....throw those hot steaming turds in the trash.
MagnifyTV (7 months ago)
MStew23 not gonna lie the shoe is one of the ugliest dad shoes out there at least the yeezy 700s look good
MStew23 (7 months ago)
It ain’t the color. The shoe is just garbage period.
Faboi (7 months ago)
Still sitting on Adidas...the model is crazy I love my yellow moon rocks the blushes are dope but this black color way is wack asf
CCSconnor (7 months ago)
MStew23 j Stan GTFO
Elijah The Guy (7 months ago)
Elijah The Guy (7 months ago)
Heater not a beater
Mark Martinez (7 months ago)
These are still on adidas.com btw if anyone wants them.
Hero Hour (7 months ago)
UK is different timezone, dumbass
lyn huyn (7 months ago)
Most sizes are still available on adidas.com now
Kriss M (7 months ago)
Muzzy got mine 9.5 around 12 and at 5 only size 7.5 was left
Live From The Grave (7 months ago)
That's how all shoes should be.
Mark Martinez (7 months ago)
they're there in almost every size fam
Matthew Diaz (7 months ago)
Love ur vids!!
CVids (7 months ago)
Portia Starr (7 months ago)
Nothing but Heatttt🔥🔥