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AutoStore | The Future of Warehousing is Reality | English

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Further information under AutoStore® Ground breaking warehouse solutions for consumables: Stacking of containers for consumables for optimized space utilization, dynamics, energy efficiency, expandability, rack steel construction and picking makes AutoStore stand out of the crowd. Your advantages: - optimal space utilization - highest dynamics and availability - plain and flexible integration - into existing building structures - modular structure - full scalability and adjustment of capacity - low consumption Grid: The self-supporting aluminium structure is organized in rectangular fields. Each field offers space for several containers to be stacked on top of each other. Container: The containers, the so-called „bins“, are available in two different heights and allow for a maximum payload of 35 kg per bin. Beside the standard bin an antistatic version is also available. Robots: Wheel pairs arranged in X- and Y-direction allow movements in two directions to reach any position within the grid for collection, transportation and deposition of bins. Consignment modules: Consignment modules can be installed at any side of the AutoStore system for nonstop robot supply. The consignment output is between 180 and 500 positions per hour. Further information under
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Text Comments (38)
Dianaz Here (23 days ago)
i wanna work here
Ji Kristin (27 days ago)
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Porsche Green (4 months ago)
This system is amazing, we need to get rid of humans in the work place ASAP
Daniel Grutta (1 month ago)
if it saves money sure, but what do we do with the unemployed? That's ultimately going to affect everyone..
Kandi Klover (5 months ago)
Ugh, cut out the humans and bullshit animations and just show the robot footage god fucking dam it. What the hell.
Skull Fucker (6 months ago)
One of these fuckers picked my order wrong
Don Mega (7 months ago)
only about 20% space savings seen in the video. perhaps it could be up to 60% space savings were the bins full and were the item to fit exactly in the bin dimensions, but so far i see many bins with just 1 item and most not being even 50% full. you'd be utilizing space far better by sliding cabinets and storing multiple items on each box on the shelf. very quick to pick up and very low mistakes as long you simply don't store like items in the same bin. so in the meantime if you cannot afford a million dollar robotic system you can use sliding cabinets to save up to 40% space immediately ;) that solves the 1st problem.
Asteclimanos San (8 months ago)
Amazing! For the first time I can understand how it works
LeonMyTube (1 year ago)
Too much that can go wrong with this system, amazon's system is a lot better.
CrackerJack (2 years ago)
The Amazon system is much more efficient and cheaper
Don Mega (4 months ago)
@BoosterBoxTrader Far from it. Just giving you one likely future scenario. Now it's up to you what steps to take to not fall a victim to the system. Start your own business is what I suggest.
BoosterBoxTrader (4 months ago)
@Don Mega Stop being a victim.
Sweet Willy (4 months ago)
Kandi Klover nonsense I’ve been building automated warehouses for 2 decades Amazon systems are primitive half automated half manual
Kandi Klover (5 months ago)
@Magne Hatteland The Alibaba system which is a knockoff of the amazon one now on the other hand.... Of course Alibaba is an invalid scam website and fake store. Don't bother wasting time with that trash.
innerviews897 (5 months ago)
what kind of crack are you smoking?
Ranger Danger (2 years ago)
Who needs humans to do a job, they complain, they expect payment, and they get injured. Those warehouses go from 200+ employees, down to less than 30 on the floor and they act like we are supposed to be excited about that. FUCK YOU ROBOTS!
Magne Hatteland (1 year ago)
Written on a computer...
At-M (2 years ago)
wait, no use of energy?
Puste Blume (4 months ago)
With low use of energy
Daniel Rose (2 years ago)
The use of energy is very low, instead of large and heavy gantry cranes or similar, your overhead is a small light robot running on steel tracks. The consumption is low.
Surya Achyuta (2 years ago)
Andrew Taylor (2 years ago)
What is the cost for such a system?
Gwynne Richards (4 months ago)
@Commentator541 If you check out this link the guy from Asda Walmart said it cost £15.2 million to install - 164 robots and 70,000 totes
Commentator541 (5 months ago)
@Gwynne Richards 15 MILLION?
Gwynne Richards (8 months ago) - This video discusses the cost for the Asda Walmart system - approx. £15m
Björn Nord (2 years ago)
First in - First out?
Don Mega (7 months ago)
doesn't have to be if it's faster without enforcing that and more importantly faster overall.
sam lebon (2 years ago)
I look at it more like a 3-D array of collections(Items contained in plastic containers). Robots(agents that index) retrieve and store from the array locations(read and write from the collections) and shuttle them to ports(IO ports). Just a first glimpse of the model.
Henry .Pham.VietNam (2 years ago)
HOLLA SOUNDS (2 years ago)
Erm I belive you have stolen this technology from Ocado. What the F? I thought Ocado invented this system?
Andy Low (6 months ago)
i wonder how can someone "invent" goods placement. this is ridiculous. time will come, and someone will "invent" throwing-catching type of transportation.
Gwynne Richards (8 months ago)
@Magne Hatteland Actually it was invented by Hatteland Group. Swisslog had the contract to sell it in various countries.
Gwynne Richards (8 months ago)
Actually it was invented by Hatteland Group. Swisslog had the contract to sell it in various countries. Ocado didn't "invent" it!
Magne Hatteland (1 year ago)
You are far from the truth Holla Sounds. AutoStore is the inventor and patent holder of this solution. This video is from 2009. AutoStore has been commercially available since 2005.
M Man (2 years ago)
HOLLA SOUNDS Thasus, who handles the automation for Ocado, has similar robotic technology. Whether Ocado has proprietary or patent, I'm not quite sure.