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Concorde Crash From Start To Finish Air France Flight 4590

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Text Comments (790)
Ernie Gamboa (11 hours ago)
Does anyone remember the old version of this video when it had better music that would thrill you
Zac Lynch (5 days ago)
I figured that there’d be comments on the music but damn!
WTF the music, this is a lonely video, no a happy Video...
Cthight (9 days ago)
You got a hole in your left wing!
mikhail westhallen (12 days ago)
https://youtu.be/H2OnTuvDyqE this is the music you should've used for this video
mikhail westhallen (13 days ago)
Techno techno techno techno ' Terrible choice of music
Pedro Moronta (14 days ago)
RIP to all passengers! I think Pilot must stop that plane before take off
dappakdj (18 days ago)
I find how every one of these videos lack the ability to not include music
TU-144 (20 days ago)
Wtf is this music?! I expected some sad music not some sh** like this!!!
Wiam Youkhana (20 days ago)
Nobody should watch this soon as you see this video click off. The person who made this is a freaking Moron.
Gerry Wilson (22 days ago)
Zepher Gaming (24 days ago)
This count has got one follower on Twitter
Robert Reed (24 days ago)
Well if you think about it we're not supposed to be sitting in chairs in the sky in the first place
ownerofyourblackass (1 month ago)
fuck you  this isn't real, just spots
John Robben (1 month ago)
roo deejoo (1 month ago)
Terrible, they had no escape, RIP
Steve Barrett (1 month ago)
Turned the volume off.
robert howe (1 month ago)
What's with the phony editing job at the 1:35 mark. Looks like a 14 year old put this video together.
Klaus Toth (1 month ago)
the poor people !
Jeffrey Richardson (1 month ago)
lake ripple steamed clam ian visits little hand doug brothers ten grand
Moss (1 month ago)
*In case anyone's wondering*: The crash was caused by a price of metal left on the runway from a continental jet, that burst the tyre, which then ruptured the fuel tank.
Nicolas Luiz (1 month ago)
Que dó do concórde
Nathan Tucker (1 month ago)
Love the tunes!
UR (1 month ago)
The music is totally unsuitable for such a disaster. Very bad taste.
Norman Morrison (1 month ago)
Is the music really making that much of a difference 😞 am sorry but there's no way back even with Beethoven's 5th symphony in C minor. Yes very sad.😞
Ship Lover (2 months ago)
This music is disrespectful we will play this at your funeral non stop
Federico Gasparino (2 months ago)
La grandeur...oplá
chairmanofrussia (2 months ago)
Reminds me of a 9/11 video where they played techno music. The music choice was the easiest thing to not fuck up, and you did it anyways.
S Q (2 months ago)
just stupid !!!!
J Chr G (2 months ago)
Wanneer jou aanwezigheid en jou jokes zo zinloos beginnen te worden dat de wereld en het all-universum te klein is om met jouw te delen en naar je om te kijken.. Flikker...slikken Incest door je eigen familie...dus cannibalisme op z'n zachtste vorm gezecht Joy, jouw kinderen verdienen niets beter en hetzelfde
J Chr G (2 months ago)
I'm gonna
•The gāmər• (2 months ago)
Just look at these comments all of them are about music!!!
Carl T (2 months ago)
Not at all impressive by the music it was sad concord crashed not happy put on music on thets more relivent
Gio Verde (2 months ago)
Terrible and disrespectful choice of music for this tragic crash. Very disrespectful
PSO'Gamer (2 months ago)
Bye Concorde it's the last time to see you 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 And a music :/
Mr. Daegan (2 months ago)
People 2 years ago: You're a disgrace, this music is DISRESPECTFUL People now: Haha, big funny! Dead people, funny music LMAOROFL🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Dave Cue (2 months ago)
I think I would have aborted the take off even though they were by the rules too fast when the problem hit to do so. Not to say that would have been any better. Maybe slightly better. Maybe a few survivors we will never know. Terrible music jerk off. Where are you from? Dam get a clue.
Conky (2 months ago)
I’m kinda digging the music though. It’s soothing.
wotdoesthisbuttondo (2 months ago)
Did EU commie scum cause this explosion? Seems so odd to scrap it altogether after as if was all organised by islam affiliated leftist scum in the first place.
Big Smoke (2 months ago)
Whats with the music, were literally looking at people dying, not a looty tunes cartoon you cold corndog
xXDed OJXx (2 months ago)
Secure Contain Protect Do you English
MrBannnnnny (2 months ago)
Which Russian porn did you get this music from?
DaSingingDesi (3 months ago)
Dumbass with the stupid music. Anything to get views I guess, you make me sick.
Ed (3 months ago)
The music didn't cause the crash. Calm down people
Dave Jay (3 months ago)
At least from getting Burned to Death you would be dead within 30 Seconds to a Minute at the most from Thermal Decomposition, and the rest killed from the impact itself.
Not Tfue (3 months ago)
I remember when I was a kid I saw a plane in the air that had fire on the engine I was so surprised and I just watched it go.
CD DB (3 months ago)
RIP...but what is the name of the song please? I like the song although not the appropriate type of video to hear it.
Bethani Walker (3 months ago)
Wow this music totally fits the fact that people just died on that plane.... NOT
Valentin K (3 months ago)
The music is so cruel
Bandaze (3 months ago)
Who the fucks plays Darude-Sandstrom in a situation like this?
Lady Lecter (3 months ago)
Ok...what is with all the Concorde crash animations having the weird music?? lol
Lawful Spoon (3 months ago)
This is terrible!
Nick Mo (3 months ago)
Awful music
AI fan (3 months ago)
what a fuck load of fakery
Paul P (3 months ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b2v02JjgjiY this instead!
Paul P (3 months ago)
where is the original music? or was it another video? dislike!
o War Cloud o (3 months ago)
Awesome music !!!
Albert Tatlock (3 months ago)
Nearly 2 minutes before the crash virtually every passenger knew they were going to die, they were in a hopeless situation, just like someone sat in the gas chamber waiting for the pellets to drop into the acid, death for many would not have been quick, may have spent the last 60 seconds after the crash screaming in terror as they were engulfed in flames, some may have been knocked out cold and killed instantly, others not so lucky. So putting cartoon music as a soundtrack is wrong
Albert Tatlock (3 months ago)
Supersonic passenger air travel stopped forever on that fateful day, not that many could afford the £5000 return trip to the USA, despite the cost they had a lot of passengers cancelling flights or not turning up. I guess they could easily suck up the costs. And why the silly and inappropriate disco trance kind of music, or whatever they call it
VanCleve (3 months ago)
Cause carrying dead bodies out of a plane crash with happy music is a bastard it’s like saying the Germans should of won ww2
Alexander Duff (3 months ago)
Theres something up with this person
Bea Leighton (3 months ago)
Music sounds like the background track to a 1990’s workplace harassment training video
Flintix (4 months ago)
stephen kz (4 months ago)
Not real.
Carlos Carney (4 months ago)
Crappy music for that I unsubscribed
Vinju Conhye (4 months ago)
Who chose this music it was a crash not a successful flight
H2O CO2 (4 months ago)
stephen persic (4 months ago)
So what did this Airfrance pilot say to.the ATC when he informed him while he was rolling down the runway , that Concorde was on fire ? Oh we are on fire , well I wont hit the brakes hard and force stop and roll off the runway into the grassy field and save everyone aboard, I will just continue to apply full power to only two.working engines and take off in a burning aircraft then one minute later just crash it into a hotel and kill everyone on board and 4 persons in.the hotel , yep that's the right move according to Martin and Airfrance , your God damn arrogant Frenchman pilot killed everyone trying to save an aircraft instead or rolling off a runway !! And that's the truth !! No one would continue to take off in a burning SST filled to capacity with jet fuel, even accelerating after being told the aircraft is on fire !!!
hank10111111 (4 months ago)
This shit slaps 💯
Mark Ward (4 months ago)
That thing never made a profit. I didn't even notice the music because I was watching the video for, well, a video. It was not as bad as it looked. The pilots almost saved the plane but a third engine went out again and the plane stalled before they could make it back.
Cool Minds (4 months ago)
Does anyone know the name of the first song that played in this video, even though the music was kind of inappropriate?
Najwa Naseem (4 months ago)
Concord is my favorite plane cause it’s fast
Blue Boy (4 months ago)
What, you couldn't find a recording of the Meow Mix song?
Thomas Müller (4 months ago)
You idiot people are, dying why the joyful music?
Harry2Plays (4 months ago)
U don’t make enjoyable music on a plane crash
Avery Steen (4 months ago)
Jah Senor (4 months ago)
I read that the pilot intentionally crashed the plane because he was pissed at the retirement of the plane.
Blue Boy (4 months ago)
I'd probably do the same if I had to listen to this music.
Jah Senor (4 months ago)
The most expensive mass suicide in history. The passengers considered themselves special and they were. They paid extremely high airfares to die. Hahaha
coptafiel (4 months ago)
The music caused me to have diarrhea. 💩😳
Sam Jones (4 months ago)
YT take this down
Michael Wilson (4 months ago)
The obvious question is they would have known the engine had blown yet decided to take off instead of bringing the nose back down thus cancelling the Concorde forever and killing a great deal of people
Sugata Majumdar (4 months ago)
Its a massive human failure. Such a superb technology, Loss to human errors. 1.inspection of runway was needed by any NDT technique after DC 10 TAKE OFF. 2.Only dedicated runway should have been used.3.Re design of all 4 oil tanks to avoid extreme collision by any foreign objects.4. Develop strong intuitive power to know the future.
Sergio Сандовал Sandoval (4 months ago)
Damon Hunter (4 months ago)
Footage at 134 to 144 seconds taken from car on motorway is fake (superimposed) footage..........Shalom.
Helena Housego (4 months ago)
If the people in the tower told the Condord to stop while it was on the ground and they evacuated the plane and put the fire out thwn mabey less people would have died!
Angel Lexington (4 months ago)
Stupid video
Rayne (4 months ago)
Yeah...You need help...Not followers...
KRAZEEIZATION (4 months ago)
This video almost celebrates the crash and deaths of over 100 unfortunate people. Poor taste and terrible music.
DARTHIGIVUP (4 months ago)
Mark Stanley (4 months ago)
What God awful music. Couldn’t be any worse
Conner R (4 months ago)
The fuck music and editing is this?
cronicjointpain (4 months ago)
This video truly and honestly sucks
Jack Torrance (4 months ago)
666th comment. ☠️
Chewang Sherpa (4 months ago)
It could had happened to any other kind of passenger planes,not only the Concordes,unless they keep the runaways clean..free from the stray and unwanted knots,bolts...fallen from other planes,which unfortunately got into one of the tires of the unlucky Concorde@AirFrance,on that particular day.
M.J. Leger (5 months ago)
Just terrible noise (called music) accompanying a far more worth aircraft!
Owenboy360 (5 months ago)
People are getting so triggered over the music, holy shit 😂
Kevin Barron (5 months ago)
A gimmick. Leave planes to the US.
Guy who tells you if you are first (5 months ago)
Stop disliking the video because of the music, what matters is the video
Nik6n (5 months ago)
Airborne (5 months ago)
Editor of this video must be a true dick irl
CodyGames BigBoy (5 months ago)
‘Ah nice music for an airplane crashing definitely happy music is gonna be added heheh’ that’s what the maker said
Smart Teas (5 months ago)
Only stupid n Ignoring people choose is going to music for videos like this.