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The Fastest Kid In The World | U12 ● HD

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In this video one of the most promising kid in 100m and 200m, Tyreese James from, 11 years old from Trinidad & Tobago. Enjoy! Song: Jim Yosef - Arrow [NCS Release] Intro Song: Hi-Rez - 3.ft Tall If you have a request for the next video, just leave a comment here below!! Tags: Next Champions 100m 2016 2017 New next Usain Bolt U17 U12 Junior Champions HD Top5 Top 10 Track and Field News Events 2017 80m 100m 200m 150m Junior Record Kid Kids World Record 2016 2017 HD 100m 200m Bolt Gatlin Next 2016 2017 HD Fastest kid in the world 11 yo Fastest Kid 2016 2017
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Text Comments (2514)
Leema Rani (22 hours ago)
Faster than him
ELP LLC (6 days ago)
Great camera work... I have a headache
KING_NATE DOG (7 days ago)
*I ran a 100 meter dash in 12 seconds and iam 11 and 5 foot even*
KING_NATE DOG (7 days ago)
My fastest 100 meter dash is 12 seconds
Ben Tell (9 days ago)
he is not im 15.5 and im doing 7.9 in 60m
Krishnan Panicker (11 days ago)
good job tyreese james for winning primary schools competitions and semifinals
CRIMSONKing (13 days ago)
I have a faster hundred meter record then him?
IvanMcoolYT (17 days ago)
Fastest kid bro, I live in Australia and seen 11 10 and 12 year olds with better times geez.
Audrey Villiers (17 days ago)
Thats lies and in jamaica people can run faster. Than that even i can do tat
FartingCheese (18 days ago)
Dude i did 7.9 in 80m how is this kid the fastest im only 12
Crazy 191 Dawson (24 days ago)
He not fastest
BraveHunter Gasco (25 days ago)
He’s not faster than maxwell young
Martand Rakibe (25 days ago)
I will lose you
carlos arifin (28 days ago)
My friemd is 12 years old he ran 100 m and got 11:60
Davin Roy (29 days ago)
on the east coast we have fetuses that run 7 times the speed of light
BEASTY YT (29 days ago)
no kidding i have 14 years and i run 60mts in 6,5 secs(34,01km/H), 100mts in 10,4 secs(34,61 km/h) and 200 mts in 24 secs(30 km/h)
survival kid scotty (1 month ago)
If you hit the Subscribe button your the fastest kid in the world
survival kid scotty (1 month ago)
Thanks for liking
survival kid scotty (1 month ago)
Like please
Brothdon_ _Suace (1 month ago)
Someone from my school got 11 seconds, he’s 13 and he’s fucking fast
This comment section is full of 12 yr olds feeling threatened by a random kids ability to run faster than they can because that’s what they think will get them the sweet roblox hoes
M. Diaby (1 month ago)
I’m younger than him and faster I broke record in my Harris federation run with ppl twice my age and now I’m even faster also in yr2 I ran 80 meters in 9.3 seconds and I do 50 meters in five
Jakey H (1 month ago)
DMmit when I ran 100 m at school I got 13 sec Sooo close btw I’m ten
Alessandro Danza (1 month ago)
When I was 12 I ran 60 m in 8.2
lily morrison (1 month ago)
i can run 100m in just over 12 sec but thats also down a hill but im the fastest in my year and some older than me.
Zackattack sc (1 month ago)
i know friend that's faster then that and he is 10
Kornelia Bozsir (1 month ago)
I’m 9 and I’m much faster
MisterFilOfficial (1 month ago)
Send me a video plz
Kornelia Bozsir (1 month ago)
Sophie Mercer (1 month ago)
no offense but he not that fast i'm faster and i'm under 12!
Mr PsGamer (1 month ago)
I can run 100m in 12 seconds that's not the fastest kid
Queerasthedayislong Love (1 month ago)
Xavia Jones ran 12.95sec 100m and has the world title. The world title for an 8 year old is 12.80sec by Willie Washington. This kid is quick though. He’s a long way off the times for 60m as well. 8 year olds as quick. Keep training mate! You can only get better!
xRayYTx :v (1 month ago)
When i was 11 yrs old i ran 200 at 25.30, 60 at 7.80, 400 at 1.10, 600 at 1.46.... And this is not the fastes U12 kid..... Deal with it
Cindy Labuschagne (1 month ago)
100m in 13s is easy
Hilde Sophie (2 months ago)
Hahhha.. Im doing it in 13
Matosss Sztosss (2 months ago)
Im a bit faster becouse Im older than him I 13. I have 8.01 at 60m but this kid is very fast .
Christian Mafolo (2 months ago)
i would deat this kid i got 7
FrostFlakejr (1 month ago)
But you're older than him...
Yeet Yeetinson (2 months ago)
Wait what my friend is 12 and he can run 12 seconds in a 100 as well
Android Yay (2 months ago)
Not even that fast, me, and my cousin could beat him.
Ava The Cat (2 months ago)
In a 100m I run 13.96 and in 200m I run 29.08 I'm 10
Queerasthedayislong Love (2 months ago)
I ran a 13.98 when I was 10 years old
Joel Plays Roblox (2 months ago)
Lol I beat that
Gravity Gaming JV (2 months ago)
My record in 100m is 9.75
JGFallways16K (2 months ago)
Lil Sean (2 months ago)
He ran 10 seconds on the first the started the timer early
Mary Elizabeth (2 months ago)
He would beat me
Shambhu Paswan (2 months ago)
I complete 100 m time in 0.9
devina ghoshe (2 months ago)
I am faster than the kid
Tarson Alvarenga (2 months ago)
i can do 70 meters in 10.91 seconds and i am 11
Mr Penguin (2 months ago)
If you're curious the reason they are black is because biologically African Americans people are superior when it comes to speed.Higher chance of tearinga muscle however
S̽w̽e̽e̽t̽S̽u̽n̽s̽e̽t̽ (2 months ago)
i can run 100 m in 15 secs and im 11
SkinnytetassTV Tv (2 months ago)
My highest I ran is 100 meters was 11 second and I’m only in year 4 I went to districtes
IOSPHENOM GOD (2 months ago)
Bunchie young is faster he ran 12.4 seconds
Future Esport Team (2 months ago)
I can run 200m mutch faster im 12year old
Nekia Barfield (2 months ago)
Labeling kids as fastest in the world stop boosting and teach and support them towards their dreams.
Vijay Sagar Sharma (2 months ago)
Abe 12second me mene 100 meter ki race ki he aur tu bata raha he ki ye 11 year old me bhi 11 year ka hu
Tech BG (2 months ago)
.... im from bulgaria and almost everyone from my class /when we were 11/ can run 50 meters for 6 seconds
Exotic (2 months ago)
My record In 100m is 12.5 seconds
playedurself 2K (3 months ago)
13 yr old kid at my school ran 23.92 for 200m
Savithri R (3 months ago)
GamerJayYT Art (3 months ago)
Y'all do mile runs? If so what times do you get 😛
FrostFlakejr (1 month ago)
My fastest mile is a 5:39, but that was my first mile in a three mile race. If I ran on a track and was training for the mile, I would easily run a 5:15.
P (3 months ago)
Bunchie faster than all of them
Afroz Ahmad (3 months ago)
15 years sey kam nahin hai
aniket loke (3 months ago)
Very good god everytime bless u
Richie Puth (3 months ago)
I ran near 13 seconds at age 14
GAZZOLINI (3 months ago)
I do 60 in 7.94, and im 13
Thomas Chapman (3 months ago)
In my school we have a kid who ran a time of 10.2 umm...🤨
Seraina Müller (3 months ago)
I don't even manage to run 100m fast😂
Alien Zorg (3 months ago)
Wow im 13 i can run 13.27 that kid is awesome
Blueassassins YT (3 months ago)
what the heck why do they seem so slow?
Mr Penguin (2 months ago)
They are running pretty slow.
subscribe to me if u love 1D OR SHAWN MENDES. (3 months ago)
I can run 60 m in 8 seconds so I am faster than tat kid and I am 10.
Krists Steinhards (3 months ago)
i was Running 60 meters in 8.4 seconds when i was 11 wut. did i throw my talant away ? :O
GirlMeetsTech (3 months ago)
Wow, so fast at 11 yo
ASMR younglad (3 months ago)
I can run faster but not as far
Sangeeth Mattathil (3 months ago)
im faster than him
Haytham Musaddiq (3 months ago)
ITS look slow but ITS fast. Really
KingDuos Jr (3 months ago)
He's slow I can easily beat him
Guest 666 (3 months ago)
I’m like a cheetah
Jahzai Welbon (3 months ago)
Bunchie young is faster
Z.A.C YT (3 months ago)
100m in 12s for an 11yr old? I'm 11 and I got 10s in 100m
Chicken Nugget God (3 months ago)
I’m only 8 and I. Can run faster
ChoXke555 X (3 months ago)
my time on 60m is 6,53 is that good ??
Caramel (3 months ago)
Idc about running that much (I don't train) But Some months ago i ran 60m in 8"40 on a field (grass) and my friend ran 8"20 we were in 6th grade
DTK Rory madden (4 months ago)
The fastest 12 year old ever in Australia ran an 11.62 if I’m not mistaken. His name was Bright Appiah.
Jingo 1776 (4 months ago)
I couldn’t run that fast at that age but it’s not that impressive
Osman Ucup (4 months ago)
Song plzz
Max D (4 months ago)
I got on 60 m 7.56
cool guys 1 (4 months ago)
Im 10 and i swear to god i ran a 12.43 hundred meters
The LeandroAndLonso (4 months ago)
Im 11 they seem slow to me,not trying to show off or anything but in hes defenetly not even closr to being the fastest kid in the world there's 5th graders faster than that
Truffle Snuffle (3 months ago)
Exactly Spartek. I'm 17 and (I know I'm not a good runner) I know this kid would blow me out the water in a race. It's easy to say "nah, these kids are so slow" when watching a video but a whole knew kettle of fish to actually race them.
Spartek.z48 _ (4 months ago)
The LeandroAndLonso You never know unless you try to race him or have times.
NOT Nim (4 months ago)
I’m 11 that runs 100m in 13 secs
Landon Riechert (4 months ago)
I’m feel like I can run faster, but I know you’ll never know until you do it. I’m faster than anyone in the school I’ve raced everybody and haven’t lost a single race. The only times I do are when I get my ankle sprained or trip and fall. But still I feel like I’m as fast as him and my goal is to become an Olympic track runner when I’m old enough to.
Landon Riechert (4 months ago)
Btw, I am young I’m going to seventh grade in just a month in 2 days.
Charles Roberto (4 months ago)
Easy I’m twelve and I can do 60m in 4.5 second
gamer girl gamer girl (4 months ago)
i can run only 13 s and im a girl
SerianMango (4 months ago)
I'm 14 and I can run way faster than them but I also am way older
Enrique Cecunjanin (4 months ago)
Im The real fastest kid in The world
М. Мөнхжин (4 months ago)
im 60m 8 second
М. Мөнхжин (4 months ago)
im from mongolia
М. Мөнхжин (4 months ago)
im mongolia im ten years old
Ishitwa Singh (4 months ago)
Even my speed in 13s in 100m
DrivingGameplay (4 months ago)
I Run 30 mph I can outrun a neighbour hood speed Limit as 2x speed
External Games (4 months ago)
my 100m fastest: 12.22 my 200m fastest, NATIONAL RECORD 11yr 24.60
Spartek.z48 _ (4 months ago)
External Games Whats your name?
CraftyEcho YT (4 months ago)
I’m not trying to bragg or anything but I can prove that I’m faster
Michael martinez (4 months ago)
TypicRavager -gaming (4 months ago)
Im called sniper in my school. My 100m record is 11.34 secs and im 14 is that impressive
Birijesh Patel (4 months ago)
Very fast Like the vido