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Tyga Says He Still Talks To Kylie Jenner & Gets AWKWARD When Asked About Stormi

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More Celebrity News ►► http://bit.ly/SubClevverNews You’ll be SHOCKED to hear what Tyga had to say about his current relationship with Kylie. Or should we say his kinda, sorta non-existent relationship with Kylie. If there are still any Kyga shippers out there, it might be time to let go of any hopes you have for a full-on Kylie and Tyga reunion. Sorry guys, but that’s just the truth. During T’s new album promo, he stopped by Everyday Struggle on Complex to basically talk about what he’s up to, what we can all expect on his new album, and all that good stuff. However, the interview took a turn for the worse – in Tyga’s eyes, obvi, when DJ Akademiks started asking Tyga about his past relationship with Kylie. Now, the two have definitely moved on with T hitting up the dating scene and Ky being a new mom, but things still got a bit awkward. When asked if there’s any bad blood between himself and Kylie, Tyga gave the most unproblematic answer ever. Although it seemed like Tyga wanted the convo to stop right then and there, DJ Akademiks continued to push the boundaries and asked Tyga if he and Kylie still communicate. To which, T said QUOTE, “We communicate here and there.” And honestly guys, the Kylie questions did not end there. Akademiks went on to ask what was probably the most awkward question EVER. Yeah, I don’t think Tyga is interested in meeting Stormi any time soon. The conversation then moved on from that, with T talking about Travis Scott, calling him a cool guy and then MINUTES later, Kylie came up yet again and it was very clear that Tyga was so done with the Kylie questions. Well, Tyga may not have liked it, but it made for good content, don’t you think so? What did you guys think of this? Do you think Tyga is just trying to keep the peace between him and the KarJenners or do you really think T and Kylie still talk to each other here and there? Let me know all your thoughts in the comment section below. When you’re done with that, click right over here to check out all the hot gossip on yesterday’s episode of DHR. Thanks for hanging with me right here on Clevver News, I’m Emille Ennis Jr., you can follow me on my socials @___ and I’ll see ya next time! For More Clevver Visit: There are 2 types of people: those who follow us on Facebook and those who are missing out http://facebook.com/clevver Keep up with us on Instagram: http://instagr.am/Clevver Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/ClevverTV Website: http://www.clevver.com Add us to your circles on Google+: http://google.com/+ClevverNews Tweet Me: http://www.twitter.com/EmileEnnisJr
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Text Comments (176)
Davina Collins (9 months ago)
HE looks happy and he hit wants to live life in happy with his strength and moving on from haters
Martin Nleya (9 months ago)
Lets move on Tyga has
IAmVenom (9 months ago)
DJ Akademiks is Trash and a scumbag
Angi T-Raww (9 months ago)
Omg this fat guy look Like a Taxi and his questions fucked me up about Kylie and him... I mean he can't let it and he keeps asking it's to much he see that tyga is already annoying 😣 poor tyga I love him❤
Dell Clouds (9 months ago)
These ppl still putting out shit about Tyga
Kyyan Staten Emir. (9 months ago)
Dis whole situation is just krazy...like a lot of people in the comments are like she isn’t a Hoe but there’s an actual video of her and Tyga from her Snapchat videos saying “She didn’t wanna have a baby or get married right now” and Tyga said “Because you’re a busy woman and have a lot of things going for you right now.” And she replied “No, because I’m a Baby!”... so even Tyga did cheat which we have no proof of and her herself said her and T didn’t really have a problem with each other and she gets pregnant within the month of breaking up with Tyga by another guy that fast shows Different to me in my opinion.
Andrea Lugo (9 months ago)
0:14 I just puked
Cedric Terrell (9 months ago)
Tyga find you a real women not one made of plastic
Lonely Star (10 months ago)
Travis and Kylie were wayyy to rushed but they looked more in genuine love .than tiger and Kylie
iamovx (10 months ago)
Tyga said he is cool with travis
B Holm (10 months ago)
You can hate his music, but you can't hate his personality
ᴊᴀʏ ᴊᴀʏ (10 months ago)
He sounds so fucking desperate my god if you wanna know take a DNA test if you wanna know if the baby is yours shit😒
Micah Mcguire (10 months ago)
Tyga chill as fuck
Free spirit (10 months ago)
Lmao that last look T gave made me feel like he wanted to slap him dowwwnn lol🤷🏻
May Flower (10 months ago)
Who do you believe is the father of Kylie's baby Tyga or Travis Scott ?
Diys Y (10 months ago)
Lol this is what interviewers really care about relationships duh they don’t care about anything else lol but yeah that’s rude they keep on prying
Saxon (10 months ago)
Emille you are my fave! "Sorta kinda non existent relationship"... Dead!!
Gloria Sarp (10 months ago)
wtf i heard he wants the baby to be his smh fake ass blogs reporting fake news
Ayesha Khan (10 months ago)
Clever news change you're Channel name keep up with Kardashian every time Kardashians news👊👊👊👊👊👊👊
Stack Di (10 months ago)
Kyga is a shit couple name, it should be Tylie
Victimlynn Reid (10 months ago)
Kylie is a HOE. If my 19yr old sister is fucking her boyfriend and they break up. And she starts dating another dude a week later and gets pregnant, My sister would be a hoe, a nasty dirty hoe with some stds probably. Kylie is fucking without condoms, she’s gross.
Clay Brice (10 months ago)
Well, here comes more drama.
Michelle Taane (10 months ago)
Travis needs to get some balls and tell tyga to piss off and kylie needs to look after her own child instead of getting a nanny you made her
usernames are pointless (10 months ago)
But Tyga and Kylie were cute together ngl I didn’t even know who Travis Scott was until he started dating Kylie...oops but I do wish the best for Kylie and Travis
komino omagbemi (10 months ago)
Camila John (10 months ago)
I ship Kylie and tyga 😭😭😍😍💔💔
BEAR: Big Blue House (10 months ago)
Best relationship between T-raaww and Kylie.
Shaba Laba Ding Dong (10 months ago)
I hope that ends up being his baby, just to fuck things up...just a little.
0nli Hak (10 months ago)
Why the fuck would tyga give a shit about Kylie .
Minnah .K (10 months ago)
Hopefully the whole Kyga thing can be let go of, now.
S Mikell (10 months ago)
The only reason Tyga doesn’t have a baby by Kylie Jenner is because he was smart enough to keep it rapped the whole time he was with her she wanted a baby since she was fifteen years old and Tyga already had a kid it’s no coincidence that she got pregnant shortly after they broke up
Trina More (10 months ago)
S Mikell Yup! He knew the deal that they are nothing but industry ho's and probably saran wrapped his shit 10x for extra protection. The Game ran thru all those slut buckets, including their mamma
Cristina Gonzalez (10 months ago)
eyebrows on fleek
Jay Hollow (10 months ago)
I would be so pissed if someone kept asking me about my ex if I was Tyga I would’ve went off on Akademiks
Cynthia Barbosa (10 months ago)
I’m still a kyga fan 😭
Jovany Ruiz (10 months ago)
Tyga just doing him chillin. People need to calm down with all the Kyle questions real talk. He's moved on fam
Jimin Be Looking Like a Schnack (10 months ago)
Apparently people can tell celebrities emotions now.
stay golden (10 months ago)
Aye Tyga the CHOMO
Trash (10 months ago)
Im just surprised that Complex got Tyga on the show
Ann M (10 months ago)
Beautiful View (10 months ago)
Finally tyga you gave up
Trina More (10 months ago)
Mom Kylie He was BEEN over her lol. Why you think he cheated on her so many times DUH
goat king (10 months ago)
1:42 look at tyga face 😄😄😄😄😭😭😭😆😆😆👌👌
Trina More (10 months ago)
Tyson Crews Lolz He like "I'm over this ho...Next "
dino bambino (10 months ago)
Tyga just want to stay in the spotlight. kylie's spotlight.
Flying dogz (10 months ago)
Dj akademiks made it to clevver news what a time to be alive
Michael Milaya (10 months ago)
Tyga look better than he ever did
Ya Dig (10 months ago)
of course he misses her he was with her for the longest so to see kylie being a mother to a baby thats not his is crazy
Trina More (10 months ago)
Kayshuan Wilson You're delusional buddy lol.He don't want the ho anymore ok. Get over it.
Dejiann Dean (10 months ago)
Kinda miss seeing Tyga and Kylie together... But I guess people grow up and grow out of love....#moved on...
Hlo (10 months ago)
from what I just watched I can assume he's pretty chill guy. he sounds modest and it's annoying that people won't just let him move on
Panna Johns (10 months ago)
He moved on, and Clevver should too
RyanA (10 months ago)
Lol is it just me or the host emille looks kinda like Tyga?
I don't need a username Cause I'm a queen (10 months ago)
RyanTurner Emille sweetie I am so sorry...
WBG Knox (10 months ago)
This channel milks the fuck outta the whole Tyga and Kylie thing. They over with and it irritates me that you guys still try to make money off of the situation
diamondz4lfye313 (10 months ago)
Tyga is a pretty cool guy, he kept his composure a lot of other rappers would have gotten mad and bent outta shape. Not tyga he just smiles and says give me a different question
Ninotshka Martinez-Valle (10 months ago)
Bro tyga already met stormi and he sees her all the time
Trina More (10 months ago)
Ninotshka Martinez-Valle How you know liar?
Ingrid Bruinsma (10 months ago)
Not sure why, but I still ship kylie and tyga
Claudia garcia (10 months ago)
Britney Castro u.
Rosa Schot (10 months ago)
Trina More (10 months ago)
Ingrid Bruinsma Get over it. It's a wrap.
Britney Carson (10 months ago)
Ingrid Bruinsma don’t blame you, they were really cute together.
Jhardwork Pays off (10 months ago)
Tyga took her virginity so obviously she still cares about him but he would still do a DNA test to see if stormi is he’s
Maravillaa (9 months ago)
This bitch was with Tyga for about 2 years and the got with Travis for like 2 months and got pregnant real quick
Princess hyuna a-ings 4nia (10 months ago)
Trina More um no boo she’s happy with her current boyfriend shut your mouth
Trina More (10 months ago)
diamondz4lfye313 Wrong dummy. she was NOT over him. She got with Travis to make Tyga jealous after she got tired of him cheating on her and not spending time with her. She always done that everytime they split up. This time she got pregnant thinking Tyga would be upset about it but it backfired on her dumbass Womp Womp lol. It seems everybody knows Travis don't want to be bothered by her either that's why her Stan's are hoping and wishing her baby is Tygas. Y'all stupid af Womp Womp 😂😂😂😂
diamondz4lfye313 (10 months ago)
Jhardwork Pays off not necessarily, she obviously has gotten over him and moved on with her life hence she has a baby and is in a relationship. Girls will always remember their first but you eventually get over them and move on. She doesn't have to care for him, she just remembers him. I doubt she thinks about tyga when's she's got a full blown baby and new man lol
TreatyOfAmIR (10 months ago)
Honestly tyga and Travis don’t have a big difference they both are really famous (idk about tyga anymore tho) but honestly to me please don’t say anything bad. I think Travis and Kylie are cooler together and plus Travis (to me makes better music ) that’s just my opinion.
Star Kandee (10 months ago)
he doesn't like to talk about them. Travis said, stay away from the baby. Tyga probably didn't want to let go, but everything shifted once the baby was born. it was good while it lasted. now she's a mom
Star Kandee (10 months ago)
Trina More so you're obsessed with these couples ? shit, it ain't s that serious. they had a baby. every thing has changed . period. all that crap in the past is must that...the past.
Star Kandee (10 months ago)
Trina More you need to listen to all his Interviews. you can't go by one damn video. SMH. not just one subscriber there's several.
Trina More (10 months ago)
Star Kandee Are you stupid or something? Stop making shit up. "Tyga probably didn't want to let go"??😂😂😂He BEEN let her ass go, even while they were together because he cheated on her multiple times hence the reason for their many breakups! She dated Travis as revenge but Travis cheated on her too...all throughout her pregnancy!!😂😂Let's face it, the bitch got played!!Lolz
Trina More (10 months ago)
CrazyMTF CrazyBlue314 EXACTLY! These Kylie Stan's are delusional af and come up with their own stories n shit
Eliza Von Zeux (10 months ago)
Tyga needs to move on. Leave her alone mate.
Take Off (10 months ago)
Trina More unfortunately
Trina More (10 months ago)
Eliza Von Zeux Your stupid af
Trina More (10 months ago)
Take Off They're stupid af. Tryna make it seem like Tyga stressing over her
Take Off (10 months ago)
did you not watch the video? he clearly said she has her life and he has his
CrazyMTF CrazyBlue314 (10 months ago)
Eliza Von Zeux he did y'all didn't
lisi kh (10 months ago)
*Tyga and Kylie* are blowing up the internet with things that literally hardly anybody cares about...
rihanna185 (10 months ago)
But at the same time it wouldn’t be weird since Tyga has a kid of his own
The Bowser one (10 months ago)
Gentleman answer
Victoria Bache (10 months ago)
She is a hoe doesn't know who dad is! Gross Kris Mom you caused this problem keep taking in the 💰 money all u care about!
Swishgod 662 (10 months ago)
Never thought I would see Dj Akademiks on here
S D2 (10 months ago)
Tyga looks attractive for the first time, it must be him growing into a man.
heyitsMinj (10 months ago)
I hate insensitive people like this who keeps on asking about your past and stuff. But why???
Trina More (10 months ago)
I KEEP TRYING TO TELL THESE KYLIE ASS KISSERS!!! Tyga DO NOT WANT to be bothered by the ho!!!😂😂And all those morons Talkin bout "that's his baby, that's his baby" because they KNOW Travis don't want to be bothered by the ho either. She got pregnant to make Tyga jealous because he didn't want a baby and it backfired on her dumb ass because Travis lo key don't want a baby by her either. And THATS the reason she kept her pregnancy hidden because she was depressed about it. Pimp hand strong Kris was the reason they were together in the first place so now she's trying to do damage control claiming that's his baby. Foh😂😂
I am a legendary person And every woman knows me (10 months ago)
Trash news
My Opinion (10 months ago)
Well you know Travis ain’t gonna be happy about hearing this they talk here and there thing 🤔
Mo 1 (10 months ago)
Being rich, doesn't make you a happy person.
Rosa Schot (10 months ago)
they don't live together right
Trina More (10 months ago)
My Opinion Neither Tyga nor Travis care about that used up whore. It's evident. She's gonna be a single mom unless Kris orchestrates a gun shot wedding😂😂
Em Aline (10 months ago)
LifeLove05 I thought Travis was basically living with Kylie and they were taking care of Stormi?? But fuck idk 🤦🏻‍♀️ all speculation.
Freya (10 months ago)
travis been there 2 weeks lol, tyga was there 2 years, gimme a break
Molly (10 months ago)
Here n there
Ashna Deshpande (10 months ago)
Let both of them move on
Won’t get no crying from me (10 months ago)
I think it’s Travis baby, tyga needs to stop seeking attention cuz since they broke up he lost his career
Viqtor (10 months ago)
Apparently seeking attention is saying “ask me a different question” every time someone brings up Kylie. Retards I swear
Jay Hollow (10 months ago)
Tyga doesn’t want nothing to do with that baby and he’d never said it was his
MONTANA™ (10 months ago)
NISHAA'S LIFE (10 months ago)
xRebecckahx how 🙄? , he been focused on himself
Saffa Sabeen (10 months ago)
Well that is really awkward
Kristina Rajo (10 months ago)
Let tyga move on gosh he’s over it he’s just keeping peace between them
Kristina Rajo (10 months ago)
May Flower it is his baby kylie and tyga broke up late February I got all the receipts I had her on social media they were a out there couple it was confirmed April 15 they split but rumors started March 10 they split I hadn’t seen Kylie post tyga since before Valentine’s Day that’s February? It’s like her pregnancy it wasn’t confirmed 9 months later how do we know when they really broke up kylie stopped posting him on snap February and people were talking about how they weren’t hanging out anymore it’s Travis baby she got pregnant May and after it was confirmed tyga and her split a week later she posted a pic in a mustard bra and she said her breast looked swollen do to her period people were asking her why her breast looked weird and that’s what she said meaning she was having a period meaning she wasn’t pregnant then almost 2 months later she gets pregnant it’s not tygas you can find out your pregnant 3 weeks into your pregnancy so she would have known People get over it Tyga and Kylie are done for now
May Flower (10 months ago)
Kristina Rajo I'm glad that Tyga has moved but he's being asked these questions because no one believes that Travis Scott is the father of Kylie's baby
Renee Haa (10 months ago)
I can't stand interviewers that keep asking the same questions over and over again.
swooping is bad (10 months ago)
why am i doing
Busi Galore (10 months ago)
The world needs to let Tyga move on
Valerianann (10 months ago)
Lol, so she dumped Tyga(28y.o) because "i'm really YOUNG and i don't want to look back and feel like he took something from me" and then starts dating Travis(25y.o) and gets pregnant right away...like i've honestly have nothing to say about that
Wendy Wright (9 months ago)
Jorge Villegas i hope youre a troll because your comment makes me wish you have no women around you your life, i would feel so sorry for them if you do
AcidSpitting llama (10 months ago)
Valerianann that's not the reason why she broke out with him don't know where you got that false information it was actually tyga's fault I think then she broke it down to him and he agreed because they both wanted to move to focus more on their individual careers and apparently tyga cheated?
Diys Y (10 months ago)
Your right stormi was unplanned that’s y she went into hiding everything about her is fake it’s not that I hate her but she’s just a lieing bitch no hate it’s just annoying she lied about her lips about her body she tried to cover her pregnancy like own up to your shit 😑
Trina More (10 months ago)
pj45queen Because Enrique has penis envy.
Jorge Villegas (10 months ago)
Enrique Peña Nieto that’s right no female with morals would likely go and fuck two different guys within two weeks apart that says a lot about a female and just because she has money makes her no different from any other broad sleeping around and having unprotected sex she dumb making statements trying to sound like she knows what she saying but came right back to bite her in the ass straight up contradicting herself 😂💀
Jada Myers (10 months ago)
Well I am early
Crystal Eventing (10 months ago)
I feel bad for Kylie. It could be his baby or Travis's. I mean, what a mess.
Maravillaa (9 months ago)
Crystal Eventing It's Kanye's
Rosa Schot (10 months ago)
yeah well kylie's not the one i feel bad for in that situation
Trina More (10 months ago)
My Profile Will Get You Nervous It ain't his kid. She knows it and he knows it too. You wouldve heard it directly from HIM by now that it could be a possibility.
Kyndal Wilson (10 months ago)
My Profile Will Get You Nervous Have a good day, or night! :)
Jimin Be Looking Like a Schnack (10 months ago)
Literally QUAKING To correct the OTHER person. Not me. But whatever, y’know I’m chill, sometimes. Well. Back into my hole.
Ariana (10 months ago)
He’s keeping the peace and he just wants to move on. These interviewers don’t help with all the KYLIE questions, but yeah a lot of people do want to know.
Maria Hernandez (10 months ago)
Halle _Soccer (10 months ago)