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How to Make First Contact

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Text Comments (6757)
Kommander Kosmos (1 hour ago)
find them before they find us … LOL dipshit
Tex (2 hours ago)
Cool story bro
Ward Ulens (3 hours ago)
I would tell the aliens :"we've updated our privacy policy" and watch how they freak out like wtf you sayin human?
GoldDropper (3 hours ago)
Would they know what a meme is?
pedro guerreiro (3 hours ago)
And even if we do find alien life our governments will never tell us. Guaranteed 💯💯
Shaman of the Wolf (9 hours ago)
I would ask if they would like to teach me thier language.
Kaiser Keys (13 hours ago)
i would ask them: Why have you come and do you come in peace. Now if they somehow reply and say they do come in peace i would shoot one in the head and say well we dont and then spit on the dead alien and walk away like a badass
David Bari (17 hours ago)
Idea that mathematics is universal seems dubious to me
David Bari (2 hours ago)
+Ashan Bhatoa the intuition behind natural numbers might be specifically human and since it lies in the very foundation of modern mathematics it may be relative. I often thought that idea of linearity behind calculus could also be of that nature. I personally would not be surprised if aliens had intuitive understanding of complex numbers or high dimensional vision.
Ashan Bhatoa (4 hours ago)
Why not exactly?
FluffKitten (21 hours ago)
First question: Are you here for information, help and friendship, or to harm us? This wil state that we are polite. But if they want to harm us, we might be ready.
bigbigcheese2 (22 hours ago)
I'd ask the aliens: "Have you subscribed to Pewdiepie?"
Manuel Kumli (22 hours ago)
some humans say 9+10=21
Aidas Baranauskas (1 day ago)
I don't think there's a need to prove us our intellect. If even a rock in the outer space spoke, we'd still get interested since this is the first time a rock or anything outside Earth to our knowledge spoke. Also, sending things to space and making the construction itself should be proof enough that we exist. That's right, we just need to show them that life exists and that'll be plenty
pilot (1 day ago)
You meen voyager
Runic Sigil (1 day ago)
The answer to first contact is simple: Exterminatus. May the God-Emperor's justice be done. =][=
Incognito (1 day ago)
What if aliens are strolling on youtube stalking us lol
Simply Robert (1 day ago)
The golden record is cool and all but .... Can it run Crysis?
FILM Films (1 day ago)
We’re probably gods to aliens like what if they had an book about our god that talks about us and how we’re like demigods😂that posed to be on our way to them for savior 🤷🏽‍♂️(but this is all if they exist )
Game Generation (2 days ago)
Me: So, who do you main?
Mason Hornbuckle (2 days ago)
i would ask what the recommended amount of dedotaded wam I should have the server?
Xander Murdock (2 days ago)
"Wanna sprite cranberry?" -Xander Murdock, asking aliens the first question from humanity. He would be shot immediately after.
teemusid (2 days ago)
I'm hoping the first radio signal we hear from an alien race is a 'Top 40 Countdown' show. I also hope they haven't discovered 'auto-tune.'
sean lynch (2 days ago)
"So spill the tea sis"
Luca Crescente (3 days ago)
I think they Will land on Europe, because of the massive lights in the night
CavCave (3 days ago)
"Can you guys not kill us please thank you."
BeyondWrittenWords (3 days ago)
How to do something if this another something happens, by doing something. ok
Braxton (3 days ago)
Christopher Columbus 1600s: you guys got spices? Me 2000s: you guys got beer? Wifi? That's humanity.
SD sc0rch (3 days ago)
if we find aliens, SOMEONE will send a message you're don't think ONE of the 7 billionaire people on this planet will open his big yap??
Gabril Genua (4 days ago)
I would ask if they believe that E=Mc²
ken (4 days ago)
send em porn
Charodeiski (4 days ago)
A/S/L? DTF? A2M?
zapfanzapfan (5 days ago)
Take me with you!
Caius Postumius Turrinus (5 days ago)
You're trying to turn aliens into something politically correct... That's a bad idea from the start.
ephoenix7 (5 days ago)
Look up the YouTube channels "secureteam10" and "Sirius disclosure"
MrJohnisthename (5 days ago)
I'd ask aliens if they had porn.
Terry Isaac (5 days ago)
If people would read the Holy Bible, they would KNOW that Angels and Demons have been among us since the Earth was created 6000 years ago by Almighty God; and contacts were first initiated between us by Angels way back then.
zudemaster (6 days ago)
03:50 Well I am sure glad they are naked.
Hayden Smith (6 days ago)
All I know is that where our entire social and civilization is right now, we are nowhere near being psychologically prepared for First Contact. So if aliens showed up tomorrow, we'd probably screw it all up and start a war, assuming that the aliens are friendly so if they were not friendly to begin with.... Then we're fucked anyways
Slog (6 days ago)
First off all, I will tell them to give me a damn s10 for a damn fortnite skin to damn not waste my money. Hell yeah
FlightFilms (6 days ago)
What if they don’t reproduce like we do and look at us like we’re weird mammals that do it the old fashioned way?
FlightFilms (6 days ago)
What if what aliens use to survive is toxic to us, and our oxygen in toxic to them?
frisk and some blob from SCP foundation (1 day ago)
They could still use space suits
Riasat202 (6 days ago)
HOW is the energy going to be transported from the satellites orbiting near the stars to the planet?
George Bakritzes (6 days ago)
I would ask “What is your purpose here”
Marchant2 (6 days ago)
You are a excellent at describing complex topics in a way anyone could understand.
Connor Bavedas (6 days ago)
anyone who buys stock footage= iq under 50
Tarik360 (7 days ago)
Asteroids, moons or dead planets should be the meeting grounds tbqh. That way you're on nobody's home-field and you kinda need a little bit of a "Literally who"? territory to do a diplomatic thing on as neutrally as poissible.
ani bee (7 days ago)
They have good vision like us they also use telepathy to communicate
ani bee (7 days ago)
They are on earth already, but you can’t see them
Asleep Awake (7 days ago)
That's ridiculous. Civilizations do not destroy each other, they integrate and coexist taking the best traits of each. This zero sum argument is obsolete and produces stupid idebtitarian movements like the international far right terrorists.
TheAmberGryphon (7 days ago)
Wow right now they could be thinking the same thing. Somewhere out there. There could be a space war going on right now as we speak.
Robbie Hatley (7 days ago)
Interesting. But I don't think aliens would be as hard to communicate with as you imply. For one thing, why would aliens NOT communicate visually? Most stars radiate more visible-frequency light than other frequencies (radio waves, x-rays, etc), so most aliens likely evolved visible-light eyes just as earth creatures did. To put it another way, we have evidence that at least on ONE of the planets (namely, Earth) of ONE visible-light-emitting star (namely, Sol), most of the animals that evolved grew eyeballs, and most of those eyeballs come in pairs (for stereo vision) and see mostly in the visible frequencies (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet). So why would animals elsewhere NOT see visible light, and use it as their primary sense and primary way of recording and communicating information? For another thing, you speak of the drawings on the Voyager plaque as being "symbols". But they're mostly NOT symbols (such as letters, numbers, math symbols, religious symbols, etc). In fact, I don't think ANY of them are symbols. No, the drawings are representative instead of symbolic. So I very much think any intelligent life finding that plaque would have little trouble understanding it. Nor will they have much doubt as to the meaning of the distance lines. And I think they'd have no trouble determining where the spacecraft came from, because they'd just backtrack the trajectory and see that it points straight towards Sol. So I don't think those issues will be problems. What IS a problem, though, is the distances and time spans involved. The distances are so great that interstellar trips would take centuries. Sorry, "warp drive" is pure fiction and cannot exist. Why? Simple: If it can exist, then where are all the warp-driven starships from alien worlds orbiting Earth? There would be lots; why wouldn't there be? But there are none. Therefore, warp drive cannot exist. (And, btw, this is also why I know time travel is impossible: if it was possible, where are all the time travelers? There are none.) Also, interstellar trips would be very expensive (in resources, if not in cash, seeing as how aliens might not have cash), because they would have to be huge, multi-generation ships. So such trips would not happen very often. So, even if Earth is regularly checked by aliens to see if sentient life has evolved here yet, such trips may be, say, 2 million years apart. But a million years ago, humans were unintelligent monkeys, and a million years from now we may be extinct. So it's quite likely that our entire duration of existence may be but a flicker of time halfway between two visitations. I think THAT is why we don't have any evidence of having been visited by aliens in recorded history. We probably ARE being regularly visited. But those "regular" visits are likely MILLIONS of years apart, not 10 years or 100 years. So I doubt we'll ever make "first contact", though I can't help but wish that we would; it would certainly wake a lot of people out of complacency.
Daniel O’Ray (7 days ago)
SimKiller (7 days ago)
Do you want shawarma
Nkh (8 days ago)
Dyson S. Is bs, how do u transfer the enrergie
sukerv (6 days ago)
You go collect it when its full dumbass
Thomas Branch (8 days ago)
My first message: "send bobs"
Sloth Sin (8 days ago)
I would ask them to teach us everything they know so far
Sloth Sin (8 days ago)
Or you can use astra objects to portray language.
rollvideo (8 days ago)
Well. I would have.......No, that’s a bad idea.
AnonMouse2020 (8 days ago)
Why the fuck are we just sending out our own location?
Geilomat 3000 (8 days ago)
Even the concept of asking is a bit special to humans. There are Apes which learned sign language and never asked something, maybe that's how we became what we are (through passing on information). So either the aliens will ask as well and we know, that this is a key requirement for civilization, or they won't and they won't understand what I'll be doing.
Venom Supreme (8 days ago)
Yeah so if aliens are dumb idc if they misinterpret it.
Mega Lucario (8 days ago)
i would ask do you have porn
dr-kka (9 days ago)
Poorly researched video. Make sure you reach out to professionals for your research and get your script checked.
Emma Einarsson (9 days ago)
My question would be: Do you have Facebook?
ViperSniper - ГадюкаСнайпер (9 days ago)
Imagine if we found an exoplanet that had humans and animals that looked just like ours? That’d be boring but super insightful
Dániel Major (9 days ago)
my first question? hmmm https://i.ytimg.com/vi/7o39PZB0tRM/hqdefault.jpg
nine years old (9 days ago)
Bruce Wayne (9 days ago)
We are not alone! and I already saw them. so have many others in the world. Hurry up and get with the program.... Google David Icke, Alex Jones, Nikola Tesla, Elon Musk, & Joe Rogan
Taylor Verrall (9 days ago)
I'm like 90% sure this is three separate V Sauce videos combined into one Wendover video 😂
Markovicsable (10 days ago)
I'm experienced in this topic, like I made first contacts with aliens like 1000 times. Not a big deal, just say Hi, offer some Gouda cheese, a welcome drink, and start chit-chatting with them using your super advanced translation equipment... about weather, or how much of a dissapointment Captaim Marvel was, btw don't discuss it with the Krees, they where portrayed as the bad guys in it.
Pocket Soviet YT (10 days ago)
Dear aliens, is half life 3 a myth
Pocket Soviet YT (10 days ago)
10:56 -1 thats 3 quick maths
matthew bai (10 days ago)
I would ask: “can you save us from ourselves...?”
yoosuf Mughal (11 days ago)
Intelligence can recognize intelligence, and if an alien came to our planet and found irregular patterns of rock formations(buildings) they would intelligently concur that these are unnatural formations.
yoosuf Mughal (11 days ago)
The eye has evolved individually over a 100 times. To say that intelligent aliens don’t have the basic sense of observation is silly and highly unlikely.
yoosuf Mughal (11 days ago)
Nah bro, I’m pretty sure that advanced civilizations would not bring their radical Christian beliefs along with them. They would be advanced enough to realize that would be retarded.
leon4christ (11 days ago)
God's design is clear
Filipe CopperFild (11 days ago)
If aliens would belive that building are a natural ocorrence then they are dummer than flat earthers... Just saying...
Nothing to see here (11 days ago)
....Hi, I feel we should be honest with each other right from the start.... Save yourselves some trouble and kill us ALL now, trust me...😒
Shiba-inu/iet (12 days ago)
Not first!!
HeavyWeaponsPigeon (12 days ago)
If we find aliens I think the professionals (like NASA) should be the first people to speak with the alien professionals. Once a basis of communication is met between the two that we can each learn to understand each other then we release it to the public with public schools given the information about the aliens so the kids can learn like they normally would and the adults can learn about them from voluntary classes or the News. That would be the only way to safely establish contact in a slow easy way that could prevent global catastrophe
Cathix 003 (12 days ago)
keep going...no intelligent life here.
Roran (13 days ago)
Have you seen Chef?
Nick3xtreme Gaming (13 days ago)
Sup bro?
Dela Cruize (13 days ago)
Why would Aliens come to Earth! 🤨 To have a laugh? 🤔🌏🤣😂🖕
Hastytkd (13 days ago)
5:06 aliens don’t have hands. Aliens: THE FUCK!
BLKBRDSR71 (13 days ago)
"This is CNN with a live report. Pentagon officials have relieved they have made contact with ACTUAL extra terrestrials since the early 1800's". The worlds reaction: So... what else is on?
StarZ (13 days ago)
British guy that gets to talk first: Want some tea? Thinks: thats how China got us to befriend.
Dela Cruize (13 days ago)
How the British stole Hong Kong 😂🤣🖕🖕🌏
Russian Hacker (13 days ago)
If we will find aliens, what will we do next? Ask them to subscribe to PewDiePie.
mr looper (14 days ago)
send nudes
Super Dreadnought (14 days ago)
if we have an dyson sphere how can we convert that energy to fuel?
Dela Cruize (13 days ago)
We DON'T 🤔🤨
Nagato Uzumaki (14 days ago)
There going to have hands dumbass
KaiserRedGamer (14 days ago)
Dyson sphere in a nutshell: Make a hollow solar panel ball around the sun.
Hastytkd (13 days ago)
Not a bad idea...good luck though.
KaiserRedGamer (14 days ago)
Math is to Universe as English is to World.
Randy Rogers (14 days ago)
There aren't any aliens out there. What a waste of time.
Jarod Farrant (15 days ago)
We’ve mad contact with aliens before the governments of the world just hasn’t told is yet
Avoxion (15 days ago)
ask them if they have space memes
Adrian Sánchez Ceciliano (15 days ago)
Amazing production!
newdefsys (15 days ago)
The arrow symbol as a sign that the voyager is a weapon makes about as much sense as drawing little bomb icons on actual bombs to let everyone know that they're bombs. The only remotely weaponizeable part of the voyager satellites are their power supply units, the (radioisotope thermoelectric generators) fueled with Plutonium-238 and is not even a bomb grade material and which will have decayed to relatively harmless lead by the time it reaches another solar system. An advanced civilization would determine pretty quickly that a voyager satellite is anything but a weapon. In fact, the discovery of a voyager satellite by an advanced alien intelligence might be as interesting to them as stumbling upon a long abandoned dugout canoe found on the beach. Xeep: Hey Zorb, whats that ? Zorb: It looks like an old satellite. Xeep: Thats fascinating ! So, whats for lunch ?
selective (15 days ago)
My question- How did you get here?
Mayooran Jayamohan (16 days ago)
If the pioneer plaque contained DREAM THEATER and aliens listen to it?