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Huggies Pull-Ups Commercial

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I'm a big kid now!
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Text Comments (16)
Adam Jensen (1 month ago)
What is playing on the tv
Drawkill Foxy (2 months ago)
(Normal ending ) Im a Big kid now! (Wierd ending ) Im a small kid now! (Dirty word ending ) Im a Big dick now!
Shallonda Boykin (2 months ago)
The Jeff Boyz "Kim Possible Pt.1" Power The Make It Funky Vol.1 (2014)
ben (6 months ago)
lol he just wets it and the design fades kinda cool I guess the point is he saw them fade and now he know what it means
TY CAMPBELL (9 months ago)
just wet daipers
TheEpicMario (1 year ago)
What on entire earth does "P" stand for?!
TheEpicMario (1 year ago)
Thanks for pointing this out, Luke
Luke Wadhams (1 year ago)
+Bryce Mn that's wrong it's actually pass
TheSwenglishSimmer (4 years ago)
Farzad Daei (4 years ago)
Learning. New drivers in some states have to place L signs on their cars to let other drivers know that they are learning, usually for the first year.
Tavis Jollie (4 years ago)
billyray valentine (4 years ago)
what does the L stand for?
David Roth (5 years ago)
there the samething as a friggn diaper I used them on my brats
PepsiBoy428 Productions (5 years ago)
@Momofethanandnoah These aren't for bedwetting, these are for potty traning
rosiebri (5 years ago)
I don't want to have kids.
Demetrius (5 years ago)
Momo your stupid these aren't for bedwetting, there for POTTY TRAINING!