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The single biggest reason why start-ups succeed | Bill Gross

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Bill Gross has founded a lot of start-ups, and incubated many others — and he got curious about why some succeeded and others failed. So he gathered data from hundreds of companies, his own and other people's, and ranked each company on five key factors. He found one factor that stands out from the others — and surprised even him. TEDTalks is a daily video podcast of the best talks and performances from the TED Conference, where the world's leading thinkers and doers give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes (or less). Look for talks on Technology, Entertainment and Design -- plus science, business, global issues, the arts and much more. Find closed captions and translated subtitles in many languages at Follow TED news on Twitter: Like TED on Facebook: Subscribe to our channel:
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Text Comments (1049)
eHabitatt LLC (5 days ago)
Great Share...
Mindful Meeps (7 days ago)
timing is key. how do you determine if the market is ready for your solution?
Head Hunter (5 days ago)
"Take it from me, execution is key" Felix Dennis
thomas Verghese (7 days ago)
One over riding factor is the Passion and Perseverance of the one person who has the Dream
Christine Talks Business (7 days ago)
Wow thank you 😘
Raza Ali (8 days ago)
That was gross, Bill.
AsIwish1216 (11 days ago)
T C (13 days ago)
Empirical Truth.
Sireice Edwards (13 days ago)
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Pewdiepie's Hot Dog Boss (14 days ago)
This is incredibly valuable!!! Thank you!!!
tejshe creat (15 days ago)
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videxvid (18 days ago)
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Валерия Никулина (19 days ago)
That is a very inportant topic, because noweday a lot of people try to create their own compony. I am sure that not everyone can correctly plan the business. But this video is very useful for such people. If we are talking about the information, that was given in the video, I really agree with the speaker! I believe, that time is the most important resource not only in creating the compony, but also in all things that we are doing.
Александра Замараева (19 days ago)
I read your comment with interest. As you say, the time is the most important resourse. I agree with that. Because time our all. Especially if you live in a big city. Good idea!
Rapa Rapa (19 days ago)
Thanks for this video! That’s very important theme! It was very interesting to watch this video. I learned a lot of information in it. for example, I learned that to build success you need a lot of things. but the most important thing is to have an idea, a good team, business model, funding and timing! And but most of all I liked the research. It surprised me, because it turned out that the most important thing is timing! Thank you for this video!
Rapa Rapa (19 days ago)
Настя Тюрина , yes, of course! Because this is a very useful video!
Настя Тюрина (19 days ago)
You make some good points, i absolutely agree with you. It has surprised me , too. Do you want to share it with you friends?
Елена Арзянина (19 days ago)
Thanks for posting this video 😊 You make some interesting points which will be very useful to notice investors and people who want to star own business, but don’t know what to do. You are a really specialist in this area!🤘🏽
Елена Арзянина (19 days ago)
Полина Устинова thank you very much! I am very pleased 😘
Полина Устинова (19 days ago)
Do you really want to set up your own business?😵 I think it should be a very modern idea because nowadays we have all we want! But i'm sure you'll get a success if you follow Bill Grosss' advice. They are very useful! Good luck in your business!❤
Анастасия Попова (19 days ago)
Елена Арзянина okey. We should plan our business as fast as we can😎
Елена Арзянина (19 days ago)
Анастасия Попова we will discuss it later 😉
Анастасия Попова (19 days ago)
Елена Арзянина let’s start our business! Do you have an idea?🤣
Александра Замараева (19 days ago)
Bill Grods makes some good points. His talk was very energatic. He aslo mentioned that time is one of the most important thing. On of the question the start-up should ask himself :" If people ready for it?" As for me , it is a very important question. If the don't ask it the may have the same situation as was with YouTube. It means that several years ago YouTube was unnesesary, but not now. Tanks to Bill Gross a lot of people can think about it!!
Rapa Rapa (19 days ago)
Thanks for commenting on this video! I am absolutely agree with you!
Даниил Шлык (19 days ago)
That’s really fascinating video, I consider that all the given information I will use in my future career,because I’m planning to open my own business
Jaxim jax (19 days ago)
I would like to join your business in the future, if you accept me. :-)
Анастасия Мамедова (19 days ago)
That’s very interesting information! I have never thought about this question. It shocks that if the creator of YouTube does it in other time we can’t watch this video! Anyway its great😇
Настя Тюрина (19 days ago)
That's great question! Thanks for posting it . As you say, timing and interest of customers is really important for future entrepreneurs . I think your research can help everyone who wants to set up their own business. So your project is really inspired me. I suppose, i will use this advice in my future career .
Валерия Никулина (19 days ago)
Thanks for commenting! I read your comment with interest! I agree with you that the speaker made some good points. I think I will be useful for many people!
Настя Тюрина (19 days ago)
+Анастасия Попова , I think no, but i work in team every day and let a lot of information. That's way, this advice were really useful for me!)
Анастасия Попова (19 days ago)
Are you going to have your own business?
Полина Устинова (19 days ago)
I can absolutely agree with the Bill Gross because it is very important to interest the consumer at the right time. If a thing is not needed, then it won't succeed. You can take out a bank loan for investing a lot of money, but there're no guarantees that your thing will be needed now.🙈
Jaxim jax (19 days ago)
I read your comment with the great interest. So I share your point of your, because it is too hard to start a business without money. So it is good variant to get a loan from a bank to support your start up
Анастасия Мамедова (19 days ago)
I am totally agree with you! You can start your own business having such thoughts😁 I think you will succeed in this field. I am sure I predict it correctly😂
Jaxim jax (19 days ago)
I enjoyed this video. You make some intereting points about factors of a failure and a success. That is very great question to divided the factors in % bars. However, in my opinion, nowadays the fundings play more significant role than business modeling because nobody can start their business without financial support. :-)
Анастасия Попова (19 days ago)
Hmm, sometimes people start a business with $ 100 in their pockets. it all depends on the person and his creativity
Полина Устинова (19 days ago)
You make some good points. As i said you can take out a bank loan to set up a business. Or you can find some investors😝 Good luck!
Анастасия Попова (19 days ago)
You make some interesting points. I was really surprised to discover that idea is not an essential element that lead to success! Timing is very important in every sphere of life. I totally agree that business needs to be launched at the moment when the consumer is ready to buy this product. Thanks for such video.
Елена Арзянина (19 days ago)
Анастасия Попова I totally agree with you! As you say, timing is really important! That’s a very useful topic!🤘🏽
ashley D (21 days ago)
How do you identify it is a good timing to start an idea?
H. Charley Bodkin (21 days ago)
Was timing his concern, or having customer demand for the product his concern? Labeling it 'Timing' does quite a bit of conflation
hisham 3018 (22 days ago)
I am assuming he will say something which is common sense . And i am assuming that the comment section will have more intellectual contributuon to the topic . Cause I am used to this kind of bs that I can smell it miles away
Mkhuseli Zenande-the-Speculator (24 days ago)
Nice and precise ✌
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Photo Booth International LLC (25 days ago)
“The good warrior’s staging of an attack is like the bending of the crossbow full of momentum and potential.” - The Art of War
Michael Atkinson (27 days ago)
..and luck. Timing of a blue ocean idea isn't really based on data because it's, well, a new industry, or powerful new idea that may seem well timed in retrospect. Good talk though.
Gonçalo Amaro (27 days ago)
One of the real life examples of this talk is the known Magic Inc., they invented the tablet/smartphone too soon, the tech lagged behind the idea/project. Some of the team later participated in the iPhone project and Android creation.
Gonçalo Amaro (27 days ago)
One of the satires from the show 'Silicon Valley' is the overused "make the world a better place" nonsense. This guy aid it too, lfmao.
Marc G (28 days ago)
timing is very important, once i planned to go on a hike, and the day of the hike i felt so lazy, i postponed it. few days later an expert hiker told me that area had landmines (ground explosives) ... so trusting my feeling saved my life. those are 2 lessons in 1 hehe, and in business i do the same, when i don't feel good about something i don't do it
#askgrumpy by The Grumpy Entrepreneur (28 days ago)
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Namaste UI (30 days ago)
Starting your own business gives you freedom and opportunity that few other “jobs” can. You have complete control over your time (a blessing and a curse), you don’t have a boss, and every decision you make is yours. However, similar things can be said about franchising. There is less freedom, true, but at the same time, it’s a much safer option. Furthermore, you will still have a business to run, you will still be a boss there. The profits, the success, even the work and the control will all be yours. Anyways, read the below. This might help. -- Regards, Sourav Basak Namaste UI
njz Updates (30 days ago)
Everybody has a plan until u get punched on face. ☠️
Sarthak Panda (1 month ago)
What people neglect the most - All companies were startup once
Chris Formoso (1 month ago)
With idea and execution you get 60%. Two thing you can control. We may never know if the timing is right but the next 2 even 3 big factors could be good enough odds.
Tư Vấn Quang Minh (1 month ago)
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James Williams (1 month ago)
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ilove2929 (1 month ago)
Being outliers are very close connected to timing.
Pranav Moghe (1 month ago)
Is nobody going to point out the his last name is gross
Christopher Gross (1 month ago)
Pranav Moghe it‘s a German surname and means “tall/big”
Abaidullah chishti Hamza zaman chishti (1 month ago)
well done sir
Shubham Tiwari (1 month ago)
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Angelica Olaguer (1 month ago)
Gejo Sreenivasan (1 month ago)
Here’s another YouTube video where anyone can be expert without any meaningful output. So Great.. I should I time well - thanks! Can you tell me how and when to time? When I should watch my watch?
Manos Seferidis (1 month ago)
I wonder how we measured all this..
8D Gasm (1 month ago)
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mmisbach (1 month ago)
Startups have the greatest potential to change the world we live in for the better. Why do startups succeed? Here are most important factors for startup success. Timing was 42%, Team 32%, Idea 28%, Biz Model 24% , Funding 14%. #TedTalk
Tough Natasha95 (1 month ago)
gagan sekhon (1 month ago)
Yong Seon Lee (1 month ago)
what's wrong about quoting Mike Tyson... he was the best in his field, and that is significant. Do not be an arrogant snob. Entrepreneurship is neither more profound nor difficult than sports. Respect, as you would want to be respected.
Даниил Шлык (19 days ago)
I am absolutely agree with you ,I consider that Mike Tyson is the most respected in the world of Boxing after Ali of course.Maybe the speaker think that boxers are not very intelligent.Unfortunately it is a popular fiction
TatTvamAsi (1 month ago)
Someone saying "I never thought I'd quote .... on stage" isn't saying something is wrong with quoting Mike Tyson. He is saying he never thought that he would. There is a difference.
Aestoc (1 month ago)
You read my thoughts
dicodexter (1 month ago)
There should be a button to give a billion likes...
emma simpson (1 month ago)
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Brandon Coley (4 days ago)
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Thabani Sithole (1 month ago)
If bill was bald he would like Jeff bezos
Narendra Parmar (1 month ago)
Appreciate that😆 I think Finding the problems in world and providing best possible solution to them is also a part of successful start-ups.
familiaempressaria dejesus (1 month ago)
Wow, most of the engineer I spoke to says the idea is more important, but the business man normally says the business model is more important. LOL. "Always is better talking to people that experience the live we would like to live than to people who heard how to live the life we would like to live - Alfredo Matias"
Nicolas Rodriguez (1 month ago)
Start-ups are more fruitful and successful when the timing, team and execution are the focus. I entirely agree with Bill Gross, the most important key factor in a start-up company is time. Companies fail because they don't prioritize time and have a motivated team, instead they believe that funding, business model, or the idea is the most important. However, business model, funding and the idea of your start-up is still crucial, since the beginning of a new business includes all 5 key factors.
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Optimus Kenya (2 months ago)
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Ana Rosiris Castro (2 months ago)
We could think the money it's the problem when we start a project. However the time it's the key. I agree with him.
Red Wine Please (2 months ago)
Corollaries > Ideas are like opinions. Everyone has them but a random few become financially successful. > Means to financial success are identified in the rear view mirror. > Build it and they won't necessarily come. Consumers (with money) must exist before production. (Note that 'production' is measured by sales not inventory.) So... like stock trading, test everything, risk small, see what worked in the past, leverage existing product markets--- evolutionary product development. (e.g. UBER with taxis; AirBnB with hotels and apts; tablets with laptops; laptops with desktops; desktops with minis; minis with M/F)
Satoru Training (2 months ago)
The video is quite useless in explaining because the motive to find the single most factor are really doesn't make sense. Idea, team, model, funding are so different things from Timing. If you separate them, it just like, how about just waiting it to happen? Or just preparing your work until the right time? or you try to execute to see if this is the right time? It's just like what is the single most factor that makes a good husband? I think people will soon 'tired' of those 'research' to find what 'single factor' the most. This video just merely say that this is just because of 'luck'. But I guess Elizabeth Holmes will not agree.
T A (2 months ago)
Thank you! Very helpful for me! Greetings from Germany 👍
Nilotpal Hajong (2 months ago)
Keenan Schouten (2 months ago)
You never thought you'd quote Mike Tyson? Can you name a more insightful & successful boxer in his era? He'd be a billionaire were it not for addiction.
Denis Black (2 months ago)
so i'm not procrastinating, i'm just waiting for the right time, fine by me lol
Cletus Green (2 months ago)
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David Quintana (2 months ago)
In other words we give incredible credit to people for creating technology companies when in reality is almost 50 percent luck. That's the secret keep trying until you get lucky.
Jeffery Robert (2 months ago)
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P S (2 months ago)
I saw Bill and I thought he is Bill Gates, but he is even Better
Kangarooo (2 months ago)
Maybe for him electricity wasn't needed. He can be that amish.
tim silver (2 months ago)
Dude you talking like you came up with break thru, of course it’s timing for all those online things genius
Dragan Visatovici (2 months ago)
this guys looking like Stevye Jobs!
Age of Reason (2 months ago)
Every business is a start-up. I registered a business and started painting and remodeling homes. My business was a start-up. I don't see what the fuss is all about.
kay Fr (2 months ago)
Great speech. Fast and to the point Also it proved me right! I called it luck but true, it’s timing Great ideas even don’t succeed if the public is not ready for it Beautifully put, well done. Bottom line, you need luck in creating a super duper company!
venkatsaikumar karidi (2 months ago)
guys also check this out on starts up
Siva Reddy (2 months ago)
great video thank you sharing your knowledge
Disruptive Incubation-As-A-Service (2 months ago)
Very informative with supporting data! And every startup/Incubatee should also validate his/her product(s)/service(s)/solution(s)/team etc. matching these factors too!
George Gannon (2 months ago)
Having built a 7 figure business £3.6m by the age of 26 starting with £0 at the age of 21. I have to 100% agree that timing was a key element to the success. I’m in property development. I built it in a good safe market, then lost it all in the globe recession, as I could not develop or sell, as nothing was stacking up! I’ve since rebuilt even bigger in a flat market, due to learning the process as still having 100% belief in myself and never giving up even when all was lost. Maybe the fight and drive in the leading entrepreneur has a lot to do with it in my opinion. If I ask someone I’m mentoring now how much they want it and they don’t say 10 out 10 and truly say that they want it 100% and are willing to sacrifice anything for it! Then unless they have luck with hiring the right team to do it for them! Then the odds of success are truly against them! PS I’ve worked every day this year 31 days straight! 8-8 most days. That has to be a factor in who is willing to put the work in and who is just a poser or dreamer! It takes hard work and dedication! Bill gates use to fall asleep at his desk! You obviously need more than just hard work. I took huge risks and did many things that people told me were Impossible! I found another way around it. I was 100% determined and solution oriented to find a way. I just knew in my gut I would make it as well!
Patel Vidhu (2 months ago)
Timing and team and business model that generate revenue as early as possible.
David Tinx Lall (2 months ago)
vexorian (2 months ago)
Startups are literally destroying the world.
Lawrence Torres (2 months ago)
Correct correct correct
QZ AU (2 months ago)
I am here cuz i mistook his name as Bill Gates
BCS and Bank Job Career (2 months ago)
Great speech. But I think focus is also important to get success. tnx
Simon Xyz (2 months ago)
Startup here!
Lori/Roger Drienka (2 months ago)
Ask and it is given! The power of manifestation allows the flow to happen!
Lorenz DELCASTILLO (3 months ago)
The single biggest reason is the NAME for whatever company you start up! No one wants to get in the works with a company that has an extremely unappealing name! That is why you need to help you create a game changing name!
yogesh mahajan (3 months ago)
u cashed my time, thanks a lot
John Green (3 months ago)
Anyone else misread his name as bill gates?
The Fit French (3 months ago)
Mike Tyson is right
The Fit French (3 months ago)
this is great btw
Hypnotic Solution Coaching (3 months ago)
Thank you for value by experience. He has won and lost and that is an indication he is sharing his first-hand experiences. Over Two million people have watched his blog so he has given a positive value. I am grateful.
marn200 (3 months ago)
Normally i only listen to TEDx talks. But this is the first TED talk I don’t find boring
Mr.jakir hosen Ronny Ronny (3 months ago)
Thank a lot, 1 ideas 2 team, 3 business model 4 funding 5 timing
Chunks (3 months ago)
Answer: Timing
Spoon Liver (3 months ago)
these people wear pants so high they dont need a shirt actually. me included