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Convertible NY flat expands amid high ceilings & big windows

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When Robert Garneau first saw the 400 square foot apartment in Midtown Manhattan, it was a cramped space painted bright green, but he saw potential in the 14-foot ceilings and soaring windows that were vestiges of the building's past as the New York Theological Seminary. Garneau stripped the studio down to its impressive bones and created custom transformable furniture to make the space serve multiple functions. "The high ceilings permitted a sleeping loft above the kitchen while everyday sleeping is accommodated with a wall bed in the main space. The entire length of the apartment has sliding partitions allowing the kitchen, bathroom and foyer to be closed off from the main space creating a more intimate quiet area." A height adjustable table creates additional multi-functional surface and also expands to seat 10. The bathroom features a pivoting shower that folds away to create extra space. Other videos with Robert Garneau: -- NYC "Swiss Army knife" apartment's walls open, fold & slide https://youtu.be/oLwQHd0BYcc -- Pivoting wall adds/subtracts rooms in NYC modular micro-flat https://youtu.be/RTNm6IH2QT4 Architecture: https://www.aw-pc.com Furniture: https://www.studiogarneau.com On *faircompanies: https://faircompanies.com/videos/convertible-ny-flat-expands-amid-high-ceilings-big-windows/
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Text Comments (775)
grace full (18 hours ago)
mabeli tejada (2 days ago)
I want to live there ❤️
Valentejas (2 days ago)
Fuck my house
Ikram kinderliedje (3 days ago)
Why do you need a full size kitchen when there's only a minibar to store some soda cans. The kitchen could have been a bedroom and instead of a kitchen just a cute very countertop with microwave and coffee maker and that's it.
Lee Lee (1 day ago)
They also have a fridge and a freezer inside some drawers in the kitchen
M1NDCR4WL3R (5 days ago)
I missed the washing machine :/
Noe Berengena (5 days ago)
Fantastic space economy with flexible multiple-use layout. You really need a great joiner or marine carpenter to build all those cabinets and doors so they are properly aligned.
Lea remington (8 days ago)
Does anyone know what materiel they use for those big cabinet doors. Even the best bitch i can find warps. Id love to know what they use that stays flat
Melanie Cape Town (11 days ago)
Cat Man (11 days ago)
No charm and no room 👎😺
caleidoz kopie (11 days ago)
I love those tiny home enthusiasts. They always seem like living in their own little world it's so cute
lara (11 days ago)
So someone is rich and wasteful enough to eat out three times a day but they need a dishwasher because they are that lazy... unbelievable
Cat Hernandez (7 days ago)
First world problems.
Gauthier Reppelin (13 days ago)
The flat is small but the equiment is soooo expansive
moonlightstripes (13 days ago)
Has the bed been tested overtime? Like does the wood bend due the weight. I can't stand having everything so symmetrical only for the bed to look like it doesnt fit anhmore.
Nina Noir Paints (13 days ago)
Where’s the ventilation for the kitchen? If you do, do any cooking your going to have a smelly greasy film all over that kitchen from the cooking fumes.
G. F. (13 days ago)
D Barrantes (14 days ago)
You should look into BeddieBeds
Anna van der Haar (14 days ago)
I think that the towels under the sink in the bathroom will get wet when u shower
vanessa L (14 days ago)
Wish I could afford it
Jo Drew (15 days ago)
That place is so inspirational. Everything is clean, put away but there is still a generosity of space within that studio., which is really a one bedroom given the loft space.
anastasia46 (15 days ago)
for all the design that goes into these spaces, I find it so depressing that you cant have a proper bathroom or a proper kitchen.
Melanie Cape Town (11 days ago)
And no laundry
Karen Van Zant (17 days ago)
It looks like a sterile white room, but let's just call it soft. Another minus is access to the loft. Straight up and down ladder is just an accident waiting to happen. But, live and learn.
Karen Van Zant (17 days ago)
He turns the on and the spray nearly hits the sink... classic.
Karen Van Zant (17 days ago)
LOL!Open bathroom shelf under the sink where the towels are stowed at and a vanity /sink/ shower combo+ mirror all the way across= really bad bathroom design.
James Knight (18 days ago)
Nice bathroom. Good drain system. Smart door. - Kinda wished the main apartment used the translucent effect more. - It's kinda plain and boring, they could make it more fun. Stick a swing in there. - the table leafs are stored in the wrong place. - stick electric blind motors on. - have a ladder on a rail like a library to reach the storage would have made sense and be a feature. Though not really a fan of high up storage. - the closed space at the end is great but makes me wish there was come kind of circle bed right in the middle.
Siemianowicee (18 days ago)
12:05 what is phallic about that space ? (nothing, unless he means himself, the big phallus)
Siemianowicee (18 days ago)
0:39 remote electric blinds would have been better
Jule Caesara (20 days ago)
Even though I am not a great fan of the asthetics, I love the functional ideas behind it - my favourites are the drawers in the table that become extentions. But I know this is incredibly pricey and I would love to see a budget version of such things, because most people who need to live in tiny spaces do so out of necessity rather than minimalistic (as we see here, they have tons of clothes), environmental and personal reasons. litte addition: I don't understand what you need an overhead projector and a plasma TV for. Or the electic table. I think simple mechanics would do - living room talbe, dinner table, countertop and even bar heights, without wasting your money towards the electricity bill. Then again, I heard electricity is hella cheap in USA.
RubenDelight Animates! (20 days ago)
For how efficiently this is intended to be, there seems to be a lot of inefficient use of space as well. Have this big table but you have to grab these heavy units from an up high cabinet you have to move a heavy ladder for to reach. Supposedly you could put those in a lower cabinet but you'd likely use that for more every day stuff. But then you also have this tiny fridge which would be fine along with the tiny stove if you're eating out every night but that means you're not really gonna be able to accommodate that many guests you have that massive table for (which isn't even straight on those extensions). Plus where are you gonna leave all the chairs you're gonna need for your party of 10? Also up in the mountains? Then you have this loft for "storage" when you already have this big ass cabinets, or, as shown here, a bed. Why not keep the loft for the bed, and use the murphy bed for more storage and get a couch that serves as an extra bed if you really need that for your minimalist getaway apartment. For how technically still pretty huge this space really is, it seems to lack a true purpose and kind of half has something for everything but also not enough. Idk why I'm so heated about this space but it just doesn't feel right
Bubbles n Lipgloss (20 days ago)
Everything is perfect n well thought out except I would need a small washer n dryer somewhere! 🤔💜
Kerryn Mckay (21 days ago)
A lovely space but I could not live in it. Tiny, cramped walkway to bathroom, claustrophobic, living in thin layers
RUSKY DUSKY (21 days ago)
That cupboard did have some good redstone working
my husband is big marvel (22 days ago)
I just realised that if you gain weight you may not be able to open and fit in the gap of the shower door
Joel Marble (22 days ago)
budget build but put in a Wolf rangetop.....
linda millson (23 days ago)
is there a toilet in the teeny bath ? do you get wet on it when someone is in the shower ? no trees or green anywhere to look at out those beautiful windows. but if you have lots of shoes its okay.
Rubeinspired Ilonggo Vlogger (25 days ago)
Dream house <3
FF Film Crew (26 days ago)
I like the functionality but the garage home depot look isn't elegant at all. IDK the guys man bun and douchebag hipster look was grating
FF Film Crew (26 days ago)
The guy likes adjectives and packs them in at every possible chance. He might want to get a dictionary and a story board to plot his script in a manner that doesn't have him using words that don't make sense.
Anton Tokarev (28 days ago)
Ewww I know what's behind those walls
Alex K. (28 days ago)
So how many millions does this apartment cost?
joyce adlaw (28 days ago)
This apartment is magical
Matt Vinzant (28 days ago)
Genius! Best ever
Sevket Bozkurt (29 days ago)
I love table, bathroom, kitchen and girls. Very good planing. How high are the Walls maybe two and half meter???
Sassy (1 month ago)
Where are the extra chairs that sit eight parked?
SG R (1 month ago)
I lov it
carla mdonald (1 month ago)
I love the amount of storage this one has! Very ingenious features. Definitely one of my favorites 💕
Helen Hong (1 month ago)
The only thing that I wondering here is the COST
Judith (1 month ago)
I'm just wondering why not make it a 2 story loft, you get way more floor space then. Or am I missing something here?
rosslosangeles (22 days ago)
@Judith- Mr. Garneau says that the space is 13 feet (3.96 meters) high and that he cannot stand up in the loft area above the kitchen. Even at 14 feet (4.27 meters) as Ms. Dirksen claims in the introduction, there is not enough height to make a full two story loft. There needs to be enough height for each level plus depth for structure to support the floor between.
Cristina Sonia (1 month ago)
I love everything, except for the bathroom and the artwork hanging on the walls.
Niki Beee (1 month ago)
I would love this apartment but if I had to hear that guy say “right” one more time, I would jump off the top of that building instead of live there.
Mid Heaven (1 month ago)
Very smart design. The exploration of the space reminded me airplane or ship which every square manometer is working for extra storage. The view was depressing. The bathroom...well (for me) when you have enough space for a bathtub you don't do this (smart but unnecessary ). Different shade of white will was be better. Kitchen was way to dark. And of course Ii prefer a bigger fridge ( not huge one but bigger ) every day and for extra space oven and microwave could be up and build in in exchange for some cabinets. We didn't see the hall.
Rob M (1 month ago)
Clever shower idea but I would have moved the sink and toilet around. That way it would be such an easy job of cleaning the toilet. Plus you can't really put anything on that sink you don't want to get wet. And in regards to toilet paper, America really needs to get away from paper and start using bidet's and if you must use toilet paper, a small enclosure built into wall with metal sliding door so it won't get wet.
vecernicek2 (1 month ago)
It is very pretty, but I think the owner could probably get another 400 sq ft of appartment for the price of all these custom solutions. This must have been a six figure renovation.
jmatt4life (1 month ago)
Beautiful, Elegant, Practical — just lovely!!!
Estrellita Velasco (1 month ago)
Amazing design :-D
averagepainter (1 month ago)
the shower is really not the best idea. towels and mirrors will get wet.
Jesusistheonlysavior (1 month ago)
There is something wrong about it 🤔🤔🤔not sure, maybe the ceiling it too high for a small space making it Not cosy enough.
hosackies (1 month ago)
That table leafs on drawer tracks is a bad idea... good luck getting them to close back up after the fancy dinner party!
budgie breeding (1 month ago)
these people live in a giant closet organizer unit.
Ate KongKong (1 month ago)
He could use a sliding door on that walk in closet, save space even more.
Samwerly (1 month ago)
This “space” would give me anxiety.
Melanie Cape Town (11 days ago)
dieeser (1 month ago)
Zhaina Amanbek (1 month ago)
Great job♥️ love it because they didn't waste any square and efficiently designed every space at the apartment. It's awesome &cozy♥️♥️♥️
Shucks (1 month ago)
It's a beautiful job.
Georgette Morin (1 month ago)
Why does he need a Murphy bed? The lofted bed has pretty good ceiling height. Who needs that much storage.
Toma Nicodin (1 month ago)
It's a beautiful and interesting apartment but it's clear the designer/architect was more focused onto beauty than usefulness. And he tries to sell it, not to showcase it. Here are some thoughts about what's not so cool. --- That table will break quite soon (electric stuff usually does) What's the point of having a storage place quite inaccessible and where you put a second bed (you already have the Murphy one) And what's the point of having TV and projector (especially when you project it so far from a comfortable position of viewing (check where the couch is) The upper part of storage is horrible to access to. Even that flimsy ladder is hard to install. You'll get angry cause of that in th future. Garanted. Towels and power sockets under the sink might get wet (check when he first open the shower). What great views? Everyone can see you... And... WHERE IS THE WASHING MACHINE? --- I've seen many tiny apartments and this one lacks a lot of useful features, favoring the beauty.
Solfire Superhero (1 month ago)
Clever! Nuff said.🏠
Charmian van Reenen (1 month ago)
Those draws on the dinning table are filthy!
DeMarie Jones (1 month ago)
The on,y thing missing is a washer/dryer... I would have insisted
K T (1 month ago)
This space and design is utter perfection down to every 1/4 inch. They've thought of every purpose ie neighbors doorbell sound . Everything is functional all at the same time beautiful zen design no clutter because everything has been thought out every inch of the apartment used. One of the best designs I've seen. Gorgeous. Love to know the cost of the apt and then the renovation
MickyAvStickyHands (1 month ago)
I hate when shower water is not confined 100% to the shower. They get the idea from Asian bathrooms, but it reminds me of a YMCA. I'd feel like I'd have to wear sandals in my own bathroom and that would get annoying very fast.
michelle tack (1 month ago)
Where the pull out bed is the ceiling is so high, that would have made a great loft area.
Alex Garcia (1 month ago)
Nice apartment but when he turned on the shower, I was thinking the 'Towels are gonna get wet!'
TheWeirdos44 (1 month ago)
Change the bathroom door, I get why they did it. But come on, what if you have guests over? Just going to see them using the bathroom?
Visionery1 (1 month ago)
High ceilings are great - possibly around 9' - but how does one heat an apartment with a 14' ceiling. There's enough height to have the sleeping quarters on a mezzanine level, while still having a 9' ceiling.
Camille Berry (1 month ago)
Kirsten, I have been watching your videos for 8 years, and have to tell you, they have changed our lives. Just seeing other people take a leap (including you and your family) to live in a way that feels better and more simple, is so inspiring. We are still a ways away from that, but we sold our home, and took a leap to another country. Hoping to get to a place where we can find a balance between modern and off-grid plus simple. Thank you for your content, and sorry I didn't subscribe sooner ;)
Kirsten Dirksen (1 month ago)
Thank you for the note Camille. I hope you continue to create your own way.
creations landscape designs (1 month ago)
I love small space living. I live in the 424 square foot condo.
auburn.honey (1 month ago)
I do not have much stuff. Like everything I own could fit into a closet. So I would have preferred to have kept the loft as a room, not a storage space. Having all the extra storage space would, in my opinion, encourage unnecessary spending on shit you hardly ever use. Other than that its a good design. (Also need a bigger fridge. I love cooking and I eat most meals at home.)
Bethel Yilma (1 month ago)
That’s a gorgeous apartment
Immanuel Chioco (1 month ago)
I love the entire apartment except for the sink being so close to the shower.
GothicLolita Videos (1 month ago)
something about this really pisses me off. dont get me wrong, it really great from a design point fo view. but realistically you KNOW someone spent a fuck ton of money for this place to have everything custom made to make this space 'smart' yeah? so clearly the client can afford shit and they could just buy a more regular sized apartment without all the custom bullshit, but instead nowadays i see so much interior design being focused around glorifying small spaces, because you have rich people spending so much money on customising and making small spaces as practical as possible, while regular working class people simply live in cramped spaces because they cant afford any better. i dont know how well i got across the point i was making, but tis one fo those 'its cool if youre rich, but sucks if youre poor' type of scenarios
Maimouna Rachels (1 month ago)
We need to understand that this right here is what our future looks like. So much people and not enough space on this planet to give us all a house with some space. The problem is not even if you can pay a house or not. A house or an apartment bigger than a dorm room for you alone is PASSÉ
Mike Sloan (1 month ago)
That'll be $4000 a month please........... crime it takes so much for a human being to put a decent or even halfway decent roof over their head.... a true crime.
Kasey (2 months ago)
“In this neighborhood, for this client, they didn’t need a huge refrigerator.” Translation: they can afford to eat all their meals in restaurants.
Jo Drew (15 days ago)
@baby.kittens if they wanted to store leftovers, they have that bar fridge and the small kitchen fridge. Like I wrote previously, the space was designed for the client. If the client wanted a larger fridge and cook top, then the architect make it happen.
baby.kittens (15 days ago)
Do u see a huge refrigerator?
baby.kittens (15 days ago)
What if they wanted to save food for next time?
Jo Drew (15 days ago)
I know where that space is. There are many open food court places as well. You could pick up a salad/soup on the way home. Living in NYC accommodates both eating out and on the run food. I cook/prepare 90% of my meals but I'm sure theu could have traded storage or the dishwasher for a larger fridge, if they wanted it. After all, the place is custom designed.
exotic80 (21 days ago)
@Gasinduced a lot of the time they film these before people move in
Kasey (2 months ago)
TWO ADULTS sleep in that tiny ass bed?!? I couldn’t
Adrienne Dull (2 months ago)
The bathroom is brilliant for a small space! The whole apartment is amazing.
Gerardo Roman (2 months ago)
the extremes people go through to live in NYC. very nice apt though.
T0BBi94 (2 months ago)
Really smart solutions but I would like to have some art or color on the huge storage wall. Now it looks like a furniture store storage solution demonstration wall.
burrochapadogrl (2 months ago)
kinda ashame that the person doesnt actually own that place since it is an apartment
Mrs. Garcia (2 months ago)
Im assuming the 2nd bedroom is illegal or something? I caught an aside there
BradleyWelshTV (2 months ago)
Eddie Wood (2 months ago)
Another male mimicking Olive Oyls Hair Bun....
Monica Alvarado (2 months ago)
the bathroom/shower wasn’t the designer’s greatest moment...... a wooden shelf w towels directly in the line of water getting soaked every day? the wood will rot away not to mention the mold issue overall. plus the sink eats up a good portion of the shower area like imagine trying to shave your legs and repeatedly banging your knees against that thing. and the floor is going to be wet after every shower so for a couple hours every day half of your bathroom is useable lol
XWolven (2 months ago)
added to my favorites mainly because you show the before and after which really gives such great ideas to people on how to take something old and basic and turn it into something new and fresh! Excellent work!
Alessandro Lorusso (2 months ago)
Good, but not perfect. The space dedicated to the bathroom is not there. If after I have finished showering someone wants to wash their hands will have to go on the wet floor and will soil the whole house. Just before the bathroom there is another closet and I would have made them another part of the bathroom and in addition I would have added a space for the washing machine. The stairs to the upper space I would put them directly where is placed that large balcony made with glass. Otherwise it's perfect!
Yama Biru (2 months ago)
Wonderful presentation from all parties, thank you.
Elizabeth Levine (2 months ago)
Acoustically, we heard you with both doors to the bathroom closed
Andee P & Company (2 months ago)
Elizabeth Levine 😂😂😂
Mark Lawson (2 months ago)
jammieecx (2 months ago)
This reminds me of a Japanese modern style home and I love it! Wished the pricing was involved.
auxcord (2 months ago)
I like the concept... but there’s no way I’m climbing a pool ladder to get to my bedroom that I can’t fully stand under. No fucking way. And it’s expensive too
Dawson Davis (2 months ago)
Its cots 480 millions $...