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FW Warehousing: The Kanban System Explained

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FW Logistics shares an overview of how the Pick Line system increases productivity within the warehouse. Visit us online at www.FWlogistics.com "FW Warehousing" on Vine
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Tonyyail28 818 (10 months ago)
From the video I’m seeing, a lot of standing around looking at paper. Double checking. I wanna see boxes moved onto other pallets, of course a lot of pallet jack movement as well.
FW Logistics (10 months ago)
Tonyyail 28 we will work on another video. We appreciate the feedback.
Deman Kapar (2 years ago)
I need airport were house bild up & break down video
kevin araujo (2 years ago)
_simo_ (2 years ago)
this is not about kanban