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Fire Trucks Driving Fails - Fire Truck Fails and Crashes Caught on Tape

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Text Comments (833)
Kevin Ryan (12 hours ago)
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casadilla111 (15 hours ago)
"What the fuck did they do that for?" Well, see, they saw that fence and decided it would look nice on the front of the truck. I mean, come on...
Канал Илюха Шиловский (21 hours ago)
Captain Kyle (1 day ago)
How hard can it be see the light? Drive on the right!
Lucky Modzz (1 day ago)
OMG AT 1:44
Sarif Udin (2 days ago)
Sarif Udin (2 days ago)
Rio Bravo (2 days ago)
1:30 how they rock up in gta
Skantiss (4 days ago)
0:20 Poland ! :D
Andi Albi (4 days ago)
At 3:22, when full Jerusalem drive motorcycle. Bad day for him i think...
Louise Uziel (4 days ago)
Tommy s k
ateszeger (5 days ago)
3:04 😂😂😂😂 cpaciba 🤣🤣🤣🤣
BOSS.V.I.P. (7 days ago)
Person at 2:26 ok? I’m worried
AidanDoesRobloxx And More (2 days ago)
Fucking these car cant hear the siren
CoolTechStuff (9 days ago)
The one with the fire truck driving through the fence at 1:50 lady "What the heck did they do thag for" if you weren't blind you could see the fire truck couldn't stop because he was going to stop infront of the building but couldn't
Luca94 (9 days ago)
They cant just blow a red light.... I was once driving a little faster than a should but not excessively on a rainy day and it was a green light for me. I saw a fire truck crossing the intersection so I applied on the break and started skidding due to the wet road, abs went off wile pumping and knew that i would not have be able to stop at the green light. I thought to myself if he crosses I'm pretty much fucked. Luckily he stopped and yelled at me.... I apologized...
EnjoyFirefighting - International Emergency Response Videos (6 days ago)
of course we can, but at least we do so only when we see that it's safe to do so
Engin YAVUZ (9 days ago)
04:38 what is this...??? :D
Unknown Unknown (10 days ago)
2:55 The Grey Car Its fail noob
Biker Boiy (12 days ago)
EMERGENCY VEHICLES HAVE ABSOLUTE RIGHT OF WAY and it's best you KEEP CLEAR OF Them as it will be oh dear me when it is you who need them - think on that, you wankers.
Dustin Myers (13 days ago)
Lmao 3rd world countries will never get it right
Christofer Riche (14 days ago)
This is "unfreakingbelievable". No one obeying stop signs, no_one yielding for First responders, & what I'm guessing is a lack of proper Comm's between truck's responding from different directions?! Jesus!!! some of these ppl are complete Idiots!
jamell montgomery (14 days ago)
Samantha Bieber (14 days ago)
I saw 0:45 to 0:52 at fireschool a couple of weekends ago. I can't imagine being in that situation responding to a call.
Charlie Knight (14 days ago)
The guy on that motorcycle has to be dead :(
Roland moreno (15 days ago)
Tax payers will pay for it.
Mike Salinas (15 days ago)
Russian people and emergency services suck at driving
Dontre Lucas (16 days ago)
It's the drivers fult they don't respect the sirens
ali dodo (16 days ago)
Did the biker survive?
Sachsen Nico (16 days ago)
FUCK the biker 3:26 R.I.P
Wade Hutchinson (17 days ago)
shit ive seen on another channel
Stu McKoo (17 days ago)
1:23 - drive straight to the dry cleaners
ChrisTheGamer123YT (19 days ago)
0:46 Chicago fire in rl
Johnathan Sams (19 days ago)
I’m an EMT, and we come to a full stop or at least a crawl at every intersection, and blast the air horn. Unfortunately, most of these were the fault of the fire truck driver. Cross-traffic doesn’t know you’re there until they’re very close, so you need to stop and look both ways, just like regular driving.
EnjoyFirefighting - International Emergency Response Videos (6 days ago)
we slow down if necessary, but when we see that it's safe to do so, we might as well rush through a red traffic light and intersection without slowing down. We don't blast the horn either, we don't have one but only the standard horn from the van.
nico justfun (20 days ago)
3:40 no fucks are given xD
Vivian Cheung (20 days ago)
3:39 not really a fail, they just had to get to their destination the fastest way.
LiquidBlackWolf (20 days ago)
3:20... did he die?
Bean (21 days ago)
0:45 irony
Brian Berthold (21 days ago)
all this really shows is fire truck drivers suck at safe intersection crossing .... just like cops they should slow and not speed though
BILL PAXTON (22 days ago)
In case anyone didnt know, a emergency vehicle has to come to a complete stop at a red light before proceeding, even if they have their lights and sirens on.
EnjoyFirefighting - International Emergency Response Videos (6 days ago)
no, that's not true, not in general. This might be the law in some countries or states, but not in all! Thus, we never stop, we slow down if necessary, and if we see that everything is clear and that it's safe to do so, we pretty much speed through a red traffic light
Muhamad Hairani (23 days ago)
Only at rush sia
q q (23 days ago)
0:40 best reaction ever
Xavier Firefighter Gamer (24 days ago)
The 1st one. When You thing you can just barely dodge it
Drone -AZ. (24 days ago)
LMAO..figures 99 percent of this is from russia
Nine Tailed Fox (24 days ago)
More modern Fire engines have Louder sirens, and have alot more LEDs or even strobe lights than other country Fire trucks. Thus, they cause less accidents.
EnjoyFirefighting - International Emergency Response Videos (23 days ago)
sure, but it sounded like as if strobes are the better option, as if they were better than LED lights
Nine Tailed Fox (23 days ago)
EnjoyFirefighting - International Emergency Response Videos Well, yeah. Alot of emergency vehicles still have strobe lightbars.
EnjoyFirefighting - International Emergency Response Videos (23 days ago)
"or even strobe lights" ... you are aware of that LED emergency lights came after strobe lights were used for quite some time already?
EoRdE6 (24 days ago)
0:45 that was unexpected
JayDee (24 days ago)
0:40 lol
Emmanuel Lorenzo Matondo Aquino (25 days ago)
Those fuck tru.. fire trucks are a true meaning of what life is everyday.
Hugo Billiau (25 days ago)
1:30 honey im HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dane (25 days ago)
Russians are so amateurs in traffic lmao. I wonder how they really managed to get driving license while they have bad driving skills and low IQ.
Raphael Rodrigues (4 days ago)
able to afford? More like NEED to buy because of numerous scams.
Steve Arthur (12 days ago)
Dane Russians are actually very much mentally superior to americunts. Also, they are statistically no worse than any Western country at driving, it is simply that most Russian drivers are able to afford dash cams.
Axillary Gaming (26 days ago)
Anyone else get sad when that motorcylist probaly died 🙁
Sam (26 days ago)
One time I was on the highway and this firetruck was trying to get around the traffic jam, so they decided off-roading a bit would be the best bet. They went into the grass at around 40 mph and did a sick ass drift in the mud, getting stuck about 3 feet deep.
Ken Bertani (26 days ago)
Fact: Majority of Russia cannot drive..
bob sagot (26 days ago)
1:35 "ohhh Shiat"
szuncho (26 days ago)
El de la moto no creo que lo cuente
micklan 85 (27 days ago)
Why drive 200kmh in a intersection...
Howard Alleyne (27 days ago)
I think people are drunk all the time in Russia that’s why they can’t drive properly lol😂🤣
Adam Boone (27 days ago)
Putin tells the fire trucks in Russia to just keep on rolling
Lasmiranda Dennsiewillja (27 days ago)
RUSS und POLAK always the same
Alberto nicio (27 days ago)
the drivers are idiots they should get a ticket for crashing
AimLikeKotTM (27 days ago)
90% of this is again in russia
Donguk Shin (28 days ago)
Is Bliyat refers to Damn it or Shit or Fuck.?
The Greenlight Trucker (28 days ago)
03:25 - Wow shit man :O
mark y mangabon (28 days ago)
People don't care to the lights and siren's so they got accident.
thealcoholicwizard (28 days ago)
these fucking russians lmao trash drivers trash
Jaskaran Deol (29 days ago)
HOLY SHIT @ 3:25
elias meyer (29 days ago)
Ok integrate impressive replace needle alone crew sacred eating similarly presidential telescope dead.
cobra 11 fan arlam für cobra 11 (30 days ago)
Wat for 18?
Ratcliff (30 days ago)
0:27 , yeah, lets stop it by force
Aslo Olsa (30 days ago)
The rider on the white motor bike sounded like they splatted on impact lol Hey ho that’s karma for speeding on a blind corner...
PandaGamerz (30 days ago)
Fire trucks is NOT good to driving
Mitsubishi L200 (1 month ago)
At 0:23 the vehicle says Feuerwehr , so it’s a german vehicle . But then the other vehicle is polish ???
EnjoyFirefighting - International Emergency Response Videos (28 days ago)
yes it is, in Austria they don't have such a colour scheme on fire trucks like they have in Germany ^^
Mitsubishi L200 (28 days ago)
I was just wondering , I don’t have a problem with that , hell no ! I encourage it when countries come together when it is helping the ones that can’t help each other . And yes that vehicle could have been an Austrian one , but the livery looks like many german liverys and the fact it’s operating next to a polish police car , while Austria and Poland don’t share a border , makes it easy to say that is a german Fire engine
EnjoyFirefighting - International Emergency Response Videos (28 days ago)
So, where's the problem? Both countries have a common border ... when there's an emergency right at or close to the border there might be emergency vehicles from both countries responding to it. Thus e.g. also some Austrian ambulances at the Bad Aibling train crash in southern Germany, Germans and Dutch respond to calls across their border as well... Btw not every emergency vehicle with "Feuerwehr" written on it is from Germany. It might as well be from e.g. Austria or Chile
abbas munshi (1 month ago)
Russian drivers are sick each and everyone of them
David Lenzi (1 month ago)
This last clip was hilarious I split a gut laughing and my wife asked show I showed her and she literally did ROFL
Ïtš ŷä bøį Śkīñńŷ pëñìš (1 month ago)
Right that first one is absolutely shit
Wyatt Truesdell IrishFirefighterAtAge16 (1 month ago)
*ALMOST* all of these aren't the firefighters fault
Mr. Sir (1 month ago)
4:40 uhm...?
Amara 25 (1 month ago)
Still better than our country.
Tom Reid (1 month ago)
Russian dumbos
Andres Arango (1 month ago)
Stupid fuck
TibGaming (1 month ago)
Russians are probably the most autistic people on the planet.
birdnest (1 month ago)
Emergency vehicles need to stop on red lights and look both ways before they can go through the intersection, where I live in Toronto only the EMS do that, the police go 100k/hr down the road and don’t look, and the fire department thinks that there always have the right away they blow right through with out looking. Good gob Toronto EMS for public safety.
EnjoyFirefighting - International Emergency Response Videos (28 days ago)
maybe in your country, but not everywhere. Thus we only have to be sure that all relevant traffic has stopped (or that there's none) ... we don't have to come to a complete stop but might as well rush through a red light without slowing down
Djawys (1 month ago)
co jsou slepi? kokoti doufam že chcípnuli
obey conform today (1 month ago)
3:25... no way he lived.. was that a death.?
starduke38 (1 month ago)
0:45 tv show stunt
Tom Reid (1 month ago)
.Most from Russia. Complete idiots
don pato (1 month ago)
Rusos :V
BoscoLSPDFR - SaucySoviet - JDEDEddy (1 month ago)
3:24 .... you would think dead.
Estados Unidos (1 month ago)
Beaglone (1 month ago)
The Russian Fire trucks take no prisoners :)
Barney Barnett (1 month ago)
I'm a potato ;-; (1 month ago)
About 90% of these were russian. Not surprised
DeAarion Walpool (1 month ago)
American Boy (1 month ago)
The rudeness of people
TheOfficalJW (1 month ago)
They can make smart phones but can’t make smart drivers
Nine Tailed Fox (1 month ago)
4:40 W-wha?
Enigami NetShinobi (1 month ago)
4:34 XD
Meims & Luuk Roblox - And more! (1 month ago)
The second one was more like parking fail
Милослава Сорокина (1 month ago)
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Майя Коновалова (1 month ago)
hey, how this worked
Марина Денисова (1 month ago)
Great.. It worked for all of us..
Tyler Jollymore (1 month ago)
0:42 oy yoy yoy yoy yoy lel
TheBarret (1 month ago)
Russian language ? I'm not even surprised anymore. :P Someone explain what the last one was about???? hjaha