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Fire Trucks Driving Fails - Fire Truck Fails and Crashes Caught on Tape

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Text Comments (936)
Obese European (10 hours ago)
The sad thing is someone probably died in a fire waiting
Jimmy Gilstrap (2 days ago)
3:18  You know he dead !
J Ochs (3 days ago)
01:33 HEY KOOL-AID! Oh yeah!
J Ochs (3 days ago)
First one is not a fire truck fail...it is a fail on the inattentive driver not yielding the right-of-way to an emergency vehicle.
Action News (3 days ago)
First one is the firetruck fault you can't turn intersection and cars traveling they need time to stop
TopGameNOAH (3 days ago)
Two Fire Trucks!! 00:50
Sodiumreactor (3 days ago)
Russian fire trucks dont give a fuck!
Riding Red (4 days ago)
Russia needs to up its sirens game
Chris Harper (4 days ago)
Certainly learnt Russian for 'You motherfucking stupid arse-wipe ' 😂
ItsFullofSTARs (5 days ago)
Note to Russian fire truck designers; maybe less top heaviness when you copy euro fire trucks!
NewfieParamedic (5 days ago)
I don't know about firefighters but I had to be trained to drive an ambulance at a high and low speed obstacle course.
Chief Ray (7 days ago)
Always. Properly. Clear. Intersections.
Furax Junior (8 days ago)
Moi je d'or les pompier le plus qui est Anvie de couture le vsav
Ma Khia Towns (10 days ago)
Midas W8 (11 days ago)
Ebatь Tы Lox (11 days ago)
На 3:26 мотоциклист походу погиб сразу же(((((
LeGoCrAzYRoJo (12 days ago)
Is the guy in the motorcycle ok?
Amanda Scott (16 days ago)
Every day Russian life
Luca Elena (16 days ago)
If k,
young boi (18 days ago)
This is the cause of texting and driving
Ethan 811 (19 days ago)
Pring (20 days ago)
Red light=fire truck must stop and then go
EarthPilot (21 days ago)
Switch on you lot!!!
tjlovesrachel (23 days ago)
Looked like men in dresses
Jim Hemsley (25 days ago)
I was in one of them fire engine
Max Papaleoni (25 days ago)
Wow Russia, rated 1 for best fire department
nelson chaput (25 days ago)
it's BIG it's RED it has FLASHING LIGHTS , it has SIREN....and yet nobody sees that , f.... pay attention on the road...
matas valuckis (28 days ago)
3.26 dead
J.S.S (28 days ago)
3:24 fuck the motorcycle driver must have died
MrBnsftrain (29 days ago)
0:48 and 1:13 were the most messed up! 2:13 you know something's wrong with your bridge when first responders can't get under it! 3:41 this could easily turn into a meme!
Costantino chalkioti (29 days ago)
In the first clip there should be the part where cops show up in the scene seconds after the crash.
Jimson brown (29 days ago)
.35 were that even going to the same fire? Going two different directions.
Jimson brown (29 days ago)
1:35 that's one hell of a bumper! Didn't even scratch the chrome.
JAY JAY (29 days ago)
0:46 Chicago fire. Like if you know it :)
Enrique Casiano (29 days ago)
Damm she can handle a hose
Enrique Casiano (29 days ago)
No go straight
Enrique Casiano (29 days ago)
Save the people no save the truck
C S (30 days ago)
1:44 did you get that on video??? ...."sort of...."
A LAZY CAT (1 month ago)
Me in fireman simulation
วชิรพงศ์ ปานอุทัย (1 month ago)
3:36 isn't fail it's excellent
Paulo Yukio (1 month ago)
Hey CC Tube, I saw this channel had steal this your video. https://youtu.be/f-DgBVCla7A
PinkFloydrulez (1 month ago)
3:39 not a fail but a save
Elbert Lim (1 month ago)
Need a louder siren and horn 🙄
Chris Darting (1 month ago)
traffic circle one is pretty standard
C Т (1 month ago)
В конце что за гомосеки тачку тушат???
Caseriino (1 month ago)
0:45 Chicago Fire Film Szene
Delia Duaves (1 month ago)
the biker is dead or not
Flame_Fox_ Vlogs (1 month ago)
1:28 is hilarious
arona fall (1 month ago)
Only in Russia 3:40
Jimmy Parker (1 month ago)
Fire truck goes through fence. WHAT THE FUCK?! Posting it on YouTube and TWO MILLION HITS. FUCK YES! For everything else, there is Master Card.
Jimmy Parker (1 month ago)
I love the music on the radios in the cars involved and the cars just sitting. Dance music really adds something to the CARnage. LMAO
Jordan Lynch (1 month ago)
What are the chances of that happening 0:45
Benik CZ (1 month ago)
0:48 It be ya own niggas
Abdul Azim (1 month ago)
8:25 holy fuck that guy went flying !!
Meat Dragon (1 month ago)
There's only a few in here where the fire dept. Is not at fault.
Lisek (1 month ago)
0:44 like Chicago Fire :)
Footypro3 (1 month ago)
0:49 based on chicgo fire when truck 81 and 66 colided
Daniel WAISWA JOHN (1 month ago)
hehehe 2 fire engines crossing paths? how could that happen? Had they staged a pass which failed?
24k vlogs (1 month ago)
I can already tell the motorcycle driver is dead, it was on da news. R.I.P man
Los Santo Police Departement (1 month ago)
In this epirsorde.......
Dana Chappell (1 month ago)
I think the dresses at the end were a bit much, but when called to a fire, you go in what you are wearing. All they needed were shawls or their turnout coats.. lol
Alex 8728 (1 month ago)
3:40 me in Forza Horizon 3
Simon Richard (1 month ago)
More like other people fail
CJ9899 (1 month ago)
1:38 hey guys, just dropping by
Angela Merkel (1 month ago)
Oh lord... Russian firefighters are such a Pack of idiots
little vader gaming (1 month ago)
I feel bad for these people
Vauxhall Astra (1 month ago)
This Video show that All people make Mistakes
Марина Рябова (1 month ago)
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Claudine Kemp (1 month ago)
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Ikarosz TheBlessedBoy (1 month ago)
Someone lose a bet in the end :D
pepis martos (1 month ago)
Omg co je to za debili
Owen McCarthy (1 month ago)
At 0:46 it reminded me of an episode of Chicago fire
moldovan andrei (1 month ago)
Elijah Fontanilla (1 month ago)
at 2:58 that's the kind of FT (Firetrucks) we have in America! SO these Foreign are like so small. In Saline MI I was with my g-ma and my great grandpa passed away so we went to the station and one of the firemen's dad knew him. I got to stand right in the front of the engine. They are like 20 feet tall and I'm only 4" 5'
DINO_ksa (1 month ago)
Shit 3:23
Kid From Burke (1 month ago)
1:31 oh no! 1:34 oh yeah!
Alexander Unsell (1 month ago)
is it bad that i listend to FFDP Burn MF while watching this?
precy fortuna (1 month ago)
Rest in peace
Shelby (1 month ago)
2:18 my girl when I do a good job
feynthefallen (1 month ago)
Those Russians I can understand, they're just being their usual self, but why are there so many American ones in this compilation?!
Nøderak (1 month ago)
4:45 those are cops
Avion Red (1 month ago)
I know why Russian vehicles always crash Click read more Because of snow
Midwest Siren Productions (1 month ago)
3:26 he is either dead or a vegetable...
tahjae thomas (1 month ago)
They be driving like AI's in gta
Lucas the stone dragon (1 month ago)
Please remember du use the parkingbreak :-)
Aman kumar (2 months ago)
3:36 driver finds best alternative 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Great Red X 8 Miner (2 months ago)
Hahaha These Fire Fighters 4:41
Great Red X 8 Miner (2 months ago)
Thug Life 3:40
Kevin Ryan (2 months ago)
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casadilla111 (2 months ago)
"What the fuck did they do that for?" Well, see, they saw that fence and decided it would look nice on the front of the truck. I mean, come on...
Канал Илюха Шиловский (2 months ago)
Captain Kyle (2 months ago)
How hard can it be see the light? Drive on the right!
Lucky Modzz (2 months ago)
OMG AT 1:44
Sarif Udin (2 months ago)
Sarif Udin (2 months ago)
Rio Bravo (2 months ago)
1:30 how they rock up in gta
Skantiss (2 months ago)
0:20 Poland ! :D
Andi Albi (2 months ago)
At 3:22, when full Jerusalem drive motorcycle. Bad day for him i think...
Louise Uziel (2 months ago)
Tommy s k