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How Amazon's Largest Distribution Center Works

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Nov. 26 (Bloomberg) -- Cory Johnson looks at an Amazon.com distribution center. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)
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Adam James (3 months ago)
Bet there are a lot hot cuties there too huh ? 😂😂😂
NotQuiteSurprisedAtAll (8 months ago)
I wish to poo poo in that center. I must defecate within it. I must ship tapeworm-ridden poo in their boxes across the United States.
America boy (8 months ago)
Amazon is a great place to work with great hourly pay.but i glance some Indian guys taking advantage of it,their activities seems worse thn any other associates logout station computer before 20 minutes n enjoying in a restroom.even punch out too late daily.making overtime by punching out.it hell
Alexander Santiago (1 year ago)
tell me about icqa
Richard Weed (7 months ago)
ICQA is Internal Count Quality Assurance. We keep everyone honest. We fix mistakes from key areas in the fulfillment center. We have different kinds of counts that verify inventory. We audit and are audited by third party entities. We look for discrepancy's and repair within. Our number one goal in accuracy to ensure out customers get exactly what they ordered and on time. Thanks for your question. If I may be of any more assistance please feel free to continue this conversation. I love doing my unique job at Amazon.
Selvam Palani (1 year ago)
Rather than surprise, eerie, is an order.
Kael Harvey (1 year ago)
My ad was *LITERALLY* an Amazon ad! XD
iPhone Timer (1 year ago)
+Kael Harvey duh...your ads are related the particular video you're watching.
DDhide14 (1 year ago)
I bought my last Dildo on Amazon....love the prime shipping.....funny that my dildo came from there LOL
Long Genes (1 year ago)
I hate working for Amazon!!! Being a wage slave for amazon is pure hell!!!!.... We need the zeitgeist movement!!! I can't stand amazon!!! Free the people!!!
Karen Gonzalez (8 months ago)
Long Genes (11 months ago)
+Matt Orfalea I left my slave job, I rather die than go back. Now I do what I wanna do with my time.
Matt Orfalea (11 months ago)
+Justin The Mix Where do you work?
Chris T (1 year ago)
+Justin The Mix education + experience = options
Long Genes (1 year ago)
+John Ten fine then..... let's automate everything so nobody is forced to earn a living from these lame tasks. Let the robots take our jobs.
Michael Ammann (2 years ago)
This is what Amazon use to look like in the past. Go to YouTube to see the new fulfillment center in Tracy, CA to see the use of Kiva robots to reduce that large inventory in the back to a mobile inventory.
Empolo18 (11 months ago)
+Michael Ammann The Kiva system is insane. I work at the MKE1 FC, and I couldn't imagine working at one of the "manual" FC"s.
Basho (2 years ago)
Prime member and proud, Amazon always deliver on time prime or not. They will have your item shipped the following day unlike ebay sellers who got your money but ships it 1 week later.
Saber (1 year ago)
+Basho ikr i order stuff offf amazon and it came two days early amazon is one of the best shopping places
Christophe Berra (2 years ago)
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Alex Booker (2 years ago)
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Chris Coppola (2 years ago)
Its really annoying that Amazon doesn't deliver things like Aftershave  to Ireland. ooo it makes me angrey
Chris Coppola (2 years ago)
+Wilbert Fisher anyway it looks like a bit of a scam. they are asking for too much info
Chris Coppola (2 years ago)
+Wilbert Fisher  I have just had a look at it doesnt say that it will send me items like deodorant or aftershave [well i suppose any liquid]  through the post. They are just gift cards. thanks but i just pay by credit card.
im1greatman (3 years ago)
Amazon is a slave wage creator.  Buying local from small family business that live in the community is the best thing for the United States.  These mega corporations controlled by millionaires and billionaires are our enemies!
Aman Baloch (3 years ago)
Its not easy to work at Amazon but same time its Fun if you are a hard worker I work 4 days shift 3 days off but those 3 days I am dead tired want to eat and sleep at home ,,,,I like working at Amazon they pay good benefit
Jayquan Phifer (1 year ago)
+Aman Baloch So you work 10 hours a day? Thats how you get your 40 hours?
Valandbob (3 years ago)
I work over at the Phx6 location in phoenix. And I like it but I'm not gonna lie it is stupid and unfair sometimes with how things are handled. But its easy work although it can be tireing.:)
josue guzman (2 years ago)
+arlingtondragon 51st ave and mohave off buckeye road
DesertEmpire801 (2 years ago)
Where's phx6 at? I work at phx5.
nonono_nomm (3 years ago)
5 years ago to me they mainly sold books and some electronics, it's amazing how big Amazon has become! I sold a book on Amazon 3 years ago and the process was simple, 3 years later I logged in to my seller account to sell more books, I get lost at so many options and links....
Jimmy Ellis (3 years ago)
Work at amazon it be fun they said. More like lucky to get 40 hours a week at the one I work at.
Jimmy Ellis (1 year ago)
Sometimes. Depends on the time of year and if the over hire or not
Jayquan Phifer (1 year ago)
+Jimmy Ellis I thought warehouse jobs work alot of hours.
Mitch Wild (3 years ago)
I suspect that some of the comments are from Amazon employees who are told to say nice things on YouTube? "It's all so wonderfull" and "I would love to work there" And I'll bet that none of them work full time on the floor running around all night having to meet targets or get the sack in no time at all. I smell a rat.
Johnny Brown (8 months ago)
+Colin D There are most certainly part time positions, at least now.
Colin D (3 years ago)
they are worked to the limit you have a quota you have to meet which is almost impossible and if you don't meet that you're out the door yes it is a nice place to work and everyone that works there IS full time there is not part time ive seen people get hurt by trying to do things too quickly....as you might be able to tell I work in a fulfillment center
Jacob Huggins (3 years ago)
I have always been a HUGE fan of Amazon and use their Prime service. I order several things a month and enjoy the online video streaming. Just from the ideas in my mind about what these buildings would look like and actually seeing one is absolutely amazing! I would LOVE to work for one of these places to work the magic of making those items appearing at someone's doorstep 2 days later. Just AWESOME! Sorry if I am geeky... Just too cool. :D
Jean Gonzales (3 years ago)
804juan1178able (3 years ago)
Cool place to work at........just the HOURS shift ughhhh!!
Montages ForFree (3 years ago)
LOL right
maximo medina (3 years ago)
THX Corey, your awesome! :D
silverbird58 (3 years ago)
i contested ,then recommit, drove deep , ownership. i doubt it . the numbers lead us all to "what may come @1936. /gen garment. so lets hurry ciber and haul in more foreign goods. the usa has no chance. thier numbers will NEVER help the 50%of america that only works part time. if you dont believe this your Colour blind. speed aint everything , i cherish the american tools my dad handed me few at pharana plants could ever do this.
Shawn Xiao (3 years ago)
Atta Hayat (3 years ago)
They have best delivery + best returning no charges to customers I like to buy from Amazon rather than next door Walmart or best buy ....Amazon is best
wasgoodintech (3 years ago)
just got books from them