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Why Volvo Is Losing Its Big Lead In Safety

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The name Volvo has been synonymous with car safety for decades. The brand has often been the first to introduce key safety features that are now common across the car industry. Safety, though, has become a bigger priority for consumers and automakers alike, and that's causing trouble for Volvo. Automotive technology has improved, regulations have tightened, and other brands are catching up. That's making it harder and harder for Volvo to keep its lead in car safety. For instance, the Volvo XC40 comes with safety features like automatic emergency breaking, oncoming lane collision mitigation, lane keeping aid, and driver fatigue monitoring. Add-ons include a pilot assist semi-autonomous driving system, 360-degree parking camera, and blind-spot monitoring. Many other luxury subcompact SUVs like the Jaguar E-Pace and BMW X1 come with similar standard safety features. » Subscribe to CNBC: https://cnb.cx/SubscribeCNBC » Subscribe to CNBC TV: https://cnb.cx/SubscribeCNBCtelevision » Subscribe to CNBC Classic: https://cnb.cx/SubscribeCNBCclassic About CNBC: From 'Wall Street' to 'Main Street' to award winning original documentaries and Reality TV series, CNBC has you covered. Experience special sneak peeks of your favorite shows, exclusive video and more. Connect with CNBC News Online Get the latest news: https://www.cnbc.com/ Follow CNBC on LinkedIn: https://cnb.cx/LinkedInCNBC Follow CNBC News on Facebook: https://cnb.cx/LikeCNBC Follow CNBC News on Twitter: https://cnb.cx/FollowCNBC Follow CNBC News on Instagram: https://cnb.cx/InstagramCNBC #CNBC Why Volvo Is Losing Its Big Lead In Safety
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Text Comments (1887)
Bobby Ang (6 hours ago)
I'll give an example here. 2008 Audi subjected to 2012 EuroNcap, Failed. 2003 Volvo subjected to 2012 EuroNcap, 5 star full marks.
Jorge Cunha (21 hours ago)
i have a volvo v50 and honestly i don't care if the car runs too much or too little. The important thing is to reach your destination in comfort and safety. If I have financial possibilities, my next car will be a Volvo brand without a doubt. VOLVO 5 *
don684 (1 day ago)
Volvo a great Swedish car, now made in China.
Jakin Chan (2 days ago)
How does Volvo compare with Tesla in terms of safety? Teslas have a low center of gravity. (harder to flip over) Teslas are heavy compared to other cars. (Its passengers are safer if crashed into a lighter car) Teslas have some form of Autopilot (Removes a large amount of human error from the equation) Teslas have a large crumple zones instead of an engine (reduces the forces on the car and passengers) I don't know much about volvo, but I heard that the Tesla X, 3, and S are the three most safest cars. Please correct me if I am wrong, but I think safety is increasingly being associated with Teslas.
Andrew Mazets (2 days ago)
SAAB was the same safety like a VOLVO. At the beginings of 2000-th 9-5 model was even safest than S80. Both companies has designed their cars by real eccidents database for real life safety not for crash tests only.
Paul Lee (2 days ago)
First thing I did when my son was born thirty years ago was go out and buy a new Volvo wagon. Yep, had a Baby on Board sign in the window. Just purchased Volvo number seven a couple of weeks ago.
DeLLaware -inc IN GOD WE TRUST (3 days ago)
I'm a voLvo guy, no matter what CNBC saying.. voLvo for life.. Still enjoying my S60
DeLLaware -inc IN GOD WE TRUST (3 days ago)
Bill Ford must regretted so deeply to SOLD out voLvo to the Chinese market, for a bargain 1.8B
Dregs (3 days ago)
because a chinese company owns this and the chinese are known for cheap ass products
flawmore (5 days ago)
Paused this at 1min to change video. Too much clickbait for my taste.
FEWLATE (6 days ago)
the guy at 8:25 is CNBC when they look at the comments
Shawn Green For US Senate (6 days ago)
Could it be because they sold out to the Chinese Communist Party? Seriously, this company was purchased by a "chinese company".
elvacano231 (6 days ago)
Is Chinese now simple
elvacano231 (6 days ago)
Well simple is Chinese
Tyler West (6 days ago)
The Volvo lineup just looks like pure class unlike most of the new BMWs and some Mercedes.
AngryPostmanSthlm2 (4 days ago)
Good sense of see that, i never been into BMW o Mercedes but they really going backwards, Mercedes trying so hard some models seems have no thoughts, just a drunk persons shallow fancy swipe with a pencil and out comes some true freak shows ... cant even keep up with numbers or models anymore to mention them anymore, i just feel sick and turn my heads away... yes, both of them :P Then we have the ugly BULKY mf fronts LOOKS SO CHEAP, followed by the the smell of pizza and newly rich clocksuckers like unbearable russians ...
Armando Arronche (7 days ago)
The fact that Volvo is "losing the lead in safety" is a great thing to the company! First of all, Volvo cares about people, not only the ones who buy their cars, but everyone who drives any kind of automobile (including other brands)! They have shared all data from their research in safety to the world, so this way other brands can reduce this gap! Volvo doesn't want to capitalize on the cost of people's lifes, they want to create a better world by they own means.
MLG gamer (8 days ago)
I hit the unsubscribe button so hard it broke
MLG gamer (8 days ago)
Volvo could have been the leading car company in the world with its three point seatbelts; however they allowed free license to other car manufacturers, in my opinion Volvo is the best car company in the world.
Osama Ned (9 days ago)
From what I see Volvo will destroy the car "performance" industry because they are going to limit speed and that littlerly is free to do and it will happen to all manufacturers
NVofus (9 days ago)
One word....Ford!
Konstantin Demchenko (9 days ago)
to be fair i would go futher and limit it to 80 miles, seriously everything after that is childish and ment for track.
Ordinary Man (10 days ago)
1 word. "Chinese"
Nameless (10 days ago)
if i would have to get an electric car it would be a volvo\polestar because i love volvos especially the older box bodys like the 740 or 940
Samuel Austin (10 days ago)
no one has died in an XC90 ever, need i say that again? a big family SUV commonly packed with 7 people doing long journeys and no one has died...
Leevi Savunen (10 days ago)
Americans killed Saab and almost killed Volvo.
Leevi Savunen (10 days ago)
Volvo is ❤️. USA media is 💩.
mdlyonn 00 (10 days ago)
Volvo isn’t losing anything at all. Everyone’s just piggy backing off of Volvos findings, you can’t beat the quality or drive of a Volvo
ynnck (10 days ago)
Are we just going to ignore the fact, that every model from the Volvo Lineup looks absolutely stunning?
cooldaddyslick (4 days ago)
@ynnck I read an article a few years ago where a V.I.P at Volvo said that their customers like their Volvos boring.
ynnck (4 days ago)
@cooldaddyslick As I said, Americans aren't much into reasonable cars with a decent engine. V6's and V8's are way more popular... And that's not Volvo's target group and it's good like this.
cooldaddyslick (4 days ago)
@ynnck I mean compared to the competition. Last I heard, Volvo only had 1 percent of the North American market.
ynnck (4 days ago)
@cooldaddyslick Yeah... Except for most Americans, people want to buy reasonable cars. And now look at Volvo's selling numbers. I wouldn't agree, that nobody is buying them.
cooldaddyslick (4 days ago)
You can't ignore the fact that they all only come with 4 cylinders. That's one of the reasons no one is buying them.
Andi Lulaj (10 days ago)
So that means other car makers are actually getting closer to Volvo's safety? Something Volvo been having for decades.
bernard_hossmoto (10 days ago)
Click bait by CNBC, thumbs down :(
Priest Stocker (11 days ago)
Volvo is the best in safety and you cannot do anything to change that
Yousuf 95 (11 days ago)
CNBC = American = has trade war with China = volovo is partially Chinese now = USA = let's make a short documentary to damage their reputation..... People aren't stupid anymore you freaking 🐖
alecwntr (11 days ago)
Yeah but they look way better than ever before
Anon Non (11 days ago)
Cause the Chinese bought them and the Chinese don't value safety.
N0rdman (12 days ago)
CNBC; do you forget the reason for Ford's acquisition of Volvo, sure, they wanted Volvo's safety tech to get it into their own cars, but remember that at this time all the presidents of major companies were saying "focus on the core business", the latest fad in corporate world; and Volvo exec's gullible as most Swedes did what everyone was telling them; sold of and divested all their other businesses like Procordia Food worth billions and before Volvo had a plan what to do with all that money; Ford swooped in, paid $6.5 billion and could take about two and a half times as much out of Volvo's bank account as they paid for the business! Ford, fat and happy with Volvo's tech and their money could easily drop what they thought were useless anyway for $1.8 billion to Geely.
Maciej Paczuski (12 days ago)
Cos it's Chinese now
Богдан Кондратов (12 days ago)
"How CNBC slipped to clickbaity titles and stopped doing any editing."
Daniel Filippus (12 days ago)
that speed limit to 112mph was really dumb. I'd never buy such a thing even If I never would go that fast. it's a psychological thing to know that you can go fast if you like to.
Adarsh Vadivel (13 days ago)
Because Kathir became paralysed in Bigil Movie ;p😂😂
Martin-Rasmus Kass (13 days ago)
Not a single word about tesla as a competetor in EV/hybrid market.
Xattr (13 days ago)
its all good but I dont want a company to dictate how I drive my car. thats the job of the legislative authority. and if its allowed to go faster than 112mph I want it to be my decission if I go faster or not. because of that "we know whats best for you" attitude I wouldnt buy Volvo thats for sure.
herwig goetzinger (14 days ago)
where are all the chinese and indian cars -- i don't see any here in europe... maybe they will come in in this decade.
Alexander Nelson (14 days ago)
Volvo is naive. They shouldn't have shared their safety data. The reason other car manufacturers don't have this data is because they didn't want to have it. They purposely didn't test for it because they were not required to have the data until later points in time. See 3:50. BTW, my Volvo V40 saved my life in a horrific crash from a speeding Nissan Altima that slammed into me at roughly 65 mph. I loved that Volvo car.
Sunil gowda (14 days ago)
Best selling premium vehicle in india,,
Frejborg (14 days ago)
Volvo surely is a noble company, but let us hope that doesn't undercut their ability to survive, and thrive. I love Volvo. I have only driven Volvo.
s60polestar fan (14 days ago)
Misleading title. Volvo shared their data to others that just others catching up.
1 (14 days ago)
The front ends of the new Volvo are perfect the back not so much
fabian garcia (14 days ago)
I have a Volvo S90 and i just love it. Safe and luxury at the same time.
neil nelson (14 days ago)
I hate it when westerners call "Subaru", "Subru"
John K Lindgren (15 days ago)
*VOLOVO as the6 say in Finland* https://youtu.be/VOggAvPuLmM
darkmatter.99 (15 days ago)
It's losing nothing, the other brands are safer now
BartS (13 days ago)
the video is biast because Volvo does best in REAL ACCIDENTS, while other manufacturers do good in TESTS only. When you change the test other manufacturers fail and Volvo wins because the difference is that Volvo works on REAL CRASHES and others work on lab test crashes
Josh Magara (15 days ago)
Okay. The current lineup of Volvos are the most beautifully designed on the road right now
Bob Dobalina (15 days ago)
. . . because it belongs to China now
Jerome (15 days ago)
Real men dont use seatbelts Hm 85% influenced by women, explains alot
Mustig DD (15 days ago)
I work at Volvo in Sweden and love it
4 ron (15 days ago)
Another misguided video. Volvo isn't losing its lead in safety while it produces beautifully designed, safety orientated vehicles. The Kelly Blue Book survey names Volvo as the leader. It is achieving record sales and profits for good reason. See the latest data.
BBD Design (16 days ago)
Bought by Chinese company Geely. The End of Volvo.
BBD Design (16 days ago)
@Juanfer 🇭🇳 Chinese money is giving life to move Volvo upscale, but not necessarily maintaining it as the global leader in auto safety. It's a title for Geely to lose, and not surprisingly they are doing it brilliantly; turning Volvo into another pedestrian luxury brand instead of protecting its competitive advantage: building the safest cars on the planet.
Juanfer 🇭🇳 (16 days ago)
I honestly think that the Chinese money is giving Volvo the life it lost with Ford.
nature10879 (16 days ago)
When the rest catches up, people assume volvo is losing it. Volvos are safe so are other most car manufacturers in every class. Take an xc90, the x5 and q7 are as safe especially the q7, its probably safer. Everyone is making safe cars these days. Very few models arent safe
Dennis De Slager (16 days ago)
If a Volvo collides with a train than it is the train that is destroyed.
Ensr (16 days ago)
Volvo was ‘dead’ for me since 5 cylinders doesn’t exist.
Everything Mac (16 days ago)
I have never associated Volvo with safety I associate them with money i associate tesla with safety
Jumbomuffin13 (17 days ago)
We men really don’t care about safety... we care about looks, style, speed, etc and that honestly matters more than my life
udayn82 (18 days ago)
CNBC trying hard to make controversy. People bet their life on Volvo for safety.
Bank Chandaeng (18 days ago)
Who care? So Benz bmw strong than volvo? No it's equal so does corvette? American car? lower than volvo ^^
Avik Chopra (18 days ago)
When the US lowered the bumper performance standard for 1983 model year cars from 5 to 2.5 mph, companies like Ford continued to offer cars with the higher safety standard. Volvo switched back to the lower standard. I have never trusted Volvo on safety since then.
Jim (19 days ago)
Volvo's biggest problem is everyone has safe cars today, but their cars cost less and volvo costs too much
imachynn (20 days ago)
This red kombi shown here is still in traffic, since 1997.
Ampleforth James (20 days ago)
Chinese ownership is bad for Volvo.
mrhpijl (20 days ago)
12:28 You can't out-German the Germans - love this quote
Xanthuum Nihyr (20 days ago)
Was volvo really that much ahead ans thorought their history ? The seatbelt, airbags, ABS, ESP etc ... Were major improvements in security. None of them were invented by Volvo nor introduced by a volvo. The only major thing introduced by volvo i could find was the headrest.
AKzebraMiner (20 days ago)
Is nobody going to talk about Tesla? And the title is extremely misleading!
PAvS Official (21 days ago)
0.37 other brands are catching up Me: Dude have you seen a Tesla ??? It caught up and left to a, another league of it's own.
Venkatesh Venka (21 days ago)
Hey cnbc plz learn from the comments don't try to bring a blame on volvo, it's altime super
Pendelton King (22 days ago)
I strongly believe that Volvo is trying too hard to be Tesla and the Germans. Instead of doing this, Volvo should be themselves and return to their traditional audience, who is still alive and plentiful enough to generate massive profit, and who are also now forced to buy Subarus. I believe that the turbocharged and supercharged 4 cylinders instead of the option for a 6 is a huge mistake that they will wh they did not make in the future if they continue with this. My family has been a Volvo family for a long time, but they stopped once FORD bought Volvo and tried to turn it into a German wanna be (making it expensive, unreliable, and above all else unsafe. (We almost got killed in a Volvo due to an electrical problem)). If Volvo were to return to THEIR way of doing things, they would have a greater chance of survival instead of ending up like SAAB; bankrupt. If they copy Tesla and the Germans, they will only end up in trouble. I remember their ad campaign "Who would you give a Volvo too". Years ago, my mom and dad would have said "Our Son", but now since they have abandoned their traditional audience they like Genesis and Hyundai, two of the companies that have made Top Safety Pick Plus awards in the IIHS safety testing. Volvo cannot just simply let other companies beat them at their own game (safety and reliability). Being someone who grew up with Volvos, I would love to know when they will return to their original audience. Who is that you might ask? Well, the answer is simple. Volvo's old audience is those of us who wanted something more unique than your average Toyota or Honda with a heightened focus on safety and comfort, all without the cliche and bourgeois factor that comes with the Mercedes Benz and the BMW. People who bought Volvos were those who were sensible yet fun and active. Then Ford bought them out and tried to turn them into some German wannabe company, and even sacrificed Volvo's safety (One of the things Volvo was known for) in the process. That was NEVER what Volvo was about, and while I'm glad that Volvo is no longer owned by Ford, I'm still waiting for Volvo to be Volvo again. Volvo does not need to chase Tesla or the Germans to make a profit and survive. Teslas are not even well-built cars, to begin with, its just some fad that all the "cool kids" like (I'm surprised that Volvo feels that they need to sink that level). To us, Volvos own audience who are still alive and in profitable numbers and whom half of which are now forced to buy Subarus, Volvo was not just "a car". To us, Volvo was our family member, a family member whom we want back. Volvo, if your listening which I hope you are, JUST BE YOU. Don't try to copy Tesla, don't try to copy the Germans. Just be YOU. It worked for you in the past it will work again. This is what Subaru does and this is also why Subaru is stealing your audience while you are not looking. I've asked Subaru drivers why they bought a Subaru over a Volvo and they have told me that they "would have chosen the Volvo if they still had that tank-like build-quality, and reliability that they were known for". Take it from someone who grew up as a member of a Volvo family, and who would like to return to that (all of my family members and their friends stopped buying Volvos after you were bought out by Ford. Just be the traditional YOU (good build-quality, the best in safety, and unique yet sensible).
Junjiang Luo (22 days ago)
I am a BMW X1 owner and I did a test drive on Volvo XC 60 2016 which has adaptive cruise control and blind spot system in standard. But the same year of BMW, you have to pay extra for them and some vehicles you can’t even have it though you wanna pay extra. I think this tiny think already proof you something: the safety shouldn’t be optional, instead, it does in their DNA. It’s easy to be a copycat not inventor. The title should be more neutral.
Scott Lee (22 days ago)
Sold mine last week
Bijesh Lahiri (23 days ago)
Because the parent Chinese company aint spending on research and development anymore.
Adam Grzybek (23 days ago)
it is not volvo anymore
Laura O'Chamney (23 days ago)
Not a fan of Volvo
Fredric c (24 days ago)
If you hit a tree in 60 miles you gonna be dead anyway! The margin isn’t there anymore! Volvo lost its lead 20 years ago to Toyota and to Ford! Its not possible to compare anymore! It’s so much money involved and Volvo haven’t been making a 100% own engineered car in over 35 years!
김천재 (24 days ago)
People still buying Volvo,yes
derpybob69 (25 days ago)
Subaru, Mazda are the japanese Volvo's
Global Solutions (25 days ago)
Ford bled Volvo with under investment and purloining of Volvo technology. Volvo was happy to be finally freed of the icy grip of Ford and strike out on it’s own and get back to innovating new technologies.
blet sik (25 days ago)
This is a smear job
Airdrifting (25 days ago)
My S80 might have saved my baby, but I still hate it for having to manually turn off "auto start/stop" function every time when I start the car. Also the S90 had a VERY slow processor for the touch screen until 2019 model year, it's like running a Pentium 4 in 2019, go figure. Otherwise the car is great.
Andras Libal (26 days ago)
They sold it to the Americans, Chinese and Indians. That is why the quality went down the drain. Should have kept it Swedish. Very different work ethic, quality standards and focus on safety.
brinbrin62 62200 (26 days ago)
Which car maker has financed this video ?
Peizxcv (26 days ago)
I don't see anything wrong with Volvo focusing on hybrid and electric. Clearly the premium market is moving towards electric and I would say Volvo is #2, just behind Tesla, in green credential. I remember Volvo taking about the interior material it use being less reactive under direct sunlight and less energy intense.
Dino Rossi (26 days ago)
Because it got sold to china.
Cristian Seibriger (26 days ago)
3 point Seat Beltand and wiplash protection was first used and invented in sweeden, but not by Volvo, but by Saab.
Cristian Seibriger (26 days ago)
Volvo never had the real leed. Few people know,that Saab was the real deal in matter of safety.
Joao Abreu (26 days ago)
oi tudo bem gosto muito do seus videos
SuperMrBentley (27 days ago)
Only Tesla somewhat compares to volvo on safety
smsmurni (27 days ago)
China Geely. kleptocrats-Najib supporters very proud for this
DentaKings (27 days ago)
7:39 out of those 12 categories tesla is the top brand for 7. OMG. I think its not too far that tesla will take over all 12 of them.
Traveling Sunchine (27 days ago)
Volvo was bought by Ford mtr. Company and went "global." The general idea of a corporation is it's 3 month profit margins. I would be inclined to think that is not the case anymore. There is probably a trend where profits are monitored monthly and may even go to weekly and further more on a daily profit watch as Wall Street and others alike is now widely computerised and automated thus permitting this kind of lunacy. An Wall Street and others are operating now 24 hours a day 7 days a week. So is not something that will go away soon neither will it improve anytime soon. On the contrary this trend will worsen in time. As pressure grows to generate instant profits pressure is also very high to reduce costs everywhere this can be done. Safety of the product being tossed out over costs in the extreme short term is not a big surprise and this kind of non-sense will persist and grow in the extreme near future. The day a USA. Court ruled that a "company" was a "moral person" it gave to a group of people God given rights to be equivalent to a person. From that point on it was understood that this "moral person" was to be in it's very nature a psychopath.  The corrupt nature of a corporation "culture" is rooted it's very DNA like the failed product of Boeing 737 Max has put into light the will of a corporation to put over it's 3 months profits above safety and this all about corporate business in general. Here an in dept documentary about this here.  The Corporation – Feature, Documentary https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zpQYsk-8dWg And then purely criminals againt humanity... John Perkins Confession of an Economic Hitman https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j1IvMLTQ6ew And about these jackasses you see in the following picture I take them in pity because they are pathetic. At the end of the day It's a question of personal values.http://www.efficiency-experts.net/images/employee-competition.jpg
DeLLaware -inc IN GOD WE TRUST (28 days ago)
How come Bill Ford bought voLvo to 6.5B and 11 yrs late selling for a bargain 1.8B What kind lunatic does that in 1st place.. GEELY and the Chinese Acquired a great company.. I bet they celebrate..
Angel Reve (28 days ago)
So sorry but say nothing regarding with the Titel
Kim Jung Un (28 days ago)
The real reason is Volvo is Chinese now.
Kholo Mokolo (28 days ago)
Thank you Volvo