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Jet - She Holds A Grudge

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"She Holds A Grudge" by JET, 2009.
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Text Comments (15)
Booker DeWitt (6 years ago)
I think they might have broken up.
gio garo (6 years ago)
love jet
gio garo (6 years ago)
2.50 The Beatles <3
bi11yOO (7 years ago)
whatever happen to them.. the world needs em.. we need more of this music
Francine Voit (7 years ago)
DBC98989 (8 years ago)
@ZSHudson haha
DBC98989 (8 years ago)
@ZSHudson well i guess you could have sex with the band kinda like a groupie
Boowey116 (8 years ago)
@DarioZRiver what did you say about my mother? D:
Danila (8 years ago)
this song reminds me of blink182
David Flickinger (8 years ago)
Yeah, I'm the only person to dislike this. It's just not a good Jet song man, very mediocre. "when I'm alone, well I don't feel, I think too much" lyrics? what? I know lyrics aren't Jet's strong point but oh my, and the vocal melody? oh my again.
andrewknott79 (8 years ago)
Que buena cancion loco... para cuando se pasan por Argentina?
andrewknott79 (8 years ago)
@ECHTESKETCHE3 its the lead guitarrist, Cameron Muncey
La Verdad Duele (9 years ago)
@ZSHudson lool
Opulent sneakers (9 years ago)
slov no tinb dirb nbitr tika mante
zheox (10 years ago)