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The World's Hardest Game - 0 Deaths (1-30) - No Cheating

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https://youtu.be/_CJJFRpcd-o — New WHG World Record by The_IL_Guy in 5:19 (2019-08-18) https://youtu.be/OrVjqG68hto — WHG TAS (Tool-Assisted Superplay) by Kyle Stevens in 4‪:‪57‪.14 Flash Projector - Games like this are usually web-based, but you can play them offline without all the extra bloat. Download for Windows: https://fpdownload.macromedia.com/pub/flashplayer/updaters/32/flashplayer_32_sa.exe The original .swf file for The World's Hardest Game from Cool Math Games https://www.speedrun.com/whg1/resources Snubbyland version: https://mega.nz/#!LcFkyArS!C3xiEaQ2q3-kMKuRI-89NHUAADDtz2DLjczZGzxKnOo Coolmathgames version: https://mega.nz/#!vJMkCQaC!nTb9eDlW5s2S4-dLUgsSAhNZnlkhwfqSmm-6AWtN2vI
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Text Comments (478)
Hachimen (1 month ago)
Check out The_IL_Guy's first sub 5:20 speedrun of TWHG! -- https://youtu.be/_CJJFRpcd-o
BellumZeldaDS (1 month ago)
Puntex Gaming (13 days ago)
Clearly cheating, how else is his mouse moving around?
Julieta Asteo (13 days ago)
Imagine if he wasn't recording..
Croire (13 days ago)
Let's admit it. We've all *tried* before but there's always that one kid in school who bragged about beating the game.
Eric Etorne6979 (14 days ago)
What's this game called? I have followed the little red square passing through those blue dots.
1u2bemndhe4 (16 days ago)
Sometimes it seems that the bullets flee from the red square and not the other way round. 😵
3KA (16 days ago)
I remember this. This one kid got passed level 1 and the class CLAPPED LOL
Reaper (17 days ago)
Ha, jokes on you. I beat sans with level 1 no healing!
E342 Hacked (18 days ago)
Linclo Games (21 days ago)
Looks tough, no doubt. Little green dude said saving Mars is harder though.
Richard Loves Tuna (23 days ago)
Try Mega Man X6 😂😂😂
Louis M. Brigham (23 days ago)
I finished the update game when playing run 3 on Hudgames. com
Say Something ALDC (26 days ago)
And then there's me who can't get past level 1
All Is One (1 month ago)
The hardest game... was, is and will always be Dwarf Fortress. Different kind of game, I agree, good effort on this one tho. :)
Captain Quyết (1 month ago)
is a good to play but also frustrating. I'm stuck at level 11. It's crazy. I cannot pass this level. This is the Only Level 2 on hudgames
Hi Im APOP (1 month ago)
I remember trying to snap my keyboard in half when I first tried playing this game. Ahh the good ol' days.
ksol1460tv (1 month ago)
I finally figured out how to get Cosmo to the last springboard in level 10 of part 2 with a full set of health bars and 6 bombs left. It only took me 26 years. Now I'm looking for more challenges.
Mikuro (1 month ago)
Good for Summer : )
Demolicious51 (2 months ago)
I made a World's Hardest Game level in Super Mario Maker 2... :D Course ID: V4Y-7L8-L4G
Aaron Speedruns (1 month ago)
Epic Mario Maker level I couldn't make it past level 7 though.
imani harmon (2 months ago)
My anxiety just went up x1000000
Alex Jagger (2 months ago)
It's shit and deception! He slowed down the speed of the game with the help of a cheat and easily passed without death.
Hachimen (2 months ago)
And then I guess I sped up the footage, despite HyperCam 2 (registered) not having the feature to do so, huh? My lad, you should treat your paranoia.
ツンデレtsuderegir (2 months ago)
for some reason, I just see undertale attacks.
•Ɑ¡ƙօ _Gɑςհɑ• (2 months ago)
I can tell that you were mastering this game so it’s not fake Edit: Because I once mastered a game so I have no problem with it so it’s the same thing like this
Nickgoton (3 months ago)
Jesus me and my friends tried this there were like 16 of us we all failed to get passed lvl 9
Someone Else (3 months ago)
Sometimes, the hardest games are the ones that don't even work properly.
KING Of GAMES (3 months ago)
Bruh this aint close to the hardest game, PLAY SILVER SURFER WITH OUT DYING
Hachimen (3 months ago)
https://youtu.be/2KoQwEOM07M Here you go. Much easier than you'd think _if_ you don't die.
ᚲᚨᛊ ᛋᛇ ᚠᛁᛏᛏᛗᚦᛟ (3 months ago)
This looks like most games on the NES when I was a kid.
shril. jpeg (3 months ago)
Its fake, interference all throughout the video, show your actual work
Hachimen (3 months ago)
Sorry for that, but it doesn't mean the vid isn't legit. It was recorded using Hypercam and with sloppy settings. You can check out my speedrun if you're looking for better quality: https://youtu.be/Dj9Ci1x6x-0
GFTMD (3 months ago)
The Code Bullet video where he writes an AI to solve this... so cool!
Soraga Nishino (4 months ago)
20 minutes in and I was at lvl 15 with 400 death (I stopped at 400)
PapaHomin (4 months ago)
I hate level 12.
Eeveemation Studios (4 months ago)
The 22nd level reminds me of the school hallways.
Gruve Xp ' (4 months ago)
Geometry Dash is harder! Try beat bloodlust ;) I have played in years, but i only have 3% on BloodLust, the hardest level! Only like 20 people in the world have beaten it
Hachimen (4 months ago)
That's probably some user-made map. They're specifically designed to have 1-2 frame timings everywhere. There's already plenty of Guy fangames that are just as difficult like the I Wanna Kill the Kamilia series. Vanilla Geometry Dash is much easier.
Walk It Talk It (4 months ago)
Me playing the game: lvl.1: this is not so hard lvl.10: *smashing my phone*
jecoat (4 months ago)
4:18 Looks a lot like the Kanto region map from Pokemon RBY.
Someone (4 months ago)
how about trying touhou : EoSD easy mode ?
Iceman (4 months ago)
Jeez I've only ever made it past level 8 one time. Very tough game.
Scott M (4 months ago)
I doubt you will ever see this. In case you do, how long did it take you to learn it?
Hachimen (4 months ago)
@Scott M Right. Indeed some people go to crazy lengths with these games. To give you an idea, hsblue, the record holder, claims he spent over 42 hours on the speed strats just for this one level: https://youtu.be/Zokdo4utLPY
Scott M (4 months ago)
@Hachimen I see. I'm not a big platformer myself. And when I say 2 years, I mean I probably have ~50 hours of game time lmao
Hachimen (4 months ago)
@Scott M No, not whole days, haha. I've probably exaggerated since my perspective changed after learning to speedrun the game and all. It definitely took a few sessions, but I imagine some talented gamers could beat it on the same day they would start playing. You get a lot more efficient at this type of gameplay if you're into precision platformers. I wanna be the Boshy, I wanna be the Guy, Super Meat Boy, etc.
Scott M (4 months ago)
@Hachimen only 2 days? Jesus Christ. Do you mean two irl days or 48 hours of gameplay. I've been playing this game for nearly 2 years now and can only get to level 26.
Hachimen (4 months ago)
I might have beaten it on the second day of playing. It's been a long time.
Jeremy Oxenham (4 months ago)
play TMNT on NES. Ghosts & Goblins... this isn't even a game.
Quitis (4 months ago)
I bet your favorite game growing up was Gradius.
Hachimen (4 months ago)
If we're talking NES, Battletoads & Double Dragon (it featured characters from both series'). Gradius would've been too repetitive for the kid me :)
Benjamin Deutsch (5 months ago)
The taunts in between are hilarious!! They remind me of the sense of humor used in Valve's Portal, with Glados always saying things like them to the player!
Samuel Pierce 2.0 (5 months ago)
This game deserves its own arcade cabinet. :)
TechnoGaming (5 months ago)
The update is so bad
Steev0 (5 months ago)
Hachimen, you should put my new TAS in the description :) Edit: Thanks :)
Rafael Santana (5 months ago)
This is the game a child has to play before they are admitted to the Jedi Academy, he or she must pass on the first attempt with no deaths.
Bruce W. (5 months ago)
8/30 looks like the PAC-MAN concept of playing.
EngineMusic (5 months ago)
nowadays, this game pales in comparison to other "fuck off" difficult game, along with the rise of kaizo platformers. but when we experienced the spike of difficulty back then, we said, fuck no!
shadowcruz (5 months ago)
4:37 I would have botched that shit 100 times by now if I tried to beat this
Jumal (5 months ago)
Then after you finish the last level all of sudden the final boss from Dark Souls appears and you have to play as the red circle.
00000_121209 (5 months ago)
fake! the dots are paid actors.
Kyle Beats (5 months ago)
I did this with 26 deaths once and it’s one of my biggest life accomplishments
Kyle Beats (3 months ago)
IOFIsickness yooo hahah amazing
IOFIsickness (4 months ago)
I did it with 14 deaths at 14 or 15 years old, i did it in class and lots of people were seeing, that was my biggest moment ever :D Im almost 24 now and still remember that shit. I spent so many hours playing this game...
Leeskie Ferrell (5 months ago)
so i'm confused... are you trying to say this game isn't that hard and that i shouldn't give up? Perhaps you could be a little clearer
Hachimen (5 months ago)
Those comments are part of the game; they weren't edited in.
Control Z (5 months ago)
"make sure your pop-up blocker is not on for this site" I'm not going then - nice try and THUMBS DOWN
Hachimen (5 months ago)
That's just what the message in-game said if you wanted to submit your highscore on snubbyland. It has nothing to do with youtube so no need to be upset!
matteo mm (5 months ago)
Bah. This is not hard, The Legend of Myra (DOS game) which i cleared is way more hard than this game. And for info, i have in my channel a more or less complete gameplay of that game.
Hachimen (5 months ago)
Thanks. Some of these old games are really fun to play and I wouldn't even know they existed if not for these comments.
NinjaKitty (5 months ago)
I could play this game 1,000,000 times and would never, ever EFFER get anywhere even remotely near level 30
Rastapimp101 (5 months ago)
I got 47% in stereo madness are you jealous
eliminator jr. (5 months ago)
the first 5 levels of this game are etched into my adolescent brain and everything after that is completely new to me because i could never pass level 5 lmao
o donuts dude (5 months ago)
Not gonna lie, this isn't so hard.
Hachimen (5 months ago)
There's plenty harder, but they aren't very playable unless you're already experienced (SHMUPs and fangames come to mind).
umair malik (6 months ago)
Is this game is available on google playstore
Hachimen (6 months ago)
Don't think so. It was a Flash based game, which is being phased out in modern browsers.
Mercuryy YT (6 months ago)
I can’t even pass level one without 20 deaths!!!
SushiDelux - (6 months ago)
You’ve obviously never heard of dark souls
I was born on this day month and year
Jawi (6 months ago)
My cousin too
DesGreySkry (6 months ago)
This video was posted when I was only 5
gregory jimenez (6 months ago)
The original ultra instinct
Christoffer Dovik (6 months ago)
How can you actually tell if this is real or fake? I did it in 42 deaths... So I guess someone out there must've pulled 0 deaths off. In that case, kudos
Hachimen (6 months ago)
Grats on your 42 deaths run. There are a few options for people who are into audio/video editing, but you generally cannot. In speedrun communities people tend to be knowledgeable about the games they play, so if some sloppy cheater tries to splice a video they can usually tell that something is off.
mcpartridgeboy (6 months ago)
i thought level 28 looked much harder than 29 or 30 !
Beatrizf5c (6 months ago)
This looks like a stroke waiting to happen
IaeyanElyuex (6 months ago)
This person then went on to ace Undertale.
Philip Christoffersen (6 months ago)
I once played this without the blue balls. Worlds easiest game
MckRic Kwertyuiop (6 months ago)
Philip Christoffersen *can’t beat level 30 with red balls*
Sarah Michael (6 months ago)
I keep expecting a scary face about to appear
animeKawaii chan (6 months ago)
4:19 looks like the map of the Kanto region from Pokemon.
EverPaint (6 months ago)
This might start a rage wave but I say it...I wouldn't call this hard at all. This is just to do the same thing over and over and over again until you get the pattern of how to move right. Hard for me is something where there is no pattern and you need to adapt yourself every time to the always changing challenge. This is why I consider video games against people to be hard as you cannot predict everything that the opponent is going to do.
Hachimen (5 months ago)
@EverPaint Well, I don't mind, but that's how you come across. It's pretty much impossible not to die in all kinds of ways on your first playthrough of WHG, and that alone is enough to consider it hard for the majority. But then again difficulty as a concept is subjective to everyone anyway. Also, something tells me you came up with your original comment because of the game's title that's literally "The World's Hardest Game"? Basically clickbait of the video game world cause the game is far from being the hardest out there obviously.
EverPaint (6 months ago)
@Hachimen You get me wrong. I did not intend to deride it at all. If you feel I did, i'm sorry, I probably expressed my thoughts in a wrong way. You are right in what you are saying, your body cannot constantly perform on the same level and keeping the focus throughout the game is quiet challenging, I get it. I've been playing on PC since 1989 and have met with many kind of games. The one which I really liked and played a lot is called Gradius Gaiden, you might know it. Just by look at it, the game looks completely different to this one, but in real depths it is the same. You have the same things coming over and over again, every scene requires a constant focus as everything happens so quick, but at the end it happens so quick on the same way all the time (enemies come from the same direction they shoot at the same time...etc). I remember beating the game the first time without dying felt like being the king of the universe. And I did it again, again, again and again until it became too easy. At the end my body, my focus everything adapted to what the game required and it didn't feel challenging at all. I also played CS for 11 years, I am that rare kind who started with CS 0.8b. After 11 years I still couldn't say that the game was easy or even near easy as every single game was different and challenged my focus, my body, my mind in a more rapid way, and also there was the unkown factor which was caused by humans. Yes you are right in what you are saying but my personal feelings and thoughts are different of what "hard" really means. I didn't mean to be rude, offensive or deride this kind of a challenge on the video above.
Hachimen (6 months ago)
No need to deride one kind of challenge just because it seems easy. The patterns may be unchanging, but your body isn't. Hands get tired, and you can't always perform at a constant level. Not every game has to have infinite depth to be fun!
Dalziel3979 (6 months ago)
This looks like one of those old joke flash games on Newgrounds where the 'reward' for winning is a screamer.
Jimmy Walsh (6 months ago)
Play this every day in my health class👌👌Better than listening to my lesbian teacher talk about diabetes.
quy dao duc (6 months ago)
Used to play this game by mouse, that was difficult. The player would have used keyboard to play, it made the game a lot easier because of steady speed.
Caleb Hopkins (6 months ago)
Why is the name of the game called World's Hardest Game? The same game is not the hardest to everyone. The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword or Breath of the Wild seem like the world's hardest game to me.
josafat Simanjuntak (6 months ago)
This guy is a proof that Ultra instict is indeed exist.
The Soupdoup (6 months ago)
Does anyone know the song that was used in the video before the audio was taken out?
The Soupdoup (6 months ago)
Hachimen thanks a bunch!
Hachimen (6 months ago)
If you look up "With A Spirit", you should be able to find it
Orlando Sánchez (6 months ago)
Pleaaaase. Let me see you beat superman N64.
Hachimen (6 months ago)
@Orlando Sánchez I thought at first your "please" was the begging kind, like you were dying to see somebody beat that, but now I see you'd put on the sass. Fair enough, lol.
Orlando Sánchez (6 months ago)
@Hachimen ah its alright. Random banter is all. Cool vid👍
Hachimen (6 months ago)
I mostly only ever upload random stuff I found interesting or speedruns. Superman 64 doesn't look like something I'd ever enjoy running. Sorry, friend.
A Person (7 months ago)
They ruined this game :( Just tried playing it on coolmathsgames and it's so shitty.
Hachimen (6 months ago)
Yeah, it's because it was coded in Flash and it's being phased out. You can still download Flash Projector (see under the video) if you want to play the original.
Siddhartha Kandhway (7 months ago)
I have completed this game but not in 1 try but when i played this game in mobile its more harder than u think(i have played it in computer)
Scientific (7 months ago)
How tough are ya? How tough i am? I finished the world's hardest game. Yea so? Without dying. Right this way sir.
Simon Samson (7 months ago)
If you played super Mario bros back in the day, then you are used to this kind of game.
Vasto Lorde (7 months ago)
Is it just me or was the last level really easier than all the others?
Jumbo101 (7 months ago)
Finished the whole game with over 1400 deaths and the levels that I found most difficult were 10, 16, 26, and 28. Funny enough, level 30 wasn't really that hard for me.
Lorenzo BENEDETTI (7 months ago)
Wow, i beat it in 0 death as well in 2011, after a few weeks of training during school hours, but i didnt know this game was so famous, and at this time i would have never imagined that finishing it in 0 death had the potential to make 13M views on youtube :D Congrats tho !
FactThat (7 months ago)
Anyone rewind multiple times just to study how the square pass?
Rodrigo Valdez (7 months ago)
This game is addictive but there came a time when I could not pass it. Thanks for sharing these tips!
Whispering Dog (7 months ago)
Play the bossfight from mastergame in geometry dash
GZA (7 months ago)
Your lvl 13 is way easier than the level 13 I am playing? Mine has 17 blue traps flying back and forth..
- Addie - (7 months ago)
Some of the comments are saying that the mouse is suspicious, but to be honest if you had your hand on the mouse to click OK and you were playing a game like this then your hand would probably move quite a bit. Though in the video the mouse doesn't move that much, and if it were me it'd go from one side of the screen to another! I'm not calling this video fake, or anything. I'm just stating some facts to rethink about if it's fake or not. Another thing is in the title it says "No Cheating". That part is pretty clear, so I'll move on from that. Also, they updated the desc to say that there is a new high score. Any video robber could move on from that and not add it, but instead, they decided to add it. Also, he is acting very calm with the comments that are against them. Weird for a video thief, isn't it? That's really all I have to say. Yeah nobody is going to see or care about this comment. :I
Hachimen (7 months ago)
Nah, thanks for commenting - it is appreciated. You're pretty much spot on. Youtube is just full of extreme retardation when it comes to these things. Not something to give a second thought honestly.
Jayden (8 months ago)
The red square is a paid actor
Genius Gamer (8 months ago)
I don't understand how you can even WIN that, but as they say, you've gotta see it to believe it! Why did they lie on the last level and call it impossible...?
Johnny Sarro (8 months ago)
1:55 I would probably just stay there
Людмила Степанова (8 months ago)
This is nothing compared to the original Ninja Gaiden on NES
Genius Gamer (8 months ago)
10 people said that already! WHAT IS NINJA GAIDEN!!??!!??
Alainna Martin (8 months ago)
This is called strategy and practice. Not cheating.
hellothere3212 (4 months ago)
@Claudio Gómez bro, people can't do TASes on random games, only on emulators.. Don't try to act smart
Claudio Gómez (6 months ago)
It’s called TAS, and it’s not cheating either, because the game physics never get changed, the player can modify their inputs frame by frame and go to previous ones to correct mistakes, of course you won’t see that stuff when it’s finished.
Dini IMO (8 months ago)
Why do i hold my breathe while watching?
Genius Gamer (8 months ago)
Simple: Because we both wondered when and if he'd mess up!
Fluffyshabba 64 (8 months ago)
This was this channels first video!
Fleece Manjenkins (8 months ago)
The Celestial Resort in Celeste is basically this game
Green Grape (8 months ago)
Have you tried Celeste D side?
Hachimen (7 months ago)
Celeste is one of those soulless pixel art platformers. The polar opposite of how Undertale captivates the player. Couldn't find a reason to play it.