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2 year old playing Bulls on Parade on Guitar Hero.....the music takes over.

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2 year old playing Bulls on Parade on Guitar Hero. Jukin Media Verified (Original) * For licensing / permission to use: Contact licensing@jukinmedia.com
Category: Comedy
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Text Comments (1383)
zai. (8 months ago)
Top 10 Guitar Hero PRO Players.
malachis xbox (8 months ago)
Hes a kid don.t bully him he will get better when hets older
Tyler's Flag (10 months ago)
yesssssssss that is so me lol i do this on every video i just spam thrsgrfzdhxtgjftrhsreyztwgrdhxtcjkgyjxthyzrtdgyhtzr zh rdgfxhtdz rgtzd hgdfrgtsevstbzryd ztdyhfzrtbrnydx gfhdyrnztzebrydf hxfynrbtesdf dyhgxfdytberva\etsbzyfd hxdyrzbteszrydf h
RaVe ModzZ (11 months ago)
the moment ur playing gh3 not realising
eequalsmcdonald (1 year ago)
He's feeling it
Mr Aadyn809 (1 year ago)
A+ for trying F- FOR FALING US ALL
Josh Marcoux (1 year ago)
lets hope he can actually hit the notes now XD
FirstBroGamer (1 year ago)
He probably can't even reach those 5 sticks XD
Necropolis (1 year ago)
Best guitar hero player ever better than GuitarHeroPhenom
308wce 05 (1 year ago)
at least he's been saved from all the shit music these days.
M i g u e l (1 year ago)
bots confirmet :v
Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 (1 year ago)
Well done little boy
imhereAbenatsumi (1 year ago)
i think hes upset he has to change to the new black and white 6 button guitar to play new songs
Stephanie Ches (1 year ago)
Looks like a good air guitarist to me! I can't see the TV to prove he's playing?
Raul suazo (1 year ago)
notable experiencia la del bebé jeje
josefaharrison (1 year ago)
congrats to the parents, you are doing it right
Mgec (1 year ago)
Still better than me on Guitar Hero
mickjen (1 year ago)
this mighta been me in the shower yesterday....
DanielNuttGaming (1 year ago)
I almost died
Paul Barnes (2 years ago)
lol 😂 😂 😂
DanielNuttGaming (1 year ago)
dude I was playing guitar hero when head 2 also
Gustav! (2 years ago)
Megapeng must be proud of him.
Edd Slzr (2 years ago)
He is not fucking playing
FrostedVoid (1 year ago)
Themasterofyoutube Themaster He's 2
iChoseScylla (2 years ago)
Did Rage just teach a baby how to walk?
Not The Momma (2 years ago)
Petar (2 years ago)
future mosh pit bully
aapeli123 (2 years ago)
Only god Knows (2 years ago)
0:47 ( me reacting to the other kid ) OH OMG OOOOH OMG MOOOM GET THE CAKERA
dannydsi3d (2 years ago)
I can play better than him.
Jordy Blackbourn (2 years ago)
meanwhile his score is 1
XethaOG (2 years ago)
So cute
GeeWizard (3 years ago)
raising your kids right!
michael98277 (3 years ago)
All music has a spiritual component. It is this component that defines music as music.
Gustav! (3 years ago)
Wow... He dont even presses the buttons
Ермак Авто (3 years ago)
Нормально так накрутили просмотров.
TheJono1010 (3 years ago)
that kid can't play for shit
MrBluntDestroyer (3 years ago)
He sucks
Vinicius silva (3 years ago)
DavidsNoMotoVlogg (3 years ago)
who plays guitar hero?
Haunted In PA (3 years ago)
Azeneth Gonzalez (3 years ago)
muy bueno
Rdash Kviper (3 years ago)
Not to be rude but I thought he was gonna play the notes
Content Pig (3 years ago)
His facial expressions go hard.
Kevs Stream (3 years ago)
Mr.ScrubBoi (3 years ago)
Pterodactyl dysfunction
SlicedBanana (3 years ago)
why do you expose your kids to such bad music?
liamdudeFTW (3 years ago)
@ForumLight well I didn't mean evolution no but of course evolution is true (although humans do not descend from frogs they are another branch entirely). If you don't believe it fine but it really is so obviously true. Take a Biology degree like me please, seriously you're only lessening your own life through lack of understanding of the real world.
Boogiepop Phantom (3 years ago)
I'll own this kid in 1v1 he doesn't even stand a chance 1v1 me my BRAH
XLokutusX (3 years ago)
OMFG!! this is now required listening for all my nephews.  Yur kid is awesome!
yof (3 years ago)
girls drop your diapers, rockstar baby is coming
Outy Man (3 years ago)
There's a lifetime of pain in that performance.
Dic Rattlehead (3 years ago)
He puts Tom Morello to shame
Ivan Mejia (3 years ago)
Drop it bro.
屍. (3 years ago)
2007 comment section love it.
Gabe anthony (3 years ago)
Conor 95 (3 years ago)
I'm better than him and I'm only 20
Conor 95 (3 years ago)
+Erica Cruz I'm better
ExtremeHB (3 years ago)
harmony higgins (3 years ago)
So adorable
GILMOH (3 years ago)
If only the weight of the guitar made him face plant. I would enjoy that more. I joke
Barcelona Cantwell (3 years ago)
pachondeck (3 years ago)
He is the real guy!! Hail to the rock child kk k
Chee Lee (3 years ago)
Looks like Rowely from diary of a wimpy kid
BaesFoLifeee😘 (3 years ago)
His faces! So cute!
Noah Garcia (3 years ago)
Ahhhhhhhh the cuteness!! I can't take it!!
Roy (3 years ago)
He is going to be a rock star for sure
Rodbeams (3 years ago)
We can do so better
Joe Villarreal (3 years ago)
thought the kid was about to tear it up but hey at least he had fun
Doomzday Gaming (3 years ago)
Still better than Justin bieber
Derrick M. (3 years ago)
Why is this popular?
Ahenci (3 years ago)
A headbanger³ brought me here.
DSkehan2004 (3 years ago)
:) that's cute
Villainary (3 years ago)
his hype man needs some work
FAhad Albalawi (3 years ago)
Gabriel Baptista (3 years ago)
I was sent here by a man who had nightmares about a demon dinosaur baby and a flying head
Vijaypal Musiya (3 years ago)
Bsig Roaster (3 years ago)
Wtf thats soooooo cool maiby one day his gone be a rock star
ShadyGecko37 (3 years ago)
WHY DAN!!!! WHY!!!!
The Privileged Capitalist (3 years ago)
I had a guitar hero once, i sold him to some gaming company for money, and promises of micro transactions.
Sports Girl (3 years ago)
Was sent here by Danny Crüe....
Ben Hunter (3 years ago)
best nerdcubed mystery video ever
Mistrz Bajery Cesarz Podrywu (3 years ago)
lol Rage again the machine XD
Nick Simons (3 years ago)
Damn he's good.
Kaseda (3 years ago)
I was sent here by a man who nightmares about evil baby dinosaurs and Craig.
Colin Webster (3 years ago)
like if nerd sent yah here
ThisChannelHasNoContent (3 years ago)
I was sent here by a man whose world is unraveling.
WeWantRollins (3 years ago)
At least there's no baby dinosaurs
Jude Mascarenhas (3 years ago)
00:28 made me want to punch a hole in a wall. Metal as.fuck.
Anna Ogilvie (3 years ago)
this was honestly the cutest thing everrrrrr. like if you agree. was this suppose to be cute??
DigBickJangles (3 years ago)
But the kid messing with the guitar in the back is so cringe worthy. -_-
Abnormal4Rich (3 years ago)
Still better than JB
elijoker (3 years ago)
Watch this at 0.5 speed lmao
Xavier Johnson (3 years ago)
Ha he sucks
Матвей Тычинин (3 years ago)
Всё потому что он украинец
Austin Salguero (3 years ago)
No one cares about the little boy playing the game;it's all about seeing what the little girl is gonna do next
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Alan Brito (3 years ago)
Take that Tom Morello.... and you too Zach de la rocha
saughs (3 years ago)
0:34 "YAHTZEE...Aioli"
Fredric Utter (3 years ago)
Guy hes not even playing the game hes just staying and dancinge around and just amd hes playing training and doesent hitting one note OOONNE GOT DAMN NOT!!!!!
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