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The Super-Fast Logistics of Delivering Blood By Drone

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Wendover Productions (3 months ago)
This video was filmed on-location in Rwanda along with Brian from Real Engineering and Joseph from Real Life Lore. Brian made a great video covering how these drones were developed and some more of the engineering aspects behind them: https://youtu.be/jEbRVNxL44c Joseph also made a great video about the huge ebola outbreak in Rwanda’s neighbor, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and how drones like the ones used in Rwanda could be used, on a conceptual level, to help fight epidemics like this one: https://youtu.be/2AvtbRndNxk
Michał Prądzyński (3 months ago)
The Computer (1 day ago)
Everytime you upload my IQ increases
Pekza Success (3 days ago)
This is amazing
Michael O'Bryan (10 days ago)
Incredible documentary on this crucial element of health care. Nice work as usual, Wendover!
Jonathan Fritz (13 days ago)
Definitely not EMTs in California. Where I live you can't even initiate CPAP.
Lbsnaa Lost (15 days ago)
Hey the drone is here Drops package Gets stuck on tree... Damm
Benjamin Pattison (20 days ago)
247 Jehovah's Witnesses disliked this video.
Mckenzie Welsh (22 days ago)
In the U.K. we just cycle it over
magellanmax (22 days ago)
This would be a sweet delivery system if you ordered weed for your party.
umesh Sonune (28 days ago)
Good video. This can be used in Japan which has natural disasters time to time..
robinvannoor (28 days ago)
I am very close to crying. A small country (in size) can overcome one of the horrific genocides in the world and be one of the leaders of the continent now. And here we are, Somalis, unable to fix our issues. We cannot even make our capital save. We have no oil, gold, nor any natural resource to fight over. We are one race, one religion, one language. I don't know honestly what and why we are fighting over. Majority of the Somalis want peace and progression but we have had horrible, selfish rulers who are here to just collect millions without care in the world for their country and their people. Forgive me for being emotional but when I hear the success of Rwanda (and I am proud for them) I cannot help but think of my country - What Can I do to be the change I want?
Spookay T'is Me (1 month ago)
It's amazing that a country like this is skipping over certain types of technology altogether and are pushing into the information technology space as fast as it find a use for some kinds of advanced services
Spookay T'is Me (1 month ago)
Rwanda has Universal HealthCare? I didn't know that ... Better than the US ideal
? (1 month ago)
Holly Cost (1 month ago)
💪🏼 DRwanda
The Puncakian (1 month ago)
Bloody drones...
Alex Smith (1 month ago)
First time the healthcare benefitted from private industry.
george baker (1 month ago)
Hat _ (1 month ago)
Thats not true for the fallout universe. 200 years later, blood bags are still good to use.
Brody Graham (1 month ago)
Skynet now has an air force
Chube TheNoob (1 month ago)
but how would the drone fly in heavy rain season?
KramChay Dig (1 month ago)
said it can handle "severe" rain
Mason Silvers (1 month ago)
1littlelee (1 month ago)
there is also anotheer facility in eastern rwnada also now
Andy Madden (1 month ago)
03:03 Apparently it's fine to use US dollars for something in England.
LMP3 (1 month ago)
Blacks acting civilised, you can teach a dog new tricks.
Alex Calihua (2 months ago)
There is a little problem and there is an error that should be fixed, the shelf life for frozen plasma is 1 year and thawed plasma is ~1 day. The video shows the shelf life for thawed plasma, not frozen plasma, and the shelf life for plasma is not necessarily a problem because it has a long shelf life when frozen, the shelf life for frozen plasma should at least be added.
ThrillWill 75 (2 months ago)
This is actually crazy. Other nations should take inspiration from Zipline and set up their own drone delivery systems too!
sErgEantaEgis12 (2 months ago)
I'm really eager to watch how Rwanda will develop in the coming years.
Bomb Liechtenstein (2 months ago)
911: What’s your emergency Me: A DRONE STOLE MY BLOOD 911:*Hangs up*
kaushik ghosh (2 months ago)
What's the return policy on the delivery?
Paul Simpson (2 months ago)
My bullshit detector was flashing bright red throughout most of this video. If this is so amazing why isn't it happening everywhere?
Paul Baum (2 months ago)
How does this not have more views?
Jake H (2 months ago)
zipline is an american company btw
Vince M (1 month ago)
IKEA is swedish...who cares?
vamsidhar reddy (2 months ago)
Well the idea is amazing and its give me a immense pleasure that technolgy is solving the real life problems But i have one doubt 1)even the blood is needed in rural areas but the blood will ve tramsufed only by tier 1 hospitals Isn't that sad tier 1 hospitals are not connected with necessary road facilities Is that type of service can be applied in countries like india
Niklas Molin (2 months ago)
isn't these drones just high teck RC Planes that have a flight path
Jacksirrom (2 months ago)
Meanwhile, the USA still doesn't guarantee healthcare to all its citizens. Shameful. #Medicare4All
CreeperBot 793 (2 months ago)
Wakanda forever
TheVideoIsTheKing (2 months ago)
So a real life D.O.C drone? EA is probably gonna sue the entire country of Rwanda now.
Kim Jong Un (2 months ago)
Thanks, this video really helped with my homework
Joseph Stalin (2 months ago)
weird to think that rich countries don't have this yet while rwanda does
James Lewis (2 months ago)
Wow! Outstanding. Once again you have shown me something that amazes me, makes me smile AND gives me more hope for the future enhanced by companies/tech/people outside the box.
Samuel Sann (2 months ago)
Dude come on, USA already has the biggest drones delivery system that's ready to delivery almost worldwide at any time. But instead of blood, it deliveries Bombs. It can spy on some problematic Countries as well.
Madame Muffin (2 months ago)
Ya know what would be cool? If they could basically set up 2 semi container to be mobile launch and recovery platforms. So that they can go almost anywhere and set up for low cost to get closer to places that are not economical to set up a main base for, or for easier disaster relief, especially in areas that have not received a base yet
dizzi_d (2 months ago)
Very Interesting Operation! Good Job @Wendover Productions
All Roads Lead Here (3 months ago)
But what if you broke
GiggitySam Entz (3 months ago)
5:17 Ha ha ha ha! I had never thought about the pumping of bubble wrap XD
ninejot (3 months ago)
One of your best videos
Aditya Dandwate (3 months ago)
Did he just show good images of the country? when they show India, they manage to make it look as poor and filthy as possible.
Dollar Menu (3 months ago)
*What do they do with all the stale blood???*
KubeckDK (3 months ago)
That's so cool! I had no idea that existed 😱
Veronica Ramos (3 months ago)
I think this has been my favorite Wendover Productions video so far!
Ryan Laske (3 months ago)
Great Video, amazing innovation, fascinating topic
Atta Rasheed (3 months ago)
Sam, you're an inspiration. Thanks
Najier Patel (3 months ago)
Malacki 655 (3 months ago)
It’s nice to see how far Rwanda has come since the genocide, I hope the keep up the good work.
Andy McKee (3 months ago)
Don’t tell Real Engineering but I think you made a better job with this video.
Planecest (3 months ago)
You and Real Engineering has the same picture for the thumbnail (but the stuff on it is different) and the topic is somewhat similar. What a coincidence.
Vspeed1000 (3 months ago)
Seriously a bloody topic!
Titanic Big boat (3 months ago)
I know this is like my third comment but I have an idea maybe if they add a little bit more batteries or maybe even add more planes they could have a long range plans I can go from like a base in Uganda to like a base in Sudan
Titanic Big boat (3 months ago)
Do Uganda next
Titanic Big boat (3 months ago)
Rhonda it’s incredible to see that they haven’t gone to corrupt like the rest of Africa
Caleb Preister (3 months ago)
I think your introduction is too long. It took over 4 minutes to talk about what the title mentions and that is what I wanted to hear/see in the beginning. Your video is great otherwise though, I just don't want my time wasted by listening to information not mentioned in the title, it wasn't necessary. Not to be a jerk but it would be very nice to see a change in that
Dorifto Kingu! (3 months ago)
This is awesome! Very glad these guys are doing this, respect.
Doubtful Guest (3 months ago)
9:32 I thought I was tripping or having a stroke or something. Had to rewind to make sure.
saul g hernandez (3 months ago)
The Z in Zipline is two drones flying in different directions
40Kfrog (3 months ago)
Their operation is amazing! I feel an incredible sense of shame that my county, rich as we are, is still ages behind them.
TheHylianJuggalo (3 months ago)
AIDS airstrikes. I can see it now.
Šimon Macháček (3 months ago)
"Life expectancy in Rwanda is higher because of state operated health care system." You got any proof for that?
Michael (3 months ago)
So cool!
movax20h (3 months ago)
They are already building a second site in Kayonza, Rwanda, and should be open in few months from now.
movax20h (3 months ago)
Amazing. Not an experiment, but something that actually works, both as a business and improves logistic significantly compared to other methods. I wonder what data communication system they use to operate the drone? Cell network? Direct radio communication from the base? Satelite? I guess it is a cell system, because they only really need to communicate with a drone when they are close to the destination. Rwanda has 98% cell coverage by population, and 95% of 4G network, but again that is population, so this will be limited to cities and dense areas. In terms of coverage they are about 80%, and some significant areas where there is essentially no signal at all (on ground). Sure, flying high and with higher power transmitter and sensitive receiver they maybe could still have a good coverage everywhere, but I am not so sure. And if they fall from the sky between cities some other methods can be used to find it (directional radiolocation maybe). PS. It might be actually a mesh network (drone to drone relayes), or direct radio communication (Rwanda is pretty small so single tall central radio tower could communicate with all of them if needed).
Miner 2049er (3 months ago)
Did I miss the explanation why east Rwanda is a dead zone of operations? Also a genocide of 800k people is brushed off as just a silly thing in the past.
Powertampa (3 months ago)
As someone who hates needles and has issues seeing blood this was mildly disturbing, still interesting, but it got a bit uncomfortable at times. You know "Contains blood" or similar stickers do exist for a reason, just a suggestion for next time.
john hand (3 months ago)
Rwanda is doing this thing ahead of rich countries
OffLeashIG (3 months ago)
What a great video! amazing job Rwanda!
Ur boi (3 months ago)
Just change your name to ilikeplanes already. (I will admit I got this comment off of another video but it’s true.)
Thulansan Manivannan (3 months ago)
ngl this is cool af
Robert McDaniel (3 months ago)
That’s really fucking cool!
Dakota Thompson (3 months ago)
Delivering blood via V1 flying bomb
Freedom Of Speech (3 months ago)
Universal healthcare? Corruption incoming in 3...2...1...
yoman21a (3 months ago)
Sophie must hear about this right away
Nealikus (3 months ago)
Hey I doubt you'll see this, but I would love to see a video of the logistics behind grounding every plane on 9/11. Surely it would be a momentous effort to find routes, available runways, etc for that all. Anyway, love the Vids
Zé Maria Gonçalves Pereira (3 months ago)
man, watching this video stoned was one of the weirdest things in my life ever.
Zé Maria Gonçalves Pereira (3 months ago)
no, really I just finished it. Far out.
Jack Bryant (3 months ago)
Heard about this on BBC podcast 'The Documentary' - they are doing the same in Tanzania. Check it out
Zack Wagner (3 months ago)
this is incredible
Avery Mitchell (3 months ago)
woah zipline is SO AWESOME good on you Rwanda
Aaron G (3 months ago)
Lets Get . This. Blood.
Vitor GJ (3 months ago)
THIS IS UNBELIAVABLE!!! Huge congratulations for zipline for this service
skeptic moderate (3 months ago)
This is insanely cool.
Hacer (3 months ago)
Noticed your video was stolen by Bright side. Your channel deserves much more and your videos are top notch. I've blocked brightside and subbed to you
Gary Dose (3 months ago)
Incredible system. It's good to see that different countries are using different approaches to problems that more closely work with their conditions rather than taking a cookie cutter western plan and blindly adapting it to their situation, when alternatives exist that may work better for them.
Abdullah Rahman (3 months ago)
Can you shoot specialists in drone to rural areas?
Alaskaman279 (3 months ago)
Rawanda has and average income of $20,785 and the U.K. Has an income of $32,000 in US currency no much difference
SpaceInternational - (3 months ago)
This technology must be applied in Indonesia
Thiago Araujo (3 months ago)
that's impressive, really cool idea!
Harun Suaidi (3 months ago)
The most surprising thing for me is the fact they use wires to catch the drone. Amazing level of precision.
Jamie Smith (3 months ago)
Great video!!!
Matt JT (3 months ago)
Absolutely fantastic by Rwanda & Zipline
jane doe (3 months ago)
One of the poorest countries can do universal healthcare, but the richest country refuses... weak.