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Diabetics Are Hacking Their Own Insulin Pumps

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There is a revolution in the Type 1 diabetes community and thousands of people are now hacking their insulin pumps for better blood sugar management. CNBC's Erin Black, who was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes 20 years ago, decided to try out the hacked system. Here's what happened. Type 1 diabetes is a disease that affects more than 1.2 million Americans. I'm one of them. It's a disease that impairs the body's ability to produce the hormone insulin, which normally comes from the pancreas. So insulin has to be injected. Managing blood sugars can be very difficult, and patients use a pump to help mimic the activity of the pancreas. However, pumps don't automatically adjust insulin levels for diabetics. And the manual process is tedious and can be dangerous. But a few years ago, people figured out how to hack their insulin pumps to make them automatically adjust insulin levels more precisely. » Subscribe to CNBC: http://cnb.cx/SubscribeCNBC About CNBC: From 'Wall Street' to 'Main Street' to award winning original documentaries and Reality TV series, CNBC has you covered. Experience special sneak peeks of your favorite shows, exclusive video and more. Connect with CNBC News Online Get the latest news: http://www.cnbc.com/ Follow CNBC on LinkedIn: https://cnb.cx/LinkedInCNBC Follow CNBC News on Facebook: http://cnb.cx/LikeCNBC Follow CNBC News on Twitter: http://cnb.cx/FollowCNBC Follow CNBC News on Google+: http://cnb.cx/PlusCNBC Follow CNBC News on Instagram: http://cnb.cx/InstagramCNBC #CNBC #CNBCExplores Hacking Diabetes With This DIY Artificial Pancreas
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Text Comments (4031)
Rich Lo (5 days ago)
The 670g is crapped and your stuck at 120 as well as their cgm sucks
briellespop (6 days ago)
We have the Medtronic 670G, what they are not telling you is that you have to use their (Medtronic) CGM which is substandard to the Dexcom CGM on many different levels (accuracy, reliability, cannot share data with family or friends. etc..etc.). The goal of the JDRF is a closed loop systems approach where the user can plug and play devices from different manufacturers.
Ed's Life and Fun (10 days ago)
I an a diabetic and i need one!
Enter User Name Here. (14 days ago)
Has anyone tried stem cell therapy on the pancreas to see if they can get them to work again?
The I (21 days ago)
No wonder humans will never get an evolutionary upgrade. Unethical practices being carried out by sub par system. 0
The I (21 days ago)
Why not insulin patches, similar to nicotine patches?
Rob Fielding (23 days ago)
making the pump $7k and all the stuff that goes with it (sensors, insulin, etc) very expensive actually kills WAY more people than a non-approved pump ever will. i refused to upgrade for years, and i have insurance. fundamentally, it's a computer that turns a screw. any Electrical Engineer can make a device that does this. the computer is the EASY part now. this is all happening because of patent craziness, and middle-men that stand in the middle to make everything 10x as much. the same phenomenon affecting health insurance happens with housing loans, and school loans.
Dave Watson (24 days ago)
American health care lol $100 vs $7000
Obama Bin Bush (1 month ago)
Diabetics are inferior
Nadav Raman (1 month ago)
Lol finally people see that even when somebody has invented a groundbreaking treatment for diabetes, FDA and big pharma still give us the classic "5 more years..." speech...
Dylly (1 month ago)
ella is a cute
Sebbel (1 month ago)
What if the phone battery dies.
Nathaniel Hayslett (1 month ago)
No one: Diabetics: lets hack our insulin pumps
Bjamse (1 month ago)
rip all people in need of medication in America. You guys have a really hard time... I live in Norway, and most of us have a hard time comprehending how expensive your system is....
Door-to-Door Hentai Salesman (1 month ago)
I'm eating chocolates while watching this video.
John Lee (2 months ago)
cyberdiabetic 2077
Shaka's closet (2 months ago)
Good old profiteers. Always holding their hand out when it comes to your health.
James Rice (2 months ago)
CNBC, just admit you and all of your people are lying pieces of trash.
caleb nowland (2 months ago)
You guys are dumb. Some people were saying "oh its like 150 dollars compared to 7000" but that is not how it works. Its 150 dollars for the add on system, but you still have to buy the older pump (which yes, is a little cheaper, but it is still a pump) beforehand. So in actuality the price kind of evens out. Also the new pump has a lot of other added features that this system does not have.
Sree Raj (2 months ago)
Indians support DIY and free service .
Switch Back (2 months ago)
We just found a cure to HIV and AIDS what makes you think that we won’t find a cure for diabetes for another 50 years ? Lol will find one in less than 5 years maybe
ASUWithBush (2 months ago)
and then they die
Christopher C (2 months ago)
Why does this cost more than an iPhone?!?
Eugeo (2 months ago)
Ella your beautiful don't give up god bless
Tasha Crossing Paths (2 months ago)
I worked last year at a medical supply company called ccs medical. I was in insulin pump department. I cried almost everyday and had to quit because i was getting depressed. I had to deny so many elderly and parents of young kids who couldn't afford supplies/ changes in insurance/ shipping troubles so they would be without supplies. So many things are wrong in healthcare.
Lynn Leigha (2 months ago)
Sorry to burst his bubble but without risks, I can bet we'd be behind 40 years on many things. Sometimes even life saving medication happened by someone taking a risk or by accident.. I can bet if these people didn't take the risk, the big company wouldn't be doing it, it would most likely still be the way it was before
Girlgamer BTW (2 months ago)
What if the app becomes too intelligent and decides to extinct humanity .... I mean we' ve all seen the movie .... have we learned nothing at all ?
Wīľłý ňïļłý ə (2 months ago)
I ain't doing this
John Wright (2 months ago)
Jackin' the price to 7Gs for something cheap that keeps people alive is something "Pharma Bro" Martin Shkreli would do... Evil Corporate A$$HOLES!
Polar27 (2 months ago)
Next they finna gonna hack there microwave
Gia Mitchell (2 months ago)
Why did I not see his BEFORE I just got my brand new insulin pump????
Andre Abreu (2 months ago)
Need insulin now
Blank Stare (2 months ago)
4:14 most punchable face
Warner Robins (2 months ago)
I have the new Medtronic artificial pump and my blood sugars have gone crazy. My Medtronic pump before this new one always had my A1C between 5.8 to 6.2. Now my A1C is 7 and above. Please if anyone can steer me to using the hack I would be great full for your help. bhal99@yahoo.com
adsicks (2 months ago)
Open Source!!!
Captain Sarcasm (2 months ago)
How about not feeding your child pizza instead of torturing her.
Natearl13 (2 months ago)
Dave Scott What?
Floris (2 months ago)
So what if i hack the phone and send a fake message to the pump making it think that the girl needs a very high dose of insuline?
Attacker Anjar (2 months ago)
Patrick clemmensen (2 months ago)
medical companies is one of the biggest things thats wrong with this world.... Money money money!
Hammond (2 months ago)
In America, the people are viewed as cattle to be milked for money by the Government and business. The Police and Military protect Government and Business interests. Everything else is a facade. America used to be run by the Rule of Law, now it is only the Rule of Lies. They have been conquered not by Socialism, or Communism, but by Capitalism.
NPC #76 (2 months ago)
That’s great, but... what happens when the firmware has a hiccup and pumps too much insulin into her system? Reasons for non automated insulin maintenance must be a thing
SuperAgentman007 (2 months ago)
You mean to tell me you can’t feel diabetic shock starting? And also missing with a piece of hardware like this is also a big risk because what happens if it accidentally gives you too much insulin? It’s like somebody messing with a pacemaker and expecting it to work better. And also a lot of people especially in the US have to trim their insulin intake because of the cost of the medication so that’s kind of an idea that wont work. It must be free in the place that you’re at so people don’t have to pay for the insulin I guess because to me it seems like it pumps insulin into the system even when you don’t need it. No I don’t think there’s any side effects from getting too much insulin I don’t think so.
SUPERMAN51878 (2 months ago)
Corporate greed, 7k, gotta love the health care system
Rose Storm (2 months ago)
I'm a type 1 diabetic & why am I just hearing about this now?!! Because big pharma doesn't want us to know that's why .... I have had diabetes since I was 3 years old, I am now 32. I pumped for 8 years & went back to injections because I honestly hated the pump. Maybe I am an old fashioned diabetic because I just love not having to be connected to the damn thing 24/7. This is pretty cool though, people taking their own health their into their own hands! I am Canadian & back when I got my pump in 2007 I had to shell out for it out of my own pocket, back then its $6k, then four years later I needed a new pump, the cost went up thousand dollars. ... once my 2nd pump went out of warranty I decided I was DONE with them. Back to shots, then I find out Animas was going out of business & they were getting absorbed by Minimed.... I'm so glad I decided to go back to shots honestly. The whole thing is just so frustrating how much money these companies make off of us. Not like we can forgo the insulin.
Elena M (2 months ago)
America has great healthcare and technology. So good no one can buy it.
Whatster87 (2 months ago)
Just stop eating sugar and carbs like crazy
Natearl13 (2 months ago)
Whatster87 You’re thinking of type 2. This is type 1.
Syler1979 (2 months ago)
FDA approved thalidomide but you shouldn't use a system you built to control your diabetes but hear is our $7000 version the FDA approve of.......this is tech that cost no more than $20 to build but hey $7k sounds reasonable.......
Sebastian Snyder (2 months ago)
Medicare for all?
johnnymcblaze (2 months ago)
If this isn't proof that doctors, corperations and government aren't against we, the people. I just dont know what is.
Ham Sandwich (2 months ago)
And over $300 for a single vial of insulin without insurance.
Nellie Eli (2 months ago)
At least this isn't Russia Russians are just dirt poor beet drinkers and they DeSean to dir
StupidShetHead (2 months ago)
Damn could of used this before my feet and my eyes started to go.. PID controller for your pump.👌🏾
vanhende (2 months ago)
F! yes, cybernetics.. chrome me op. go transhumanism.
flyback 2me (2 months ago)
Government WANTS you sick.
IIIrandomIII (2 months ago)
4:19 his consciously hyped body language is so interesting to watch...
PK (2 months ago)
Those pumps look so damn old. My boyfriend doesnt even make that much money but has an omnipod and those people look very well off. They should probably speak to there insurance
Vergil the legendary dark slayer (2 months ago)
Just like in gaming, the hacking community is the saving grace
Phenom Menon (2 months ago)
I wish she would of commented on how she felt after using the hacked insulin pump.
Missile Man (2 months ago)
This is stupid beyond belief...........never screw around with insulin administration.
The Gamer Forge (2 months ago)
As a diabetic currently using an insulin injection for every meal I have, this would be great as I’m always getting stressed about when I need insulin and when I don’t. Also as I live in the UK, NHS would probably cover that price for the pump as I would assume I couldn’t get a hacked one where I live.
Boredaf (2 months ago)
This is why the us is better at medicine
Hapdaddy Tha III (2 months ago)
If there are people around the world who want world peace that make these amazing hacks, why are they screwed over by people who want the same thing but make an exact copy and MAKE IT IMPOSSIBLE TO BUY!?
Lost Wanderer (2 months ago)
Of course a big company is going to tell you that doing something they charge you for is a bad thing.
David Imhoff (2 months ago)
So I'm curious about diabetes as I'm prone to diabetes in the future and had some months of hypoglycemia. Those results are amazing! They should approved the use of this DIY. It makes perfect sense for someone to use this hack if they have to constantly check their sugars at night.
Kelly M (2 months ago)
Health should be a right not a privilege.
Natearl13 (2 months ago)
Kelly M So if people do stupid things, they expect to be treated for free?
donkey punch (2 months ago)
She's a cyborg
Bioshock Bitch (2 months ago)
That dude with the green shirt sounded really butthurt. People do make modifications to their vehicles, and yes they are taking a risk bt they are not waiting around for you and instead taking their health into their own hands
Inkd Reaper (2 months ago)
I've had type 1 diabetes for 26 years. This is amazing, but the FDA will never approve of such a cheap, yet effective way to manage diabetes. Hackers, keep hacking
Lucas Hermann (2 months ago)
As long as you dont devellop diabetes type II now as well
Lucas Hermann (2 months ago)
You meaning coding, not damn hacking
PurPlex Geometry Dash (2 months ago)
But can their insulin pump run Doom?
Doug Hilton (2 months ago)
Are they hacking these by themselves or did they have help? Possible from Russians? How many of these so called diabetics voted for Trump. Adam Schiff should subena their phone and email records.
Jason Kotolski (2 months ago)
Keep breeding and passing on your bad genetics. Let them die and strengthen mankind. Passing your genetic diseases onto your children is child abuse and is very selfish. Thanks mom and dad for killing me!
cool kid1 (2 months ago)
yes, but image it getts hacked from somebody with bad intentions
Carlos Marte (2 months ago)
>Paying 7k to fix your own problem >Making everyone else pay 6.5k for your problem The only difference between subsidized/private healthcare is who pays for it. It’s only cheaper abroad because everyone else is helping you pay as well. Having one pay for their own problems is much fairer IMO.
Joe S (2 months ago)
Only cons is it's not okayed by the gov? And a pro from everyone, is happiness?
Ben jr Iq over 5000 (2 months ago)
And if I'm not privileged to get these resources (jk)
Skinny Papi (2 months ago)
I'd love to see a full breakdown of this instrument that even remotely justifies the 7k tag.
Frowntown (2 months ago)
The FDA has deep pockets - if they were to approve this - it may make me reconsider that they aren't bought and paid for..... id CONSIDER it.
Asus png (2 months ago)
So what happens if your phone dies
LiL bOi (2 months ago)
what happens if the pump losses power
Isaac B. (2 months ago)
What these people don't realize is that by injecting more insulin into themselves there actually dumping sugar into their organs.
Long Boi 69 (2 months ago)
Lilith Aram (2 months ago)
Up Yours Big Pharma!
Hunter McGahan (2 months ago)
This shouldn’t be a Hack this should just be how the devices should work if they can be programmed like this..
Philip O'Carroll (2 months ago)
This is not a simple case of corporations screwing people. Devices like this are exposed to huge legal risk. knew a woman who was killed by an insulin pump. It wasn't a hacked one in this case, but if you hack a pump and get it wrong you can die surprisingly fast. Even though the parts used while cheap, the manufacturers stipulate that you cannot use them in devices like this without special permission and all kinds of Federal approvals and safety checks. So yes, you can build one yourself for $100, but you would not be able to profitably sell it. And if your life depends on it then it's worth spending more for such checks.
クリスタルきみこ (2 months ago)
Lol and the sheep still run to big pharma.
Raw Oyster (2 months ago)
7 thousand just to stay alive!??? 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Sean Cummings (2 months ago)
Highlights everything wrong with the American healthcare system, its more profitable to treat than cure. The big pharma and FDA have no moral compass period.
Kathleen Osborne (2 months ago)
Citizens taking care of themselves.
Hurricane (2 months ago)
This is not hacking wtf. They're just modifying their insulin pumps. If I replace the hard drive in my PC is that hacking too? What if I put new spark plugs in my car? Am I a hacker now? Stupid news brodcaster.
Lazydoggies Gaming (2 months ago)
Supposedly pharmacys arn't allowed to sell cures for extremely high prices but yknow
gvese (2 months ago)
zyxwvutsrqponmlkh (2 months ago)
I'm happy that you can live with this, but I would just ask that you do not procreate. We don't need another generation of defective people.
Tony Chan (2 months ago)
At 4:14, can anyone understand what he is saying?
Яeaper (2 months ago)
This is how it should be. Isntead of getting ripped iff and going into dept or just losing a big chunk of money. We should be helping each other as a community. While the rich are getting richer, and we are being used like cattle. Its good to see videos like this. I personally havent been to a hospital in 3 years. Docs said i had some unknown issue where my body would just go into deep pain for days. Cant move, nor eat, just lay and cry and use whatever medication they gave me. Which was usually more that 1. I was always against drugs but man when I smoked some weed. Everything changed. Never taking any over the counter meds again and definitely staying aways from pills. I dont even use pain killers.
Dragon Platelegs (2 months ago)
Computer lives matter
Sikter Efendi (2 months ago)
Coming next: DIY pacemaker battery replacement. Welcome to 'murica.
La Bella Damir (2 months ago)
TexasBulldog74 (2 months ago)
Thinking about it more you better be very confident in the coding/hack. If that thing pumps too much or dumps a resv in you too quick you could drop like a stone. Incredibly impressive no doubt but a tad scary. I hope they can perfect it and squeeze out big pharma and their ridiculous pricing.