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SpaceX Makes History | MARS

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With unprecedented access to Elon Musk and his SpaceX team, witness the historic landing of a Falcon 9 rocket at Cape Canaveral. ➡ Subscribe: http://bit.ly/NatGeoSubscribe ➡ Watch all clips of MARS here: http://bit.ly/WatchMARS ➡ Get More MARS: http://bit.ly/NatGeoMARS #NationalGeographic #SpaceX #MARS About MARS: From executive producers Brian Grazer & Ron Howard, MARS is an epic series following a thrilling quest - in 2032 - to colonize Mars. In a unique blend of scripted drama and feature-film caliber visual effects, intercut with documentary sequences, the series presents what the greatest minds in space exploration are doing to make traveling to Mars a reality, and shows us the world they seek. Get More National Geographic: Official Site: http://bit.ly/NatGeoOfficialSite Facebook: http://bit.ly/FBNatGeo Twitter: http://bit.ly/NatGeoTwitter Instagram: http://bit.ly/NatGeoInsta About National Geographic: National Geographic is the world's premium destination for science, exploration, and adventure. Through their world-class scientists, photographers, journalists, and filmmakers, Nat Geo gets you closer to the stories that matter and past the edge of what's possible. SpaceX Makes History | MARS https://youtu.be/brE21SBO2j8 National Geographic https://www.youtube.com/natgeo
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Text Comments (5629)
Faruk Ahammed (3 hours ago)
I really praud of u sir
Er Rahul Adhikari (19 hours ago)
music 2019 (2 days ago)
3:04 elon musk look like normal people
Sajjad Tiwana (2 days ago)
If you strive ... You win. You win ... You get.
Onur Çamcıoğlu (3 days ago)
Please, subtitle!!
Lawrence Reitan (3 days ago)
One day they'll look back to earth, and thank him
Beyond Eyes (5 days ago)
There are lot of hardwork its not what you see his hilarious tweets..
Mr Rishabh Tyagi (5 days ago)
My Icon , My role model , My everything Elon Musk
Deso Muranil (6 days ago)
So much passion shown here. Those people are living their dreams.
karlhanso (7 days ago)
Lars Blackmore - Principal Mars Landing Engineer for SpaceX 3:55 I didn't know until now :D
Puneet Gupta (7 days ago)
This tells us what a human life is about. Not just earn a living and live for our daily breads. A human life is for exploration, for doing the things we love and cherish, and to be with those we love and cherish. ☮️
Servet Karahan (8 days ago)
I hope his things and ides ll fnish stupid wars in our beatiuful world . All presidendts are stupid .
ziyik loh (9 days ago)
His millions flew to space and came back down...
GravityZone -Space, Rockets and more (10 days ago)
Elon is the best Dreamer of the world.... The world need him.!
Breea G (14 days ago)
I get chills whenever I watch a launch ahhhh
Rachelle Estorba (14 days ago)
Elon is 🧡🧡🧡😋😘😄😁
M.C. Escher (14 days ago)
I love Elon Musk - nothing short of visionary. Small steps.
William Stillings (17 days ago)
I love it when the Rockets blow up
Gaming For A Day (17 days ago)
That's a dead dolphin😂
yourview (17 days ago)
Plis make gundam firstt
Peacifier (19 days ago)
Thats what dreams look like
TuanVN 2007 (19 days ago)
That's How Hard-Working Works !
kenn (19 days ago)
elon musk looks like the jfk
Latinjack Sparrow (19 days ago)
I almost cried
张文锋 (20 days ago)
Jayquan Phifer (20 days ago)
This is basically "The Expanse" TV series.
Peter Muller (21 days ago)
Earth is nearly 4 billion years old, and we just happen to live in the same time as Elon Musk, lucky us 🍀
Jose Garza (22 days ago)
I love smart people
Asteris Mpampos (23 days ago)
Elon faking excitement... 3:03 It's not that he is not excited it's just that during the event his mind is witnessing from an engineer point of view. And the happiness he feels is very pure from his perspective and it's not easy to express that kind of happiness... Respect Elon!
Anasvet28 (23 days ago)
Look at all those nerds :')
Ramesh Shrestha (24 days ago)
you have made histoy Elon..........love from Nepal.
José Luis Rodríguez, Jr. (24 days ago)
What an awesome vibe!
John Ceena (27 days ago)
The only GOD I worship, ELON MUSK... ✊
Janella Padre (29 days ago)
i love you elon!!!!+
O Guia Para O Sucesso (29 days ago)
É realmente algo incrível! Novo...Uma nova Era começa agora! SpaceX O Futuro
Roran Elderon (1 month ago)
Kerbal Space Program gamers jizzed their pants, I know I did. I was smiling ear to ear when they nailed that landing
Nuha Rashed (1 month ago)
im just obsessed with the diversity in their team
aan syahrani (1 month ago)
Pembodohan. Pesawat mendarat lalu siapa yang mengambil gambar tersebut 🤧
Mars, there we go.
luvitus bangton (1 month ago)
RS movieclips (1 month ago)
I got goosebumps
DrTrash (1 month ago)
im so happy to be alive so i can witness that. Thank you Elon. and thank you to all those guys who were involved and still are involved in that project. And to Neil deggrassie tyson or how he is written i can only say... sorry search for another hobby....
Mohit Kalro (1 month ago)
Starting watching 'The Expanse' people, it's on Amazon Prime Video
ASAL (1 month ago)
Hayden Kerans (1 month ago)
Elon bought Tesla. He made Spacex and "hired" college engineers to engineer all the technology for the company. He's a genius businessman with a love for science.
Hawkeye Assassin's (1 month ago)
MrGotair (1 month ago)
Thank You Elon Musk and Thank You too Ridley.
Mr Niel (1 month ago)
I hope all the billionaires around the world helps Elon with his projects. 2019 guys?
Hastin Nuraini (1 month ago)
Mr Realms (1 month ago)
The moment I found out that anything is possible
Edgar Cardenas (1 month ago)
#$#$#$area 51 nasa sb ca 805 the dog
Shoeb Shaikh (1 month ago)
FREE FLIERS (1 month ago)
Taylor Matthews (1 month ago)
I was personally told that someone on alone team said there's already ppl on Mars and allot of evidence
rent a shill (1 month ago)
so instead of him showing you alot of evidence. he said there is a lot evidence hmmm fishy
Puro (1 month ago)
Science is truly magnificent. Elon has said some things which are simply wrong, but in the case of SpaceX he is doing fantastic.
jerryjamify (1 month ago)
Holy mother of fakery batman!
Jamo (1 month ago)
I can't believe how many people are so gullible
Jamo (1 month ago)
paid actors so Elon can make billions
Jamo (1 month ago)
what fuel you using on those rockets in space seems there is no oxygen in space and they have a really big tail flame out the back of those rockets?
iliyas ahmed (1 month ago)
Alert form mars 742 douche bags discovered on earth...... Dislike's really
crzykoment (1 month ago)
elon musk runs is very cute :D
ScottyNeedsIt (1 month ago)
Alvish Hussain (1 month ago)
Carls Sagan said there is no one to save us from ourselves and then Elon was born.
NoobDoesTheInternet (1 month ago)
2:12 i thought it exploded
Alek Makedonskiy (1 month ago)
элон маск всегда на высоте как маркетинговый пацан для востока
Abdoufan Light (1 month ago)
Elon musk host meme review
explorer of cosmos (1 month ago)
♥️♥️♥️😍😍😍😘😘😘 emotional and exciting too...
Greenback Boogie (1 month ago)
If Elon Musk is really what they say i dare him to trace this message and if he was able to trace it, text me on my cellphone number "Space X"
GIEAN IS A VLOGER (1 month ago)
Anyone 2019?😂😂🌅🚀🤘
Shubham Rai (2 months ago)
elon musk is a god
Shubham Rai (1 month ago)
he is a modern god
Vyshnav Radhakrishnan pv (2 months ago)
Musk😍 3.33-3.37👌❤😇
kkeith 742 (2 months ago)
Go space x
Mommagongs channel (2 months ago)
Good or bad?
3nd0uXI (2 months ago)
2030: Planet of Birth 2045-2075: System Of Birth Hope i live long enough to say mars as my children's planet of birth
Daily shepard (2 months ago)
I think NASA should take a job at SpaceX. 😂😂😂
Gary Hayden (2 months ago)
The Talented , the Gifted , and the Living . SpaceXxx
Glue Food (2 months ago)
Elon Musk you absolute mad lad
marium javved (2 months ago)
The only motivational video I ever needed.
julian Xxxx (2 months ago)
Jajajaja excelente
Random Universe (2 months ago)
Dude the US should just the community hooked in space exploration again just imagine the possibilitys
T Wayne (2 months ago)
Elon musk is a mad scientist and a top class engineer
Masaya Shida (2 months ago)
THIS is what humanity can achieve.
Charlie Maine (2 months ago)
I love that the thumbnail for this video is Musk's smug face.
M Varensyah (2 months ago)
why elon looks like a villain from a movie, or the opposite
Akash E (2 months ago)
2023 ? anyone from mars??
Amine Nasri (2 months ago)
The best thing i see
RR entertainments (2 months ago)
Tony stark in real life
mark seddi (2 months ago)
excellent video
stinky Ass (2 months ago)
Elon for president
sam lili (2 months ago)
this got me goosebumps 😅 love u elon musk my superhero😘😘
Mumtaj Alam (2 months ago)
My icon Elon musk.!
Eco se Sekho ckj (2 months ago)
Mars elon musk is coming be ready
Mac Guyver (2 months ago)
2:47 when you get your first kiss lol (nohate, love spacex and musk)
jayram dahal (3 months ago)
love you mr. elon musk from nepal
SauGat (3 months ago)
Like =Love Musk
Rail Guru AniWDP4 (3 months ago)
I feel realy proud sir I am your fan From india
Xena WarriorPrincess (3 months ago)
NASA has technology now to build a rocket ship to take you to Mars an other planets but they are stupid.
Nisshant Vernekar (3 months ago)
GOAT for a reason.
Orest Olenych (3 months ago)
Gurpreet Singh (3 months ago)