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Old barn becomes young architect's budget, elegant home-studio

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Alfredo Vanotti wanted to recover the old barn his grandfather had built 100 years ago in his village’s now-abandoned town center. Working on a tight budget and mostly his, and his father’s, labor, he began to turn the former cow stable and hay loft into a modern classic home for himself and his daughter, and the garage into his home-studio. http://alfredovanottiarchitetto.it/en/ca-giovanni/ Alfredo's stable-turned-home: https://youtu.be/qdvtRzgtjdQ
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Text Comments (522)
K W (8 hours ago)
Love it!
What'sit Toyou (17 hours ago)
I like how how daughter keeps running away from the camera lol
snow0over0sahara (1 day ago)
Come on! I would love to see what he has done with the children's room!!! There must be one in the house!
Sung-Han Hung (2 days ago)
Well done. Love it
Andréa Diniz (4 days ago)
Amei essa casa.
Ergo (4 days ago)
Grazie, Alfie ! <3 from Korean architects
Pam Coombs (6 days ago)
Luv it!
Hannibal (6 days ago)
Non so se è peggio il video che è pessimo o i risvoltini del Tipo che pure sono abbastanza brutti!..
JoeAlan (6 days ago)
This is a favorite. Love the ancestry and connection honoring the past and modernizing it.
InTheAir1122 (7 days ago)
Daddy T (7 days ago)
Denim Lowe (9 days ago)
Lovely. I really appreciate the stone and wood. Plenty big.
Merilora Duncan (9 days ago)
Was there more than one bedroom because I only saw 1?
Rimrock300 (9 days ago)
Had hoped to see another bedroom, but no, looks like there is only one) It there was more, we most likely would seen it. Possible with 2 more rooms at base level it seems, but likely just used as storage at the moment.
mark lewis (11 days ago)
such a beautiful structure,..masked up.
Huberdina (11 days ago)
Charming design. Thank you for showing the video..
Bodhiindigo friend (11 days ago)
He should make Air B& B from the abandoned. Generate tourism.
Eleonora Mladenova (11 days ago)
Beautiful are the houses around for sail ... I love to buy one of them and renovate ...
Marisa Stone O'Brien (11 days ago)
I love the stone built buildings in Europe. This is just delightful!
David Zafra (12 days ago)
i would paint the house black on the outside
TheZolli (12 days ago)
Wonderful redevelopment! The way he presented and introduced his home to us was so humble and full of respect. Great work!
Nancy Deis (12 days ago)
I am in love with this...the small intimate space is so warm and comforting. even the open bathroom...i think it is wonderful. The people who lived before us were smarter than any of us. Computers and technology may bring some interesting and helpful things but how they lived before us worked for hundreds of years. We have become so damn lazy now. Using the old is so much better than ripping it down and building UGLY new boxes. I felt so comforted at the beginning with the water running through the town the small alley ways ...people walking/biking. So beautiful. I was born in the wrong place
geronimo95 !!! (12 days ago)
love the stone, not sure about open concept pooping though
Thi Huynh (12 days ago)
Sidilicious (12 days ago)
Good job, beautiful and classy.
Nasir Nasiry (12 days ago)
Ash (12 days ago)
Just beautiful. I feel like I’m watching art Kirsten..
Michelle (13 days ago)
Bellissima casa!!!!
Caroline Y (13 days ago)
Pure beauty!
cliff woodbury (13 days ago)
Europe is the one place in this world were they should destroy old neighborhoods to build new ones - not when they look like that
American Pancake (13 days ago)
Absolutely beautiful- I might be worried, though of the stability in an earthquake but then I am a worrier and a Californian for decades.
Gavin B. (13 days ago)
It's funny, I'm watching this thinking that's a beautiful house, as I sit in a 200 year old barn conversion with stone walls, wooden beams and original features just like it... Easy to forget what you have.
Jane Whitzend (14 days ago)
Stunning. What an amazing job. Loved the respect to the family history ❤️
moccasinlanding (14 days ago)
He is definitely NOT "crazy", he is living a dream. His restoration/modernization is a tribute to his great-grandfather. Lovely place.
lancedaniels (15 days ago)
Thanks for posting and sharing.
michael uk (15 days ago)
I feel this man has wonderful skills & great vision, how he mixes the classical old style with modern materials is very classy, if this was simply a modular box (nothing wrong with that either) it might not be as inspiring (?) Bit bringing his past & this I old building back to life is just perfect... If I had money to spare in such a project I would hire him on the spot 👍 *excellent!*
Alex Freetime (16 days ago)
If you need help with the translations I may assist you, not saying it was bad overall, just some things were a bit off.
db Productions (16 days ago)
He'll definitely grow to hate how he designed the fire place. And his daughter has 0 privacy at all. You really just going to put the shower and bathroom in your bedroom like that?...
Idy Razlan Ismail (17 days ago)
What's under his house? Another house?
Matt Bonanza (18 days ago)
Very inspiring
Felix Niederhauser (19 days ago)
complimenti, tua casa bellissimo
david fraser (19 days ago)
Love it!
Suzita (20 days ago)
Its very smooth
Pippi Amorin (21 days ago)
I just love that there's people like this out there: looking out for stories, but remembering those before them. He created a new concept of coziness. While constructing of a new chapter, never forgetting the history behind. You can feel the respect and care he has for his family's story. Well done!!
marnie p (21 days ago)
Stunningly beautiful. Absolutely your ancestors would be over the moon , restored beautifully without loosing the integrity of the building. I hope it brings you and your family much happiness.
franck jacques (21 days ago)
Comfort and rusticity are a good match !
Dayu Pertiwi (22 days ago)
Drop dead gorgeous!!!
Ilona Vasvari Photographer (23 days ago)
Kappa_G0d (23 days ago)
6:37 doggo on camera!
hannah martin (23 days ago)
yellow phase practically adventure relief cheese ear chicken couch stop.
Francesca Diano (24 days ago)
But where does his daughter sleep?
GreenEyes 1226 (24 days ago)
It is just Beautiful ❤️❤️
Joe McCagherty (24 days ago)
Love the large glass door to his studio - could you provide manufacturer.
Ms E (25 days ago)
If houses were edible I would gain all my weight on this one. The interiors are just delish! Its literally my dream, perfect blend between rustic and modern. What? Exposed brick walls, glass, stainless steel, black, mood lighting.......STOP. i need to lie down!!
backyardjunkie (25 days ago)
Whirlybird (25 days ago)
Bet you it’s freezing but worth it for the look ;)
Michael (25 days ago)
The Italians call this “Sprezzatura”
LIVESH (25 days ago)
when battle field 1 starts adding all the random textures and bump map they have in their collection.
msGvious (26 days ago)
Beautiful in all the ways! His daughter is so cute xx
Bill Jenkins (26 days ago)
He should buy the rest of the town and refurbish all of it in the same fashion.
Handsome White Devil (27 days ago)
These 15 second ads are a real interest killer.
gio penn (28 days ago)
This is amazing, it connects him to his ancestors and preserved his family's past.
Bold Love (28 days ago)
quetzal coatl (28 days ago)
Absolutely gorgeous 😍this is what I dream
Luis Vera (29 days ago)
the best of the all proyect is el italino que guapooo :)
mary pavlou (29 days ago)
I loved it!!!!Great ideas he had!
akayrk (29 days ago)
also, this video seems very good for italian listening practice. :D
akayrk (29 days ago)
italians are masters of conservation and adaptation.. they know good stuff
Kimm 65 (29 days ago)
It's well done but I could never live there. It would make me very unhappy living in this home because there's not enough natural light.
col (1 month ago)
Very dark like lot of Italy. The stone looks amazing but try cleaning it. Impossible. That's why it was rendered. People use to be more functional now their more about creating the look at all costs. True
col (1 month ago)
So dark it's light much of Italy.
Anne Bradley (1 month ago)
The dsign is very intimate,and uch more meaning,sentiment.Beautiful!
M B (1 month ago)
Really great work. Bravo!!!
Veldtian1 (1 month ago)
Kid's room, separate toilet shower? Zero insulation seriously? Or even a fly screen door or bug mesh on the windows, man it'd be freezing and/or a hotbox during winter and summer but it's hipster rustic fusion chic and that's all that matters - just like that idiotic wood burner with no flue cut-off to slow down the incineration of precious wood fuel resources, it's cute so who cares!
skyblue hippie (1 month ago)
what's inside the room next to the studio on the first floor? the doors look too pretty for a garage.
Idy Razlan Ismail (17 days ago)
My question too
Vladimir Kuznetsov (1 month ago)
Ric Romano (1 month ago)
WOW, splendid. The play with light:lighting on this video was as beautiful as the residence - excellent!!!
Bas Finnis (1 month ago)
Very nice indeed
Ed Murphy (1 month ago)
when the lights came on to reveal the dining space outside ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
RichieT5 (1 month ago)
Beautiful and I love the original features mixed with modern touches - just my style 😍 you have done your grandfather so proud
CrisMelo DotCom (1 month ago)
The only criticism I have: anytime you see a dog, introduce the dog to us.
Shraddha Waigaonkar (1 month ago)
Remarkable! I wish I can do the same one day!
Liz X (1 month ago)
Great, beautiful house!! I would like to live there!! Congratulations!! It's very, very good to see the love and respect to the past history and family. 🌷🌷🌷
300bpm (1 month ago)
My god, why would ever leave that beautiful town, for any reason?
wozzlepop (18 days ago)
@300bpm Possibly. I think its just the natural restlessness of youth and wanting to get out in to the world and do something..
300bpm (18 days ago)
@wozzlepop that's because young adults generally don't know anything
wozzlepop (18 days ago)
You know how it is, as a child those places can be soffocating. They are filled with the parochial, the elderly and the nosey gossips. It looks inviting superficially, but for a young adult it must feel like all the world begins and ends at the town limits.
Aitor Tilla (1 month ago)
Funny how they make him questions in a mix of Spanish/Italian. One word of Italian every 5 words of Spanish.
Vania Pesciulli (1 month ago)
@aitor tilla it has always seems to me, one word in english every five of italian 😂
dee6075 (1 month ago)
Katalin McCune (1 month ago)
Brad the Pitts (1 month ago)
So much character! - It's the polar opposite of new construction "cookie cutter" homes we have here in The States. Grazie!
Joseph Marín (1 month ago)
Ah! Bellissimo! Rustic history marries subdued modernism and the result is tour worthy. Practical and remarkable (re)use of materials. The view from the studio is sublime. How could I not want to work there? ... Bravo!!
rolando spaolonzi (1 month ago)
Complimenti per la ristrutturazione e per il video 👍ma nn avrei messo il nero negli interni, troppo cubo,avrei utilizzato il bianco o bianco avorio ...grazie !Sabrina
Adrian Stewart (1 month ago)
I love your videos Kirsten but please, invest in a better camera/fix the FPS drops in your videos! Your channel is my kind of thing to watch but the choppy clips really subtract from the experience
CrisMelo DotCom (1 month ago)
fps? explain please
spikedhats (1 month ago)
Your content is a bright light. My world is a better place for it, I'm sure the world at large is too.
Rossana Bachiorri (1 month ago)
Persona meravigliosa perché ha conservato un patrimonio culturale e storico della sua vita e del luogo
RRR R (1 month ago)
Bella casa 🏡
Diego Bortolato Architetto (1 month ago)
Alfredo Is mad, but hi is a really nice guy and fantastic architect!
RJ (1 month ago)
But most importantly is that past still has soul whereas the modernity lost it completely
Yasmine Dey (1 month ago)
Stunning reconstruction and a lovely and cozy home, but where was the daughters bedroom?
David Devos Lozano (1 month ago)
Maybe the parents are divorced, and she only comes on weekends, so no bedroom for her.
ay Wa (1 month ago)
What a beautiful home and restored with the utmost respect for what his grandfather build. Looove this home.
Michelle Ruiz (1 month ago)
Bellísimo! Remodernizar el pasado, fabuloso concepto. Me encantó!
I Wrote All My Stories in Florida (1 month ago)
I'm in love with that space.
BIMMER ZEIT (1 month ago)
Great video. I missed it maybe, what town or region is this?
Antonio Fionda (1 month ago)
It's near Sondrio, Lombardia.