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Top 10 Heaviest Lifts The World Has Ever Seen|Strongmen Deadlift 1000lbs|Heaviest Deadlifts ever

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Text Comments (4639)
apu tson's (6 hours ago)
Imagine if they Slap on our face once ☠🤒🤕
Frank Malimba (2 days ago)
Nihatari xna wapo safi
Basketball shtuff (2 days ago)
kinda thicc tho👀
Rob Marcus (2 days ago)
Nøah Stewart (2 days ago)
When you watch a single episode of Dragon Ball or JoJos Bizarre adventure
Simon John Hinton (2 days ago)
My mate jack can lift over 2 tons.... His first name is Car.
NiranXNaruto Uzumaki (2 days ago)
These are the ones that can wrestle In wwe
Captain Bolton21 (2 days ago)
NiranXNaruto Uzumaki I totally get that.
James Townsend (3 days ago)
Dayum foreal nose bleeds
Eric Kirchhoff (4 days ago)
Kondru Sasikumar (4 days ago)
xAnthony22 3 (4 days ago)
I can liflt my friend up and ge wheighs like 150 dose that count?
Nice Words (4 days ago)
Close enough
xxMarco delax (4 days ago)
Lil Dimer-x (4 days ago)
This is not humanly possible!
القيصر العراقي (5 days ago)
اكو عرب 😁
Samuel Peacock (5 days ago)
Thing is some people bench more than these guys let press
Roll Damn Tide (2 days ago)
HAHA Let's hear some names
William Frederick Iversen (6 days ago)
He real winner here is the barbell
Lenin Van Der Hayden (6 days ago)
lmaooo when the guy kicked the chair and it just went fucking flying. Looks like he kicked a loaf of bread or something.
MAA MULTIMEDIA (6 days ago)
Please Everyone Subscribe my chanel
Zaid Al Sekri (7 days ago)
That nose bleed what the fuck
Ashwani Singh (9 days ago)
Meanwhile I'm lifting my glass
Akash Kumar (9 days ago)
But I can lift a heavy duty truck by a finger 😜😜
Ronak Gupta (7 days ago)
@5:23 arnold goes for a hifi but gets ignored...
Aman Dev (11 days ago)
The Great Gama lifter 1200 kgs 2645 lbs
J C (7 days ago)
Wtf are you talking about
Imad Sahouli (11 days ago)
ouch! My back hurts ..
Alpha Matheus36 (11 days ago)
first guy lifts the weights and i see his nose gush blood like a fountain i was like.. NOPE IM OUT
Chenaniah Welman (14 days ago)
They all look like thanos
Chuck Jackson (15 days ago)
Sheesh - The MOUNTAIN is strong AF...{smh}
Victor (17 days ago)
1:31 Is that Mark Henry in the back? 🤔
Margaret Mwai (17 days ago)
Victor yes it's him.
Pablo Escobar (17 days ago)
These guys are the true Alpha Males
Sufal Nayak (18 days ago)
Dylan j (18 days ago)
U forgot Eddie halls 500kg deadlift u fucking fuckhead
Phillip Mulligan (18 days ago)
How do these guys avoid a major brain hemorrhage? I get a splitting migraine headache after heavy lifting and go blind in my left eye for minute or so.
Chicken nugg788 (13 days ago)
Ho fuck. Maybe dont lift heavy weights den
rogger55 (15 days ago)
damn dude
kabaddi veeramani (18 days ago)
Ruski inkwizytor z planety tańczących mongołów (18 days ago)
Ist the world record 1102 pounds by eddie hall. Soo who the hell is that guy that pulled 1153 can someone answer
kkmull 94 (18 days ago)
The guy lifting 1153 is zydrunus zsavickas, he’s lifting a tyre deadlift which is different to a normal deadlift with weight plates as the tyres are higher off the ground than normal weights
Shenaz Arif (19 days ago)
PrestonPlayzRoblox 117 (19 days ago)
Poor dude on first
เเดเนียล gdgh (20 days ago)
Louda Bear (20 days ago)
And I’m over here struggling to lift 4 gallons of water
Deepak Roy Saket (20 days ago)
Rainier Olave (20 days ago)
I've seen Mark Henry
merlinsdog (21 days ago)
The human mind is an amazing thing, & belief is how these men became so strong! Never give up, keep pushing yourself, you never know what you might achieve! ✌️
YT MIKITA (21 days ago)
Like si viste a mark herny
ll dEEtEE x (17 days ago)
Eddie hall ripped 465kg (1025 lbs) off the floor at the world deadlift championship 2016 like me standing up with my own weight and the next lift he pulled 500kg (1102.5 lbs) and bled from the nose, eyes, ears, lost his vision for a bit, and forgot who his family was
尺卂D (22 days ago)
0:53 was 'the mountain' One of my personal favourites
尺卂D (7 days ago)
@Cesar Reyes peppa pig is my 2nd favourite bodybuilder
Cesar Reyes (14 days ago)
Peppa pig
Ryan Singleton (22 days ago)
1st one made me traumatized.
Cnay Shendele (4 days ago)
Adazel B (23 days ago)
just did 150 kg deadlift pr fuck i feel weak
habibi baba (23 days ago)
this is me
Vijay Vijay Rohit (23 days ago)
Lordi (23 days ago)
holy fuck
Alma GRACA (23 days ago)
Shivank Tiwari (24 days ago)
Why don't they participate in Olympic game??
Rabi Shrestha (24 days ago)
Wwwwwaq L
Cool Enzo (24 days ago)
Sorry for the guy WHO was bleeding in the start I feel BAD I hope your okay
Derpy Man (21 days ago)
He is alright, that is a pretty common thing for him, all of the pressure makes the weak blood vessels in your nose burst
DAKS CA RL (24 days ago)
ikilledAK (24 days ago)
1.33 Mark Henry from wwe
Brandymorasch (24 days ago)
Aaa. Aaaaaa
Norolyaquil Batawi (25 days ago)
Wtf 😮😳😮
Adam Ring (25 days ago)
Eddie Hall has the Worlds record. he fainted after the lift.
Joe Fixit (22 days ago)
Adam Ring he still did i mean it is the equivalent of deadlifting two four wheelers and more
Doug Messmer (25 days ago)
Big Z looks like he's not even trying
Nickorah Stephenson (25 days ago)
Alpha Fofana (26 days ago)
S4lami_gr GAMES (26 days ago)
this video made me feel puny..and im 1.9m 108kg of muscle
Football unlimiteD (25 days ago)
What's your deadlift fam
Metin Boss (26 days ago)
yus for midensterd eiejcbnej cenwbjw
ليث الدون (27 days ago)
Reaktion gamer 03 (27 days ago)
I have birthday Today
Duhthusami Duhthusami (27 days ago)
What is the thing that they smell before lifting
J C (27 days ago)
amonia to wake you up, gives you a kick
Maelstrum yes (27 days ago)
3:34 thats the guy from the rock lifting body builder memes
Adem Oguz (27 days ago)
Hafthor is a beast
Cameron Brady (27 days ago)
siddharth chandrol (28 days ago)
the mountain sir gregor clegane
Zandrae Kristoff L. Agno (28 days ago)
I can only lift 30kgs😂😂
Michael The cat (26 days ago)
It a joke you can't lift 30kg
Maris Sa (28 days ago)
dat is het zelfde als 9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999cilo :D
Maris Sa (28 days ago)
voor een gewicht van 1000 cilo heb je duizend spierballen voor in je armen en bennen nodig
Alex Showalter (29 days ago)
Well call those men lazy compared to me. But I’m on break. And I have a runny nose. So naturally it’s their turn to lift it. And not mine. Oh no look I have a hangnail I’m going home.
WAR GOD (29 days ago)
I'll like to see body builders from prison on this show .. because that's all they do
ХХХ 13 Регион (29 days ago)
Ойш хуйняғой біздің Илья мыналарды əшиін қадайдығо
SOUL MORTAL (29 days ago)
2:40 song name please
vô danh (29 days ago)
MrAlucard1964 (29 days ago)
Great job just stay healthy
Siva Bridge (29 days ago)
Also I’m only 11
Siva Bridge (29 days ago)
I moved a 6,000 ton door before.....impressive but...I’m strong like them or stronger
Xen (27 days ago)
XD ofc buddy ofc
Renee Hennessey (29 days ago)
Im-fucking-possible that 6,000 ton door would weigh 12000000 pounds meaning and because I'm not calculating because I'm lazy that would mean lots of force. Even if there is such a thing like that I would like to see it.
Raiv Kyro (29 days ago)
Siva Bridge ok buddy
ludimilla rodrigues (29 days ago)
scholes red (29 days ago)
This is stupid hurting your body
Gregorio Ramon (29 days ago)
I don’t know know if you guys watch wrestling but mark henry lifted the worlds largest weight
Michael Sheldon (28 days ago)
It was Eddie hall not mark Henry Eddie hall beat his records
Michael Sheldon (28 days ago)
No he didnt
Isabelle Butler (29 days ago)
The nose bleed made me feel uncomfortable
Rob (26 days ago)
Cause you're a fuckin bitch
Kirito (27 days ago)
Amen Getachew (27 days ago)
I am Ethiopia men
Amen Getachew (27 days ago)
I wanted to be like this men
23David Reed (29 days ago)
Strong much?
Kees Pol (29 days ago)
No bleed no gain
SuccessStoryMarketing (29 days ago)
Come check my Page out . Stay tuned for 405 bench video!
Lion gamesXD (1 month ago)
de mannen zijn sterker dan mij ik ben ook wel sterk.
IceStone69 (1 month ago)
I'm 186 and I feel like I can 1000lbs now Thank u for this video AWESOMENESS
GUDANG SATU (1 month ago)
Masa tetep kalah sama MASTER LIMBAD di mampu narit tronton di dilindes gk mati, bule makanya sayur2an Limbad makan silet tipis kecil tapi menakutkan
Aril siotobagus (29 days ago)
Mithalesh Yadav (1 month ago)
Plz tell me that why their nose bleed?
Kees Pol (29 days ago)
He went over his total power limit
Tazeen Zehra (1 month ago)
1:33 mark henry on the side
William Eenkhoorn (8 days ago)
WSM Mark Henry xD Legend i miss him
حماده ه (1 month ago)
اكو عراقيين 🇮🇶😂
علي القريشي (29 days ago)
ههههه اي موجود
egar_ afg (1 month ago)
sampe berdarah cuk
Aril siotobagus (28 days ago)
egar_ afg (29 days ago)
@Aril siotobagus salah beli tiket bro
Aril siotobagus (29 days ago)
Btw kenapa kamu kok ke sasar juga
egar_ afg (29 days ago)
@Aril siotobagus kalo pulang hati hati ya jangan ampe kesasar lagi ke jerman
Aril siotobagus (29 days ago)
Iya mak
Mahfuz Md (1 month ago)
Bé Khoai (1 month ago)
Thật khủng khiếp
md sohag (1 month ago)
How wight
BANANAPOWER WINS (1 month ago)
Tutorial on how to brake ur arms
SinnerMercy (1 month ago)
Nose bleed legand