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Move over UPS truck: Amazon delivery vans to hit the street

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June 28, 2018
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Roy Long (1 month ago)
One of the reasons Amazon doing this is that more and more independent delivering businesses are quitting working with Amazon due to high expenses that drivers have to pay from their own pockets.
pratice is perfect man (3 months ago)
Rita kaye (7 months ago)
What a joke. These amazon drivers are the worst. Packages come up missing, they don't like to deliver in bad weather, packages are constantly ending up at the wrong place cause they have total losers delivering for them. I'd rather pay for my shipping then to deal with the big joke of there delivery service. I quit ordering from Amazon because of them.
Francis K (2 months ago)
Jesus christ!!! Quit your whining!!!
tay wigs (4 months ago)
Rita Kaye shut up you act like you out there with every driver on every delivery
Scholarly Reader (8 months ago)
Amazon will knock both FedEx and UPS on the priority service deliveries. My two day UPS cost me $73 weights less than 3 lbs fom Dallas to San Francisco. If I can get something from amazon, similar to amazon prime where I can get all my priority packages within two days at a flat yearly rate .I will drop FedEx or UPS in a second. I pay $5600 for all my yearly deliverIies compare to what amazon may provide, like prime for $120 I am willing to even pay $300 year for the two day service.
sliccflip (1 year ago)
Hit the streets all you want. Remember, a lot of delivery carriers out there out now on in the streets and not one of them could even knock UPS off lol. Just another competition.