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Kiss Frontman Gene Simmons On Pot, Touring And The Middle East | CNBC

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Gene Simmons, Kiss founding member, sits down with the "Squawk Box" crew for a wide-ranging interview on his business investments, the upcoming Kiss tour and his take on unrest in the Middle East. » Subscribe to CNBC: http://cnb.cx/SubscribeCNBC About CNBC: From 'Wall Street' to 'Main Street' to award winning original documentaries and Reality TV series, CNBC has you covered. Experience special sneak peeks of your favorite shows, exclusive video and more. Connect with CNBC News Online Get the latest news: http://www.cnbc.com/ Find CNBC News on Facebook: http://cnb.cx/LikeCNBC Follow CNBC News on Twitter: http://cnb.cx/FollowCNBC Follow CNBC News on Google+: http://cnb.cx/PlusCNBC Follow CNBC News on Instagram: http://cnb.cx/InstagramCNBC Kiss Frontman Gene Simmons On Pot, Touring And The Middle East | CNBC
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Text Comments (252)
The Spirit World (12 hours ago)
is gene gonna sell adrenochrome too?
Philip Defibaugh (1 day ago)
First Gene says that he is against marriage and many years later is married, then he preached about the dangers of drugs including weed, but now has a new view on weed, what is the next thing he will change his mind about? Lol
Orgasmatron 93 (1 day ago)
Guy is such a tool but still love em
Justin Gower (1 day ago)
Loves to make a duck face doesnt he?
Per Christmansson (2 days ago)
saying ; see what I did there, -seams to be a Jewish thing only? Sounds stupid Gene, please stop!
Fred Pearson (2 days ago)
Hard to believe he watches CNBC--only channel orse than them is MSNBC.
JC thomas (2 days ago)
Yeah, great job at informing the masses really :)
shortsleave (3 days ago)
He can now legally make money off pot so SUDDENLY it's a good thing. Creep.
J W (9 days ago)
He hypocrisy about drugs is astounding. He would call all pot user's loser's before he could earn a easy buck. But, if he can make a buck so be it, " I'm all in to make a buck even, if I happen to be a Hypocrite"
Christopher Smith (19 days ago)
Stop saying Gene is the front man. Paul Stanley is the front man and always has been.
5150 Logan (20 days ago)
Glad to see him finally educate himself on the benefits of cannabis. We need more people like him who have a platform to speak out on the subject.
jay blair (20 days ago)
now just greedy about pot
jay blair (20 days ago)
Michelle Rajca-Frost (24 days ago)
The Donald Trump of rock & roll.. What a money hungry person he is.
Vice Squad (24 days ago)
How many concert goers, innocent people and school children are shot and murdered each year in America? How many US citizens live in extreme poverty, have inadequate healthcare and struggle to keep a roof over their heads? And Gene, you want to teach future generations to chant that America is a good idea?.
Nigward (17 days ago)
Vice Squad Gene came from a poor family from Israel, While his own mother was a holocaust survivor. And they couldn’t afford food too place on their tables, And we’re living with friends, Gene work at being a rockstar for years, And became one off the richest man, something he couldn’t do, If he was living in a communistic country.
James Cunningham (24 days ago)
D B (25 days ago)
Is that Darth Vader
Jarrold Bates (25 days ago)
Geezus, didn't any of you dorks notice the big breasted, blue eyed red head at the end! OMG! 😍
mikemoair (26 days ago)
amazing, his age and doesn't have a grey hair.
Joe GI (26 days ago)
lmfao watch this show to get the latest news lol, are you serious Gene
BluePlays (28 days ago)
he scared me when i was a kid... :P
shawn the farmer (29 days ago)
gene is just a typical rockstar, madly in love with himself.
James Nestler (1 month ago)
Gene : 'drugs are bad....wait, I can make money off them? Drugs are good'.
bobowrath sovine (1 month ago)
Due to his 2 children he has matured and gave up much of his egomanioism
gkarjala (1 month ago)
Gene's great but, sorry buddy, that Vatican Wall is Older than you. Talk about Baby and bathwater.
Norman Goodwin (1 month ago)
I'm looking for a video where he's not wearing dark glasses. Finally he woke up about cannibus. How could he not see that years ago !!
Frank Esposito (1 month ago)
I love the Pope too....but their is a Walk around the Vatican... so they can see who is comming and going.....So America has to see that too! yet we can put people there......to Greet instead of a Wall!
Frank Esposito (1 month ago)
Love ya man!
Frank Esposito (1 month ago)
The KISS COFIN was the Best!
Todd Bedusek (1 month ago)
Hes talking about cannabis without the thc to help with epilepsy .. I get sick from pot bc I'm allergic to thc
Eric Rife (1 month ago)
He needs to go into the wig business.
Randy Rhoads (1 month ago)
He needs a better wig.
Rebekah Brown (2 months ago)
Gene you're the best man for endorsing a product that is going to do nothing but heal 😊
Christian Nilsen (2 months ago)
Gene Simmons, a.k.a "The Demon": I love the Pope he's a fantastic person
Christian Nilsen (2 months ago)
3:43 u tell 'em Gene!
37rod37 (2 months ago)
mastermind (2 months ago)
absolutely love that darth vader hair cut
michael hembree (2 months ago)
Pot is good for medicine that does what a pill doesn't do..gene thinks he knows everything ..
AjaxForever (2 months ago)
Horrific person
1doodaloniat (2 months ago)
Suddenly I love Gene Simmons. Genius.
Percy's Guitars and Amps (3 months ago)
The Kiss front man is Paul not Gene!!!!!!
Anita Taylor (3 months ago)
Is it sunny in there?! Whats with the shades?
lucifer lavey (3 months ago)
what's the name of that one good Kiss song?
Brenda Snider (3 months ago)
I.m so iffy about Gene I love KISS and the Demon but why can't he be a rockstar and the millions he made and just be happy but no he has to give his opinon on just about everything !
Peter Lukach (3 months ago)
Yo he ain't the front man, Paul is wtf.
Calebe Priester (3 months ago)
Evil stuff right here! Man, they will all burn!!
Phorbs (3 months ago)
Chad Thundercock?
Scott Fabian (3 months ago)
This greedy Jew has 350 million dollars and he still wants more. For crying out loud, how much money do you need? This guy claims he has never gotten high. I just don't believe it. How can you take a guy who wears a dead poodle on his head seriously?
Compete ToDefeat (3 months ago)
The only thing that clown has an "emotional attachment" to is money.
Paulangelaist !!!! (3 months ago)
Sell out i think not.. spreading truth in world filled with propaganda.. thats rock and roll
robclemenza (3 months ago)
he reminds me of trump
Christian Fischer (3 months ago)
"Both sides need to sit down and have a cup of coffee" Except no one wants to have coffee with a fundamentalist theocracy like Israel that is now running the worlds biggest death camp known as Gaza.
Dave Smith (3 months ago)
Surely he can afford a better wig when out hawking his cheap tat?
kevykev38 (4 months ago)
He was my hero at one time. Until he started talking, I lost respect for him. But I still reflect on the first 8 albums (the only albums that really matter to me). Gene and Paul should have never started talking . Made them both ugly
the GLOSSA channel (4 months ago)
The interviewer seems un-prepared.
Lori Reichert-Dover (4 months ago)
Kiss Army forever
Dee Rock (4 months ago)
Chaim Witz should stick to selling his soul. He is a brilliant business man and I'm glad he woke up on pot. *I'm a KISS fan
Robert T Bird (4 months ago)
Gene Simmons would sell his soul if he could, just to make money!!
Jon Anthony (4 months ago)
Robert T Bird already has
jay dean (4 months ago)
He's not the frontman of Kiss
WinRARChickenDinRAR (4 months ago)
He doesn't think Kissikola would be more marketable?
Andy Cravis (4 months ago)
Gene is the best
ScareCro (4 months ago)
Gene's son said, Dad, I need $40, Gene says, $30? What do you need $20 for? Ok son, here's $10.
Jacob Boone (5 days ago)
+strtngfrsh facts.
strtngfrsh (4 months ago)
That's why Nick asked for $40 he only wanted $10
Melissa Tucker (4 months ago)
Gene Simmons Is Totally A Awesome Guy ...
Wulfman91 (4 months ago)
Thats a very interesting hat hes wearing!
Brad B (4 months ago)
wuts with that mop? jeezus h cryst
Richard Shapiro (4 months ago)
what a horrible interviewer. gene is hilarious, terrible and awesome in turns every second. lots of "fourth wall" comments, as if he has been binge watching deadpool 2.
raul serrano (4 months ago)
I didn't know they made steel wool wigs
Garegh62 (4 months ago)
Who is the old lady on the left with the jowls and really bad wig?
kenny play (4 months ago)
he is, well, smart
gkarjala (4 months ago)
Say what you will, this guy rocks. Offstage even.
ALLMUTANTER (4 months ago)
You know Gene inadvertently got a hold of one of Ace's brownies back in the day after a good romp backstage, he just won't admit it!
Marky Marco (4 months ago)
he speaks "off course"
Allen Tomas (4 months ago)
Cold Gin, yeah, you never got drunk.
strtngfrsh (4 months ago)
Ace wrote Cold Gin not Gene.
Aussiesteveification (4 months ago)
I like kiss , but this guy is full of himself lol 😂
Batty Ghøst (4 months ago)
So hes all for weed? Pretty sure he just wanted to make his own to just make $$$$.... hes just a freaking sellout person.... back then he was good look up to 80s to 90s metal scene sorta.
rthomas2471 (4 months ago)
I appreciate his pro-cannabis views but, what a complete tool.
Mark Miller (4 months ago)
Tom c (4 months ago)
What a jerk! The Donald Trump of rock and roll.
Patience Yagmin (4 months ago)
I like gene but it's rude to ware shades in the room . it's like a hat you need to remove it when you are present in a place or someone place
James Jordan (4 months ago)
Hice wig Gene!
SuperBike Racer (4 months ago)
The arrogance is mind numbing!
James Raposo (4 months ago)
paul little (4 months ago)
Just lost so much respect that I️ didint wanna loose.... come on man... get over yourself!!!
starry nite 540 (4 months ago)
he never smoked cmon man
responsibleparty (4 months ago)
Nice hat.
GameOfInches (4 months ago)
wait WTF Gene Simmons have never been high or drunk in his life ??
Robert Hamilton (4 months ago)
Worst bass player ever.
Tonybassist123 (4 months ago)
Robert Hamilton it’s the equivalent of generic trap beats
bellmeisterful (4 months ago)
Teach your kids to say God Bless America?! What do you think we are? Old school dumb people? Were smarter now, than those before us. Were progressive and we know better.
bellmeisterful (4 months ago)
strtngfrsh I was being sarcastic.
strtngfrsh (4 months ago)
If you think each generation gets smarter you're hallucinating.
The Hermit (4 months ago)
Oh I can pretty much guess what this guy thinks about pot: that it 'makes him paranoid' (because it makes him remember what an evil pos and horrible musician he is).
JohnG2007 (4 months ago)
As a former fan of Kiss in their heyday (1970s), it is sad to see my former idol transformed into a capitalistic schmuck who also supports the apartheid in Israel.
Nate Hudson (4 months ago)
God I hate everything about Gene Simmons. He's an skunk of the first order
The Diecast DareDevil Show (4 months ago)
gosh Gene, you really are a "true" sell out
Matthew Flynn (4 months ago)
He's what other sell outs strive to be.
Tonybassist123 (4 months ago)
The Diecast DareDevil Show Yeet
Level Inmix (4 months ago)
This is a complete waste of time.
sudicalwig (4 months ago)
"See what I did there"...... Please stop saying this Gene. It's really getting old..
AlabasterSmudge (4 months ago)
Gene is a great man.
ALI FERNANDEZ (4 months ago)
what's up with the SOS pad hair
Jeff Watson (4 months ago)
tim m (4 months ago)
"See what i did there?" If you have to point out funny... it's not very funny.
Edward R Rooney (4 months ago)
He and Trump are cut from the same cloth.
830Audio (4 months ago)
Oh chaim...
Geerladenlad (4 months ago)
Gene Simmons is not kiss's frontman. Paul Stanley is.