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Cities at Sea: How Aircraft Carriers Work

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Text Comments (6982)
Neel Ahluwalia (4 minutes ago)
You can sink a carrier using Cruise missile like Bhramos
NoName (3 hours ago)
Thailand Had A Carrier But Not For Military For Tourist
Aidan W (3 hours ago)
Something: exists France: let's name it Charles De Gaulle
Jacob Brown (13 hours ago)
The Yokosuka based aircraft carrier is the USS George Washington, not USS Ronald Reagan
Jacob Brown (6 hours ago)
@Jessica Cass Oh shoot you are right, sorry. We were stationed in '11, I haven't been up to date on it really
Jessica Cass (7 hours ago)
Negative, they did a home port switch back in 2014 ot 2015. It's the reagan.
nomi bahi (13 hours ago)
c option
MegaTiki (18 hours ago)
"As they approach obsolescence" I think you're underestimating an Aircraft Carrier's ability to coordinate forward operations for invasions and air superiority missions. I highly doubt, unless there is a major fundamental shift in military thinking, that Aircraft Carrier's will ever truly disappear from the world stage.
Thomas Fieschi-Rose (1 day ago)
It could be either both or neither doors assuming the statement is wrong.
Ben Brewdog (1 day ago)
the memories I am US Navy Vet 4 years USS Enterprise CVN 65
flameout12345 (1 day ago)
wait what? Thailand has a air craft carrier? wtf
Gemini 0557 (1 day ago)
This ship is vulnerable to land and air missile attack.
Kellen Sarien (1 day ago)
Left unanswered: why Thailand feels it needs an aircraft carrier.
SoulArtSound (1 day ago)
Carriers never position them self near coast in full combat operations, NEVER! They are BIG targets with poor protection against anti-ship-missiles. So no, u cant position carrier 22km from coast, that's peacetime show off crap, in war, carriers are hundreds kilometers away from combat zone.
Nathan Peterson (17 hours ago)
Ahem... carrier strike "groups".
dexon777 (1 day ago)
11 aircraft carrier? What for ?protecting oil companies and bring democracy to other nations from 12000 km away ,and people think this is serving a country ,what a fucked up world order this is
dexon777 (16 hours ago)
Nathan Peterson ?
Nathan Peterson (17 hours ago)
steve vermillion (1 day ago)
Why was Russia left out when counting aircraft carriers, or did I miss something?
Nathan Peterson (17 hours ago)
The _Kuzsnetsov_ is undergoing an extended refit after the dry dock incident last year. Furthermore the Russians classify it as an aircraft carrying cruiser.
bowlchamps37 (1 day ago)
Just imagine how everyone would be better off it military was not needed.
TheRoyalGallade [TRG] (1 day ago)
A D (1 day ago)
So... They are nuclear powered and they can sink easily... OK!
Mrburrittos 57 (2 days ago)
My father was on a carrier for 3-4 months during desert storm
Ghostz (2 days ago)
You stupid! thailand never has aircrafts carrier, ALL WRON INFO. FAKE NEW!
Nathan Peterson (1 day ago)
HTMS Chakri Naruebet ...
Mr Robert Wolf III (2 days ago)
Thanks for refueling and finding space shuttles columbia and atlantis
That Guy From Walgreens (2 days ago)
Great video. With some minor details here & there since they don't have runways, is it safe to assume life on a destroyer would be similar? I knew it would be like a city on a sea, but it's a lot more detailed than I ever wouldn't imagined.
alex198826 (2 days ago)
We know nothing about neither door.
godbwu (2 days ago)
I'd see a business opportunity, and build a third door, remove all doubts,....
Tukijo Timbul (2 days ago)
Why America failed to make Cruise ship
Hkk Hgffh (2 days ago)
Is it allows to get pornographic materials send to the carrier?
Hkk Hgffh (2 days ago)
Is this still true? Ultra high speed, low flying anti ship missles are(!) breaking this way of doing war....
Eric McManus (3 days ago)
But isn't the threat of enemy subs the exact reason why carriers bring an entourage of other ships including an attack sub, cruisers and at least 1 anti sub based destroyer? Was that war game in which the sub beat out the carrier fighting against a carrier based strike fleet that included the attack sub and anti sub destroyer? Or was that strike fleet missing those 2 assets. Every ship has their role. Carriers are no different. They have specific roles. They never were, nor should be considered a 1 size fits all unit.
Josh Broadbent (3 days ago)
V1 10:10
AeroTeslaAviation Works (3 days ago)
Does Russia have STOVL fighters?
Vrhovni Predstojnik (3 days ago)
As long as Peter the great cruiser is docked there is no fear for this carrier to become a submarine!
RuddyUddy l FilmMaking Tutorials (3 days ago)
If Door 1 is safe, then door 2 is safe.
ButterfaceG (3 days ago)
7:47 after you've watched a couple episodes of Naruto
Ivern Robin (3 days ago)
where the hell is captain Chandler or I thought that I was watching my best movie #lastship
Raphus cucullatus (3 days ago)
And the red shirt's job is to just die when you really shouldn't.
Raphus cucullatus (3 days ago)
@thequack1968 you don't get the joke
thequack1968 (3 days ago)
Raphus cucullatus I was red shirt and I’m still alive today.
Ae Ea (4 days ago)
10:20 Vive la France ! 🇫🇷 🇫🇷 🇫🇷
Nathan Marr (4 days ago)
CVN-7111111111111111 :)
Oskar Ngo (4 days ago)
So why don’t enemy nations monitor and target the supply ships instead?
Thomas Jackson (3 days ago)
The supply ships have naval and aerial escorts, depending on the class of supply and the state of war/peace.
Joseph Ackermann Prophet (4 days ago)
psycho nation
joeh tom (5 days ago)
So we're not gonna talk about how this lad is holding his coffee 2:10
Jeff George (4 days ago)
also hands in pockets, in the us army you dont do that without repricussion
WOJness 12 (5 days ago)
Mail arrives in ten days my ass.
mathew707 (5 days ago)
How does Aircraft carriers work?: ummm with tax payers money! 🤔
Marios Koukoulieros (4 days ago)
And yet you Americans complain for NASA
Neva’ eh’s Natas (5 days ago)
Both doors are dangerous
its me ready player one (5 days ago)
7:47 Michael Jackson.....
Emeritus (5 days ago)
9:25 Auguth...?
Crazy Rich Wu Mao (5 days ago)
Sinking a US carrier is signing your own death warrant.
Emeritus (5 days ago)
Sinking a US anything is signing your own death warrant. Also, most of the time shooting something down is too.
Jess Connelly (5 days ago)
Carrier life fresh stuff for two weeks goes to shit after that👊👊👊👊👊👊👊
EvolutionWizard (5 days ago)
so these US carriers are sent on suicidal mission in ME to confront Iran! I feel sorry for their crew but it won't take Iran to sink all of them- boom
henryv agincourt (5 days ago)
EvolutionWizard + Village idiot for the evening, well done mucker.
SEESHARE (5 days ago)
The trouble maker country USA
After_Midnight (3 days ago)
Worlds number one terrorist.
Cencrd TZL (6 days ago)
3:32 "The second Method, which is considered simpler yet more dangerous is using helicopters..." No heat on you, I get the process and how its simpler, but I still laugh at how using a helicopter, a relatively complex piece of machinery, is considered simpler than using a pulley system.
Ryan Watterson (6 days ago)
Ryan Watterson (6 days ago)
Tom Meyers (6 days ago)
On the USS California you can po0p on the deck. And sleep till noon.
ChicagoHOG27 (6 days ago)
I have a feeling we will all see how aircraft carriers work in the next couple of months, if Iran keeps it up...
ChicagoHOG27 (5 days ago)
@corturia And they make a fierce crop of wheat. So, maybe I should re-think this thing. Hard to crush an opponent if they have two-stroke motors and wheat. All we have is AOC and soy milk.
corturia (5 days ago)
@ChicagoHOG27 now now the iranian navy has some of the most powerful 2 stroke engined boats you can buy!!
ChicagoHOG27 (5 days ago)
@corturia I think our "comrade" was referring to Iran's "best in class" blue-water navy. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
corturia (5 days ago)
sink a battle carrier group with 1970s aircraft could luck with that!
ChicagoHOG27 (6 days ago)
@JBJ ali By what? If you don't do it inside of three days, you won't have anything left to attempt that with. Dumbass. And a carrier doesn't travel alone. Remember that.
Georgia Hockett (6 days ago)
I've been on the USS Nimitz CVN-68
Abby Flack (6 days ago)
Yo I just saw us navy people watch bobs burgers
Evan Bates (7 days ago)
So, and aircraft carrier is basically a giant flex to other countries?
James (7 days ago)
The sign if false would mean if the door with the sign on it is safe the other door is also safe
Dave Smith (3 days ago)
There's another phrasing or framing to this "famous logic puzzle": two doors, a guard in front of each; one door is life, one death; one guard only lies, the other only tells the truth; you get one question to each of the guards. Choose which door to open (IIRC, that's the puzzle). There are probably other ways to set the puzzle. The problem I have with formal logic - which I have never studied - is that you end up with a lot of "symbolic logic" in search of a relevant context. It gets so abstract you wonder what the people are trying to avoid looking at. Here's my logic puzzle: explain why some men kill other men out of rage for vengeance? What logical proposition are such men trying to prove?
fetchstix™ (3 days ago)
The only time a “if [A] then [B]” statement can be false is when you have condition A being true and condition B being false.
Dave Smith (5 days ago)
Either door could be safe or deadly. You have to assume everything on the sign is false. That makes it as informative as "My dog is a cat." Get a robot, or a grenade launcher. Or get the nerd who made up the trick question, give him a lot of beer, and tell him there's a bathroom behind one of the doors.
wayne507508 (7 days ago)
at 0:53 there is another country displayed.... what is it ? Britain? It was not mentioned in the video
Varunan Varathan (7 days ago)
both doors could be safe or both could not
Stefan R (7 days ago)
The Puzzle doesnt have the correct answer available. The correct answer would be: Both doors have the same status (Both safe or both deadly).
210 Mango (7 days ago)
America now has 19 operating air craft carriers This is why America is the best
corturia (5 days ago)
@Nathan Peterson actually its 20 if you count STVOL as well as CATOBAR types
Nathan Peterson (6 days ago)
11 carriers.
Marcelo Rodrigues (7 days ago)
Looking at the truth table for the logic implication "if door1 = safe then door2 = deadly" we have door1 | door2 | result safe | safe | false safe | deadly | true deadly | safe | true deadly | deadly | true so the implication is false just if the two doors are safe. And as it says exactly that the sign is false, it means that both doors are safe.
Total downfall 777 (7 days ago)
Door 2 is safe
trueman mann (7 days ago)
Nuclear powered 😂
Donald Barnes (7 days ago)
How an aircraft carrier works? Think slave ship and this will be the beginning of your understanding at least that was my experience and mess cranking is a sentence from satan himself. You will learn how to live with 5000 plus other individuals on a 6 month cruise and then how not to murder them after a your first week out. If you make it you then retain skills as how to gaff off as much as possible and look as if your doing something,and sleep in places you thought would be impossible. You will also learn the Navy can make chicken that is boiled,fried and baked at the same time scratching your head while saying how in the hell did they do that.😁 G3 Div/128 Mag, CVN69, 91-93 IYAOYAS
gtc1961 (7 days ago)
Wow...I'm impressed...I served on carriers for four years and this was pretty accurate. The only gripe I have is the pronunciation of Yokosuka...it's not "yo-ko-su-ka", it "yokooska". BTW, if a US carrier is ever sunk, all bets are off....so, to our enemies, don't sink one of our carriers.
everusa15 (7 days ago)
You are USA, you can bully and do what ever you want. Shut up propaganda!!!!!!!!!!! WAR GAMES !? wtf is wrong with us...
dobzy (8 days ago)
4am I have a music exam in 6 hours why am I watching this
dobzy (5 days ago)
@corturia Hah you watched my video, yeh my brother joined last year and did 13 months of training when he was supposed to do 6 he broke his leg but yeah im joining in like 3-4 years been me and my brothers dream since we can remember
corturia (5 days ago)
@dobzy id never have guessed what with that rir flag on your wall ;-) good luck then
dobzy (5 days ago)
corturia I’m signing up the British Army as a infantry soldier when I am 18 already
corturia (5 days ago)
because you realised music will never fill the void in your life! ,sign up even if you passed the exam ;-)
Soum Bhaery (7 days ago)
What exam was it? How did it go? All the very best.
Arslan Yousaf (8 days ago)
both doors are safe and deadly at the same time
conservative personnel (8 days ago)
USA is everyones Daddy.... Woop that ass in a Min.
Paul Kim (8 days ago)
they should have a costco following behind. they are set.
tygonmaster (8 days ago)
They need quality stock, not food poisoning and chinese knockoff toys.
MW (8 days ago)
8:43 At any given moment, Americans are in debt
MW (8 days ago)
haha, enjoying your Mac and Cheese?
tygonmaster (8 days ago)
Does not matter. Debt is irrelevant.
KillerSniper55 (8 days ago)
This is one thing my country (Canada) needs. We are so focused on not putting troops on the ground and sticking to an air support role that an aircraft carrier would greatly increase our effectiveness in fulfilling our duty to defend other NATO nations.
PasCorrect (9 days ago)
Video: the runway is too short, so the airplanes are launched by catapults Me: wtf how does that work Video: anyway moving on Me:
Una Persona (8 days ago)
If your curious, all they do is pull the plane forward so it reaches its liftoff speed faster. I think it would have been cool if he went over this, but he's not a science channel, more just general information channel
Kevin Laughlin (9 days ago)
People forget about the bridle arrester booms (used to store just anything didn't need frequently) on the bow of the flight deck extending the length by 15 feet. Add that the other length and think what carrier(s) are the longest
Ali Nili (9 days ago)
How they switch off or can they switch off nuclear reactors for maintenance or parking in dock for a month ?
Nathan Peterson (8 days ago)
Sometimes the function of "scramming" (i.e. inserting all control rods at once, slowly to stop the fission. Albeit not in an emergency manner as "scram" implies ) or running at a stable lower power. Depends on the reactor's performance at lower reactivity and downtime. I am not an expert, not by any measure.
Brent Elmore (10 days ago)
Bob's Burgers in the galley at 2:46!!
Robert Dean Burlison II (10 days ago)
Put that sign on the IN & OUT doors of a supermarket.
1 3 (10 days ago)
Both doors are not safe?
Slipknot 555 (10 days ago)
India has 3
RGL (10 days ago)
This video is stunning
Everything (11 days ago)
USA the best!
Ethan Magdaleno (11 days ago)
Imagine needing a ramp to launch aircraft This post was made by flat deck gang
I will grind your meat! (8 days ago)
Ethan Magdaleno Imagine Only Launching Light Aircrafts This Post Was Made By The Catapult Gang
john mcdonald (11 days ago)
America actually has 20 air craft carriers.
BIG BRO (11 days ago)
both of the doors are dangerous
Lil Snoop (11 days ago)
Turkey has also
puirYorick (11 days ago)
Trying not to over think the problem I'd guess that either door might be any combination of safe and deadly because all we were told is that the sign is false NOT that some corollary was necessarily true. Therefore all we know is not to trust the sign.
Plasmaboo (8 days ago)
exactly. however, this is supposed to be a boolean logic problem, so there would be a correct answer among the 4 possibilities. but it's a very badly worded problem.
Libtards got Trumped (11 days ago)
The aircraft carrier USS America was decommissioned and was used in tests to get additional data on our carriers ability to withstand attacks before sinking. After being bombarded for 4 weeks it still didn't sink. They ended up manually rigging it with explosives to sink it.
GottHold Nicetomeet (11 days ago)
10:25 the german submarine U25 did that in 2001 as well....
snurk agurk (11 days ago)
Who would win: The us pacific fleet or one kamikaze boii
Nuke89345 (10 days ago)
The US Pacific Fleet still as they still got to the point of attacking Japan at will despite the intense kamikaze attacks and losses from it.
Mark Arnott (11 days ago)
c👨‍💻💨🐨hina hasn't got any carriers because this guy says so rofl 1 RUSSIA 1 FRANCE au 10 kick yur ass SUBS 😲 usa ooh about 12 ? ALL NUKE POWERED & not instances of any blow ups good work no fuel contaminating the sea's Reme,ber the Hippies in the day ban the nuke ships? fook now who's laughing fools fkn protesters did more harm than good logging - fire swept thru 1-2 years latter & burnt every town in its path AUSTRALIA fook if they didnt stop logging the towns would be here to day THANK YOU HIPPIES drug SMOKIN FoUokwitts see you all failed here again didnt u ? @ But whales the jap's try to kill WELL thats out at sea & they do good there but LEAVE the farmers alone & forest guys okk GET a job 7 work it out yourselves on your land see inreality how she Rolls hippies pmsl kids out uni want to run the world with FAKE hippie hair locks😲😹😹😹😹😹😹😹👨‍💻💨🐨🐱‍🐉🤷‍♀️😼🤸‍♂️🤸‍♂️🤠 lol
xevious2501 (12 days ago)
In the event of conflict, an aircraft carrier will be the first to be targeted by an enemy to be destroyed, as air power is the most important force in a given conflict. And foreign nations have worked long and hard to find a solution to dealing with the threat of aircraft carriers, and the solution is rather simple. consecutive high speed missile attack. Instead of a single missile attack, or multiple missiles throughout a span of time. someone thought of the brilliant idea of a barrage attack. consecutive high speed missiles consistently seconds apart one after another after another and so one. because you may stop one or two incoming attacks but your not stopping or 20. And even one destructive missile will know an aircraft carrier out of operation, because while its deck is on fire, aircraft cannot be launched. Essentially current missile technology has made the aircraft carrier antiquated. Or at best, it cannot operate with the sorta immunity its long had.
Plasmaboo (8 days ago)
The most powerful weapon is not an aircraft carrier, but a nuclear missile capable submarine. An (almost?) undetectable mobile vessel capable of causing nuclear destruction of civilization. Doesn't get much more powerful than that.
Nuke89345 (10 days ago)
The problem with these barrage missile attacks is you need the kill chain to be effective, and you need to position said missile launchers and vehicles to where the Carrier is supposed to be at and to find it and hit it before she moves away from said position. Missiles can also be used by the carriers with their Jets to pick off those same launchers you're using. With a plethora of vehicles like standoff cruise missile launching bombers, surface ships, and Submarine missile strikes at those launchers and sensors to make said launchers effective., the big issue presented for the missile saturation attacks is that being on the defensive, they have to first know and find the vessels to hit them first as the Enemy when they're going to attack usually have a plan and idea for what to hit at meaning they typically get the initiative.
Jason Smith (12 days ago)
an F35 pilot wouldn't do that (180 degrees plus) in an airshow; they'd typically do only up to 90 degrees. better to not show the potential customers what the F35 cannot do...but, everyone who's aware, knows it...too. so, who are they fooling, with a doctrine to hide the faults? - ignorant customers? - like high paying government officials? - no...couldn't be...! - so silly. just address the problem, and make a go at it. more wing area, stretched fuselage, better engines (geared turbofans???), thrust vectoring...(look at the 'B' model in 2D)...come on. the future is already written. just be there, now.
Tanks Are Awesome (12 days ago)
sabtien siddique (12 days ago)
They can spend ridiculously on their military, yet they can’t afford to give their citizens universal healthcare.
Plasmaboo (8 days ago)
@Allen Peace That's your stupid view, shared with a lot of idiots. A government's first priority should be to keep the country's citizen safe, and that obviously include keeping them healthy. Strictly maintaining national security is the military's job. If you didn't know, a government is a lot more than just a military.
Allen Peace (12 days ago)
It's my government's job to maintain national security. It is NOT my government's job to take care of me. That job belongs to me and I expect my government to stay out of my way as I go about doing it.
sabtien siddique (12 days ago)
The one thing America is no 1 at.
tygonmaster (8 days ago)
And being the top economy in the world. And being the most influence culture in the world. And....but yeah, keep up with the vaguely disguised "Orange Man bahhhd" anti-US comment. Very ignorant and petty.
jakekingkong (12 days ago)
what a failure of the ad at the end. the correct answer is none of the 4 choices.
jakekingkong (12 days ago)
the 2 doors are same. we don't know if they are safe or not.
Graham Webb (12 days ago)
The 'projection of power' means very little when the world is laughing at the orange con-man in the Oval Office.
Patriotism is Rare (1 day ago)
@Dore Pale Neither of you have given me any reasons as to why you think he's an idiot either.
Dore Pale (1 day ago)
@Patriotism is Rare the porn star was a joke bro. calm down
Patriotism is Rare (2 days ago)
@Dore Pale Don't claim something so serious when there's zero evidence to back it up. Trump ain't great, but he's alright.
Dore Pale (2 days ago)
@Patriotism is Rare he coul be, he likes to takes things too far for attention. why not
Patriotism is Rare (2 days ago)
@Dore Pale Trump was never a pornstar 😂
Kevin Luo (12 days ago)
its 2019 and just admit it the US is weaker than China
Torg norg the flop (12 days ago)
I knew aircraft carriers were big, but fuck me.