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Cities at Sea: How Aircraft Carriers Work

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Text Comments (6269)
44R0Ndin (7 minutes ago)
I don't think carriers are going anywhere as far as obsolescence. Carrier based aircraft may give way to carrier based drones, especially for more mundane tasks like logistics and aerial refueling, but carriers themselves are still very very important as a way to get aircraft from and to where they're needed in any potential conflict. Strategic bombers (ex. B-52, B-2) are the obvious exception to this rule, but those aren't going to win a war all by themselves.
hollo dollo (6 hours ago)
337 meteres. That is the biggest rocket side ways three times with room to spare.
Ahad Khan (9 hours ago)
There is an Aircraft Carrier stationed at the Intrepid Air Museum in NYC that i went to
Thibaud Duhamel (10 hours ago)
The main limiting factor of Charles de Gaulle's range is the amount of flour on board. Without it, no Baguettes and Croissants.
Eetu Lehtinen (18 hours ago)
Hmm a shop in aircraft carrier
Steve Irons (20 hours ago)
ETN1 here. Im a reactor operator on the Ford and I'm gonna call fucking bullshit on the 10 days for mail. Your lucky to get it in a month when your in Port
Peter Malutin (1 day ago)
we'll level anyone
GT Bentley (1 day ago)
Agent Sushi (1 day ago)
Honestly aside from nukes russia has nothing on the US's military.
igor goga (1 day ago)
It is not CHARLZZZZZZ, it is CHARL
COM CRAFT (1 day ago)
Thatgamer 101 (1 day ago)
you forgot australia because they have 2 carriers
Cool Fag (1 day ago)
It has been mentioned over the years that the 2 Australian aircraft carriers are technically classified as amphibious ships instead of carriers so that could be the reason it is not included or they just forgot.
Kate Price (2 days ago)
Britannia. No but seriously why was British aircraft carrier not talked about😐😐😐
Cool Fag (1 day ago)
Because both British aircraft carriers are under construction and not operational yet.
Plane CanOpenner (2 days ago)
Remember that the earth is stationary immovable plane
Aslavicdudewithvodka (2 days ago)
At 2:47 are they watching family Guy?😂😂
Zach King (2 days ago)
Aslavicdudewithvodka looks like Bob’s Burgers
Obi-wan can blow me (2 days ago)
Alex V T (2 days ago)
Trow tow grande in, who's deadly now door?
Dustin Stewart (2 days ago)
You don't!
Agustín (2 days ago)
Sweden is neutral there is nothing it could do against the us Sweden: sinks carrier
Agustín (2 days ago)
+Scythal it was too heavy now it's in a museum
Scythal (2 days ago)
Well, the Swedes are professional ship breakers... in fact they are so professional they broke one of their own ships a couple centuries ago!
Alex Loo (2 days ago)
Amazon is everywhere
gwydion75 (3 days ago)
Re: The logic puzzle at the end, the sign isn't relevant. It can't be trusted at all. There's nothing about it that indicates the person that created the sign had any good intent. Either way, you'd have to open Door 1 to know if its safe, and the status of Door 2 would be unknown until it is opened, as well.
MOStein (3 days ago)
Before conflict: Yankee go home! Mind your own business you war mongering country! After conflict : Where is America??? How could you stand by and let this happen to us??? SAVE ME!!! America: Do you want help or nah brah....
Cool Fag (1 day ago)
This is pretty accurate. It even happens in America with police. Conflict: People protesting brutality "Police go away" "fuck the police" Another Conflict: People run over by cars because they are protesting blocking traffic After Conflict: "Where are the Police we need them to catch the people who ran us over" Police: "nah you don't want us"
electrojects (3 days ago)
both doors are safe
Mr Finny (5 days ago)
Imagine having a ramped carrier
Mas (5 days ago)
I hate how people put our business out there.. you wanna know about the Fleet join the Navy the way i did.
Kyle Jarvis (5 days ago)
They only gotta fuel up every 25 years!! Ford should watch this video 😂😂
Cool Fag (1 day ago)
Where is ford going to get nuclear power
man boy (6 days ago)
Nobody: Random people in the comments: i WOrked oN oNE of Those!!
CloudSurfer821 (6 days ago)
Brazil also has a fixed wing aircraft carrier.
Lucasplz (4 days ago)
Not anymore
Walter Fox (7 days ago)
VIP'S and press are considered more important than Americans soldiers mail?. .idk if that would do great for my moral if i was on that ship imo
Jordan Sinclair (7 days ago)
7:46 like he's drawing a yu-gi-oh card
台灣友邦計數器 (7 days ago)
think about DF21d before concluding your ships are invincible
Taimur Khurram (7 days ago)
Or the CM-400AKG.
Nathan Young (7 days ago)
Door 2 is safe Door 1 is deadly.
Subscribe Right Now (7 days ago)
Tf what about canada
Cool Fag (1 day ago)
What about Canada? They don't have a aircraft carrier and they can't afford one.
Jonathan Gallardo (8 days ago)
2:48 Bob’s Burgers in the background.
Max Aggropop (8 days ago)
"redshirts do all the handling of cargo and ammunition"...of course they do.
josip prpa (8 days ago)
Me Smokta (8 days ago)
If door 1 was safe, & the plaque is false, that would mean that door 2 is also safe, but there can only be one safe door. So door 1 is deadly & door 2 is safe.
Danny B (8 days ago)
Are there any smoking areas on these carriers?
Gilgamesh Of Sumer (9 days ago)
"if this door is safe the other door is deadly" but if that sign is 100% false then the roles of the doors would be switched and the deadly door would be the one with the sign.
125m125 (2 days ago)
​+Gilgamesh Of Sumer ok, let me try again. The statement consists of two parts: The first part is the condition (if this door is safe) and the second is the implication (the other door is deadly). If we want the sentence to be true, we have to investigate two cases: First, the condition is true (door one is safe), then the implication has to be true (door two is deadly). The second case is where the condition is false (door one is deadly). Since the condition is false, the implication can be anything, so door two can be safe or deadly. Maybe a better example is "if an animal is a bear, it can swim". With this we know that all bears can swim. But an animal that is not a bear could still be able to swim (or stated differently: Just because an animal is swimming does not mean that it is a bear). If we now say that the sentence should be false, we have to find a case where the condition is true, but the implication is wrong. As we already covered three cases that fulfill the sentence (deadly-deadly, deadly-safe and safe-deadly), we are only left with a single case: safe-safe. Maybe I am just bad at explaining. Maybe other sources are better at it. Search for "propositional logic implication" and you will find a lot about it. (Or sign up for brilliant.org ;) )
Gilgamesh Of Sumer (2 days ago)
+125m125 i read that over three times and it's still incredibly illogical. it reminds me of a time i connected 3 random things to make something that sounded incredibly brilliant unless you fully read it.
125m125 (2 days ago)
Logically speaking, the sign uses an implication, which says safe(A)->deadly(B), which is equivalent to deadly(A) or deadly(B). To be false, both doors have to be safe. Take for example the statement "if I am at home, someone is in my house." If I am not at home, there could be someone else in the house, or the house is empty. But if I am at home, someone has to be in the house. The only way this expression would be wrong is, if I was at home (first part of the statement is true) and at the same time no one was in the house (second part of the statement is false).
Mithil Vyas (9 days ago)
Welcome to Boom Town!
USEFUL PREDATOR (9 days ago)
@1:26 its a counter UAV lol😂😂
cedrick deveza (9 days ago)
Ill take the 2 door
Coby Jones (9 days ago)
Yeah 19 active carriers as of December didn't sound right. It's now April and there's 41 active carriers. Surely would've been more than 19 3 months ago
Dušan Osadský (9 days ago)
Amazing video to watch how it all works...great job
Everurse (10 days ago)
I believe Australia has 2. I’m not sure....
Leader Bad (11 hours ago)
Nope it has none
Gus Hollahbackatya (10 days ago)
CIWS > machine gun
Angelo Nadonza (11 days ago)
Who else saw the TV playing Bobs Burgers
Christian Rosa (11 days ago)
Some accuracy some incosistency but nobody is restricted from seeing sunlight let's be clear there
Jason B (11 days ago)
Regarding the bit about the carriers' speed and capability to reach the ME in a week (8:56), I'd be curious to see if it'd actually be that quick/possible in a global conflict. If the Middle East became a war theater with global superpowers in direct conflict (as opposed to proxy fighting), I feel like Russia and China would do their best to inhibit the carrier(s) ability to move freely by either using submarine forces in the Atlantic or bombarding the Strait of Gibraltar with whatever assets they could realistically implement with other NATO forces combating them. Disclosure: I don't have any background in naval/war strategy, but it seems like a logical move and really piqued my curiosity.
Charlie Dallachie (11 days ago)
That’s cool having 11 motherships (aircraft carriers)...our defense dollars are going to something. They took the place of the battleship considering each can launch possibly dozens of fighters ....
Ryan Schurton (12 days ago)
The things humans have built always amazes me.
oh boi (12 days ago)
1:51 alan walker sign
Mlapnellyg Leinad (13 days ago)
So America just builds their army up more and more whilst a small country like Sweden who invests nothing into their military can take out an American Aircraft carrier, from a small submarine whilst staying undetected by enemy radar.
rodrigo fuster (13 days ago)
Spain has one too
Enmauel Sanchez (13 days ago)
That logic question was so easy to answer after I slowed down the speed in which he talks
Adrian mckeage (13 days ago)
I dont know why but the most interesting thing I found about this video is the puzzle at the end. Btw the question state's there are two doors that are either safe or deadly which means both the doors are the exact same so it does not matter what door you choose they both are together either deadly or safe. It's a gamble.
kBandit 7 (14 days ago)
Canada and America share 1 air craft Carey
4shared clips (14 days ago)
The Netherlands don't even own a tank
Khalil Karim (11 days ago)
You got weed which is better!
Pyro Z (14 days ago)
Sorry, their top speed is classified.
Gmail Sucks (14 days ago)
Then both doors are safe
CameronM1138 (14 days ago)
Of course the redshirts are the ones who work with explosives...
Xavier Rodriguez (15 days ago)
3:17 the only use an M14 has anymore, lmfao
Carlos Zarate (15 days ago)
In other words the USA keeps shaking it dick in front of everybody to prove it has the biggest one.
Haris Siraj Bham (16 days ago)
Both doors are not safe
Otto Von Bismarck (16 days ago)
HAHAHA !! 11 carriers but none of them has the many features of the French one : A wine cellar, a bakery, proper food, croissants ....
COM CRAFT (1 day ago)
Elijah Giroux (3 days ago)
+man boy its s joke, dont get so bent over it
man boy (6 days ago)
+Elijah Giroux It's a joke, don't get so bent over it.
Elijah Giroux (9 days ago)
im glad other countries arent wasting money on shit like that
thateffin guy (15 days ago)
Yes wine and croissants, the 2 most important supplies in war 👌
Tyler Fife (16 days ago)
Liam Clark69 (16 days ago)
Britain has an aircraft carrier
CANZUK (14 days ago)
I think when the video was created the British one wasn't commissioned yet. That is why he included an image of it but didn't mention it.
nakul s (16 days ago)
India has three carriers
joseph mccallum (17 days ago)
i dont think they have the right answer to the logic puzzle, if the sign is false you do not know anything about either door expect they are either safe or deadly, just because the sign is false does not mean the inverse is true, this seems like a version of the 2 doors and 2 guards one You are a prisoner in a room with 2 doors and 2 guards. One of the doors will guide you to freedom and behind the other is a hangman --you don't know which is which. One of the guards always tells the truth and the other always lies. You don't know which one is the truth-teller or the liar either. You have to choose and open one of these doors, but you can only ask a single question to one of the guards. What do you ask so you can pick the door to freedom?
joseph mccallum (15 days ago)
+CasHCreeW what door would the other guard tell me is the door to freedom# lair has to lie, so lies about the honest guards choice, so he will pick the door to death the honest guy answering for the liar chooses the wrong door because that is what the liar would have said
CasHCreeW (15 days ago)
whats the answer to door to freedom question?
Gengonglike Arbukle (18 days ago)
The one thing I hate most of all military ships, is the workers sleep on flat uncomfortable beds while commander sleep in luxury. If it's any reason why I will never be in any military, is that I would not be uncomfortable, while commanders giver orders from comfort. Why are you people in the military ok with this?
Nicky Thorne (18 days ago)
7:48 that guy has some moves.
Aaron Vannistelrooy (18 days ago)
I never knew how god dam big those things are
Emmanuel Vega (18 days ago)
It doesn’t go to anchorage if it’s going to the pacific it would get sent to sfo then to fmc
yash upadhyay (18 days ago)
I like this narrator better
Gregory Thomas (18 days ago)
If A, Then B: Both doors are simultaneously Safe & Deadly. While closed both are Safe...while open both are Deadly...due to the word "IF" in the qualifier. Had the word "IF" not been included then the 1st door is Deadly & the 2nd is Safe. Since the word "IF" was included and is considered "False" then you cannot conclude either way.
Saqib Javed (19 days ago)
= Foot ball ha haha
Jojo Ahat (19 days ago)
Door two is safe...
Burgersaurus (19 days ago)
in 50-100 years the carrier will just be another ship on a battle group lead by 1km dreadnoughts
The Imanity (20 days ago)
Thailand CV you can it a CVH because they don't have a fighter anymore . ;_;
Tom Speller (19 days ago)
With all the high tech weapons and carriers yet those Afghan farmers gave us bloody nose...
Habanosify (20 days ago)
Of course none of that power projection matters when the US President is compromised or just extremely incompetent.
Joe Smith (20 days ago)
First, the sign gives no indication which door would be safe. Second, if that sign is false (meaningless), then nothing is known about either door, or if either door presents any danger at all. This is assuming you’re using the word “false” to mean “untrue,” not “opposite.”
Dark Knight (20 days ago)
While the rest of the world has just a 1 aircraft carrier!!!!!The US has 11 of the largest aircraft carriers!!! Respect the god!!The true god of war!!
Dabadibadooba (20 days ago)
Video suggestion How to breath
Ex Dee Gaming (20 days ago)
People: Wendover why do you like planes so much? Wendover: Yes.
sreenath achar (21 days ago)
Both doors are deadly
BoyScoutGuitarist (21 days ago)
both doors are deadly then B/C if the door with the sign is false then you can't trust either of the doors
Late Night (21 days ago)
emagine if there were something else we could use instead of fuel. Something that could last longer!
Foxtrot Delta (22 days ago)
Weeks without seeing sunlight? I spent 2 years on the Roosevelt. Even the reactor guys got up to the smoke deck daily.
Foxtrot Delta (12 days ago)
+Gandalf TheHung yeah always saw nukes on the smoke deck.
Gandalf TheHung (12 days ago)
Oh thank God, I'm a nuke in training, and that's great news
Foxtrot Delta (14 days ago)
+Kashman A haha got cha brother. No Idea why my recommended would be fortnite. I tried playing but couldn't get into it. prefer fivem
Kashman A (14 days ago)
@Foxtrot Delta Your recommended channels are all Fortnite channels. Including Alia. Sure a veteran would watch that. You call me a troll? Anyways I live in AUS so come get my taxes.
Foxtrot Delta (14 days ago)
+Robert Cook I did serve. 7 years in the Navy 2008-2015. Some of my best memories were while I was in. Did 1 year in Greece 2.5 in Japan 2 years on the Roosevelt and 1.5 years at the Navy Hospital in Portsmouth VA. Not sure what ego your talking about. Simply stating that almost every sailor on a carrier sees sunlight daily has nothing to do with an ego. Stating that night shift is a mute point because that could be anyone has nothing to do with egos. I appreciate your intention but miss your point. Also thank you for the support you show service members and veterans.
Shaun Greer (23 days ago)
The UK has a fixed wing carrier as well
Robert Moore (14 days ago)
No we dont Hms ocean is a chopper carrier Hms ark royal got cut up HMS Elizabeth and Prince of wales arnt going to have anything to fly
Peter Taylor (23 days ago)
Both doors are safe
training800YT (24 days ago)
actually japan has a really large carrier under construction
Kristiadi Hartanto (23 days ago)
Good for them. Finally..
dth1079 (24 days ago)
10 Days to get mail. Thats a good one. Try a month plus
dth1079 (19 days ago)
+Kristiadi Hartanto we do have email. WHEN we have internet.
Kristiadi Hartanto (23 days ago)
Why not email?
The Gutless Leading The Clueless (24 days ago)
Stealth Submarines kappa
Dylan Liesenfelt (24 days ago)
January 2017 was the first time a carrier wasn't on deployment. me: January 2017 going on deployment on a carrier  :0
Dylan Liesenfelt (24 days ago)
i don't know where he got info on mail reaching in 10 days, every time Ive got mail it was a min of a month wait
Apxllo (25 days ago)
now i know why my packages take some long
mrtrek64 (25 days ago)
The answer to the question....with a sign that reads like that, I wouldn't open either fucking door and just walk away
MATTHEW GORDON (25 days ago)
Door 2
The Unoriginal Channel (25 days ago)
*They work by floating*