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Buying a New Truck: Owner Operator Business Series - Part 2

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This video is the second in a series of videos of particular interest to the Owner Operator, on purchasing a new truck. (We'll review the ups and downs of purchasing a used big rig in more detail in another video). There are many things to consider when purchasing the most important asset for your owner operator business. Dave offers some guidance and tips to help with the purchase of your new truck: working with an experienced sales person who is knowledgeable about big trucks, spec'ing for versatility, choosing reliable features such as engines, drive lines, rear ends, fuel mileage, etc. For more detailed information and tips for spec'ing a new truck, check out this article on our website. http://www.smart-trucking.com/semi-truck-values.html More Owner Operator Videos: https://youtu.be/W4bZLR_oto4 Owner Operator Business Series: Is Becoming an Owner Operator Right For You? Part 1 http://youtu.be/yfkg8FnJ-hw Should I Become an Owner Operator? https://youtu.be/tGLs7g7RHo8 How to Calculate Owner Operator Trucking Costs Per Mile https://youtu.be/GUirXRr5278 How Much Does an Owner Operator Earn? -------------------------------------------------------- If you're a truck driver, or interested in becoming a truck driver, be sure to subscribe to our Smart Trucking Channel for tips and advice which may be useful in your trucking career. SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDLYpkffTdRP_7gSf18CAXA?view_as=subscriber CONNECT WITH US! Smart Trucking -- http://www.facebook.com/SmartTrucking -- http://www.google.com/+Smart-Trucking --http://www.twitter.com/Smart_Trucking --http://www.pinterest.com/smarttrucking Music From YOUTUBE Library Song: Local Saloon
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Text Comments (168)
Dean Tait (15 days ago)
What's "a-boot" and you need two? 🤔 😁 Sorry couldn't resist. BTW My Dad was born in Winnipeg., so I'm just playin. He moved to and still lives in SO CAL. 99 and going strong . No Canadian accent 😁
Miguel Alcantara (1 month ago)
I'm about to be a truck driver I would like to know What is better salo or team???
Michel Landry (1 month ago)
I"m new to the Semi world even if I'm 53. It was a dream of mine to own my own truck and travel all over North American and now I can. But I am debating between low HP to maxize the fuel economy; and high HP to better handle the mountains and the extra safety margins. And then between an 18 speed manual or the new automatics out there. Bare in mind that I have been driving a 5 tons trucks with manual transmission since I'm 17 years old on the old farm. And then the new style aerodynamics trucks or the old school long nose. So I am debating between a Western Star 5700XE, but they want me in a 400 HP with auto tranny. I don't think it's enough. Or a new Peterbilt 389 with a IX Cummins with 565 HP and 18 speed manual. So the middle ground for me and the best marriage to me seems to be a Peterbilt 579 with the Paccar 13L and 505 HP. But the 18 speed manual or the latest 18 speed Ultra Shift Plus Automated?
Joel Kaepernick-Russell (2 months ago)
Best tip I can give to new owner ops buying a truck for the first time, watch Smart-trucking videos on YouTube😆
Alan Sprouse (3 months ago)
There aren’t any new trucks that I’d want to buy.I don’t like DEF and I’m not wild about ELD’s.Automatic transmissions don’t do anything for me either.So I would probably buy a pre 2000 with a 6NZCat ,18 speed,and a3:36 rear.I’d do the glider truck,but the government put an end to that.Thanks for the videos!
bs itis (3 months ago)
I liked this. No stupid numbers, just good common sense. Xtra thumbs up
Cevair Zufer (5 months ago)
Super rim is also very trace sensitive!
Jimmy Weeks (5 months ago)
What about trailers? Can you explain about owning, leasing or the using of a companies trailer? How does the whole trailer aspect work. Live load or drop and hook. Explain this aspect if you would, please. Always appreciate your thoughts and advice. Thanks
Smart Trucking (5 months ago)
God Jimmy, don't tell me they're leasing company trailers to guys now! I hadn't even heard that, but I believe it. I bet you know my position. If you need a trailer go buy one, but don't lease it from a carrier!
jordanlj1 (7 months ago)
what is your opinion on pre emissions series 60 , i saw a 2001 and it claimed to have had a rebuild engine with 100k miles, i think it was 25k or so, I have read so much about older trucks pre emissions being more reliable, but not sure if thats just faded memory or if it tends to have truth to it
D - Trucking (7 months ago)
Good video.....
Jackson McMillan (8 months ago)
By a sloped hood do you mean like a t800 or somthing more areo
Smart Trucking (8 months ago)
Like a t8 or an anteater[680] . Dave
ConfederceyCSA (8 months ago)
I have a 1974 Peterbilt 359-A I do my own work and I am exempt from the ELD Rule No Def in truck. I don't have no payments easier to work on then these electronic trucks. Old Trucks will make money as good as a New one, It just depends on what you are going to haul with it.
daniel anderson (8 months ago)
I probably will never buy a new semi...
Cana box (8 months ago)
I’m going ta start building moose bumpers
Smart Trucking (8 months ago)
Bet there's money in it! Dave
Worthy Robinson (10 months ago)
What is it called when u get engine worked from front to back
Smart Trucking (9 months ago)
I think you mean an "in frame" . Dave
VeAyzfines (10 months ago)
Thank you for this video
Jay Shuffield (10 months ago)
Reminds me of a young Wilford Brimley.
Vince (11 months ago)
I love my glider
David Bailor (11 months ago)
Smart trucking, my method is I tell them what I want, if they can't come up with it, tell them to drive the truck, or put it on rail car pay the government. I go to work at 6a on Monday, home by 12p Friday, if I go over its $500/hour or portion there of. My detention/breakdown pay $500/hour, no ifs ands or buts. When drivers start telling these scrum balls cold hard facts, you'll pay come into line real fast.
mauricio (11 months ago)
One last question do you think the dd13 with 500,000 miles for 52,000 is a fair price ?? It was a Crete truck by the way
mauricio (10 months ago)
Smart Trucking I thought so too, thanks
Smart Trucking (10 months ago)
Sounds high to me. Dave
Bojangles M (11 months ago)
So much talking and no useful information
Smart Trucking (11 months ago)
You have to listen for the information instead of flapping your gums. Dave
James Nobles (11 months ago)
I had a `95 Freightliner,flattop,500 detroit,super 10 sp,,paid off,,all my money went to my CDs,my son bought him a NEW Peterbuilt,$3,000 month note,,soon he went BROKE,,paying for his pretty Yellow Pete,,she looked pretty going down the road,,now my son is rideing his rocking chair,wondering how he made such a BAD mistake in buying that pretty Pete,,,,trucking is a hard life,,DO NOT waist your money on a pretty truck,,buy a GOOD truck that will MAKE you money,,NOT waist it,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Blue Goose,,,,,,,,
Lexa Partizan123 (10 months ago)
With old trucks most important problem is quality of “new” parts. And many time I have to wait days for get some small things like air valve.
Smart Trucking (11 months ago)
Top shelf advice! Dave
Greasy nPoor (11 months ago)
4 million miles, no accidents? wth? do u drive on mars? i do short haul in Los Angeles. its just a matter of time and ur gonna have an accident. do u drive in the middle of Australia? come on man.
Smart Trucking (11 months ago)
It's true, but I wasn't running local in a big city. Dave
mauricio (11 months ago)
im tryna purchase a truck with a dd13 engine on it to haul no more than 80.000 pounds what is your opinion on a dd13??
Smart Trucking (11 months ago)
Good motor. Dave
Big Dog Rolln (11 months ago)
Well class when he refers to a truck called the anteater he's talking about a KW T600. I've always been a caterpillar guy but driven all kinds of different Motors. Here's what I like, my two cents. Nothing less than 475hp. 13 spd my favorite.(unless you local 10spd& heavy haul 18 spd) rears 3:55 or 3:58. Far as I shift at least 455-500 hp/3:36 rears. My 2 cents
Kevin Lemcom (1 year ago)
Always informative Videos Dave Hope all is well!!
Smart Trucking (11 months ago)
Thanks Kevin! Dave
Josh Halderman (1 year ago)
Good advice. advice on transmision- I personally own an allison in my dump truck for 13 years. Run from automatics and auto shifts, run, run,run, far far away!!!!! That thing has screwed me over so many times, shops have too, no one knows how to work on them, but they have no problem charging for their pretend/fake service.
Smart Trucking (11 months ago)
Appreciate the experienced input Josh, Thanks! Dave
Vendura (1 year ago)
I wand a Kenworth k100 aerodyne T-T
D&J Garage (1 year ago)
Man most vedios ive watched from you is absolutely worth knowledge, I appreiciete the great advices and information that you provide. Thank you
Fusion72 (1 year ago)
Kudos to you brother...this is a beautiful video. Us newbies are very fortunate that guys like you are making these videos.
Smart Trucking (1 year ago)
Thanks! Dave
madbear3512 (1 year ago)
Why can't you use a 5 alxes truck for non mega heavy loads
Smart Trucking (1 year ago)
You can. Dave
Alex Manga (1 year ago)
Thank you,you explain really good
Smart Trucking (1 year ago)
Thanks Alex, I try! Dave
mick mack (1 year ago)
I run a automatic truck currently it's not a bad peace of equipment but I prefer a standard transmission the automatic doesn't have the power we need for the work I do we don't have any trouble with the truck but I do find it kinda flimsy and don't believe it is going to last a long time
Summer Knight (1 year ago)
Very educational. Thank You.
mace nigdu (1 year ago)
Bought my truck straight cash didn't want a truck payment and paying the bank interest lol love my truck yea I got def and dpf crap which honestly I think it bogs down the truck alot but other then that love my truck.
Miguel Robb (1 year ago)
Michael Jurkiewicz I bought my truck straight cash almost a year ago as well! But my truck is an automatic pre-def truck. I had to put every dollar into it to fix back up while I was with Werner, but she runs like a champ! I'm getting ready to take it to Mercer in a week. I can't wait!
Maher A (1 year ago)
Thank you man for this video .. Have you questions what the chance to get semi truck Finance if I no have CDL Class A ? Thank you
Cesar Velasquez (1 year ago)
I am looking into purchasing a 2011 Kenworth with 230,000 miles with the isx15 Cummins for 60k. Does that sound like a good truck?
Cesar Velasquez (1 year ago)
Will do, thank you!
Smart Trucking (1 year ago)
Yes it does, but check it's personal history thoroughly. Dave
Dale Raines (1 year ago)
Great information. I love watching your videos. Your Honest and straight forward. Thank you. Im a Trainee but you have given me some good info in your Videos. I will watch them all.
Living Life (1 year ago)
I was thinking of getting a used truck for around 15k and allowing another drive it for me is there any experts here that can give me advice? Thanks
Sarah Sulea (1 year ago)
what do you think about cascadia 2018-2019 automatic?
Living Life (1 year ago)
Smart-Trucking.com thanks but if I wanted to make money trucking but didn't want to drive myself what should I do?
Smart Trucking (1 year ago)
My advice is not to do it. Dave
darryl diggins (1 year ago)
I believe you should know what you want/need better than any salesman.....
Smart Trucking (1 year ago)
Couldn't agree more! Dave
Tommy Reed (1 year ago)
I’m buying a 2014 Peterbilt isx Cummings this Friday 13speed paid the extra for the warranty.I went with a Peterbilt because I notice in ur videos that you have always had them and resale on them is big!I traded in my Volvo loved it but almost a million miles didn’t want to do the overhaul.Thanks for your help Dave!!!
Smart Trucking (1 year ago)
Tommy, big move! Congratulations!!! Dave
A. Beatty (1 year ago)
Want your opinion. Would you recommend purchashing an older truck with 500,000 to 700,000 miles from Penske or Ryder (truck rental companies)...even though they won't let you test drive the vehicle on the road?
Smart Trucking (1 year ago)
I would never buy any used truck they wouldn't let you drive first. Dave
Only have 8 thousand on saving looking forward to buy my own truck.Do you think I can found something decent to start?
Smart Trucking (1 year ago)
How mechanical are you? Dave
US Trailer (1 year ago)
Keep up the good work
Smart Trucking (1 year ago)
Will do! Thanks! Dave
robert nice (1 year ago)
Not a fan of super singles. Sketchy. Autos are too slow. Good effort but not there yet.
oddball76 Gaming (1 year ago)
Nice video bud. Liked and shared for you.
Bahrom Hushorov (2 years ago)
Only you give best ideas overall youtube👍😎
Tee Jay (2 years ago)
Hey Dave how do I acquire one one of your T-shirts?
Smart Trucking (2 years ago)
We're just in the process of getting some new ones made up. Let you know when they're ready! Dave
Jack Obrein (2 years ago)
I keep running the numbers. 5k truck payment, $3500 in fuel, insurance, cargo insurance, reinvestment in new equipment, and taxes. How do owner ops make a profit? At $1 per mile. The only way to make 20k per month is to run teams. Then class my co-driver as a private contractor. So that way I wont have to pay 40% of his income tax.
Jefff (2 years ago)
What are your monthly payments on a new truck? What make of truck do you guys prefer?
Smart Trucking (2 years ago)
Depends on how much you put down but $ 3,000 a mo. isn't unusual these days. I prefer Paccar trucks. Pete or KW. Dave
RedLikeWater (2 years ago)
This guy is a wealth of insight and experience. Super glad I found his channel today. A lot of this stuff I already was aware of, but it's always nice to have ideas reinforced. I'm a newer O/O but really did a ton of homework and learned from the mistakes of others before I made the transition. So far every O/O I've traded notes with has told me I took the best approach to getting into business for my self, and I think others, with the help and insight from guys like this, can also make a successful transition to ownership. It's a lot responsibility and requires sound decision making but with kind folks like this guy, you can get better informed and enjoy the freedom ownership offers. Great Video!!!
2manyspruces (2 years ago)
I've seen quite a few of your videos, and my hat's off to you. I've got over four million miles (zero accidents) running long haul, and everything you say rings true. Your advice comes with common sense, and many rookies can learn from you. Some older drivers could benefit as well. Keep it up, and thanks for being a pro and sharing your knowledge.
Smart Trucking (2 years ago)
Hey, thank you! Drive safe, though I can tell you already do! Dave
Luca Erol (2 years ago)
Very helpful tips and great business idea. Thank you!
Smart Trucking (2 years ago)
Thank you! Dave
brandon Gullatt (2 years ago)
I have a question about financing a truck.why don't they tell you have to have a certain amount of experience before they can finance you.because I tried to put 8,000 down on one.but they would not finance me.
Living Life (1 year ago)
RedLikeWater 800 credit score Wow how can I get my credit that good?
RedLikeWater (2 years ago)
I was told 3 years, but got financed with 1 year experience.
RedLikeWater (2 years ago)
They tried that with me and I showed them a credit score of 800, 10% down and my logs showing how many miles I pulled per week. They financed me at 5.9% and there was no more talk about experience.
Smart Trucking (2 years ago)
Didn't know that! How much experience did they want? Dave
TheSuperagent999 (2 years ago)
Good video a lot of good imformation. Quick question what do you think of a truck having a rebuild engine in it with 200,000 miles on it? Thanks
Smart Trucking (2 years ago)
200,000 miles isn't much for a truck, would depend on who did the rebuild. Reputable shop, should come with some warranty. Dave
jawaad jawaad (2 years ago)
mr dave,so between the volvo or peterbilt which would you recommend? and which peterbilt if not the 379 and which volvo or even kenworth if not the w900,thank you mr dave
Smart Trucking (2 years ago)
I can't say which volvo because I know nothing about them. I like both the 379 and the w900. Like the 680 kw as well. dave
circusboy90210 (2 years ago)
moose bumpers how much is the drop in fuel economy set off by the "potential " of $20,000 damages?
john doherty (3 months ago)
Cicusboy when i had a 2000 freightliner classic with a c 12 in it with a moose bumper i was getting 8/9 mpg in the summer and 7/8 in the winter driving northern Ontario and western Canada. Honestly never felt much of a restriction on the fuel but what it saves you in insurance and repairs is well worth it. Besides it looks cool too Imo.
Smart Trucking (2 years ago)
Good Question! Dave
Jawaad Bent (2 years ago)
i really wanted you to tell me the best option, i want longevity and good resale value
Jawaad Bent (2 years ago)
thank you sir,the Peterbilt is in beautiful condition and the owner has all of the paperwork for the repairs,is the volvo strong enough for longevity and also resale value?thank you
Smart Trucking (2 years ago)
Good luck Jawaad, which truck will you go for? Dave
Jawaad Bent (2 years ago)
the engine on the Peterbilt is a 3406
Jawaad Bent (2 years ago)
hi mr dave,what do you think about a 1988 peterbillt with a overhaul done with 300,000 now, at about about 23,000 dollars? how many miles per gallon do the Petes usually see,thank you,or a 2006 volvo automatic isx, with over a million miles but owner has all work done at volvo with records and warranty on some parts,truck is about 20,000,thank you
Ronald Hagler (2 years ago)
Neither! both will cost a boat load of money to maintain...remember on a high mile truck every part of that truck needs going over, from engine and all components that keep that engine running( Ie radiator, fuel pump, oil pump, etc.) to rear end, brakes, ball joints, transmission, Electrical, etc,etc.. If you buy a truck with over 700k miles you better have at least 15k in a maintenance account.
Smart Trucking (2 years ago)
That's a tough one. A 1988 truck needs a mechanic for an owner. If you're not a good mechanic I guess I'd go the volvo. Dave
Deathatthefeast (2 years ago)
Why are all you tube truckers Canadian?
mrrpepsi24 (2 years ago)
I watch your video's, but i dont recall you ever say what you haul, So what do you haul ?/ What kind of loads are you looking for ?
Smart Trucking (2 years ago)
I'm retired now but still haul lumber short haul to stay busy. Over the past 40 years I've run tankers and dry freight but most of my time was running reefer cross country. Dave
leo pena (2 years ago)
Talk aboot some good videos!
Smart Trucking (2 years ago)
Thanks! Dave
josh woermke (2 years ago)
Hey Dave are the Bulldogs good as new ? How are Macks ?
Cowboy Kody (2 years ago)
Like a genernic truck? Engine? what is THE best? 335Cummins?
Ferguson101 (2 years ago)
Smart-Trucking.com Which would be better for longevity; paccar or cummins with emissions delete.
Smart Trucking (2 years ago)
I like the new Paccar engines. They're having less trouble with the sensors and emission equipment. Dave
TheSuperagent999 (2 years ago)
Very good video a lot of good imformation I have a question I been a Class A driver for 20 years and always throught about owner operator.  You said you have brought a few used trucks but knew the back ground on it. Would it be wise to get a decent truck at a decent price so your over head is not that much this would be my time as a owner operator just trying to make a smart move start out slow then a few years down the road buy another truck a step what from the first one I got? Be safe out there. Thanks
Smart Trucking (2 years ago)
It's kind of luck of the draw when buying a used truck, but then again these days you can't count on a used one either. You'll only know if it was a wise move in retrospect, when you look back after having owned it to see if it made you money or cost you money. Sometimes it works out for the good. Dave
silkycp (2 years ago)
What do you think about Internationals? I am thinking about getting one with the cummins engine to haul refrigerated loads only
silkycp (2 years ago)
Yeah, Schneider gave me an excellent offer, Prime offered more money but no hometime
Smart Trucking (2 years ago)
International makes a good truck but you're smart not to go with their engines. Dave
OBS Brad (2 years ago)
I just specd a 389 glider kit with a N14 redtop I'm 26 years old and I should have it payed off in mid 30s I hope lol but its a great truck I love her
Smart Trucking (2 years ago)
good luck and drive safe! Dave
Danny Green (3 years ago)
Great video. I just bought a Peterbilt 389  18 speed.
noe alvarez (3 years ago)
sir, thanks for this xelent video question: what you think is better a 09 kw t660 with cummins with 850k or 11 fridghtliner Columbia with Detroit with 750k both about the same price?
superturboawesome (3 years ago)
Buy a glider and be done with it.
Scott Sullivan (1 year ago)
superturboawesome1 You own the truck and truck don't own you.
l92375 (2 years ago)
Gliders were not talked about much for years.All the emission crap has revived that industry.
Smart Trucking (3 years ago)
Yup, that would be what I'd do for my next truck. Dave
GETREAL! (3 years ago)
buy a Volvo and you will be happy you did
Will D (3 years ago)
This was a great video. Very helpful
Smart Trucking (3 years ago)
Thank you! Dave
salim vicente (3 years ago)
very experice guy all around full of info thanks for the nice video
salim vicente (3 years ago)
very experice guy all around full of info thanks for the nice video
adrian nicholson (3 years ago)
there is a god out there were the hell did you come from you make sents thank you
SchrodingersQuark (3 years ago)
Is your life/work ratio a lot better as a owner operator? How do you schedule your rides and how many days off do you give yourself? A week? Vacations?
Smart Trucking (3 years ago)
+SchrodingersQuark Owner-operators generally work more than company drivers because they need to work on their trucks when off duty and usually only take vacations when freight is slow. Dave
Ronier Smith (3 years ago)
Super singles hydroplane. It's like driving a boat over water.
Smart Trucking (3 years ago)
+Ronier Smith Good to know. I've always suspected they would but I've never tried them myself. Drive safe and thanks for the input! Dave
jboywebby (3 years ago)
What about leasing a new truck from a dealer with maintenance included?
Smart Trucking (3 years ago)
+jboywebby As in a lease to purchase with a buyout at the end? If so, it would all depend on the math Dave
Diesel Power (3 years ago)
A Fitzgerald glider kit whit a Herd moose gard ;)
Joe Potthoff (3 years ago)
don't buy new truck old trucks and cat motors
Smart Trucking (3 years ago)
+Joe Potthoff That's what I like! Dave
Vernon Peters (3 years ago)
very good info, from you and the others on here. i'm just about to get into it. from the advice i'm takeing in, it seems to be , be a company driver forat least a bare minimum of one year. learn the trucking industry before doing lease or independent. makes sense, need to know how to walk before you can run......
Chapo (3 years ago)
what do you think about the cummins isx in a 2010 pete 387 475 hp 9 speed 3.55 ratio. pulling containers 676k miles. stay away or buy it priced at 30k dealer says fleet maintained
Smart Trucking (3 years ago)
+Clifford Carter tough call, ask the dealer for the fleet maintenance log on that truck to see its breakdown history and repairs.Has she been a good truck or a lemon. Dave
K Maia (3 years ago)
Nice video.
Smart Trucking (3 years ago)
+K Maia Thanks, Dave
eugene glenn (3 years ago)
when I sold my 2 kenworths back in 1988 I had service records where it be petro or ta's or caterpillar in charlotte so the second owners knew what they were getting.
traingp7 (4 years ago)
Can you do a video on picking suspension options?  I would like to hear your insight into what suspension option you have on your truck and why you chose it.  I know Peterbilt has many different suspension options so it would make a good discussion.
Smart Trucking (3 years ago)
+traingp7 Good question. Mine is low air leaf. Smoother than air trac and still high enough that an alligator wont take out my oil pan. Everyones application is different, depending on the work they do. It would make a good discussion topic. Dave
landwarrior82 (4 years ago)
Is there any way to email you guys?
landwarrior82 (4 years ago)
+Smart-Trucking.com Thanks and you guys are amazing
Smart Trucking (4 years ago)
+landwarrior82 Yes, catherine@smart-trucking.com
Zoelu Siera (4 years ago)
Excellent info , even for me in South Africa ! Thank you and I can honestly say that I agree and that I can sense that you have walk the road sir !
Zoelu Siera (4 years ago)
+Smart-Trucking.com Thank you. This site is like sweets for a child! Specialy if you live in South Africa where "hooded" trucks is very rare.
Smart Trucking (4 years ago)
+Zoelu Siera Thanks, drive safe over there. Dave
Murray Armstrong (4 years ago)
could you share your spec sheet...it sure would help me out
Smart Trucking (4 years ago)
+Murray Armstrong Sure, my application for this truck was long haul American interstate. It has a 475 Cat, 18 speed with 3.55 rears on big rubber pulling 80,000 gross. Dave
richard aneiros (4 years ago)
Hey man just 2 questions 1:how much down payment you have to give to get a truck? 2:how it work when u want to lease it to a company for them to drive it or other people drive it while you get a percent of the work at home ?
Smart Trucking (4 years ago)
+richard aneiros It's been a long time since I bought a new one, but last I heard it was still 10% down. As far as leasing to a company and putting a driver on the truck, the company has to approve of the driver for insurance reasons, then they pay you as an owner operator and you negotiate with your driver on how much to pay him. Dave
Tyler1989 (4 years ago)
The Volvo I shift is pretty amazing. My company has freight liner autos and Volvo's. The Volvo auto is far superior. I think I remember you saying in a video a wile back that you probably won't get a another truck but if you ever do I would recommend getting the Volvo I Shift!
Smart Trucking (4 years ago)
+XGiveMeLibertyX Thanks, good to know! Dave
HateGovernment (4 years ago)
Solid advice.
Sooty Mangabey (2 years ago)
4:30 Thats Just the problem though... They are now trying to force gliders run Epa compliant engines.. taking the whole reason people get gliders and removing it! I want to be an owner operator, But Its not worth it to me If they are changing the laws to force Drivers To run new equipment.. Ill drive a Pos def Truck for a company no problem.. But I'm NOT going to be forced to Buy a Truck that's Essentially a Rolling chemistry/computer set and be asked to keep it going on my dime... If these laws don't stick ill be Buying a Older Truck to rebuild as I go.. If they do.. Well.. weekend Driver.... And a lot of perfectly fine Trucks that could have gotten an owner operators Business started will end up as scrap because they are "non compliant"
Smart Trucking (4 years ago)
+Sooty Mangabey I agree, you need a reliable truck to succeed as an owner operator and the new ones are unreliable and too expensive to be profitable for an o\o. Dave
Charles Dyer (4 years ago)
Good advice.for anyone.
born2flyau (4 years ago)
Another great & informative video, What are the speccs of your truck?
RedLikeWater (2 years ago)
I'd love to get your take on my specs. My wheel base is long, but I don't recall the exact specs. I own a 2013 Kenworth T660. My rear end is 3:26, I have an Eaton 13 speed and a cummins ISX turned up to 450 HP. At 70 mph (my top running speed by choice to save fuel) my rpm's are at 1450. I typically pull across I-10, which is more or less flat with weights between 6k pounds to 30k pounds. Any advice you could give or thoughts you could share? I'd really appreciate your input good sir. My nephew owns the same truck as I do and he removed the DPF system and reprogrammed the computer and says he gets better economy and a massive HP boost with a huge difference in the turbo. I'm thinking of dumping the emissions garbage out of my truck as I refuse to run in California. Thoughts?
Smart Trucking (4 years ago)
+born2flyau 475 Cat 18 speed 3.55 rears on big rubber 280 wheelbase. Dave
Smart Trucking (4 years ago)
+born2flyau Well that's interesting you should ask. We're just getting out the spec sheets and going to be posting them along with an article on our website. Should be up in a couple of days. Watch for the post.