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5 People Who Were Thrown Out Of FIRST CLASS

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It's not easy to get kicked off an airplane, especially when you're a first class passenger. These five shameful stories will have you in tears. Subscribe for a new video ►► http://goo.gl/XFN9BN Source 5 -goo.gl/7oTgkB 4 -goo.gl/J9jhRT 3 -goo.gl/RtpCuN 2 -goo.gl/Tzcpbu 1 -goo.gl/pptfwb
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Text Comments (2099)
tanya singh (5 hours ago)
British people are just a piece of shit.
Syed Kabir (20 hours ago)
That is why I never travel UNited or AA Etihad/Emirates all the way
RICHARD GORDON (1 day ago)
Fuck these airlines.
Jojo Estanero (1 day ago)
Why most American airline have this problem.?they seem not friendly to their customer. Too bad.
Jacob Lavallee (1 day ago)
Fucking racist pieces of shit they need new crew members and fire those who were being stupid as fuck
forkknife 247 (1 day ago)
No racistsizem
Bertie Pimplebum (1 day ago)
Got a none-stop crying baby? Put honey on the dummy. The kid goes totally silent. Regards. U.K.
mr tomato man 7 (2 days ago)
It is so boring
fastcougar3200 (2 days ago)
And they wonder why they put bombs there.
Patti Burton Salmonsen (2 days ago)
I had to sit next to a person that had bad body odor and asked if I could move, they moved me to an empty first class seat for free, a red eye flight out of salt lake, city, I can’t believe they allow people with poor hygiene on a airplane ✈️ yuk.
fholiday (2 days ago)
What kind of asshole parent brings a baby into first class!?
Sora Flower (2 days ago)
For that 4th one, those people could’ve been killed, and they lost their luggage and everything. I would have that airline sued so dry for that, because those attendants should be fired and spend their lifetimes paying debt
Raven Fox (2 days ago)
So many reasons why I hate to fly.
amazingdany (3 days ago)
White lady at #1 looks like "Permit Patty" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TVzyLdNKcLQ)!
Black Voided (3 days ago)
Lobos222 (3 days ago)
So you can just revoke a life time ticket? Can an average guy just "revoke" a loan if the bank made 21 million of it or... Oh, it only works one way. What a shock. /sarcasm
FilipSerb (3 days ago)
That person called her a sl** I think
Robert Anderson (3 days ago)
Renee should have been in baggage.
George Batstone (3 days ago)
American Airlines is the worst f***ing airline to ever exist
The Dab King YT (4 days ago)
I need to say some words to these airlines **** **** **** ******
Sheryl Johnson (4 days ago)
Did anyone gets ANYONE ELSE'S side of the Story to verify the facts??
agnesbutterbun (4 days ago)
Can United be worse than American?
Oh great Clueless one (4 days ago)
Paying first class for a plane trip is stupid anyway. Yes let me pay a few thousand just for a few hours. I'd rather pay that amount on a fancy Hotel where I'll be safe and catered well.
Susan Flowers (4 days ago)
I didn't believe the last story of the black and white passengers. BS
Tjitte Kamminga (4 days ago)
avoid AA, UA and BA and sue them
Urged Panda (4 days ago)
everybody are humans first second or economy class (well I am not saying give away seats)just respect passengers since there presence is a threat to the airline legally
Urged Panda (4 days ago)
I say just try to be as calm as possible and see a lawyer if the airline cheats since that is illegal
Frozengamer (4 days ago)
It's *UNITED* airlines. Not *CRAP* airlines >:(
Robert Ace (4 days ago)
What is this a PowerPoint? F'ing shit vid
Wolf Lady (4 days ago)
Arguing can be stopped with 3 words... Wait till take off.. 3 words.. Mile high club.. They get up.. Stretch out...
Sa Sa (4 days ago)
Darren Matchett (6 days ago)
I agree about babies in business and first - should not be allowed
HarringtonTribal (4 hours ago)
We flew in first class CLT to Vegas (and a REDEYE on the way back) with our 9 month old. (We bought her a seat - not sitting on our lap.) We know to feed her during take off and landing. The eating action helps pop the ears as the pressure increases and stops pain. She didn't make a peep. People gave us dirty looks when we boarded - but thanked us at the end. It's all about your child, how you raise them and knowing how to travel with kids. Spoiled, unattended children will behave badly.
Darren Matchett (6 days ago)
United sucks
Hasan Foyejul (6 days ago)
'people in the back of the plane don't count as people' ha. ha..ha...
Gary ricky (6 days ago)
Korean airlines told me I had enough air miles for up grade then later told me I did not pay enough for my tickets from those air mile flights .  LOL can't do anything about it .
Gary ricky (6 days ago)
Once on a Flight from Chicago to Seoul a Baby cried fro 7 hours, should have a compartment in the rear for kids under 10 with parents  . All kids will cry as soon as plane takes off because of air pressure change they don't know how to unclog their ears. Plus who wants to SMELL a CRAPPY DIAPER .
Danny Canes (6 days ago)
I don’t view that situation with the 2 women as racism. Bad luck maybe, but not racism.
Awareness Singh (6 days ago)
Dude u should have included mahatma gandhi . First case of being thrown out of a first class in 1897 south African train.
Wanderling D (6 days ago)
So if your already seated in first class how does one become a priority flyer ? so you can ensure your seat is safe from being given away on an overbooked flight
Full Philosopher (6 days ago)
Americans are just so worst... !
bitukukuasukgremany3 (7 days ago)
This all sounds like BS to me..no facts or ticket or pic's holiday pic's yeah
Maxx Omega (7 days ago)
I was once on a greyhound bus on an 11 hour trip. I had a friend along with his wife and 4 year old. My friend really was a lousy parent and his 4 year old spent the entire trip screaming and eating all kinds of sugar. At almost the end of the trip, he was screeching and my friend's wife says, "Do you want an sandwich" "NO"..."Do you want some chocolate milk" "NO"... "Well then do you want a SLAP"... The entire bus erupted in cheers. My friend gets all snotty and starts to grumble "These bloody people". I says to him, "Billy, just what do you expect? We have been listening to him screech for 10 and a half hours? Who needs that?"...
SlayerHawkX (7 days ago)
i call bs on all of these..
Jim Boland (8 days ago)
Fly private if you can
listerone (8 days ago)
Yup,toss the crying kid out of First Class...absolutely!
Gold3010 (8 days ago)
How it happens that the majority of these airlines are from USA???
Richard Moloney (8 days ago)
Icelandic Air is great.
Dhaval Patil (9 days ago)
Only good airlines are made in Asia like Singapore and emirates etc
mkiller1001 (9 days ago)
may sound ironic but the best airlines are the arab ones; Qatar Airways and Emirates Airlines, you're treated like king there even for economy class
Karl Sanchez (9 days ago)
I'm never flying United Aryan Airlines sheeeesh!
Gabby Lou (9 days ago)
Note: If you're a known friend of the wife of trump and you're on United Airlines don't expect great treatment
Corina (10 days ago)
I fly westjet and love it.
Corina (10 days ago)
Babies sometimes cry too bad if the baby is bothering people in first class moving her to the back of the plane to bother other just as important as the first class people just poorer didnt deserve that. The airline was wrong. Public transportation means crying babies too.
Sara Saman (10 days ago)
4:10 lol “in the middle of the ocean surrounded by water” LMFAO 😂😂😂😂😂
Marci Bratz (10 days ago)
I for one boycott ANY company that supports racism by hiring ppl who are clearly racist..
Klea Rusnim (10 days ago)
When it comes to the story of the two women - IT IS NOT RACISM!!! 1000 DOLLARS AND MY LEFT NUT that BLACK WOMAN did some FUCKED UP SHIT to get on an unwritten list YEP!! The airlines have MANY unwritten lists for TROUBLESOME PEOPLE AND THEY DISCRIMINATE USING THESE LISTS WITH IMPUNITY - REGARDLESS OF RACE!!! Why do I say this? BECAUSE I HAVE SEEN THE EXACT SAME SITUATION 1000 TIMES DEALING WITH NOTHING BUT WHITE PEOPLE!!!!! I KID YOU THE FUCK NOT!!! The Airlines are just WIERD AS FUCK - that is all I have to say - trust me - racism isn't it. I've seen the airlines REFUSE TO BOARD A 5 YEAR OLD CHILD BECAUSE OF THEIR STUPID ASS LISTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!) How do I know this? I USED TO WORK FOR A FUCKING AIRLINE!!!!!!!!!!! TRUST ME - THEY FUCK WITH EVERY PERSON REGARDLESS OF RACE - IF YOU HIT ONE OF THEIR BULLSHIT LISTS - YOU WILL ALWAYS BE TREATED LIKE SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So please - STOP PUSHING THIS STUPID RACE BAITING BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!! IT IS SAD AND FUCKING PATHETIC!!!!!!!!! This is what we get after 8 years of Obummer - what the ever loving fuck? NICE TRY CHERRY PICKING FREAKS!!!!
Wendall Wedgewood (11 days ago)
Sounds like the Airlines are going down-hill. I flew a lot in my job (had close to 200,000 miles). My favorite was Delta, but I never had problems, other than a couple of commuter airlines. Now that I am retired I don't fly much, so no idea how air travel is now.
msjacqui72 (12 days ago)
American airlines suck
Blue Acidball (13 days ago)
And you thought all employees were nice.
Nicki nurse (13 days ago)
unlimited lifetime guy should have sued them
Thomas L (13 days ago)
I'll tell you what's right! Quit bringing babies on planes.. I fly a lot and have 3 kids and never took my babies on planes. BTW I'm sure her first class ticket says she's black. . I'm sure the nigga acted like a nigga so stop with the pathetic race shit
Xiang Lung (14 days ago)
Ever book a united airlines,, let them go bankrupt. Then they will learn their lesson
Linda Mueller (14 days ago)
Why couldn't the guy who was a priority put in economy ?
Kiwi NZL (14 days ago)
Welcome aboard asswipe airlines
Antreas Konstantinou (14 days ago)
Americans make fun of ryanair but i dont think ryanair EVER HAD ANYTHING LIKE ALL SAID IN THE VIDEO
Mohammed Alam (15 days ago)
Almost all american airlines are the worst airlines in the world. They treat their passenger like criminals and foes, and are doing the passengers a free favor! They must learn from others.
Anirudh Gupta (15 days ago)
Don't fly with a friggin baby please, time on a plane is already shitty enough don't make it worse for everyone
Maxx Omega (15 days ago)
People with babies should be strapped to the wing and fed oxygen through a hose...LOL
Ferx (20 hours ago)
Thats deep...
Chuck Lee (16 days ago)
Fuck the airlines
Moneyshot (16 days ago)
United stroke again
sally colon (16 days ago)
What's a better airline than United and American?
News 24*7 (16 days ago)
America is the new shitpot same as its president and so are the airlines and cops over there , they feed on shit
Thunderhorse9 9 (16 days ago)
I’d sue them for that on number 1
John O (17 days ago)
When I was 10 and while flying United from Sydney to LA with my dad, he got upgraded to business class and I got stuck in economy. I went to visit him during the flight only to be 'escorted' back to cattle class and told I couldn't talk to my dad during the flight.
Zaily Machado (17 days ago)
Airlines are cruel these days.
Patrick Sanchez (18 days ago)
Fuckin idiot flight attendents these days
Pewdi Pliers (18 days ago)
The United airlines are the worst
Sheryl Wood (18 days ago)
I can't remember which airline this was, but I'm thinking United. I was flying from Cleveland to Salt Lake. Across the aisle from me was a lady on oxygen. Prior to take-off, a flight attendant told me that I would have to sit in the jump seat at the rear because they needed my seat to monitor the lady's oxygen. She was on her way to San Francisco for medical treatment. Off and on throughout the flight, an attendant sat on the arm of my seat, legs in the aisle, looking at this lady. Meanwhile, I sat in the dark, by the stinky bathrooms, was not given my meal, was not offered anything to drink (soft), and never even got an apology. This was some time back, but it frosted me on flying. For commercial flights in the early '50's or perhaps earlier, stewardesses had to be nurses. I thought that this practice had stopped. I cared about the sick lady, but I feel that the situation was handled inappropriately.
BOIII3 Productions (18 days ago)
4:42 The American Airlines crew only cared for their money.
a g (19 days ago)
If a company is dumb enough to sell an unlimited lifetime ticket for only $250,000 and someone buys it, they should realize that the same person could likely afford to use it. THEY are the ones who wrote the contract. THEY are the ones who sold the ticket. So why shouldn't THEY be the ones who have to honor what they have sold???? THEY were in control of the terms and didn't do the math, and to be honest.... THEY should have seen that loss coming! SMDH here.
CommanderDoom (20 days ago)
Fuck yeah, I live in Canada where no shitty airlines exist
kasuhito 8829 (20 days ago)
United​ more​ worse than​ north​ korean​ Airline.
CaliforniaCheez (20 days ago)
First Class is great for long flights (>5 hrs) but why fly 1st class from Kentucky to North Carolina? Is that an hour flight?
0x777 (21 days ago)
The only reason airlines can actually get away with this bullshit is that there is no alternative around them. It's simply not possible to avoid them. If anyone comes up with an alternative, no matter how inconvenient, they're bankrupt instantly.
Carlos Ramirez (21 days ago)
When they sell you a ticket on line should ask you your color of skin o if you are minory that way you are prepare for your fly.
Minecraft - DehKensei (13 days ago)
#4 Honestly I’m against the baby, I would kill for a peaceful flight but baby’s will forever destroy my search.
KeonXD (21 days ago)
The last one is just a lame excuse that the airline just wants money
Artyom Chyornyj (21 days ago)
Some of these Airlines need to be disbanded. They are clearly doing their job terribly. By taking some people out because they’re “not important,” that’s massive bullshit.
superROTV (22 days ago)
Ya know what, fuck it ill just take amtrak everywhere.
Flower Power2 (22 days ago)
these videos on this channel have no continuity
Roger Balcer (22 days ago)
Well just listen up, minorities, yuppies with squalling brats and other people singled out by the airlines will just have to suck it up...said the airlines ! That will teach you to travel !
Vashti7 (22 days ago)
STOP talkin just show the fucking drama that's why we are here
Phoenix (22 days ago)
Roblox User, IEmi_KatI (22 days ago)
Stop flying united airlines guys.
Ian Morrison (23 days ago)
If you bring a crying baby into public places you get what you deserve. "To the back of the bus bitch." She white so no this is not racist.
Ian Morrison (23 days ago)
How can you have so much money and be so cheap to fly united? If I'm going to treated like trash its Delta or bust.
Hippy(Bboomer) (23 days ago)
It should be illegal to overbook flights.. If plane seats 150, then seat 151 is a standby.. Fine the bastards $50,000 for each offence. It would cease overnight. and I am a capitalist.. and if anyone other than the cops tried to handcuff me, they would receive black eyes in the process.. like take my money and then try this crap??
Hippy(Bboomer) (23 days ago)
My thoughts? American Airlines should have been SUED for $1,500,000, same with the joke of an airline who put the investment guy in handcuffs.
Greninja Girl (23 days ago)
If I was kicked off first class I would be like, BOI U BETTER GIMME MY MONEY BACK
Donald Amico (23 days ago)
I never heard of this cunt KarenShiboloh but I can only imagine what her money and mouth and entitlement attitude did.. Airlines aren't great but neither are you entitled assholes that think your shit doesn't stink...