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TOP 6 Luxury Yachts In The World

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Here are the Top 6 Luxury Yachts which only the rich will be able to buy. Oceanco - Cosmos - 90m : Miami-based designer Luiz DeBasto and Dutch yacht builder Oceanco have teamed up once again, this time to reveal a new motor yacht design named Cosmos. The 90-metre project is groundbreaking in terms of glass used as a material to form the exterior of the yacht, with the pinnacle being a glass dome-shaped observation lounge on the upper deck. Sinot - Nature 120m : Project NATURE features a panorama deck with an enormous size of 900+ sqm and a fully functional inner garden with a climate control system. Another fine place should be the observation lounge in the bow. The yacht has a beam of about 15m but the aft area of the main deck has retractable platforms to open the beach club. Guests can find their sleeping places in eight staterooms and VIP cabins οr they can enjoy a luxurious Spa deck, gym, and swimming pool.  Se77antasette Yacht :  Benetti has introduced a new 77m concept, Se77antasette, in cooperation with designer, Fernando Romero on the eve of the Monaco Yacht Show. The concept sees Benetti stray from its typical lines to a new form. Se77antasette's innovative design features include a glass dome on top of the sundeck that is able to hide all of the yacht's navigational equipment inside the superstructure without diminishing its capabilities. Linea 90M Yacht : British design studio Claydon Reeves has opened up about its latest 90 metre yacht concept Linea, the first details of which were revealed at last month’s Monaco Yacht Show. Developed in collaboration with Fincantieri Yachts and interior design specialist March & White, Linea features a flowing profile inspired by classic Italian cars.  Oceanco - Amara 120m : Amara, Oceanco's newly designed and engineered 120-meter private yacht concept, designed in collaboration with Sam Sorgiovanni Designs was unveiled by His Excellency Saeed Harib, Secretary General of Dubai Sports Council, Vice President and Chairman of Dubai International Marine Club - Mina Seyahi, and Senior Advisor to the Dubai International Boat Show. Oceanco revealed the lifestyle philosophy of creating a yacht designed for extended families and friends. Amara provides unparalleled living and entertainment facilities for up to 20 guests. The contemporary interior with natural timber, stone and textural carpets and fabrics blend to create an inviting and natural environment.  Oceanco - Spectrum 102m : At the 2016 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, Oceanco revealed its latest design, the 102m Project Spectrum. There is a close relationship to the sea throughout the yacht, with a seamless flow from outdoor deck spaces to the interior. Light was a very important aspect in creating Spectrum, with large windows and extensive balconies all helping bring the outside atmosphere into the interior. The lower deck includes a wellness suite with sauna, steam room, beauty treatment area and massage rooms, with two terraces opening symmetrically port and starboard from the massage room and gym areas. Bugatti Niniette 66 : Bugatti – the French manufacturer behind one of the world’s fastest production cars – has launched a new luxury yacht, the 66-ft Bugatti Niniette 66, based on the design of its £2.1m Chiron supercar. The carbon fibre, marble and leather-decked out model, which can reach top speeds of 44 knots, boasts everything from its own Jacuzzi and champagne bar, to a fire pit and lavish double bed.  Subscribe Like and Share
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Dominic (2 days ago)
Amara 120 meters = 394 feet, not 334
pumpkineater23 (4 days ago)
Imagine spending all that money only to find that your new superyacht was CGI.
Lefh Harrison (23 days ago)
With having I guess that's hu Wales or sun you know what that means
Lefh Harrison (23 days ago)
Kimberly the United States of America is going to make the universe attack before they'll let me leave
Anis Sinchuri (28 days ago)
Cartoons.... None are real
Stephen Gust (1 month ago)
Me: MOMMY, ME NEED YACHT NOW Me again: Please!? 🥺 My mom: I’ll get you a yacht if you buy me a billion dollar company, okay. Me: okey-dokey
Lliam Moore (1 month ago)
leaving a digital foot print here
LudiMica (1 month ago)
When i be in montenegro i see the a yacht
cool-rpidzz (13 days ago)
I saw loads of yachs when I went to montenegro
Mikey Walsh (1 month ago)
My bicycle looks different.
ilker john Karabulut (1 month ago)
S David McGrew (1 month ago)
Halyard yacht
STAK l (1 month ago)
This is me when it’s fridayMe:Mom I’m going to schoolMom: have fun sweetieMe: oh wait did a boat
ronobi gaming (1 month ago)
Mhiky Rilext (1 month ago)
If I got any of this I would be leaving on water for the rest of my life
Erik Sixx (1 month ago)
"We're gonna need a bigger boat." Oh, nevermind.
Skafab1 (1 month ago)
1:36 for the suicidal millionaires
Ryan Casey (2 months ago)
das a big bunny
Jonas Kunst (2 months ago)
Gta v life
William Ward (2 months ago)
Top 6 computer generated yachts. I kept waiting for one of them to fly.
Sam XC (2 months ago)
Why is it cgi
trukeze 691 (2 months ago)
Imagine if the big waves hit the ships and everything broken.
Charlotte Barnett (2 months ago)
am i the only one who would see the water then have to pee
Cookinitmax (2 months ago)
The very best. It's crazy to see that when you get to this level you buy one of these awesome Machines then turn around to sell it in 2 years because some one else came up with something better than the one you got it shows its not about the beauty of the Yacht rather the power of buying one better.
Nicolas Marino di Teana (2 months ago)
A la fin, ça devient complètement débile. C'est froid et triste. Comment tu dois t'emmerder dans ces paquebots... Et malheur à toi si tu déplaces un oreiller !
le minh (2 months ago)
wow spaces on waves
jimmy nilsson (2 months ago)
Anyone know The "ZEN" song?
CarMotoTube (2 months ago)
@jimmy nilsson Hello sir, do you know which is the song that plays on Linea 90M Yacht?
jimmy nilsson (2 months ago)
Roland jenkees - speaker 1 btw 👍
Peter benn pan (3 months ago)
It almost looks real.
Thathvam T (3 months ago)
For real yachts look elsewhere !
Coffee Link (3 months ago)
They are more like mini cruise ships to me
Diana Montesinos (3 months ago)
Dear god..
Mika wayais (3 months ago)
And there's me don't know wheres my next meal going to come from.
Antonio Alighieri (3 months ago)
Torstens Liv (3 months ago)
My dad owns swedens biggest boat
CEROVIC GORAN (4 months ago)
treba govno likvidirati. milioni ljudi na istoku nemaju vode a kamoli sta drugo. objesiti psa. na bosanskom
Noah Chreif (4 months ago)
Hi great channel
Fikret Yetim (4 months ago)
Animasyon göserip kandırma ts
Marino (4 months ago)
J'ai le droit de rêver hein ??? ;-)
SaadAl Saad (4 months ago)
من عربي هنا
Cecil Samura Paine (4 months ago)
I will work and pray to buy this kind of ship and car so my life will be certified in the mighty name of Jesus Christ Amen.
حسن شحاته (4 months ago)
علم الإنسان ما لم يعلم ربي
Arlie Hopes y (6 months ago)
the 1st yacht with the helicopter in the front. what happens in rough seas doesn't the copter get drenched?
Eamon MacDonald (2 months ago)
Arlie Hopes y they wouldn’t take the ship into rough seas
Ehsan Radaideh (6 months ago)
Herman To (6 months ago)
Yu da kok kucawako nyak Mak panuju didunia sai Mak helau nyak haga nyaman.
Herman To (6 months ago)
Thank you primuch
Capt777harris (7 months ago)
Why are they all CGI?
taku (7 months ago)
100Moral (7 months ago)
all concepts...
Wainaina Ngugi (7 months ago)
All the luxury is there
Wainaina Ngugi (7 months ago)
All the luxury is there
Pasha H (7 months ago)
amazing simply amazing
JamesPlays 44 (7 months ago)
Can u love this...
Charles Dikkema (8 months ago)
A yacht can not belong among the top 10 most expensive of the world when it’s not built yet.
Flying Dog (8 months ago)
Nothing but cartoons, not a single actual picture. Sucks Whale Dick
احمد النعمي (8 months ago)
رسول الله محمد
Kyza (8 months ago)
One day........ One day
DroppedMaFknNoodles (8 months ago)
Why did you show a 3d drawing? Disliked
فهد محمد المحيذيف (8 months ago)
Freeway Highway (8 months ago)
One of the most beautiful videos no joke.
Michael Smuts (8 months ago)
computer generated crap!
MURAT BAŞARIR (8 months ago)
All of them simulation.where are the reals????
ReallyOrganic (8 months ago)
this should be illegal. anyone with more money than they need should BE REQUIRED TO HELP THOSE WHO ARE DISADVANTAGED. money makes people selfish and ignorant. i feel sorry for everyone who owns and hangs out on one of these monstrosities.
koko lolo (9 months ago)
Laik 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Aman Deep (9 months ago)
The first yatch is a piece of beauty
quoc huy nguyen (9 months ago)
why are there only concepts
vladimir putin (9 months ago)
I wish i could buy a yacht someday
Stefaan De Rue (9 months ago)
Nice video men gread job
ZADI : (9 months ago)
Where is the Yacht from Gta online?
Ricci Lowy (9 months ago)
nice video
А B (9 months ago)
Видео красивое, но похоже на компьютерную графику.
الدين معاملات (9 months ago)
Toooooooop Nice 👍👍👍👍
Luis Solano (9 months ago)
M.Ananth Raj (9 months ago)
KAUSHIK KAR (9 months ago)
Wow what a wonderful thing .I really loved it very much
olivier blondel (9 months ago)
Nous allons vous détruire . Que le sang coule .
Patel Joy (9 months ago)
My dream 8:11
geraldine diffenbacher (2 months ago)
Yes: go for it. And of course invite me along.
Kokote DR (3 months ago)
Patel Joy You gonna have it..! 😉
Valéry Houessou (9 months ago)
Pas mal on peut rêver comme les propriétaires. Il faut combien par jour pour entretenir un seul bateau de ces genres.
Aisake Saurara (10 months ago)
Marcell Sárosdi (10 months ago)
oh my god
Rachid atbir (10 months ago)
اخيروها لايوخير الله نفس ادجاء اجالها ولله خبيرُُ بما تعمالون
ali siddiqui (10 months ago)
vary nice ship
Mohd Amir (10 months ago)
Nic e
Rakesh Chapiri (10 months ago)
How munch rent for day?
Batool Ali (10 months ago)
Clive Barry (10 months ago)
Phach nongvanphach (10 months ago)
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Mike Tison (10 months ago)
milos stojovic (10 months ago)
Kolko ovo kosta da mi je znati
anak sawah (10 months ago)
A mistake
Pa Hailey Sinyan (10 months ago)
Lincoln navigation 2019
Джанибек Искаков (10 months ago)
I whant this one so much
Maaz Sp (10 months ago)
I live in pakistan
harikrishna bhat (3 months ago)
So.. what..?
Elif Inci (10 months ago)
Dear santa
Jiraporn Charoenroop (10 months ago)
OMG I love 😃
Bun Thouen (10 months ago)
Luciano Melo (10 months ago)
Tony Kibbie (10 months ago)
Millions starving and suffering and we have to watch crap like this? It makes me sick. YOU make me sick!
melek D'gonzalez (10 months ago)
zohir lchkar (9 months ago)
Ramchand chan (10 months ago)
Rijk leven is leuk.
David Souza (10 months ago)
Muito top
Rannia Decomarmond (10 months ago)
How much🤔🤔
500 Abos ohne Video Hilf mit (10 months ago)
Nice Simulation!