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Heavyweight vs Flyweight | The Effect Of Rider Weight On E-Bike Range

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Everyone wants to get the most amount of power from their E-Bike battery, and one of the largest factors that affects battery power is weight. Does a lighter rider actually get much more power and therefore distance from one charge? Jess is 32 kilograms lighter than Steve so on identical setups how much farther could Jess travel on one battery than Steve? We set them the challenge of finding out. Subscribe: Our shop: The two bikes are identical apart from size, both brand new and fully charged. We even made sure that Steve and Jess used the same tyre pressure, and constantly rode at the same cadence and gear in turbo mode. How far could Steve keep up with Jess? If you'd like to contribute captions and video info in your language, here's the link 👍 More videos... 📹 Is 25kph Too Slow? | 📹 Burn Fat With Alan Milway | 🎵 Epidemic Sound: Copacabana - Onda Norte Green Summer Waves I Have - DJ Mayson On The Knife - Future Joust The New Beginnings - Queeo Geolayers Map Attribution Bing © 2018 Microsoft Corporation, Earthstar Geographics SIO © 2018 Microsoft Corporation, © 2018 DigitalGlobe, ©CNES (2018) Distribution Airbus DS © 2018 Microsoft Corporation, © 2018 DigitalGlobe, ©CNES (2018) Distribution Airbus DS Submit your content here: The Electric Mountain Bike Network (EMBN) is dedicated to igniting your passion for electric mountain bikes (eMTBs) by taking your riding further, faster and further than ever before. EMBN is dedicated solely to covering eMTB from every angle: from demystifying electric mountain biking, to inspiring you to go electric, helping you understand what you need, where and how to ride, and how to get the best from your eMTB experience. Every week, of every month we bring you videos on... The know-how… The skills… The tech… The inspiration… go faster and explore more! EMBN is mountain biking… fully charged: the same thrilling freedom – only faster, going further, and more liberating than ever before. Join the EMBN community: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Thanks to our sponsors: Specialized: DT Swiss: Haibike: Canyon: POC: WD40: Ergon: crankbrothers: Maxxis Tyres: Park Tool:
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Text Comments (204)
Electric Mountain Bike Network (1 year ago)
How far have you managed to go on one charge? Let us know in the comments below ⚡️
xxx xxx (1 month ago)
138 KM on a flat coast road with tailwind in ECO Mode on a Haibike Sduro 6.0 Hardnine with a Bosch CX Performance and a 500 Wh Battery at 145kg (🙈)
Stefan Mikeš Mikulski (1 month ago)
Lovelec Diadem, a Czech trekking bike with 576 Wh battery took me 93 km (58+ miles) on flat (mixed tarmac, gravel, fire road, single track and sometimes upwind) in mostly (but not only) Eco mode. I weigh 107 kg and the whole system weight was around 135 kg. I believe the Boost mode while necessary for steep ascends simply kills the battery.
Sintre Tizer (4 months ago)
I have done 30 to 32 miles with a 48V 13A Lithium 750W battery and using pedal assist .
Trixibella Lestrange (5 months ago)
I've only been able to get about 24km so far from 1kwh batteries, though mind you that's via throttle only and not PAS mode. Still debugging my pas system to see if I can get more range.
stevenx3m (5 months ago)
I've went over 120km on my bike. It's 26" hardtail 25kg MTB, 500Wh battery and 750W motor. Used it on road with around 30% pretty steep uphill. I guess I've put in too much of my own power :D Using more of the motor's power I've done 75-80km on a charge with decent amount of uphill sections. Haven't used it much off-road though. I prefer using traditional MTB on the trails. The electric one is more for transportation than exercise to me.
786 SK (19 days ago)
I thik u forget u n jess how much as human puting power in . ur much power ful then jess is mean u r puting more humen power n tht give bit easy on battery compere to jess tht y i thing not a big difference.
Blogger 1 (1 month ago)
Beautiful Funny Pair :) , Nice Info
madmos5y (1 month ago)
The motors output is constant, it will always be 70nm or ~50ft lbs at peak power, On flat or downhill ground there will be no difference, climbing will output the same power for the same amount of energy used, but that energy may not take you as far, So for Jess to have only a 10% advantage even though there is a 50% weight difference seems about right. She would have used much less battery energy to go uphill than Steve.
Azanuddin A S (2 months ago)
My pal and me went for sort of X-Country Marathon style race. Both of us ride an e-bike ( my self with Giant Trance E+ and my buddy with his Specialized Kenevo). Total race distances is around 35km+ with total elevation of 729m . I set up my bike with 'Power Mode' thru out the race. Link below is the youtube video of the race ;
Hanz Henry (2 months ago)
leg strength and weight pushing down on pedals both indicate that perhaps the male bike's motor had less battery drain due to aforementioned torque variables.
RockOut843 (3 months ago)
Take a Cube Bike with a Bosch Motor next time, I think you could do this tour twice or more.
Electri Clyde (3 months ago)
0:32 I don't see any HEAVY riders? I'm a heavy rider!
POLICE MATRIX (3 months ago)
its an awfull test, i mean you need to keep the land level at least
POLICE MATRIX (3 months ago)
good to watch though thanks
stefan solowiew (3 months ago)
Compete in solar power race.
carlos m. (4 months ago)
in Turbo mode you only get 20 km in a single The Shimano battery with its 500 Wh capacity??? Only 10 km range (two ways)????? Next week I will buy a KTM macina ride 400 Wh... I will try to do a similar range test... We will see.
Sven Westerlund (4 months ago)
Almost never use boost mode on my Haibike, comparing that to last couple of season when I quite often used boost mode. This year I ride faster, further and more difficult terrain while exceeding previous seasons range.Yup, lost over 20% of my body weight due to injuries, dual surgery of hernia problems and focusing on dropping weight. Climbing is fun now, crashing more often is somewhat dumb but since I go so much faster and ride more often i guess it´s what it is. Weight has a huge impact from what I experienced.
1975supermike (5 months ago)
This is what puts me off spending thousands, my self built emtb goes for ever. Beautiful trails these are though.
WillN2Go1 (6 months ago)
Interesting result. One thing you can do (and which has cleared a lot of nonsense out of my head about my Prius) is to just calculate the difference in Potential Energy Gained. Mass x Height (in meters) x gravity (9.8 m/s^2) . So your 30 kg difference x the Extra height climbed should show a substantial difference (30x129x9.8= 37,926 Joules This of course eliminates many factors but does give a very clear result that should give some indication. What it might mean is that either Steve put in more work with his legs during the day (maybe on the climbs) or that Jess's battery has a bit of a problem (which can happen with Lion batteries) because it just conked. A bicycle being on wheels is an interesting machine. Rolling is a huge factor. Also on a slow climb muscles matter. I'm an old guy 60s but I have very strong legs. In any race Jess or her grandmother is going to leave me in the dust. But hauling sacks of concrete up hills I could do all day. So in a cycling race, my legs are just too big and I'm too slow, but on a slow climb, I think I could just crank it out. (I did go on a ride with a bicycle racer, she on her $7000 full suspension, me on my old Fisher with a wretched bottom bracket. I couldn't follow her on any of the bumps, or on the straight aways. Climbing out on a very steep fire road, I kept up with her and just to piss her off I chatted the whole way up. And on a related subject this might be why I like my Biopace, but only notice it on these very slow steep climbs)
mr2drivers (6 months ago)
Hi everyone, I got me a Scott Spark E-ride 920 about 2 weeks ago. I did get 75Km (500 m height difference in total) in Eco-mode with occasionaly short bursts in trail @ boost mode (about 10 times about 20 seconds). I am allways riding close to 25 Km/hr or just above so I don ‘t drain the battery to fast. My total weight is about 86 Kg + 10 Kg (gear, camelback, helmet,...) + 23 Kg ( bike) = 118 Kg. Tyre pressure around 2 bar . The last bar gave me about 12 Km until it went into what I call limp home. I do shift gears a lot to keep a cadence of about 86 rpm to keep that natural feel . This bike is a blessing since I am now able to maintain a good average speed (about 21,2 Km/hr) regardless of the terrain. I did sometimes get into very wet and muddy terrain which surely did drain the battery more. The display is actually showing how much power you are taking from the battery. I think that I can improve the range even a little beter once my off-road capabilities improve ( have been roadcycling for 27 years). I’ m now 56 years and enjoy every minute out in the woods with this superb machine. I do enjoy all your videos and so far learned a lot of them, keep up your magnificant job 👌🏻👍
Alex Paulsen (7 months ago)
RIP in peace, Jessica Strange. 19?? - 2018
Stormstatic is me (7 months ago)
Steve putting down more power perhaps
Andres Nyssen (7 months ago)
How hard is to pedal when the battery runs out?
tristazmista (6 months ago)
Hard, not impossible, just get a test ride ;)
Joan Martret (7 months ago)
For every 10 kilos of more, the cost of the battery increases by 10% as an average.
Just Jordan (7 months ago)
Yes it can ... Physics.
Lester Ma (7 months ago)
End of charge goes fast
Andrew Baines (8 months ago)
You guys do a fantastic job, keep up the great work!
mick nedsmar (8 months ago)
Team Shmo (8 months ago)
The last part was mainly up hill. I think it would of been more accurate if you just rode on the road on flat ground. However, this was a more real life test and it seems weight matters but not a massive amount.
Black Light (8 months ago)
ALL BARS are not equal! Voltage (power) drops steadily as the battery runs down. Each "bar" may seem to have 20% of the battery, but actually the top bars CONTAIN (represent) more juice. For he first couple of bars, the batt will be putting out more voltage and more watts, to go further. The lady rode uphill on lowest voltage in the red zone, with much less usable wattage left in the battery than a fresh charge. That's why he RED is ECO mode - full TURBO power is no longer available at low charge (low voltage) levels. .
Björn Von Myrkr (8 months ago)
huuuuu ? only 25km . what the hell ? is that an electric scooter for kid ?
vaw power (8 months ago)
The difference is estrogen to testosterone.
Gray squirrel tree service (9 months ago)
Very interesting
4c1dr3fl3x (10 months ago)
Everyone keeps thinking the test should have been skewed by tire pressure and/or terrain ridden by altering it to fit the rider. That's not how the test was supposed to work, and would spoil the experiment. The point was to isolate the effect of weight ceteris paribus. It did that, and showed that while there was some difference, it was largely negligible. Trying this test again with more (or less) powerful wattage motors/higher voltage output batteries using the same control criteria might yield different ratios in efficiency, but the point was proven. Weight was not as big a factor as some thought. This is good news to me, as I weigh damn near 18 stone, pedaling on 750 watts x 52 volts, with a 32 amp hour battery.
Benedikt Seelmann (10 months ago)
i guess brand new batteries dont have their full potential yet
James Connell (11 months ago)
I think markotrieste is on too it. When I ride in eco mode I am putting in full muscle power. By that I mean eco does not give enough power and I most supplement the power quite a bit. In Turbo I am just putting in just enough effort to make the bike sustain the flat or trail. On a steep climb, is the only time I can use the full power of Turbo. I can ride 15 miles, ascend 1600 ft, all in ECO mode using 25% battery & burning 600 calories getting a decent workout. Another ride I rode 26 miles in Turbo mode ascending 150 ft (surface was flat) and made it back home with 15% battery left and I burnt 1029 calories. I was up against the limiter of 20mph (USA) most of the ride. When I tried Trail mode it was harder, but not 50% harder. What I learned is there is no reason for using Turbo mode on easy or flat ground as your not getting the full use of the battery (energy usage). When your pedaling in Turbo mode you are using X amount of energy, whether it is easy or hard.
Luke Jones (11 months ago)
I ride afan most weekends w2 and penhydd are the best
pizzagorgonzola (11 months ago)
well. he is probably still more powerful, he compensates for his weight by his own input
XILITY 4S YT (11 months ago)
15 miles is that is jeez there bad
chillout1109 (11 months ago)
OK, now try that same test on a flat surface. That last bit drained Jess's battery faster because she was climbing all the way. Doing the test on a flat surface will put the bikes on a perfectly even footing. There won't be any unfairness where one bike is climbing while the other drains out on a flat surface or downhill.
Iztok Blazevic (11 months ago)
word of advice,... never lift your bike holding it for the dropper seat post,... it is the biggest mistake like a clamp it on the bike stand for the post,...
James Rennie (11 months ago)
You need to measure the watt hour output from those calves..
DayLightSensor (11 months ago)
Steve is basically that guy you secretly hate until you meet and find out he's actually a really chill guy
Mark Michell (11 months ago)
Hey Steve, What do you think about a handicap calculator for e-bike racing? Inter all of the relevant information into a database and use that to calculate the "advantage/ handicap". 1 battery capacity - or mil/amps consumed? 2 motor specifications - torque, etc. 3 weight of bike and rider 4 resistance of motor and other components This may be just the trick to even the playing field for serious competition. Maybe this already exists?
phill t (1 year ago)
I carry a spare battery 😆
Neil C (1 year ago)
(1:50) Eeek, picks heavy ebike up with compressed dropper post . I did that and it caused my reverb to stick down rendering it useless. Had to send it back for repair 😩
Mexican Batman (1 year ago)
I have a Scott dual suspension with a Bosch Performance line CX with a chip When I got the bike I was 54kg heavier than I am now I ride the exact same route everyday So far the only difference I ever see in relation to the range is due to the wind It is possible my battery capacity has reduced over the last 3000km I have had the diagnostic run on it yet, but will do soon
Kåre Wenger (1 year ago)
Not so strange. Energy formula for lifting is e=mgh 128m*86,6kg*9,8m/s^2=108631J is the energy just for the climb. If the effort of Jess amount of work equals the power to move on a flat road, we could roule out her work, The motor may help up to 300% or nominal 250w. Time left 108631J/250W=434s. Assumed Speed 2400m/434s=5,5 m/s or 20km/h.
Gibby Kirwan (1 year ago)
Some form of energy return system must be the obvious next step for ebikes. Like we see in e cars already.
rog ma (3 months ago)
and it should be controlled activated, option of downhill activation only lets say.
My wife drives with 504wh I drive 700wh My wife 61kg me 89kg It evens it out Brand new bikes levo 2019 And yes they are a bit more noisy then the 2018 models
Y J (1 year ago)
Simple physics of course a lighter rider will go further same cadence..
Robert Scard (1 year ago)
I've lost 13kg since getting my Merida e-160. I was disappointed when my range has only slightly increased and fitness has improved greatly. I can now get back out on my xc bike. Also since watching Chris try to do the 100km loop video,he said something about not getting the full benefit out of the e-bike. I generally ride around in eco mode with short burst of trail or boost. So I decided to use boost mode earlier into the climbs I got to the top of 12km 400+mtr climb with only slightly less battery. But with a lot more energy left in me. I think it would have only been between 5km or 10km less than preserving the battery.
mikldude (1 year ago)
Interesting to watch , but i think there are just way too many variables . If one rider is a large amount of pounds heavier , you would expect way more energy to be consumed . imo you have to take into account riders energy input to the pedals and do not change power assistance .
mymodel6 (1 year ago)
What was the difference in average rider power input? If you're putting down more power per stroke, the motor/battery does less work.
Michael Towler (1 year ago)
I've just thought of a good name for none assist Bikes ,lets call them a Sweatped.!
Joerg Resch (1 year ago)
My weight is 68kg and I ride a Rocky Mountain Altitude Powerplay. This is my home round: . 40km, 1,300 height meters. 70% trail or gravel, 30% tarmac. My Bike offers 3 support levels. If I ride on level 2 for the whole tour, I get back home with a remaining 45-50% battery during summer and 40-45% in colder conditions. If I switch between eco mode and medium, an average reach of my bike (with 15-20% battery reserve left) would be between 65 and 80km with 1,300 - 1,600 height meters. During a recent eMTB transalps tour I noticed that 36Volt systems seem to have a significant disadvantage when it comes to reach. My Rocky Mountain has a 48V system which seems to work much more efficient. For example, I did a 100km ride ( with around 2,000 hm without recharge and arrived at destination with 10% battery charge.
Dougtalbot (1 year ago)
Jess you need a backpack to even it out alittle
Alan Ross (1 year ago)
Awesome trail
Dolo Molo (1 year ago)
Channel sucks. Weight=drag=less range with any type of energy source, gasoline, electric it doesn’t matter. Thanks for the info Sherlock.
Thumpermad (1 year ago)
I saw Jess pumping the trail for extra Ks 😜 she's very efficient is what I'm saying ❤
Michael Towler (1 year ago)
Nothing is perfect. It's like the older fuel Gauges in Cars, takse ages for the needle to move and then when it gets to a quarter full goes to empty at what seems like light speed. I recently noticed my Battery level lights showing Green roughly 8km before it usually does on a certain track. I am recovering from a fall so on this ride I rode at a cadence, which on my Bike gives me the most assist from the torgue sensor, to make it easier. So it looks like cadence makes a difference to Battery life as well.
Urban Rosenqvist (1 year ago)
Switch bikes and ride the same loop again
lazer tag (1 year ago)
these ebikes are overpriced.. get ebikes that has a throttle that can go 40mph !
Zwiesel66 (4 months ago)
You talk about an emotorbike, which has nothing to do with an emtb.
lazer tag (1 year ago)
how the fuck is it pointless or are you just an elitest scared of technology and change? by your logic a dirt bike is useless too, the dualtron scooter goes to 50mph then these overpriced pieces of shit that max out at 25mph? pathetic
Mozz Jones (1 year ago)
Get a dirt bike? A 40mph pedal bike is pointless!
MemphisRaines82 (1 year ago)
I think the test should be done in an adaptive assistance mode, but both riders riding together. This way the power drain on the battery will be much more varied due to the motor assistance required from the different rider weight and fitness. in boost mode the motor is always offering max power so the drain on the battery will me much similar.. as seen in the video..
Jeff Mcilroy (1 year ago)
You look great on a bike Jess! There’s something about girls on bikes that turns my crank! (pun intended)
Jeff Mcilroy (1 year ago)
My guess is that Steve being heavier has a lot more leg power and is pushing harder up climbs plus gaining more momentum on the downs by gravity alone.. making it easier on the bike and battery on both the climbs and downhill.. maybe you guys should try it again with power meters on? Just a thought. Cheers guys.
Steve Jones (1 year ago)
For sure Jeff, power meter ride on list
dannyfag1 (1 year ago)
Two mates rode the beast recently in North Wales, on the same bikes, one is 17.5 stone and the other is 13 stone... The bigger guy did use emtb most of the ride but also trail a little. Whist the smaller guy used emtb all the way... Big guy only ran out a few hundred yards from the end of the ride and the lighter guy hit empty at the car park... So not much in it.
Keith Duncan (1 year ago)
Need some sort of recharge on the down hills, integrating some sort of dynamo to recharge the battery , ride all day
tristazmista (6 months ago)
Impossible... charging battery takes couple hours you ride down couple minutes..
4c1dr3fl3x (10 months ago)
It exists on some bikes, but it's generally considered a failure. Reference term is Regenerative Braking. It's really, really inefficient. 5% return at best for the distance traveled downhill vs what is spent going up the same grade, only works with direct drive eBikes (big, bulky hub motors, not mid and/or geared drive), and creates a lot of waste heat and wear.
Purple Turtle (11 months ago)
Would be great! But I doubt you'd be able to reach 100% from downhill sections. It would of course give a nice boost in total range.
markotrieste (1 year ago)
I was surprised but maybe I have the explanation. In the highest assistance level, you both easily reached the maximum power output of the motors. So the battery drain was similar. Tge only advantage for Jess' bike was that sometimes she had to ease up to avoid being too fast. If my theory is correct, then range differences should increase once you reduce assistance levels and you stay far away from top motor power.
David Bamford (1 year ago)
Hi I have a giant e+2 and with a mixture of levels I got 60 miles on 400 wh battery on mixed terrain . Pretty good I thought
David Smith (1 year ago)
great vid try it in trail & lets see the difference in range please .
PHAM (1 year ago)
Very interesting video! :) I wouldn't have expected this result! Oh man, I'm more and more intrigued to try an ebike myself, however, I'm afraid I'd never go back!
Neil C (1 year ago)
That's the problem. I haven't used my 3 other bikes since buying an ebike 😩
Sam E (1 year ago)
I thought she is gmbn
Dave Ellsworth (1 year ago)
Guys, are you forgetting that Steve had a backpack on & Jess didn’t. Thought you were trying to keep as close as possible?
Max Flight (1 year ago)
Your presentation skills are excellent Steven. Very compelling videos.
Alfred Feuerstein (1 year ago)
He has to pedal more, because the support is proportional (for example +200%), so his input is higher. Also in flat terrain the weight does not matter that much, less than aerodynamic.
cristian piedrabuena (1 year ago)
94k !!!!!!!!!! to much for intense biker , you can training more
drjarvis2003 (1 year ago)
I get 15 miles and 3500 feet of climbing on trail mode and rider weight 65kg. Merida eone-sixty. but from seeing others on the same bike, the difference of 10% looks about right.
Duncan Hattingh (1 year ago)
would be good to see how many laps in eco...
Lee Dove (1 year ago)
The speed ( velocity) you climb at is has much more influence than mass. Kinetic Energy is 1/2 M v ^2 so weight has a linear effect but velocity difference is squared . If system weight is 14% less then the best you should get is 14% more range so given all the other variables 10% ish is to be expected.
Steve Jones (1 year ago)
Hey Lee so you saying its not too far off?
Scorpionleader (1 year ago)
First point: I would take on the extra weight of carrying Jess on my back. ;-) Second: I think the experiment was done as well as you could have done since it's in the real world.
Tino Schneider (1 year ago)
It must be great fun to worry about your remaining battery life every time you're riding a longer bike tour :D . That's why I prefer the freedom of a well balanced trail bike which isn't chained to any electrical systems.
Michael Towler (1 year ago)
You can go on longer rides without worry by just putting in eco. you can reduce the assist even further if you wanted too within your phone app. If you start riding an ebike you'll never be happy again to ride on a Swearped.
Sam Starr (1 year ago)
I want to use one to commute to work with.
Electric Mountain Bike Network (1 year ago)
That's fair enough Tino. We also love our normal trail bikes, and find that they just offer a different experience.
Tomi Saaranen (1 year ago)
Same here, but still would like to try an E-bike
UnseenSpirit (1 year ago)
May I ask the appeal of an e bike over a normal mountain bike plz?
Michael Towler (1 year ago)
I can tell you why .I'm 75 and have just come back from my local Tracks , 18.8 km, twice to our summit here, a mixture of down a Rocky technical Black track , 3 fast blue,1 rocky blue and an extremely down fast green , up one very rocky hand cut Blue and with the assist a fast green fast up ,assorted other tracks, Tabletops , drops and the like . Guess what? I can and will, be doing it again tomorrow. I have the Rocky Powerplay and it absolutely bombs down as the weight seem to not only make it want to speed up but sticks the Bike into the track. Go and ride a Demo you won't regret it.
nokeechia (1 year ago)
If you look at their videos, it would seem they like the fact that for lifts on trails it is much easier, and you can get more runs in a day. They also have talked about how the weight allows them to dig in more, but doesn't hinder them with tricks... To be honest, you should watch a few videos on the subject. The EMBN crew talk about it a lot.
Luigi Monaco (1 year ago)
m * g * h, 129 m seems quite much to me. # just my 2 cents
TheAegisClaw (1 year ago)
How long did it take to run the battery flat? I've heard it's impossible to run the battery flat in less than 75 minutes even on Alpine climbs. You can extrapolate that into the average power draw from the battery. It would clearly come out well beyond 250w, which would last 2 hours.
Griff (1 year ago)
Thanks Roger, will do! I was just looking at it for “guesstimates.”
nevillerover (1 year ago)
I'm pretty sure this result is because Jess doesn't press the pedals as hard so the motor does more work. If you weighted her down to be the same as you and she did the ride again, she wouldn't get as far as you did. Well that's my theory Steve, over to you to go and prove it.
Electric Mountain Bike Network (1 year ago)
But Steve got further? It may be down to how much power they're both producing, but the weight is most likely more of a factor.
Roger Huston (1 year ago)
Why would you think the results would be any different. Range is a function of the work the motor is doing. At the same tempo and gearing the motors are working the same. The difference is the riders power. Jess has to give less power to meet the required sipped and cadence, but both were near equal in relative proportions to weight. Ex. If the motor equal 50 then each rider would need to give another 50%. For each rider say that equals half their weight. So 30 vs 60 in terms of work. Proportions are the same, but the amount of work is different.
grandad1982 (1 year ago)
So whats the solution? Power meter and ride to a power to weight ratio?
Flatslide (1 year ago)
Wow, Wales rocks :) Great video.
sbdstudent (1 year ago)
Great video. I have the same results on my Giant Road-e. The first and last 10% goes blazingly fast. I watched my battery percentage go from 13% to 8% in 100 yards. Now, I always assume I have to get where I'm going with at least 10-15% charge. They really need to do something about that. It's misleading. Cheers
Electric Mountain Bike Network (1 year ago)
Thanks for the input! Interesting and strange why that happens.
Tawé Lo (1 year ago)
It is normal, the pattern an the width of your tire is way more crucial, than the total weight.
Mel Enriquez (1 year ago)
You guys must break-in the battery first to get the best and more accurate reading. You need to run to depletion at least 3x, preferably 5x. Do this, and go back and test again. Use a power meter too to see how much each one of you are contributing to the effort.
Electric Mountain Bike Network (1 year ago)
Hey Mel, the guys have ridden these bikes a few times already, so no doubt the batteries are all broken-in. But thanks for the feedback!
Kount 68 (1 year ago)
i think Steve was investing consistently more watts into every strokes ...this is why at the end of the day the margin was not that big....
Electric Mountain Bike Network (1 year ago)
It's also down to power/weight. So Steve may have been contributing more overall power, but it was also used to get his greater weight moving.
nokeechia (1 year ago)
Would not riding the same (similar) cadence not reduce that factor?
TheAegisClaw (1 year ago)
Yep, I'm sure he was, however that doesn't mean he was putting in more perceived effort. He is just going to be stronger.
c s (1 year ago)
Steve I just bought a haibike after watching your videos for a while. Will be here in a few days. Thanks for all your great videos that introduced me to ebikes.
c s (1 year ago)
I love my ebike, it flattens the route out so I can focus on my heart rate and get the workout I want. I use the modes and gears to get the cadence and effort level I want. The ebike is kinda like adjusting the smart trainer resistance on Zwift. I just looked at my road bikes on their racks in the garage and laughed, not sure I will ever ride them again. Thinking of selling them to buy another battery.
Electric Mountain Bike Network (1 year ago)
Great to hear c s!
louiscormier12 (1 year ago)
But tire pressure should be proportional to weight to make it equal
Lester Ma (7 months ago)
louiscormier12 air pressure wasn’t even for each riders weight
grandad1982 (1 year ago)
Was just about to post the same thing.
Tomi Saaranen (1 year ago)
@jhmtb Hi 😂
jhmtb (1 year ago)
@Tomi Saaranen hi again
Tomi Saaranen (1 year ago)
cyclingjase (1 year ago)
What knut 7 said!
Griff (1 year ago)
That was a great test! It gave a good idea as to what an e-bike can do under different loads. I've been keen to buy an EMTB, but I was concerned about to how far my battery would get me as I'm a heavier rider (129 kilos--no bike--no bag--just me). Your demonstration made me feel more confident about buying one and getting quite a few miles out of it in eco-mode. If you'll excuse me, I need to sign off so I can watch a video about fat burning! LoL Thanks!
Roger Huston (1 year ago)
Be careful about this test. It's about the work the motor does. Both riders were going at the same pace in the same gear so the motor was doing equal work in both cases. The riders made up the difference. Both needed to generate diffent amounts of work to keep the same speed and cadence. Meaning if both riders had to lift 50% of their body weight, the heavier one is technically moving more weight. What this means is your range will depend on how much effort you give, not the motor. Say the motor gives a constant 30. If you take it easy and let the motor do most of the work and you give a 20 effort you won't go as far compared to a 50 effort. Still, for you and me as heavier riders an ebike can be the difference between being able to ride or not.
A design for life (1 year ago)
jess is my weight, bwlch mountain is my local ogmore boy myself, ive done 30 miles on 500wh in under 2 hours
Derber's Discoveries (1 year ago)
The bike motor engages more often with the heavier rider to maintain the same speed. That's a good amount of Offroad distance. The American ebikes get more distance I feel. I get 50 prairie path miles in PAS2 with 25-35% battery remaining.
Derber's Discoveries (1 year ago)
Steazy Steve
Frack Black (1 year ago)
Good comparison, thumbs up.👍
Electric Mountain Bike Network (1 year ago)
Thanks Frack Black!
FatBoy Rider (1 year ago)
My local trails i done blue scar in my kenevo few days ago first ever ride on an ebike and my weight is around 170kilos so you can imagine how much battery ill be using but that's why I got an ebike to get back on the trails and loose that weight so maybe I'll see a difference in how long my battery lasts while I loose weight maybe haha. Great vid
MidLifeBiker (1 year ago)
The good news Steve is you dont need to lose weight and you can pack more snacks 😉
MidLifeBiker (1 year ago)
The battery bars give you a false sense of security. The first 3 bars seem to last well but the last 2 dont. I expect 50km from one battery on typical trails but less on a steep climbing trail.
Andrew Wade (1 year ago)
Seems like there's probably some variation in the individual batteries - what they report, the curve of power depletion so to speak. Interestingly, my Levo seems to go for ages once it hits lower power limp mode, thankfully.
Electric Mountain Bike Network (1 year ago)