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Amazon Warehouse Robots : Mind Blowing Video

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BRUNOSE7EN (4 hours ago)
Cyberdyne, Skynet, Genisys and now Amazon comes online. Where is Sarah Connor?
Daryl Clifford (4 hours ago)
Was about to hit back button at the intro. Watched, didn’t like, didn’t subscribe!
uncleswilly (14 hours ago)
thumbs down for that obnoxious intro
David Stoney (18 hours ago)
Not sure who I have the most sympathy for - the human robots aka staff or the silicon robots?
Libery One (23 hours ago)
And in the end when robots replace humans and there are no jobs........WHO is going to buy the products w/o MONEY
dev vikram Midya (1 day ago)
The video was really good. It would have been more interesting if someone would explain the operations going on.
Mich B (1 day ago)
Screw Bezos, the guy is a creep and a 1st class AHole.
Romantic Donkey (1 day ago)
Many comments about the workers rights. Everyone wants their products faster at a cheaper price, so Amazon and other companies do what they must to make that happen. Complain enough and the human workers will be replaced by automation. The workers are not enslaved. They went to Amazon for a job on their own free will. They got the job. Now they complain. They are still free to leave the job and find another. If people feel employers are evil, then start your own business and create a utopian environment for your own employees. No one within a company is a victim, they choose to be there. This comment is based on employment in 1st world countries where laws govern the treatment of workers. If no laws are being broken, then either suck it up, or find another job. If laws are being broken, then file a complaint with the Labor Board, and go find another job.
PM William (1 day ago)
Alibaba Jack Ma really wants this
Michael Mcnaughton (1 day ago)
One real solar flare event will bring the whole flimsy construct to catastrolphe.
rcarlisi63 (1 day ago)
I like how the robots are numbered.......just like us.....
peter vincent (1 day ago)
See that what happens when you smoke lots. Fuck the intro
LucKie (2 days ago)
Never and ever use that intro again.
Christopher McHale (2 days ago)
The most mind blowing part is that they probably got huge tax breaks and I only saw 7 workers there.
Barry Fisher (2 days ago)
Maybe Amazon should run the trains in England.
jacesaces15 (3 days ago)
talk about Zero job security, every person there could get their jobs taken by a fucking Roomba vacuum.
Frank (3 days ago)
What happened to mom and pop?
Baked Utah (3 days ago)
Amazing! How do those big-ass Roombas know where to go without their cat drivers?
swamp tits (3 days ago)
more jobs taken from the people!
Corb4n (4 days ago)
mind blowing is, that there are still humans involved
Edgaras Salkauskas (5 days ago)
too bad they treat their employes like shit, making them piss in a bottle, what scumbags
li smoke (6 days ago)
That’s why this country they have no jobs this is a big problem robot and that dumb president want to Blame immigrant taken the jobs robot taking the job you’re dumb asses
Beautaus Tertulien (6 days ago)
this wouldve been great if people was working in it
Steve Nicklin (6 days ago)
You might find what you see above as amazing, but Hewlett-Packard had the "frogs" as they called them in their Herrenberg (Germany) warehouse back in around 1998 (and I witnessed them for the first time in 2000). They were unreliable at the time, but they were light years ahead of what existed at the time.
fack utubenoseyjerks (8 days ago)
i don't know about anyone else but i find that sooo relaxing to watch!.
Paul Lennon (10 days ago)
John Spurlock (10 days ago)
Automation never works right for long show what's going to happen when you have 8 glitches an hour show how they're all going to be misaligned and not work show how everybody's going to be standing around playing with themselves because the computers are screwed up the whole Warehouse
Louis Rey (10 days ago)
Pretty soon robots will be doing the buying. Who needs humans?
lloo e (11 days ago)
Great use of robots.
Terry Frederickson (11 days ago)
she must be one of the cute robots
Dawood Ahmed (11 days ago)
Goedelite Kurt (11 days ago)
Many of the patents involved in the design of such robots were the result of taxpayer "investment" in the military budgets over the past three decades. Yet, the taxpayer receives no reward for the success of his investment. The increases in productivity that result in greatly increased earnings for companies like Amazon, go into dividends and high rewards for corporate executives. This is not capitalism. In capitalism, investors (in this case, the taxpayers) are rewarded for their successful investments. This is corporate socialism, where the power of the state is used to advance the interests of corporations at the expense of the taxpaying citizen. In that were not sufficient theft from the citizen-investor, then the avoidance of taxation by domiciling corporations outside the US completes the outrage.
Eyeswideopen Truth (11 days ago)
So glad Robots are here Tired of all the fake sick calls and excuses like my child is sick, I had a flat tire, I’m on my period, I have a doctors appointment, I was stuck in traffic, etc... etc....Blah Blah Bullshit!!!!! These Robots don’t call in sick They don’t take vacations or maternity leave They don’t bicker about who’s doing the most work They don’t waste time texting or checking their dam emails and Facebook messages They don’t sit around all fucking day gossiping about who’s sleeping with who They don’t take extra long breaks They don’t need smoke breaks They don’t need to leave early to pickup the kids from school They don’t complain about their pay and always asking for a raise If you can think of more, feel free to add them to my list Thanks Good Day!!!
joe Schlotthauer (12 days ago)
These robots will turn on us one day, you watch.
joe Schlotthauer (12 days ago)
Do they clean the floor as they move?
la cuccaracha (12 days ago)
Those few people working will be replaced with robots..just a matter of time
Raheel Qureshi (12 days ago)
waaaoooo amazing
John Munro (12 days ago)
Robots rendering themselves redundant by creating a population with no disposable income.
twentyfoursyc (12 days ago)
Almost 20s in and I'm still watching the intro.
Al B (12 days ago)
Not all AMAZON items are best price.You have to realize their item prices change frequently.ALWAYS scroll through to the END,you can find the "same item" cheaper.AMAZON is my first source for pricing but not always my final purchase,taking into consideration shipping charges and your tax,you might do better in a local store.
Tony Garcia (13 days ago)
carlos valdes (13 days ago)
more unemployment rate thanks to us
Justin Schubert (14 days ago)
for every robot in that plant 5 jobs where lost
Stephen Roth (14 days ago)
Too bad Amazon doesn't put this much effort and technology into their shipping methods ....... All the warehouse technology in the world isn't worth spit if you can't get a package to a customer in a reasonable time and convenience !!!!!
Gc 56 (14 days ago)
I agree
Mitch (14 days ago)
Cleanup on aisle 13.
calvada1 (14 days ago)
Why do I see so many humans here???
Ros R (14 days ago)
Sucks to deliver a load at Amazon,, people think they own the place
Dean Bowen (15 days ago)
Put Jeff Bezos out of business don’t buy
Abec777 Hondatech (15 days ago)
These are the last real people working on amazon...How thet fell thell be soon jobless...
Andy m (15 days ago)
and the workers have to keep up with the robots or they get sacked ??? Impressive way to treat humans
Vision33r (15 days ago)
That's what the future looks like for middle class workers. Even if you work in the office, you will be using AWS for many of your office work applications.
Jack Business (16 days ago)
Eventually robots will take all the jobs and there will not be anything left for us. It's been happening for 20 years. Within the next 50 I wouldn't be surprised to see the whole of humanity unemployed with the few rich people who own everything. And well f*** everyone else. There's a name for it technological unemployment. It's becoming a very real thing.
T. B. Baliol (16 days ago)
This is why 45 got elected...
Marge onthat (18 days ago)
Photocopiers with Attitude !
muralidharan s (19 days ago)
Amazon treating their lastmile associates like bonded labourers
Wayne Metevia (19 days ago)
The Terminator movies were right. THE MACHINES ARE TAKING OVER !!! And of course we humans will blindly follow along like sheep.
Good Citizen (20 days ago)
John Doe (20 days ago)
Sanjay Tiwari (20 days ago)
Its all Inhumane progress. Machines should not replace humans.
dwayne marshall (20 days ago)
Tax corporations for each robot
David Nix (20 days ago)
Stay in school kids!
Brad C (20 days ago)
I'd rather see people... with jobs.
KnightOfTheKing (20 days ago)
Agreed! The intro was awful. Pure diarrhoea! And twice? We rarely see over 500 likes for a comment! Take that seriously and change it.
Golam Rasul Nabi (21 days ago)
Amazon is using robots and taking so many people jobs? NOt buying anything from Amazon again.
Bo Hunter (21 days ago)
All that profit from low labor costs and pays NO TAXES?
Mark Rothenberg (21 days ago)
Why do the robots spin and turn as if there is a front end and back end. If they can move in any direction there should not be a forward and reverse. Seemed like the movement was just for show. Well that didn’t impress me. Showing the robots moving quickly and in any direction with minimal movement showing efficiency would have impressed me.
Scott Brady (21 days ago)
nice bit of automation. in 1988, I worked at chase manhattan branch with twelve full time tellers, three platform personnel, and a branch manager. yesterday i went to an enormous target store where the was two checkout people and security person to check receipts. of course, there were seven or eight stock people. all the checkout points were these ones you see in the supermarkets now. how many employees can be replaced by tin cans. wow.
R Stone (21 days ago)
My mind was blown... I'm out
western truck and tractor repair (21 days ago)
What union are they in ?
Livereater00 (22 days ago)
Looks inefficient... a true cluster-fuck.
Fruggoal MIL (22 days ago)
What happens when there is no power for the robots?
SacredNoseBone (22 days ago)
If they want to go fully automated and use robots over humans, thats fine. Company after company will just follow suit, leaving a lot of people unemployed.... than who's going to be buying your products? ;) who are those robots going to be delivering the goods too? ;) Humans lose jobs = they lose money = you lose customers = a warehouse full of useless robots.... everyone loses.
Mike Moore (23 days ago)
So there's your "fight for 15" going down the drain...
Lewie McNeely (24 days ago)
All this and I can still get it cheaper on EBay.
marcos jimenez (24 days ago)
So who is really taking American jobs???
Thomawillol Intros (24 days ago)
This is not mind blowing, komplett a norwegian company that sells shit has a cooler robot setup and they were before amazon.
Ty The White Guy (24 days ago)
I see my products
Gordon Chang (25 days ago)
https://vimeo.com/217763926 Here is a bigger one
Gordon Chang (25 days ago)
DarkStarAZ (25 days ago)
In the short run this technology is going to displace many people. In the long run I think it will lead to a higher standard of living, it might make guaranteed minimum income a real possibility.
stephen hughes (26 days ago)
ducarmel moise (26 days ago)
I have to manage a warehouse, can somebody tell me where I can those robots for sale please?
Harald Jan Dahle (27 days ago)
John Wolf (28 days ago)
Admiral Preparedness (28 days ago)
They decided to leave the human in their business plan to ensure mistakes are made. It’s human nature.
Jon Robichaud (28 days ago)
Watching our jobs disappear is great
run2daylite73 (28 days ago)
Seiu just shit their pants
Keerthivel XD (28 days ago)
Communist's worst enemy
Fluffy Zyox (29 days ago)
their little emergency stops are so fucking cute!
Romgenas (29 days ago)
Scrap. People no job.
True Colors (29 days ago)
Ill give a half a million dollars to the first person that gives me a million dollars
A l ex- Ha (29 days ago)
These pigs refuse to give a decent wage to their enslaved workers
Will Robinson (30 days ago)
1:07 seems to be a conflict here.
RedReign (30 days ago)
Normally security will tackle and beat the fuck out of anyone that crosses the line, completely justified too
Timbob Jones (30 days ago)
I hate annoying intro's
Mickey Mouse (30 days ago)
So thats how I get my stuff !
Scott Allen (1 month ago)
Everything at Amazon is Chinese made BS. F%^K Amazon. Need to be taxed to death. Walmart destroyed the small town stores and Amazon is destroying Walmart at their own game. FK Them
David Schmidt (1 month ago)
These crazy robots don't even ask for raise increases.
Patel Vidhu (1 month ago)
Can not believe they need robot to move books.