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Amazon Warehouse Robots : Mind Blowing Video

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updown4455 (10 hours ago)
Pickers & stowers......both jobs, you better be damn fast
2012meltdown (3 days ago)
All that automation and my order still takes over a fricken week to get here? Ridiculous!
Striker (4 days ago)
Ken Semotiuk (5 days ago)
What, intelligent person would want to work in a noisey robot environment for $15.75 pet hour? Besos wouldn't, so, why should you?
gary dufala (6 days ago)
That's how Skynet started.
Raul G (8 days ago)
You see what happens people when you get lazy on the job your job goes away gets taken away by robots 30 minutes in the bathroom acting like an idiot to put in more time boss is finally woke up and they're going to replace you with robots
Anon Nomus (9 days ago)
Amazon A-holes taking away human jobs and giving it to robots.
sexobscura (10 days ago)
oh, I thought it was about the human employees that work for Amazon in their warehouse
Eugene Reuter (10 days ago)
You got a new subscriber today
matt mostowicz (10 days ago)
I can't fault amazon. I actually work in logistics. Anyone who thinks you could even approach 5% of the robots accuracy and efficiency has never been in charge of anything themselves. If you consider they don't screw up, get tired, sluff off, get sick, go on vacation, have bad days, come into work hungover, need a background check, minimum wage, health, dental, retirement insurance and won't sue you when they screw up. We'll sorry but humans ARE obsolete. I hate to say it, but the future is now. If you consciously decide to learn nothing you can earn a living with, then you are screwing yourself for life. The days of being able to be a lumper or unskilled worker and still be able to earn a living from it are long gone. It's either get educated or be content with being a homeless drifter living off scraps. It's terrible on a human scale, but in reality it is a fact.
C J (11 days ago)
Wait till robots become conscious and they want a raise in pay
nick bill (11 days ago)
they stlll use carbon based creatures?
Michael O Neill (13 days ago)
Michael O Neill (13 days ago)
Reinstate ALEX JONES PRODUCTS AMAZON, you fuckwits are going to go bankrupt if you carry on banning free speech, I've boycotted
B. Faster (17 days ago)
Thought it would be bigger and faster.
somenath majumder (17 days ago)
New Amazon factory opened in neighborhood after tax cut, 2 persons and lot of robots got job.
j willy (18 days ago)
There go the jobs! Will amazon be held to account and re-train the work force it no longer has to feed, nor let sleep. Will the robots pay a wage tax? Will Amazon pay an appropriate corporate tax? Prob None of the above.
Barney Miller (19 days ago)
More jobs lost
fitnesstube tube (20 days ago)
yurtiçi kargo :DDD
Nikki black (21 days ago)
No? What is mind-blowing is that Steve Bezos wants to replace all his human employees with robot employees not a nice guy
video natchen (22 days ago)
The one had a nice ass
Music Movie Official (22 days ago)
Văn Thảo Nguyễn (23 days ago)
So how does lowering corporate tax rates help companies like this create jobs? Robots are doing a lot of the work. Trickle down to the robots?
silva geko (24 days ago)
as soon as the cameras were turned off i bet those little fuckers were all standing around shooting the shit with there buddies.
UltraJerky (29 days ago)
The robots are actually kinda cute imo
Adam Dyke (1 month ago)
Thats just awesome
Arturo Bolanos (1 month ago)
I want to work there so bad
chris walker (1 month ago)
Ill make sure not to order anything from you globalist
tyjghjghhh (1 month ago)
time for me to stop using amazon....... fucking robots taking over human jobs,then there's no job..... i'll support paying higher prices if it helps keeps my people having jobs and food to feed their families.
farpointgamingdirect (1 month ago)
So is this the reason that Amazon doesn't bring new jobs into an area?
6String Samurai (1 month ago)
Dodge Dart (1 month ago)
It's Me (1 month ago)
mindblowin??? Uuuuu tit
ryan1380 (1 month ago)
And people blame our Mexican brothers and sisters for stealing jobs.
Eric a (1 month ago)
anthonyelevatorguy (1 month ago)
But who stacks that crap
rallisoify (1 month ago)
Anybody wondering why social security is disappearing? No more taxpayers.
Karen Schumer (1 month ago)
I got a package from Amazon today. Came in a long box that was half empty. Only had 6 bottles of supplements, a gun that shoots salt at flies, and 2 boxes of those blinking solar lights that go into a canning jar. Again, the box was so long I could have packaged 2 of everything that I ordered. Had plenty of packing paper tho.
Milano Martin (12 days ago)
What is there to complain about? Just recycle it and keep it moving. I swear you people find EVERYTHING to complain bout. smh
wootuser (1 month ago)
Can't discriminate against sex bots at 1:34 . So, I heard there will be jobs picking Fruits and Vegetables. Womp Womp.
gate keeper (1 month ago)
Is that Skynet????????????/
Piece of shit LIAR (1 month ago)
AI is eventually going to take over and use people for entertainment by playing the sims with them via text message instructions.
jimsterok1 (1 month ago)
Zoutsteen from Holland (1 month ago)
the bots might lift loads, except the one thing that matters most, shoplift.
Chuck Lee (1 month ago)
bezos making billions as his workers go deaf waiting for 0.99c ear covers
Lukas Bendiksen (1 month ago)
think i saw my phone case :/
sftimecap (1 month ago)
cool vid, whole idea blows my mind
Peppy Ben Ben (2 months ago)
20 second intro really necessary?
shabarish gudisi (2 months ago)
Mind blowing
Nicole Minotti (2 months ago)
This is a useless video as there is no explanation of the processes we see happening.
Jimmy Patterson (2 months ago)
1:36 If you pick that slow you'd be fired pretty quick.
Jimmy Patterson (2 months ago)
You think this is mind-blowing? Try working there for a few months. You'll be bored to literal tears. 10 1/2 hours of counting inventory with nothing but the bots to keep you company. And yes, sometimes they decide to do their own thing.
Milano Martin (12 days ago)
Worked for almost 2 years and I don't mind working there. :)
kevin (2 months ago)
I wonder if the robots make as good a ‘customer’ as they do a ‘worker’ ?
spencerMonteiro (2 months ago)
And then they say that the foreigners are stealing our jobs...
Shark Hunt (2 months ago)
1:36 >> beautiful girl great body 👍❤️👍
saveonthe1 (2 months ago)
Look how many Jobs they are stealing...wow cool!
jackson (2 months ago)
The beginning song is what played at my movie theater when they tell us to be quite and turn off our phon s
thomas (2 months ago)
Robot 90% and high electronics engineer degree and management jobs are what jobs might come home from China as trump promised. In place we get high inflation cause by tariff. Good for the educated , the wealthy , bad for jobs that was lost to inflation. the E.U is overrun from immigrants refugees. And falling apart. China and India the whole east will be the growth continent. Trump can’t smell the future growth money or maybe he does
thomas (2 months ago)
What kind of spooky is these robot are destroying many malls stores that can’t compete in bulk buying. Will amazon and Walmart dominate the future? In high inflation they would.
WigsVids (2 months ago)
I think I counted three people in total... Not a great thing in my eyes,I'm sure there were more but damned if I saw them.
Nadim N (2 months ago)
College education is absolutely garbage and unnecessary if you are not choosing a specialty field. And the result of that would be robots taking over your jobs. Educated or uneducated. There would be no middle class no more. Welcome to america.
Cameron McWhinney-Holt (2 months ago)
Well there goes my forklift and heavy equipment jobs in 10 years
Shen Kai (2 months ago)
That outro music haha... Too sexy
ted s (2 months ago)
Fucking Skynet, only a matter of time..
tracy Shirah (2 months ago)
With out ! The consumers there wouldn't be no kind, of business ! Plain and simple !
tracy Shirah (2 months ago)
With the consumers ! There would not be any business, corporations, banks nor a government !!!!!
tracy Shirah (2 months ago)
Have one question ! If the, and all the companies, and corporations, replace all the humans, with robots ! Who the hell will pay tax's ! How will humans earn money, pay tax's! And how will they have money, to spend, and make a living ! Like paying taxes, insurance, rent, mortgage, car notes, fuel, utilities, groceries, etc ????.
martin nielsen (2 months ago)
Peapole should buy less stuff..
Bob Thenob (2 months ago)
All this automation, what are PEOPLE supposed to do, not everyone can be a computer programmer. We piss away millions if not BILLIONS in aid each year to third world countries, what happens in FIRST world countries when we have to do the same because of no jobs due to automation
nomdeguerre (2 months ago)
I'm looking for Amazon to partially get involved in shipping, to get the package closer to it's destination faster. Their customer service, still the best, is starting to slip.
Mark Sommers (2 months ago)
Interesting (except for the intro) ... Thanks !
Darry (2 months ago)
how many people will loose out on a Job with them fuckers.they take no breaks,no holidays and they are never sick and they work for FREE....
andrew potts (2 months ago)
That’s incredible
brian mellett (2 months ago)
How many jobs have been lost because of them robots 😡
Jimmy Patterson (2 months ago)
They weren't lost, just modified. Now you stand in one place and the robots bring you stuff, instead of you going to find them yourself.
weston407 (2 months ago)
lol they're orange, just like oompa loompas
Ken Cook (2 months ago)
Don’t do it remember Sky -net The terminator we will be sorry 😂😂😂👍
sputnikalgrim (2 months ago)
This is one step away from skynet and judgement day
tanapon jenjensiri (2 months ago)
intro 20 sec is too much edit : also outtro
Shalona_Sweden (2 months ago)
Have a happy after work and company party! 🤖🍻🤖
anglekan (2 months ago)
Everyone complaining about rights and slavery. Bull shit! You guys ever taken a flight in the continental USA? The service is shit for a reason....UNIONS!!! How many people here want to deal with union rules while ordering an item on amazon.com? These companies succeed because they are capitalists, not Marxist.
More Animals Less People (2 months ago)
Biff Malibu (2 months ago)
People need to stop buying from Amazon. I know it’s convenient, but they are worse than Walmart when it comes to job safety and benefits.
wootuser (2 months ago)
And the weakest link is still the stupid humans loading up the baskets. Can't wait till everyone is replaced. Especially fast food places.
alphagt62 (2 months ago)
I worked in a warehouse, and humans are the ones who made spending so much on robots affordable. We shipped groceries, and there was ramped theft, damage, and slacking. They fired and hired 25 people every single day, requiring many high paying jobs in HR to keep up. Plus paying to educate each worker before they begin, only for them to not cut it, and have to fire them and hire someone else, to start all over. With the high priced products Amazon sells, they can’t afford for humans to be pocketing small items, or dropping them and running over them with a pallet jack, or crashing into stuff. When you buy groceries, you are paying for tons of damaged and missing goods. What they call “shrinkage”, in the industry. Humans litter, get injured, destroy their bathrooms, use drugs and fight. They get sick, need vacations, etc, etc. then they strike and demand more pay. Is it any wonder management is seriously looking at robots?
Korasones (2 months ago)
Hard job for the body
Ima Pseudonym (2 months ago)
And this kids, is why Jeff Bezos's net worth jumps over 250 million per day. Very few human workers to pay, and what he does pay them, is a farce.
DORKUCHO TANIHU (2 months ago)
We are on our way to unemployment Lord have mercy on us when that happens
I BraveHeart (2 months ago)
0:21 for your viewing convenience :)
I BraveHeart (2 months ago)
I just keep seeing comments about that chicks ass Hahahaha
I BraveHeart (2 months ago)
That ass! ;)
TM Lewis (2 months ago)
Now I see why I got the wrong size jackets two times in a row.
Ron Hahahaha (2 months ago)
If I was like Amazon and paid almost no taxes I have all these bullshit videos out too
Roru Loru (2 months ago)
Omg...soon they will be replacing ppl...and than..?
Dead Horse (2 months ago)
Avoidance Technologies (2 months ago)
"People like dogs that like dog food".
anna mazzottino (2 months ago)
imagine when robots start creating other robots, and I am not talking about assembling
Gerrit Okkema (2 months ago)
Can be don in groops of 100
sylvestre gagnon (2 months ago)
Increasing minimum wage is the greatest ideas on earth !
Shenaz Treasurywala 風扇 (3 months ago)
Please do not use artificial intelligent robots many people lose your jobs 😭😭😭😭😭
Gerberger (3 months ago)
Not a fan of Amazon having monopoly.
VVVDRK MIND87VVV (3 months ago)
I can’t wait to see some hacker have a field day with that warehouse hahahah
yes (3 months ago)
All to ship shit that contributes to global pollution.