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Amazon Warehouse Robots : Mind Blowing Video

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Wayne Brookes (2 days ago)
How much is the robot at 1.35. I need one of those in my life
amina muhammad (3 days ago)
Smh at some comments. At Amazon it is set up so that the isle comes to you instead of you going to it. No robots are picking the items, packing them, placing them on pallets or putting them in trucks. Those robots only move at high speeds along grids and aren't capable of anything else... That whole nonsense about robots replacing people at Amazon is far from reality.
Eron 1 (2 days ago)
Because products come in all shapes and sizes there is no way for robots to be able to pick or pack any of it so humans will never be replaced.
Pietro Moopy (3 days ago)
There is nothing mind blowing about this, it's called robotics and timing.
PAKKI ERGO (3 days ago)
good job NYC for denying Amazon HQ. 25,000 jobs my ass.. If that was true it wouldn't be until retirement or long at all. Temp jobs for suckers!
Knossos22 (4 days ago)
The explicit manifestation of a civilization designed by the rich for the rich at the expense of the rest. The free market does not produce the best of all possible world it produces extreme enrichment of a few at the expense of the rest. This is why Monopolies are bad! This is why Costco, Amazon, Home Depot, Walmart, etc. etc. etc. should be exploded into a million small businesses all over America. Those small businesses locally owned and run with well paid local employees will produce a civil order that is vastly preferable to this neoliberal-neocon misanthropic dystopia that is about to go from bad to nightmarish!
Christopher Dibbs (5 days ago)
Did you just have a 20 second intro??
Scott Billingham (7 days ago)
Have they not seen terminator 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6? This is how it started.
Marsi (7 days ago)
End of human race! Robots for all needed jobs,no human at all!!!
Vendee Swartz (8 days ago)
1:36 and Amazon employee's bitch about their work environment! Come load trucks for UPS then bitch about how rough you have it. Could this girl go any slower?
Vendee Swartz (8 days ago)
Fuck these robots! They wont be taking my job!
JDAM Productions (9 days ago)
My mind wasn't blown
Handy Man (9 days ago)
This is very cool. I m very fascinated with robots, even though they are taking over our present jobs.
six-gold (10 days ago)
In the late 18 hundreds, American Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin and the slave traders were worried that the machine would kill the slave trade. It didn't. That was the beginning of the industrial revolution. People complained that machines would put everyone out of work. They haven't. That's over one hundred years ago. New technology creates new jobs. Since Trump became president 5.3 million jobs have been created. So, where's the problem?
Great One (10 days ago)
Grumpy Bore (13 days ago)
it would have been nice to have some narration included with this video. instead, I had to infer what what going on (were the full shelves being sent to the packer and then going off somewhere else, what exactly were the orange bins for, etc?)
rcarlisi63 (13 days ago)
at least they show up for work.........
Da Eel (14 days ago)
Human will have no value any more because of robot and robot will study human mentally and the way we deal with every day things
Jeff Jarrett (14 days ago)
The u.s. worker is screwed. They do half the job of humans. Wont be long until they figure out how to do the other half.
Guy Patts (14 days ago)
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Cosigner22 (16 days ago)
Nothing mind blowing here... Just typical industrial automation.
jim h (17 days ago)
More robots to come Thank You $15 an hour
Ad Bustex (18 days ago)
I never bought from amazon and never will buy!
Orie Pierce (18 days ago)
Truly amazing. But do we need this?
ams 15292 (18 days ago)
To me it seems Amazon has more money and technology then many countries even several US states. If not controlled it will destroy small businesses completely. Very scary.
edwurdo Ash (19 days ago)
(hi robots)##### say good bye to human workers because robots will work with out bitching like humans do
Omar Yyc (19 days ago)
It will suck off all jobs
Lee F (20 days ago)
I Work at amazon in England and are one of best employers ive had. The team leaders,managers etc are all decent people,however this robot taking our jobs should not be allowed to happen.all low skilled work force need employment in future,well end up like Venezuela
jocko john (20 days ago)
I'm afraid I'd last 1/2 day and my brain would be fried from the repetitive mind numbing boredom...interesting video though :)
Alan Gilby (20 days ago)
Should I be scared? I think I am
Sandy carter (20 days ago)
The level of consumerism is nauseating. What a debasement of our spiritual existence and reality. Capitalism and excessive consumerism are mental enslavements cheapening Life into hideous grossness. Find your Soul.
dartdom (20 days ago)
What a depressing place to work. You know, for the few people left there, not the robots. Robots don't care.
B O'CONNOR (20 days ago)
The Terminator movies always said robots would take over the world by force. But i guess the robots got smarter and decided to control us through the economy.
NEWYORK BOSS (21 days ago)
Is this irobot 2.0 🤣🤣🤣🤣
NEWYORK BOSS (21 days ago)
Dummest intro ever made
Samuel Mcfarland (22 days ago)
Was that a robot or a human with a nice butt?
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David C. (22 days ago)
This is how I imagine the inside of all big companies
Chris Walker (23 days ago)
My mind was not blown. Please refund my 3 minutes.
El Tigre (23 days ago)
Yeah. How many orders do those automatons make from Amazon?
farouk rafikalli (23 days ago)
And that's why Bill Gates, Amazon, and all the elites wanted to have minimum wage hikes, but they didn't tell you that they wouldn't need you anymore... on our way to SOCIALISM....
Douglas Lowe (23 days ago)
Keep It Real (23 days ago)
chris bobobo (23 days ago)
William Poole (23 days ago)
You want $15 an hour? Meet your replacement.
kagey kagey (23 days ago)
It should be set to music
Mike N (24 days ago)
“Mind Blowing”? Oh dear, you really should get out more. The subject was “Interesting”, not mind blowing. The video on the other hand was poor at best. Nought out of ten. Must try harder.
William Coley (24 days ago)
So the robots bring the whole shelf instead of a single product,, And someone grabs the product off the shelf and the robot returns the shelf to its spot. Is this even close
Eron 1 (2 days ago)
MOTwaccoe (24 days ago)
Why was I waiting for the terminator to walk around the corner
Kalvin One (25 days ago)
wonderful video ! thanks !!
Ken Russell (25 days ago)
they coulda shown more of the girls ass
Frederika Wells (25 days ago)
Just don’t buy any more junk....👍🇺🇸👍🇺🇸
1485tbag (27 days ago)
i don't like it = who's gonna have a job in the future
Michael Angelo (28 days ago)
We are witnessing the end of the human labor force . When the bulldozer was created the need for hoards of shovels disappeared , the advent of the car spelled doom for horseshoes and the blacksmith . Automation is hitting a level of sophistication that is eventually going to destroy the workforce for all but a small number of people .
Brett Wilson (28 days ago)
The term “mind blowing” doesn’t apply here
Akpuham Nnabuike (28 days ago)
Alan Day (29 days ago)
The intro was kind of clumsy and long. Also it would have been nice to know why they robots were just seemingly moving around at random. I guess we are to assume, but that can lead to misinformation.
Richard Church (29 days ago)
Now that's a challenge, to try to replicate this system in Minecraft !!!!
M.J. S. F. (29 days ago)
If it exists and thrive it is because people are happy with that kind of ordering and buying. Who does not dream of ordering something from home and getting it within 48 hours ? If this company is so rich, it is because it corresponds to a new way of living and buying.... So, I am not sure that people who criticize it have never ordered anything from Amazon.... It is indeed very comfortable to browse the Internet, to compare and choose, from home ...No need to go out, to drive amidst traffic, to pay for a parking space...and with the possiblity to return for free the product if you do not like it ...!! Let's be honest. If you take advantage of something, do not criticize it.
Bak Draft (29 days ago)
Sorry mind NOT blown, actually pretty boring
VOOODOOO (29 days ago)
booty alert 1:44, no robots to flirt with her wonder how she likes that
VOOODOOO (29 days ago)
never sick, drunk or high, or fat they soldier on. No bitching and moaning, no union. love it
Them (29 days ago)
mind blowing.
Thingsyourollup (29 days ago)
What a worthless video. Intro plays twice then it's just a video of some robots doing god knows what because there's no other audio or anything else in the video to explain what's going on and what they're doing. Yeah, mind sure blown alright. Fucking clickbaiter asshole.
Kuluno Jonathan (29 days ago)
Oh God this kind of technology
Kuluno Jonathan (29 days ago)
At first I thought only alibaba has those orange robots but now this video has proven me wrong
Sarah Reid (29 days ago)
HeCsUsAll2 (29 days ago)
And the take over begins
Colorado Cyber (29 days ago)
That's the answer...! We need to replace all government employees with robots.
Hemi Power (30 days ago)
Now the owner of Amazon going to have to work a lot for the money with his up coming divorce,it’s going to cost him billions,he maybe can use his robots to carry all the money to her 🏦Life’s a bitch!
Michael Heery (30 days ago)
I wanna buillt robots when i can eat.m
Michael Heery (30 days ago)
autocrow (30 days ago)
Amazing how the marks on the floor are perfect squares. Like they were on tracks.
Spongeworthy (30 days ago)
all this started by a guy in his garage. now he's the worlds richest person. amazing.
Sam R (30 days ago)
Nice! Jeff is getting richer and Americans are struggling. Thanks to the bots. Fuck you Jeff!!!
muhammad amin sarabi (30 days ago)
Eddy Lwanga (30 days ago)
Amazing indeed
midsouth (30 days ago)
im glad those robots got jobs they have families to feed and bills to pay
David Perlman (1 month ago)
23 second intro wtf
Mark Marsh (1 month ago)
Jeff Bezos is Big Brother FOR FUCKING GODDAMN SURE!
lying history (1 month ago)
I don't think that one robot cost over 1000 dollar per month..
Gilles Cordier (1 month ago)
Wow...! The world wanted robots, we have robots... Let's not cry the blues that the jobs are not there anymore, it's our own fault...!!
demo_things (1 month ago)
Why do you run your intro twice??? IDIOT.
Daniel (1 month ago)
I thought the whole video was the intro
Pascal Vrigna (1 month ago)
Amazone, a good idea became a dangerous monster. i don't use this service.
joestheguy (1 month ago)
What a bunch of shit centers lol. Good thing my center was amazing
Yorumcu Turk (1 month ago)
All of these paid by amazon users. So, imagine how much money you guys wasting when you purchasing the items from amazon or ebay. If any website has paypal or any other similar safe payment system, you can purchase the items from them and save the money. Why the people pays to third party websites like amazon ? The amazon or ebay users could create their own platform and allow the amazon and ebay sellers to sell the items in users platform and the buyers will earn that money which amazon and ebay charges to users. The buyers will buy items and earn some money instead of ebay and amazon. Or the users could use that money as discount in their own platform. So, don't wait, join each others in social media, make decision in there create ecommerce and even social media platform. Stop giving the money to amazon, ebay, facebook...etc. Save billions of dollars !!! Use this billions for develop better world. Use it for poor people. Design the world according to users.
whitoutduty (1 month ago)
Pretty scary
Luis P (1 month ago)
Dude I just saw the phone case I ordered .... cool
David O. (1 month ago)
Look at all the little Roombas that have JOBS, so they can pay for their little tamagotchis at home.
De Lemongrassi (1 month ago)
Did ya have to play your intro twice? Seriously...
Captain Velveeta (1 month ago)
I was really interested in seeing this technology in action until 01:35 😲 ...what a SWEET ASS that chick has...whew!!!
Наталия Юсупова (1 month ago)
shah (1 month ago)
I just saw my job running around 😭
tectonicD (1 month ago)
Eliminating thousands of brick and mortar & mom n’ pop stores all over the world and replacing all of those staples to the local economy with robots! Gotta love amazon and all the assholes who spend their money with them🤣🤣🤣
Ethan Hubbard (1 month ago)
@ 2:10 guy resting on the guard rail realizing he is being filmed
Pol (1 month ago)
This is disgusting
Hades Ian (1 month ago)
I want 15 an hour!!! Amazon: hmm... lets see what we can do about that
groovyme1234 (1 month ago)
Send in the Luddites!
Brian Clark (1 month ago)
There was a day when corporations were (in essence) almost illegal. Only under special circumstances could someone form a corporation, and it had to be approved by a legislative body (think Congress/Senate/or state legislative body). And, even then, the corporate charter could not be automatically renewed. It actually had an expiration date on it. There is a reason the US was founded with laws that made it difficult to form a corporation... I don't think they should have ever changed it.