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Amazon Warehouse Robots : Mind Blowing Video

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Michael G (4 hours ago)
look how many People work in that Vast Place if you could count 10 it's a lot and they wanna open in NY
me chloe (5 hours ago)
Ok...mind blown!!!
Radar (8 hours ago)
Robots may seem great but the ending will be a disaster!
Apollo Kreed (19 hours ago)
the Borg
Ron Willems (23 hours ago)
gamiensrule (1 day ago)
20 seconds of intro? that's a little excessive.
Adil Naji (1 day ago)
حزقو علينا بزاف
Alien OrSutin (2 days ago)
...and for this, cities around the world bend their asses over backwards to get Amazon to make one of these warehouses in their district. They get fooled into thinking there'll be lots of local jobs. Sure, low-paid jobs that probably need supplementing to even achieve minimum wage. The only ones who should get excited about another new Amazon warehouse are the robot sellers, builders (who probably ship in their cheap workers too), and truck drivers (and their days are numbered too once level 5 automation arrives for trucks). If you've got one of these warehouses in your local area (and I have) then your local council/government are basically paying for a lot of its operation. Amazon certainly aren't contributing much to the area in jobs and taxes.
Alien OrSutin (2 days ago)
Saying that though ... I use them as much as anyone so fuck me right.
LightSeeker TV (2 days ago)
flat earth is the TRUTH. Who else has a channel here? much love.
Hayd (3 days ago)
the future looks good
Max ofalltrades (4 days ago)
Hi, I like what your doing with your with Channel, I Subscribed. I invite you to lok at my videos and Subscribe also :) And let me know what you think or comment. Thank you Max
ToughAncientSpark (6 days ago)
Wow, now that is what I call an investment in technology.
michael chauvette (6 days ago)
Beginning of the robot uprising.
Walter Tomaszkiewicz (8 days ago)
Where is the robot that fills out the application for you to work there.
Cvisuali create visualize innovate (9 days ago)
Hmmmmm back to the Future #cvisuali
Michelle Masters (9 days ago)
All you saw was the robots lifting the shelving around. What happens on the rest of the process. Woefully not mind blowing.
NASSER HAMDAN (9 days ago)
Good Example
M kante (9 days ago)
They are like Minions! Banana!
Mister GGG (11 days ago)
I wonder what the suicide rate is working for Amazon?
Mr. C Jokey (12 days ago)
Dang, that's almost as scary as going into Wal-Mart & seeing no one in line - freaks me out❗
g lite (13 days ago)
So that's why I never get the right color well that's why I went to ebay to bad not her like man power this bots thing gets orders wrong so ur losing out
Kim Isom (13 days ago)
This is why I don't shop at Amazon. Too many humans unemployed.
Doris Komba (16 days ago)
Nice video
John Host (16 days ago)
If they replace people with robots then people will have no money to buy what they're selling. Sometimes companies need to use some common sense.
Jennifer Anderson (18 days ago)
Amazon? More like Aperture Laboratories.
R n S McKee (18 days ago)
Would be a thumbs up but the robots are taking people's jobs away! 👎
Tactical Solutions (18 days ago)
Looks like 1436 and 1388 might have a thing going on. I see a robot harassment suit in the future.
hecke1959 (19 days ago)
I use to have to walk up and down aisles to pull orders,it was great because you didn't need a gym membership.
Kandela Brown (20 days ago)
Still too many humans involved.
Kandela Brown (20 days ago)
Still too many humans involved.
Buzzed channel (20 days ago)
And then show the people...
Ck Digwal (21 days ago)
7yotta (22 days ago)
Innovation is always exciting, we had material handling bots at my old workplace and it was fascinating every time I saw it.
blanchae (21 days ago)
I worked on an automated system for a major newspaper. They had three presses running printing the newspaper then the newspaper went into the flyer section where the flyers were inserted depending on the destination, bundled and sent to the loading dock depending on which delivery truck had arrived. When things went wrong they went major wrong. Edited: used the word similar and didn't mean to imply the same technology - explanation in reply.
Bradley Gong (21 days ago)
That's why I asked. While I do understand (and believe) your statement about how when things went wrong, they went very wrong, I don't think it's fair to compare the two systems, since the one in your newspaper scenario was, as you described, primitive technology. Even with today's state-of-the-art technology, businesses would be wise to have both automated and human checks built into the system, to monitor the system from going very wrong.
blanchae (21 days ago)
I should define that "similar" meant an automated system and not the specific technology shown. The system I worked on was a very long time ago and the first system to switch from a single minicomputer control system to a distributed microprocessor control system. This was when newspapers were king and the Internet consisted of Archie and Veronica servers, newsgroups, gopherspace, cu-seeme, IRC and web browsers weren't invented yet and dial-up modems. Pretty primitive technology compared to today.
Bradley Gong (22 days ago)
When was this?
blanchae (22 days ago)
It finally broke down so often that it was cheaper to return to hand sorting then fixing it.
xaaji Abdulqadir (22 days ago)
Because we wanted lower price products to deliver to our house so fast human beings could not keep up with us so actually we created the job loss.
Name Last Name (22 days ago)
that's pathetic! that's nothing compared to porn collection
steve hi (23 days ago)
Didn't show the hundreds of cameras, and security force bigger than any I've ever seen for a work place . The Electric was massive to install, the Air conditioning was massive to keep computers cool. If you wonder why Florida residents have to pay extra for electric because electric amount needed coal to help electric plant to produce enough for state use look no further than these type of factories I have been a Electrician for 30 years and damn good at it , after looking at the needed supply for Amazon , i was floored to think about the homes that would use this amount ,compared to the robots and machines to cut workers out of jobs. This is a scam on the people the likes you can't comprehend. I could really let the cat out , but I'll let you look and try to figire out what is going on. If you think these jobs they have for humans at low wages is so great your a fool , the security force is bigger is bigger than the workers. O btw they don't mention the products origins huh weird huh.
charlie whiskey (23 days ago)
charlie whiskey (23 days ago)
RamZ (23 days ago)
This one's for free. You can thank me later. In the intro you show a figure with the head exploding at the neck, with the slogan "Mind Blowing Videos". What comes to my mind is 'Head Exploding Videos'. Since the mind is more associated with the brain, why not depict (only) the top of the head exploding, at the forehead above the eyebrows. The expression on the face would be one of excitement, amazement, astonishment, because of having seen "Mind Blowing Videos".
Mike Smith (23 days ago)
Interesting but some narration and explanations would have been nice
Sau Dip (23 days ago)
Lmao, take turns to homeless guys
nigel mahabir (23 days ago)
That lady great to bend over. Hey lady chk my paypal
nigel mahabir (23 days ago)
Whats.mind blowing? Suxs cock
Dariel Blackburn (23 days ago)
Yes, "that robot took our jobs", thousands of jobs. How about trashing any thought of purchasing anything from Amazon? How about coming home to local. Maybe you can't have that gadget that thousands of other people are playing with now, but maybe we can learn to live with what is necessary rather than what we'd prefer. The end of 'lots a stuff' is coming as the end of easy oil draws near. Lets stop this insanity before it comes to a crashing halt.
Gil Lee (24 days ago)
China has been doing this for a while.
Anthony Hernandez (24 days ago)
Smart idea 👍👍
Chronic_Slayer (24 days ago)
Congrats on sucking ass and being resposible for thousands of job losses. Gotta make that extra buck tho right? How long until this pays for itself? Cheap fucks
Penju Kolev (24 days ago)
So advanced technology as from another civilization.The WEST is the BEST.Citizen from Sofia
Gary Honey (24 days ago)
We wonder why the economy is in the shitter while using robots instead of humans.
KLRJUNE (24 days ago)
Stop it with the stupid intro. Stop it with the mind blowing cliche stuff. Your videos are not mind blowing but your packaging blows.
Pablo Federico Fidel Améndola (25 days ago)
We, the humans, are definitely outta work. Future looks harsh for us.
Taps (26 days ago)
So how many jobs u loss to immigrants here ?
sunrisesurfbum (26 days ago)
Buy ultra cheap crap made by 10 year old North Korean slave kids in China. Then the corporations make billions in profits for the 1% overlords, who thank you by using robots instead of American workers. Then the stoopid voters who are brainwashed to believe that this country was made for businesses, not people, and that the real problem are those "liberals" who want to harm corporate profits with scary things like health care and Social Security, go right along with the plan. Nice going, Amerikans, you deserve what you voted for!
Mike Buttfild (26 days ago)
I was an Amazon robot.
Chris Bishop (26 days ago)
Fuck Amazon!! They're ruining the world!!
pehkranz (26 days ago)
I will newer order from them again. Damaged items all the time....
eelfood (26 days ago)
Your intro is wayyyyyy too long bro
Bernhard Tabert (27 days ago)
Where did all the mail order companies who already had the Infrastukur for this business and slept through the Internet as a new sales channel? Once again it is true: "Not the big ones eat the little ones, but the fast ones the slow ones."
anglianchannel (27 days ago)
I would love to see these robots all crash at the same time
Glacio Official (27 days ago)
There’s a dark grid mark in the warehouse because of their exact position
Glennn Voegtle (28 days ago)
How come they do not have robots unpacking the bins and the other irrelevant manual labor. It's just a matter of time before these employees will be replaced by robots too.
Simon George (28 days ago)
That looks like an awful place to work. No thanks.
Kevin Grazier (28 days ago)
Wow Just wow
Dean Wood (28 days ago)
Unemployment line here I come.... thanks robots
freeman239 (28 days ago)
We need to move this factory to china, the robots there work for half the money.
Malfunction Junction (28 days ago)
Human booty alert @ 1:40 ;)
Hill Raiser (28 days ago)
The new recession proof jobs are gonna be those of the robot fixers - some human is gonna have to fix those robots when they break
rogiman27 (28 days ago)
Consumer cathedral!
Jeremey Woodford (28 days ago)
The future of $15/hour
Patrizio fall (28 days ago)
tecnologia uguale a disoccupazione
Thomas Kuntermann (28 days ago)
shit on them... replaces humans by technology... shame on you, Amazon... shame on you and all the people supporting this change ... pls return back to nature and humans... :(
Dan G (28 days ago)
Don't worry, the barbarians(muslims) will take care of that in the future. We'll be sent back to the stone age. It's a high probability.
Armando Sousa (28 days ago)
zudemaster (28 days ago)
01:36 You're welcome.
Growzilla Zoo (28 days ago)
Say good bye to jobs
Michael Brannock (28 days ago)
But yah smokin robot ass. Lol
Michael Brannock (28 days ago)
I just see a lot of people not able to support their families. Dreams of a better life destroyed by automation
Gadget Tech (28 days ago)
Intro was wayyyyyy to long
Guided Motorbike Tours Ltd (29 days ago)
Longest intro screen ever
yemerican (29 days ago)
This is beyond my intelligence but i enjoyed watching it
Cella Tech (29 days ago)
Amazon has more rights than humans do... goyim know
Jason Grady (29 days ago)
Speaking of robots, watch out for Jehovah's witnesses. Mind control group!!
matt karl (29 days ago)
soon we can get rid of workers completely. in this world nobody would have to "work a job" or at least the pointless, mindless jobs could all be done by machines.
Anthony Reese (30 days ago)
Reviews To The Point (30 days ago)
Totally Unbelievable.  WOW!  Yes it's mind blowing!
Damien Tong (30 days ago)
1:38 I would
Joe G (30 days ago)
Robots need to replace humans at tacobell.. Tired of my orders always missing something.
Marty Stevensen (30 days ago)
How do they know what goes on after hours! Those robots get frisky after all that work! Then baby robots show up!
james jackson (30 days ago)
There are still a few people hanging on waiting for their replacements to arrive.
War 168 (30 days ago)
This technology is cool but makes me sad. Can you see amazon doesn’t want to hire humans. How many jobs has been erased from these machines. The owner just don’t care about other people. The owner of amazon is the richest man alive right now 2017. What an asshole! Just bought Whole Foods now he’s gonna minimize the humans their too. This guy is the devil of the American people and we buy stuff from him.
Juan The One (30 days ago)
Miguel A Torres (1 month ago)
I like the robot min 1:36 😍😍😍😘
Mike Burns (1 month ago)
This is not that impressive at all
Mr13Channel (1 month ago)
this is what happen when ur rich.
pnkflyd66 (1 month ago)
Wait until the robots form a union for more pay and less hours.
stewebabe (1 month ago)
I would watch more, because it was mind blowing, as to what was going on how it got to being. But my god the ads, the intro was just too much it just put me right off . Yes thanks but sorry no thanks.
AquarielCharms (1 month ago)
The humans who work there serve the 55,000 robots that Amazon added in 2017. Investors are very pleased, robots are highly efficient, and they outperform humans who need an average of 90 minutes to locate and pack a package. The robots take 13 minutes. It was not unusual for workers to fall asleep on their feet during their 10-hour shifts, during which they must pack a package every 30 seconds. Ambulances are a regular sight at Amazon due to exhaustion and stress of the £8.20 per-hour jobs, or $10.96 USD.
cliffordb47 (1 month ago)
How do I order one of those robots with the ponytail and a nice ass
adtc (1 month ago)