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10 Funniest Pregnancy Announcements

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Category: Comedy
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Text Comments (5477)
A New Love Official (15 hours ago)
I think the grandparents are more excited for the baby than the real parents. I would also be in joy if there's a new member in the family because babies are blessings from the Lord.
oAo Radigsegg Hazard (20 hours ago)
Dat dog though
louchu (2 days ago)
HAHA, 'WE are gonna be grandpas!!!! OMG!! OMg!! OMG!! WAAAAAOOOW½!!!=!! *CLAP CLAP CLAP* OMGOMG!!!
vickie minhas (2 days ago)
The first one made me laugh :)tyler r u freaking joking hahahahaha his laugh omg
crispy chips (2 days ago)
6:26 i wanna reach that lady's level of 'i don't give a fuck' in life.
Jasmine Jones (4 days ago)
Gay grandpas was best
Claudine Borge (4 days ago)
Wtf they scream like this
Sonja S (5 days ago)
the reaction of future grandmas are the best. Pure excitement and no responsibilities
Indiansky324 (5 days ago)
1:12 "Dorothy come on, quit crying." 😂 *woman proceeds to sound like a turkey calling for other turkey friends*
x3newMoon (5 days ago)
I love how almost every time the (grand-)mother gets it instantly :‘D
im. Ella (5 days ago)
The dog at the starting was shook when the grandma scream🤣
Ayoub Belhaj (5 days ago)
9:12 the best
Lee Lee (6 days ago)
Lol i need a cigarette!!!!
Mr. Boo (6 days ago)
The last girl with the Jersey looks like the wife from Bob's Burgers
WitchEssential (7 days ago)
genuinely watching these videos trying to endure the horrible 2 week wait. Im 11 dpo and still had a negative this morning (I thought there was a line but I couldnt tell for sure.) these and live pg test videos are what keep my hopes up...
Jack Radley (7 days ago)
better than yoga with adriene
Leo De Stino (8 days ago)
It's so beautiful to watch people crying from happiness
Beckyboo (8 days ago)
The two gay grandpa’s remind me of Shane and Ryland
John Melber (9 days ago)
You fucking feminist should watch this. Babies gives meaning to life.
Katie Marie (9 days ago)
My favorite is the Girl with shirt "you 'll be sister" SHE'S SO SWEET !!! CRYING AND I was Lmbo 😂😂
WTF slimes (10 days ago)
0:38 the dog😂😂 & 1:49 idk what's with scaring dogs
TONG ASHLEY TSZ YIN (10 days ago)
The two grandpas were acting like kids 😂
Champas (10 days ago)
Omg the poor woofer at the beginning 😭
Alli Riley (11 days ago)
The husbands finding out their gonna be grandpas is my favorite😍😍😭 I love all these
5motion power4vlogging (11 days ago)
"grandpa?" "huh... OH MY GOOOOD" stares at the camera "some birthdays are more special then others!" "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH oh my AHHHHHHH!" "baby?" "AHHH OH MY GOD.... OH MY GOD! that part killed me hahaahh (in the first one)
dej kar (12 days ago)
quit crying dorothee dammit
Ayee Lorii (12 days ago)
“Dorothy come on, quit crying” 😂
Rikki (12 days ago)
4:40 Most forboding laugh ever whAT and "how did you find out"?? Really?? Lmfao
Rikki (12 days ago)
c'mon dorothy. come on.
Chevonna Thigpen (12 days ago)
“I need a cigarette” 😂😂 im screaming
Emily Johnson (14 days ago)
That first chick “O my gawsh” “Dorthy stop crying” AHHHhHh
Nick Midwest (14 days ago)
Hahaha when the lady started screaming in the first video she scared the living crap out of the dog haha
April Tarver (14 days ago)
Dorothy come on..Quit Crying. 😁😉
Courtney Wight (14 days ago)
I was 10 when my parents sat my siblings and I down to say they were having another baby. I just asked if I could get on the computer. The day she was born was when this kinda feeling hit me. 15 years later still feeling it.
Kaleigh Stevens (14 days ago)
1:38 I love how they had the same reaction 😂😂😂
KathyInWV (15 days ago)
Too much screaming
TheCNRProject (15 days ago)
Those grandpas were the sweetest ever. I would love them as my grandpas.
Caroline Gammon (16 days ago)
I love how the girl on the left is so emotional and the girl on the right is like (3:08) “Can I eat it?” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 IM DEAD!!!
louchu (2 days ago)
she just wanted the cake!xD
TheDAA14 (16 days ago)
Dorothy in the first video has amazing reaction! 😁 The parents in the 2nd are just hilariously similar in their reaction! 😁
Follow Media (16 days ago)
0:37 wtf poor dog
Ted Martinez (16 days ago)
How did you do that! Lol! 8:07
Jacqueline McCray (17 days ago)
I love the first one! Her dog is like wtf!?!
Marianne Cowgill (17 days ago)
The parents with the head phones
Psy Steinborg (18 days ago)
Ronald Volz (18 days ago)
Meow Smith (18 days ago)
So pure! I wish my family would react like this. Knowing them they'd be disappointed, or just not care.
Paulina Le (18 days ago)
This made me bawl. How sweet. I am in my first pregnancy after struggling with PCOS for years, and I would have loved to have this kind of reaction from anyone. 😭
Serenah johnson (19 days ago)
That thumbnail 😂😂
Manuel N Jen Olivas (19 days ago)
So cute! Wish my family would be like that. :(
ambhoy (19 days ago)
The cute big sister 😍😘
Owen Oslaywe (19 days ago)
“Can I eat one?” 😂
Lana The Fangirl (19 days ago)
With the gay soon to be grandpas you can tell the guy in white is the wifeish one lol
Becky McGinnis (21 days ago)
The guys being asked how it's going to feel bein a grandpa.
Miriam Ayala (21 days ago)
I just found out last week that I’m pregnant, and I told my 5 year old daughter she stated to cry, and I ask her why she said “because I’m happy I’m having a sister” I don’t know what I’m having I just hope everything goes well.😁
katelyn’s world (21 days ago)
“Are you fucking kidding me?”😂
Caitlyn (21 days ago)
‘ Dorothy come on quit crying ‘
Brandi Nikole (21 days ago)
"Yeah we have something else coming, but it won't be here until september" 'OMG OMG OMG (best way I could describe that)' "yeah, ikr it's my new package from an app I have, cool right"
Monica Kyzar (21 days ago)
the first one man reading ladie loses it behind him.
Blit x (21 days ago)
am i a baby for crying
Nightrose (22 days ago)
in all this shit circling around the world .. this is something, so beautiful .. to see such wonderful reactions of real joy ....
Ash RSD warrior (22 days ago)
My dad said “that’s devastating “ when I told him I was pregnant with my 2nd to this day when he brags on her if talks about how amazing she is and how much he loved her I say “not so devastating now is she?” He regrets his reply
Diamond Slayer (22 days ago)
10 funniest pregnancy announcements This video is 10 minutes long :0
Kenna Ragaller (22 days ago)
the first one was so excessive
Bazingarama RL (22 days ago)
3:35 oh yeah, I love how he jumps up and celebrates like a girl <3
Caitlin Tainton (22 days ago)
'Dorothy come on, quit crying' 😂😂
James Comer (22 days ago)
Some of these hyenas are too much
straywolf5 (22 days ago)
no one ever shows attention to the men or tells the man good job or anything like that.
Joel Fernandes (22 days ago)
Can I eat one...lmao
Only Royalty💖 (22 days ago)
The first one killed me😂😂
Genesis Angelie (22 days ago)
The first one!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Gonzalo Jimenez (23 days ago)
1:58 "I'm 16 weeks" she looks definitely older than that 😂
Jess Crocks (23 days ago)
i am the guy in the back when everyones crying happy tears that just walks outside and says "i need a cigarette" LMAOOOO
Jess P (23 days ago)
Why are the gay parents the best at surprises
Jelly Bean (23 days ago)
These are the reactions i’d want from my family but they’ll just be pissed lol
Leih Ruiz (23 days ago)
i’m 15 , i’m the oldest out of 3 and i’m the only girl in my family and i cant wait till i’m older to surprise my parents lol i can see their faces already
Candace Roberts (23 days ago)
The older sisters reaction when she realized she was going to have a brother & sister or brothers or sisters <3 <3
R E (23 days ago)
Lol I love that First Lady
Bethany Kaitlyn (24 days ago)
The little girl who started crying made my heart happy.
Grace Rileyanne (24 days ago)
I was cracking up through my tears watching this😂
Frank Otterpohl (24 days ago)
8:09 how did you so Tat 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Chris Opoku (24 days ago)
This is so heartwarming
_ taesthetic _ (24 days ago)
The granny's dog freaked tf out 😂😂
Abio genesis (24 days ago)
“Can I eat one?”
Maggie Pearce (24 days ago)
Little girl: I'm going to be a big sis... what... wait what..... Me:😂😂😂😂😂 I guess you know what I mean from the emojis
Maggie Pearce (24 days ago)
The first grandma was awesome! Lol!
Daiq uiri (25 days ago)
The grandpa one was seriously the cutest “Are you kidding me” and the way the one held his heart omg
Laura Bates (26 days ago)
at about 1:45 you can see the dog is like "the humans are insane..I am outa here!!"
Jill Hopster (26 days ago)
The Grandma screaming in the first I thought was great. But in the second, Grandpa is screaming, too. That's my favorite, along with the one with the two Grandpa's. They guy jumping up and down was totally precious! If anyone can watch all the way through this with a dry eye, they need lessons in emotion! LOL!
Emma Deschamps (26 days ago)
The poor dog lol
Im-Ms-BS (26 days ago)
grandma and grandpa screaming in unison
FreedomBliss 2012 (26 days ago)
Woman on the right not happy at all 6:26
Sandi Miller (27 days ago)
I'm going to be a big sister 😂
Toya Bradley (27 days ago)
I love how the husband at the beginning wasn't even shook when his wife screamed.... he been use to her shenanigans😂😂
Lo Xa (28 days ago)
The one at 6:20. The woman in black does NOT look happy. Hahaha
CharmedSuzanne (23 days ago)
Lo Xa I noticed the same thing, wonder what her relationship is to the parents-to-be.
Star Miller (28 days ago)
I wish a supportive family 😩❤️❤️❤️
Momma Jenn (28 days ago)
“How did u find out” my shady self thought for a second he had another baby otw with someone else hahahah what a soap opera opportunity! Lmao
Not Pewdiepie (29 days ago)
12Sisters 1bride (29 days ago)
The 2 sisters and the little girl with the shirt.hilarious
Yawa Urvisha (29 days ago)
2:40 the younger girl tho😂 She's like what does it mean sister😂 why ya crying😂
Panna Sp (1 month ago)
The poor dogs always get scared