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10 Funniest Pregnancy Announcements

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Category: Comedy
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Text Comments (5656)
The FBI & DOJ colluded to cover up hillary's crimes (1 hour ago)
3:38 ....flamer in the white shirt is definitely "light in the loafers".
Lazy Garl Cha (15 hours ago)
That gay granpa with the white shirt is lit😂
Big Salmon (21 hours ago)
This video taught me one thing. When women get happy dogs get very nervous.
Jitters (1 day ago)
I don't understand the 4th one. Where is the grandmother? Unless both of their wives are not there yet and they wanted to announce it to the grandfathers first or they already did.
Miranda G (1 day ago)
I thought she was gonna throw the dog
Squ Ad (1 day ago)
My favourite was the first one
Amanda Ebbesen (1 day ago)
It's so cute when the little kids find out and start crying because they're so happy. So precious
LaRon Nolden (2 days ago)
David Wendland (2 days ago)
6:25 woman on the right...
bag of beans (2 days ago)
these reactions give me baby fever 😫😫
V Paz (2 days ago)
Where gonna be grandpas!
Johnny Cat (2 days ago)
This is so very Awesome...!!! 😸😻😺
Johnny Cat (2 days ago)
Pareeha Khan (3 days ago)
The poor dog in the first one got so scaredd, this video was so cute!! 😭❤️
fluffy cat (3 days ago)
Tilaaa r u ferreting kidimeee
Sammy Beefkins (4 days ago)
8:19 Son “I need a cigarette”. Mom “I want something else”
Laur alia (4 days ago)
4:06 “why didn’t you wait for Christmas to tell me?” Love their reactions 😂💜
Shanelle Jackson (5 days ago)
i come here twice a year for the first lady
Enita Chipoyi (6 days ago)
The grandpas lol
Brandon Mclemore (6 days ago)
I love when they freak out the animals freak out like, "what, what's wrong!?"
WarlordRising (7 days ago)
Gay Gramps had the best reaction.
Zoe Marie (8 days ago)
That poor dog. 😂
Rio el Rey (11 days ago)
This is like parents telling kids they’re going to Disney Land lol. So great!
Miriam Tomt (11 days ago)
Dorothy come on, quit crying
YourBeautyPantry (11 days ago)
I've watched this video a number of times, it never gets old, and it's still funny especially the beginning
Καφριλαος Ψευτωβ (11 days ago)
Homer Simpson (11 days ago)
I hope they’re all still born
GRUMPZ_51 (12 days ago)
The 2 Granpas ... Great ...... then... "this better not be a 'roach', you better not scare me" good threat there 'GRANDMA' ...
Laura Castillo (12 days ago)
8:52 "It better don't be a roach" hilarious.
Kamal Kumar (12 days ago)
4:27 Looks like he had too much of a surprise.
Kamal Kumar (12 days ago)
Two babies... Can I eat them ?
Ali Seraaula (13 days ago)
The first one i really like the grandmother yelling
Renay Murray (14 days ago)
“Dorothy come on, quit crying”. 😂😂
Just Me (14 days ago)
Did that little girl say "Can I eat one?"
Sujata (14 days ago)
C'mon, Dorothy
S.Music (15 days ago)
*headphone warning*
Alexis LaRock (15 days ago)
You guys act like spreading your legs and using your body as a cum dumpster is an accomplishment lol
Mickey Y (15 days ago)
"It better not be a roach." LMAO #YIKES😳😵💀 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣💀
Mary Mokua (15 days ago)
The two little girls so cute,why aren't they showing big brothers or they're all the same because one day I caught my 4yr old slapping my 2months old son when I asked him why he said it's because he was crying and he tried to calm him down and he refused then he finished by saying, "Intact I was to kick him," it's not funny but I laughed and couldn't even scold him just had to be more careful next time
Kelly Parks (15 days ago)
I like the two grandpa's the best
Miriam Ayala (16 days ago)
My daughter is 5 years old and she’s always been asking for a baby brother or sister well we couldn’t be it was really hard to have another baby until 3 months ago when my husband told her that she has to be careful with mommy because mommy has a baby in her tummy she stared crying like a lot and really hard. So we ask her why her answer really make me cry like a little **** 😂 “I always wanted a baby brother thank you mommy love you” 😂 she’s so adorable and everyday she ask me how is the baby 😂
Brianna Cox (16 days ago)
3:50 were those gay grandpa's 😂❤️❤️
aja valentine (16 days ago)
Can I eat one. Puahahahahaha
Victoria Allen (16 days ago)
The first one is me when I stub my toe going down the stairs in the morning
E Sierra (16 days ago)
omg. so much joy!
Ryan Mahoney (17 days ago)
Grandma at 5:10 is off the chain.
William Bates (17 days ago)
Lls the dog at the beginning was like wtf
diana j (18 days ago)
Can we please get an update on the two grandpas! I wanna see their granddaughter/son 😍
Isaac Weatherington (18 days ago)
Are the grandpa’s gay or are they both the fathers of husband and wife?
Neutercane (18 days ago)
Number 2 by far. The nearly simultaneous joyful exclamations by the grandparents as they realized what was being said always gets to me.
J Hopeful (19 days ago)
0:39 The dog😂😂😂😂
Mackenzie Taylor (19 days ago)
Omg the first one was awesome Grandpa:” Dorathy come on quit crying” 😂😂😂
Angel Thomas (19 days ago)
1st film...you can tell they’ve been together for a long time...Grandpa didn’t even flinch when she screamed 🤣
Kasia Cosmetics (20 days ago)
"Dorothy common stop crying"
Jacob Schneider (20 days ago)
Don't be a fool, wrap up your fucking tool
Akbar Noorul Haq (20 days ago)
Baahh... Am crying my guts out
A_DashOfCrazy (22 days ago)
“Dorthy come on stop crying”
ramon lara (23 days ago)
The girl at 3:00 not sure if she is cry out of happness or saddness🤔
ramon lara (23 days ago)
Poor dog. Can you say tramatized for life!
LPS102 (23 days ago)
elmo laugh @ 8:12
Raili Marotto (23 days ago)
3:30 I laugh so hard
Raili Marotto (23 days ago)
1:47 that slap boi
sweiland75 (24 days ago)
3:22 You could tell who wears the skirt in that relationship.
Kirra Entwistle (24 days ago)
Carlos Martinez (24 days ago)
Why do people cry or get excited like this when a baby is going to be born ???
Xxelainny_gachaxX (25 days ago)
Xandy Jay (25 days ago)
6:30 ... far right. I’ve never seen someone so unenthusiastic about about a baby 😂
Ros H (25 days ago)
They are all so thick. Slow 🤦🏽‍♀️😖
Viola Sobieski (26 days ago)
It is so good to see people happy when their family are expecting but when mine had me they were not happy and did not want anything to do with me. To be unwanted before you are even born and have it carried on when you are makes a mark. I can not even imagine what it would be like to have a parent who wanted me! If I did I would cherish my family and I would hold them tight and close all the time!!
Hannah Simpson (26 days ago)
Dorothy come on, quit crying
Julie Hanson (26 days ago)
Loved it cuz we're having a baby at our house!!
Donna Manning (27 days ago)
The first one sounds like a turkey gobbling!
Firstname Lastname357 (27 days ago)
The first time I saw this video, and the girl in the red dress, I had just watched a compilation of clips wherein the kids we all crying because they were ANGRY that their mom's were pregnant. So, at first, I thought that SHE was ALSO angry about the news of her mother being pregnant. I was about to look for a different video when the mom asked if she was happy, and she said yes. Made my heart melt! Hope she is STILL happy!
Ashley Hayes (28 days ago)
3:45 is always my favorite
M Strads (28 days ago)
The Big sister T-Shirt.....ADORBS!
Kathy Ramos (28 days ago)
Dads never gets it right away lol
Sleepy_Singer (29 days ago)
Mom: you need to get a job at 2 churches Brother: I need a cigarette Mom: I want something else! This had me fucking laughing on the floor dead🤣🤣
rmags112 (29 days ago)
“dorothy cmon quit crying” 😂
Hadassah Flecksing (29 days ago)
I love the dads filming
Joe Anderson (29 days ago)
First lady's reaction is hilarious
Shoe Gal (29 days ago)
That poor dog
olivia miller (1 month ago)
love the two grandpas lol
Black Kitty (1 month ago)
y do grandparents be so happy? its not theirs.
Kailei Hehe (1 month ago)
8:14 LOL
EstellaMack (1 month ago)
That first one😂😂😂 she was having a Kanipsion
Nana Iqbal (1 month ago)
I watch theese kind of videos whenever I feel down. Thank you.
Trinity Sarpy (1 month ago)
3:46 are they together or is it one dad to the guy and one to the girl if there together that’s so cute ❤️❤️😍🥰
Tony de four (1 month ago)
i feel bad for that poor dog ,he got the most shock ,lol lol lol
Matthew Cioffi (1 month ago)
Far too often it is the woman who tells the man about the pregnancy. I wish that the man told the woman instead.
donna jarvis (1 month ago)
The two grandpaps
Shannon Bliayang (1 month ago)
Two Grandpa’s!!! I watched it a couple times. The joy took my breath away!
M barefootgirl67 (1 month ago)
We Grandmas rock, baby!!! We get SOOOOO excited! Those 2 grandpas were the best of all, I think♡♡♡
Carefree Ashley (1 month ago)
Just found out I’m pregnant. I’m so happy.💕
melinda Ryan (27 days ago)
Carefree Ashley congratulations!! I have three (all grown and out of the house) they were the best thing that has ever happen to me ! Wishing you blessings and joy!
Martha Ramos (1 month ago)
I like all of them just to see people Happy is so nice I already have 7 grandkids and 1greatgrandkid and I am so happy
Zaracha Stellaris (1 month ago)
I think the last one was the funniest
Rose Red (1 month ago)
The two grandpas was the best!
Lillian Trevino (1 month ago)
The Grandpas are the best yet!!!!!
Mr Folu (1 month ago)
Emily Scalf (1 month ago)
i loved the 2 grandpa's! lol the way he was jumping around ha had me excited 😁
Madremoreabbey Gudaca (1 month ago)
Tell me how to stop watching this kind of videosss??? Arggg😂😂😂
Mijat Bogojevic (1 month ago)
idk why but when they sceram i imagine how they turn ssj XD