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Hannity: FISA abuses are worthy of further investigation

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Are media so anti-Trump that they no longer care about the truth?
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Joseph Kappas (6 months ago)
Hey Sean, does your chin hurt from having Donald Trump’s balls hit them consistently?
Delores Flaherty (8 months ago)
I've been watching Fox News for years, and Hannity is awesome! I like Tucker and Laura also. Keep up the good work!!!!
Delores Flaherty (8 months ago)
Thank you Mark P , for being honest, we need more Democrats like you. At least you were honest about it....
M (8 months ago)
I believe they’re all a bunch of crooks on both sides. Hanity is as biased as any of them. He downplays every misstep on the right. Trump is my president. He is however a playground bully. This will catch up with him if he’s not careful. Don’t confuse my loyalty. I voted for Trump yes, because Hillary was worse. If Trump and Hillary is the best we can do as a country then god help us. We got problems. Bid problems. We’re al being ‘played’ by these evil people👎🏻
Dennis Padilla (9 months ago)
He lied I thought we would see them in handcuffs . I'm tired of their shit. I believe them too long I believe them in the uranium, unmasking, Obama wiretapping,and now this . SO MANY lies and now that I think about it the Sean Hannity you're not like us . He's a millionaire, he knew Trump was going to get a tax break another lie trump told us . He must be laughing at us telling his MILLIONAIREFRIENDS how he and Hannity made us believe that they would be paying more taxes. They , they conned the shit out of us that's for sure and they're laughing all the way to the bank talking about how stupid we were to believe on how many times do we have to believe him when he's lied to us so many times human Hannity is laughing at us. Fuck him both of them. Trump told us he wasn't going to be getting a tax brake. (Gov. Welfare I call it ) He said people like this idiot would be MAD at him . Hannety knew it he was conning us and he played along with it. Know what I'm thinking these guys are fake news fuck them yeah Sean got a big tax break along with Donald Trump and he up until the very day they pass it. DUMP SAIF HE WAS GOING TO BE PAYING HIS FAIR SHARE. They That's it,they have lied to me to many times . I'm not stupid I know how to think for myself. I don't need them to tell me what to think anymore they've shown us what they think of us. They used us they think we're stupid but I'm not stupid anymore. Time for everybody to get out of the stupid Club.
Dennis Padilla (9 months ago)
re you sure of that, because the last I heard was that the memo was bigger than a snicker bar, I mean that WATERGATE was like stealing a snickers bar.People were going to jail. That this was so explosive on and on. CALL WHOEVER TO RELEASE THE MEMO!!!! Did you hear him say that. ? Did you see when the New York Times reported that he wanted to fire Mr. Mullare, Shit Head said it was fake then in a few minutes later he states oh its true but WE DO NOT WANT TO TALK ABOUT THAT. They cut away to a Arizona police chase. Im going to break some news to you all the scandals that they have talked about are fake. I'm sorry that I have to tell you that. The 30,000 emails to whatever they come up with this week is just a diversion tactic that they use. . Do you get tired of all these storys
M P (9 months ago)
FAUX "news" strikes again.
Michael Donaldson (9 months ago)
Isn't it about time to pull Soros citizenship and seize his assetts and shut down his businesses since he was related Shift by marriage for 22 years?
Chris (9 months ago)
"...the Clinton bought and paid for fake news Russian propaganda dossier..." So many trigger words for you brainwashed sheep. Impressive
Alan Miell (9 months ago)
Release all the memos, and lock them up President Trump , Most of all the American People are with you, Do not Watch CNN lieing Democrat News Channel, your doing a great job Shaun Hannity, And President Trump is Awsome
Alan Miell (9 months ago)
Release all the memos
S Lee (9 months ago)
What about Facebook Google Twitter ...hiring foreign terroist in California who are amassing mad data against American citizens...people with no citizenship...fake id...stolen id...they are saturated with terroist...that's a danger A national security threat!
lesterclaypool1 (9 months ago)
if the Democrats don't do the right thing right now and here with this they are going to lose millions of supporters and vote the laws breaking the clintons have done hidden behind the FBI and other things like the Clinton foundation , [ in haiti ] and their pay to play scandals , is going to be the end of the democratic party ,,, the average American does nt like law breakers in their government ,,,,good by pink hat retards ,,, and you obama your just as dirty ,, and youll get caught
Randy Doak (9 months ago)
I take issue with Hannity calling the Dossier Russian propaganda fake news. Saying these words over and over doesn't make it true. The Dossier was put together by a former British MI5 agent. Many of the sources were obviously Russian but there is no evidence that the Russian government was behind it. The dossier was originally paid for by the Never Trump Republicans and later bought by the Hillary campaign as opposition research. I don't believe there's anything illegal about any of that. What Fusion GPS supposedly found was evidence that Trump was vulnerable to blackmail by the Russians due to money laundering and certain other activities. It's up to the FBI to determine if any of these claims are true and they appear to be doing a pretty good job in spite the torrent of right-wing propaganda directed at Mueller. Hannity's assertion that the FISA warrants were due solely to the dossier is also pure speculation. Remember that Papadopolous was bragging to an Australian diplomat that the Russians were offering the Trump campaign access to illegally hacked email. There may also be other evidence the FBI had that we aren't aware of. Trump's people may have been caught up in existing wiretaps against Russian agents and criminals. Just because Trump was the Republican nominee does not put him above the law. It seems to me that the Republicans are trying to make their investigations as opaque as possible. The Fusion GPS testimony should have been made in public. The Nunes memo should also be released. Nunes won't even let the FBI, the people he's accusing, see the memo. The Republicans just want to be able to make all these outrageous accusations without scrutiny. Hannity is the worst offender. A true Goebbels for the 21st century.
Irish Stock formerly LD Y (9 months ago)
They(MSM& Demoncrats)want to de legitimize Trump,because if they fail to do so,he will eventually expose them for who they truly are..EVIL.
El Gato (9 months ago)
Watergate on steroids...
hustler3of4culture3 (9 months ago)
When I read the "treasonous texts" my impression was the backup plan they referred to had to do with the boss they had and how they would have to ingratiate themselves to a different one is there was a new boss after the transition. Read the entirety of the texts some time. Go to some lib tard sjw website to find.
hustler3of4culture3 (9 months ago)
Republican presidential candidate also paid for this, not just Clinton.
T. Noel Trudell-Kays (10 months ago)
T. Noel Trudell-Kays (10 months ago)
Ryan May (10 months ago)
You know what just occurred to me? The US intelligence agencies have added a new provision in the new FISA that allows them to use evidence that they obtained illegally against American citizens in court. Now, I'm all for terrorists getting their just deserts, however the moment we allow the government to use evidence illegally in court against an american citizen, that is unacceptable. People make sometimes make the argument "I've got nothing to hide" as an excuse for letting the government act illegally. Did you you that it's estimated that the aberage american Citizen unknowingly commits 3 felonies a day? https://www.wsj.com/articles/SB10001424052748704471504574438900830760842 The government can already track your movements via GPS in your phone, they already collect your online (social media) & phone information on their serviers..... if it's esrimated that YOU/everyone unknowingly commit 3 felonies a day, do we really want to let tge government have free reign to go through that information and be able to present that information in court against you/us? We've already seen time after time -IRS, NSA, FBI- How the political parties/partisans improperly use government agsint those whose views or public statements they dislike or disagree with. If it wasn't already unconstutional, would you really want to give them that Power? SHAME on any Senator that votes for FISA in it's current form. And, SHAME on President Trump if FISA makes it out of the Senate in it's current form and he signs it. We need to remind them all that it is an election year. We need to let them all know that their job will not be secure if they move forward with FISA in it's current form. FISA needs to die or be altered to be constitutionally consistent in the Senate!
Get Real (10 months ago)
When you take the office of president you work for everybody and your job is limiting damage trying to accommodate every one, if the right wing thinks trump is ever going to have the ability to throw 60 percent of this country under the bus for his base you are crazy
James Agans (10 months ago)
OK Sean, we the people have been hearing the same shit since before Trump decided to run for POTUS. When I joined the Military in 1964, All of us in that auditorium swore to uphold the constitution of the United States. I am sure that all politicians take the same oath. I and everyone I know are sitting here wondering when this government is going to enforce the laws on the books. If they did, Peter Struck, and his Paramour would have already been hung for treason, as would Klapper, Macabe, Comey, Muller, Rice and especially Hillary Clinton, and Obama. Bill Clinton would be in prison for Rape. That is a fact. Most of the Democratic congressmen and senators and a lot of the republican congress and senators would have already been brought up on Libel or charges or treason. Basically we want to know what the fuck is going on? And one more thing, Deuchowitz who you are going out of your way please, helped get OJ Simpson, who clearly executed Nicole Simpson, and Ron Goldman off. Simpson literally decapitated those two human beings, and deuchowitz knew it. Remember when simpson said he did not remember how he cut his finger nearly off? How many of you out there has severely cut yourself and forgot how you did it? THERE IS NO “JUSTICE FOR ALL”. You know it, Deuchowitz knows it, and all of us know it.
Get Real (10 months ago)
You know trump is guilty because of the amount of time and money they spend on covering up, that's why Hannity's worried (he will lose the cash) the question is how are they going to spin it when trump is indited so they can wash their hands of him ?
googlefuckedupyoutube (10 months ago)
How can you be certain Trump has a tiny penis? Because Hannity can still speak so clearly with it in his mouth.
saintpeeter (10 months ago)
Providence put Trump in office. Now all these traitorous scoundrels have been exposed. Time for serious justice against the deep state swamp and the free-riders who rob us blind.
Therby (10 months ago)
It's nice to hear real news.
STORMY NATERO (10 months ago)
Jonesy Wails (10 months ago)
Great cheerleading from Fox for the uneducated, dumbed down masses that don't know their being played by both sides every day. FISA abuses? What a joke. Amazing revelation Hannity. Every text, email, voice call is being monitored. You are filmed and listened to every second of your day and night while fulfilling your duties as a slave to maintain an existence. More cameras being installed every day. More freedoms gone, never to return, because Americans believe this garbage spewed out by the media and refuse to wake up. I suppose this broadcast might have been more relevant if it was released 20 years ago.
Lisa Mastrangelo (10 months ago)
This is why Obama is out their now ,bashing Fox News as much as he can trying to discredit their credibility ! He knows it is all coming out , Exposing corruption he and other Democrat politicians are involved in ! Thank you President Trump for being the strong man you are , not backing down, and thank you Sean Hannity for being a man of truth ,who will stand up for what you believe in ! You are doing the world good !
UsserError (10 months ago)
We should hang these agents for treason... that would send the proper message.
rant404 (10 months ago)
Comrade Sean Insannity is Putin's useful idiot in America. Putin is laughing: "I successfully pimped for Truminoff in the 2016 election and Comrade Sean continues my pimping."
rant404 (10 months ago)
Sean Shit for Brains continues his usual distraction ploy. Anything to keep attention off fuck ups by Putin's poodle.
Ryan May (10 months ago)
AMENDMENT 4 of UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION "The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized." Can anyone point out to me where it says "except in the instance(s) of" in there? The Constitution doesn't prohibit the government from spying on non citizens/foreign citizens on foreign ground -just american ones on any ground. The founders included the provision in the SUPREME law (the Constitution) for a reason. ... i think FISA is standing on and being sold on a lie. I really don't see a point in it. The federal government is not prohibited constitutionally from spying on foreigners. Oh and, The Constitution over rules federal statutes. The federal government cannot pass federal legislation to free itself of Constitutional restrictions, limitations or prohibitions. The founders would be absolutely disgusted with both the federal government & American People. The law protects us all. It's super easy to find excuses & come up with rationalizations to not follow the law. But, to put America (the Republic) first, one must put the Constitution first. https://unaffiliatedparty.files.wordpress.com/2012/11/ben-franklin-on-liberty-and-security-05182009.jpg
Drewiduation (10 months ago)
Hannity rules— he actually reports real news with ethics and integrity— a true and honorable man.
Dennis Padilla (9 months ago)
Are you sure of that, because the last I heard was that the memo was bigger than a snicker bar, I mean that WATERGATE was like stealing a snickers bar.People were going to jail. That this was so explosive on and on. CALL WHOEVER TO RELEASE THE MEMO!!!! Did you hear him say that. ? Did you see when the New York Times reported that he wanted to fire Mr. Mullare, Shit Head said it was fake then in a few minutes later he states oh its true but WE DO NOT WANT TO TALK ABOUT THAT. They cut away to a Arizona police chase. Im going to break some news to you all the scandals that they have talked about are fake. I'm sorry that I have to tell you that. The 30,000 emails to whatever they come up with this week is just a diversion tactic that they use. . Do you get tired of all these storys
Fuzzy Wuzzy (9 months ago)
You are obviously too fucking stupid to realize that Sean Hannity is not a reporter and what he delivers is NOT news. He is a PUNDIT and what he delivers is OPINION. Unless you are joking and dont really believe what you said. In that case Im too fucking stupid to recognize good sarcasm when I see it.
John Grytbakk (10 months ago)
Should be fired for treason ? Is that how weak the USA are today ? You are a JOKE.
John Grytbakk (10 months ago)
Tyranny. .....BANANA Republic.
Robert Hudson (10 months ago)
They were spying on Trump long before the dossier came along.
Toadsmoothy 1960 (10 months ago)
Uncle Sam wipes his ass with the 4th Amendment. The House just gave it a pass. Shocking! :-/
Md maruf ahammed (10 months ago)
He always talk favor in Donald trump.always singing trump good songs !!!! How funny
Vapletrichs Gne (10 months ago)
Obama for prison.
John Koster (10 months ago)
Hannity is a clown who needs conspiracy theories to keep Stupid Trumptards glued to the screen! SAD!
GTO MOMMA (10 months ago)
John Koster The only conspiracy theory is Russia, Russia, Russia. The entire fake dossier is unraveling and soon the truth will be exposed....😂. Only thing you have is name calling...pathetic.
vintage-ic.com (10 months ago)
Funny how Libtards come over to watch Fox News because CNN MSNBC ABC CBS NBC Mainstream Liberal Fake News Media is dead! 😭😂🤣😂🤣.
Prometheus Unbound (10 months ago)
Restore faith by sending FBI to prison.
GrayEagle48 (10 months ago)
democuk's Are just trying to distract from Filthy Russian dossier investigation, which is closing in rapidly on HRC. democuk's are enraged over this investigation. And they are fighting tooth & nail to try & stop it. They know they are fighting for their very lives. President Trump is a construction worker. Construction workers are a little rough around the edges, SO WHAT. Get a life people. Obviously President Trump was talking about the governments of these countries, which we all know are corrupt to the nines, not the people of these countries. And what about Joe Biden's F bomb. If you are an outsider and are considering to run for a seat in Congress or the Senate please do so. If you will sign a pledge of loyalty to President Trump and his agenda. I don't care if you run as a democrat or republican. If this happens we stand the best chance ever of taking our country back. President Trump is just fundamentally transforming Obama land back into America, great job sir. I need your help. If you like my videos and comments pls subscribe. I will subscribe back to you.
Meno Passini (10 months ago)
Iam a Progressive, I don't see any facts to support this Russian nonsense. Iam glad Clinton lost and the DNC was exposed. I read the Dossier you can tell it was composed as time went on to coincide with the DNC narrative. It states the Russians tried to tramp Trump for 5 yrs but couldn't. Russian peeing hookers? No names or photos and who the hell cares. Is Peeing on a bed the Best you can do? Steele hasn't been to Russia in 20 yrs, this is something out of the National Enquirer.
Mr. Tee (10 months ago)
Sure liberals commit crimes, lie, cheat, steal, and collude with the media to pin their own crimes on their political opponents. But they are so much more virtuous people when it comes to minorities, illegal aliens, Muslims, and LGBTQRS! That's what determines sound policy. The ability to virtue signal!
ThE BeSt ! (10 months ago)
🛣🛣🛎🚨Trump just got caught cheating on his wife with XXX star Stormy Daniels XXX XXX star Stormy Daniels XXX XXX star Stormy Daniels ! What a shit hole president low life worse then bill Clinton 🚨🛎🚨🛎😊
misterfunnybones (10 months ago)
You know, Trump grew up as a little shit-spark from the old shit-flint and then he turned into a shit-bonfire and then driven by the winds of his monumental ignorance, he turned into a raging shit-firestorm.
misterfunnybones (10 months ago)
I can satirize Trudeau quite easily: "uh - um - err - uh - uhuh - um - err - uh - uhuh - um - err - uh - uhuh - um - err - uh - uhuh - um." I prefer to satirize the moron-in-chief Orange Foolius, Cheeto™-man, Conigula, Twitler, Captain Shamerica, The Great Orange Whore of Babble-On... https://youtu.be/GDf1OAdAa9U
GTO MOMMA (10 months ago)
misterfunnybones You appear to be not even from the USA. Mind your business and look at what Trudope is up to. Busy letting ISIS fighters into your country. Paying billions of tax payers money to Crooked Hillary. Good luck with that.....😂. Yup, you're VERY uninformed aren't you?
misterfunnybones (10 months ago)
GTO MOMMA Orange Foolius loves the poorly educated....Indeed!
GTO MOMMA (10 months ago)
misterfunnybones How old are you 7? Does your mommy know you're swearing at people on HER computer?
danielgarrison91 (10 months ago)
Hey Sean when the Bush administration pushed the Patriot Act and the F.I.S.A. program I remember you had no problem with that back then. Just like you had no problem pushing the lies about Iraq and W.M.D.s under President Bush. Now your here back to pushing more bullshit except this time it's for President Trump. I wonder how long till you throw him under the bus like you do now with Bush. What a shite.
danielgarrison91 (9 months ago)
Buzz Miller : Well shit then I guess so was President Reagan he was the worst. And if that is your logic then Foxnews must be involved with the deep state since they helped push all the lies under Bush.
danielgarrison91 (9 months ago)
Buzz Miller : I understand that point but in just pointing out the bullshit being pushed by Fox and Trumps adminstration. Take Rep. Nunes and his having to step down from his own committe because of his outlandish actions with the White House. And Sean here who loves to push lies and conspiracies and hyprocisy is to funny. Not to mention take the F.B.I texts have you actually read them, I suggest you read them. There is nothing traitorous in them and they even bash Clinton and Sanders. Sean has a habit of picking and choosing what he likes. Which all goes back to his biggest lies and hyprocisy under the Bush administration and the lies about Iraq and W.M.D.s and Blackwater and Secret Blacksites and Halliburton and Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez and Valerie Plame and Rove and missing emails and IRS abuse under Bush and more if you like.
Buzz Miller (9 months ago)
And we now know that Bush was complicit with Deep State Corruption. Bush, Obozo and The Clintons all suck
Buzz Miller (9 months ago)
danielgarrison91 this isn’t about Trump. This is about Deep State corruption
danielgarrison91 (10 months ago)
Gary Rumain : Easy idjit. Just look it up on YouTube. Type Hannity and Colmes or just Hannity and Patriot Act or F.I.S.A / Bush administration. Knucklehead.
Fred Flinestoned (10 months ago)
FOX news is on its way out!!! FOX and its fucked up wacky ass followers are the toxic pieces of shit this country can do without. Do the normal people of this great country a favor and get the fuck out or better yet just put a bullett in between your eyes sure as fuck theres nothing there to hurt!!!!
vintage-ic.com (10 months ago)
Hey Libtards.... Hillary is going to Prison 😍😘🍌🐒💨💩🚽
vintage-ic.com (10 months ago)
Jim Acosta is having an affair with Anderson 🚽 Pooper 💩
vintage-ic.com (10 months ago)
Libtards and CNN are running out of Fake News to report on. LoL...
Gary Rumain (10 months ago)
They'll just make up more.
vintage-ic.com (10 months ago)
Hillary Obama Comey Death for Treason 2018 🇺🇸
Dorrie Roberts (10 months ago)
Guess what President Trump will go down in History as the best most transparent President in Modern USA History. President Trump is awesome & so are you Sean! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
M P (9 months ago)
You're right about one thing, he will go down. 👍
jon doe (10 months ago)
Jester - I'm waiting for something I would complain about. There is no ethical nor constitutional requirement that a president hand over his financial estate to strangers. There is no ethical nor constitutional requirement that a president not employ family as advisers (if you are old enough you would remember President Clinton being described as a "bogo" with Hillary being part of the package). Your allegations of cronies rings hollow, Democrats have been in the crony business for generations. Trump has the least number of cronies since Reagan, perhaps even longer. Ethanol is a horrible - stupid - ridiculous - irrational idea. I'm not familiar with your reference, but I expect it was reducing the requirements for using this idiotic fuel derived from our FOOD SUPPLY. If Trump does something illegal, then yes, hold him accountable. But why are you giving Hillary a pass? Why are you giving Obama a pass? Why are you not on board with the pursuit for truth and justice? If the DOJ and FBI were used for political purposes you should be appalled and looking for people to be locked up for it. If you don't want this then accountability means nothing to you except to promote your political agenda.
Jester2b04 (10 months ago)
You come up with Any reasoning to excuse Trump's unorthodox ways of running his presidency, it's disgustingly convenient how you allow Trump to get away with shit you're NEVER allow a Democrat get away with. Imagine if Hillary Clinton were president, and she installed Chelsea Clinton in an office in the White House, obtained her a security clearance, and had her sit in on important policy meetings. Jared Kushner: When it was learned that Ivanka's husband would be taking on a key role in his father-in-law's White House, people asked whether this was a violation of anti-nepotism laws that had long prevented presidents from handing out jobs to their family members. That rule doesn't seem to apply to young Jared, whom the president apparently believes to be The World's Most Capable Man. The hotel: Trump's operation of a Washington hotel owned by the federal government was a clear violation of the terms of the lease he signed, which barred any elected official from being party to the project. Yet remarkably, the General Services Administration just decided that Trump isn't in violation of the lease after all, which means that foreign governments are free to curry his favor by staying in his hotel and putting money in his pocket. The cronies: With all the billionaires Trump has brought on board, it would be remarkable if some didn't figure out how to use their position to line their pockets. Well don't worry, it's happening. Carl Icahn, the billionaire investor Trump appointed to advise him on regulation, has been pushing for a change to rules on ethanol, which by happy coincidence would have saved a company he owns over $200 million last year had they been in place. The Trump Organization: Ethics experts said that to truly rid himself of the potential for conflicts of interest, Trump would have to have sold off his company and put the proceeds in a blind trust. Trump hasn't done that. #HoldTrumpAccountable for fuck's sake.
jon doe (10 months ago)
danielgarrison - there is no requirement for a presidential candidate to reveal tax returns. It's neither illegal nor immoral for Trump to keep them private. The US tax code is so complex, and Trumps tax returns likely among the most difficult to file in the entire country, there is zero chance that no questions could be raised by observers with a vested interest in his defeat. His taxes could never be understood by the vast majority of people so there was no upside to releasing them. Whether past Republicans did bad or not is irrelevant. It's a logical fallacy to suggest the Clinton's theft of Haiti relief funds is ok because others have (allegedly) done bad stuff. It's well documented that the Clintons pilfered relief money meant for earthquake victims. That's as low as it gets. I wasn't originally for Trump, but he's done more (and done it legally) than any president in living memory to improve the economy and lives of Americans. You can't defend any argument against this statement.
Trump2017 (10 months ago)
Sean why do you guys keep saying the media. This is a left program to steal the Nation. The left wants to change America so they can do the evil things that satan wants.
GTO MOMMA (10 months ago)
Jodie Holmes You're one to talk....😂
Jodie Holmes (10 months ago)
Trump2017 And you say the left is delusional.....Yeah take a look in the mirror when taking your meds
Ana Schuster (10 months ago)
rick grimes (10 months ago)
Great work, Sean.
jim spotswood (10 months ago)
Trump's mouth is a "shithole"..... Garbage in, Garbage out.
Mike R. (10 months ago)
It must suck to know that your guy will NEVER be as respected as Obama.
Mike R. (10 months ago)
Funny. When Dems were complaining about FISA abuses, they were accused of siding with terrorists.
Chad Elmer (10 months ago)
*"We don't pay $10,000 to an assassin when we see a problem.....We seek the advice of those who deal in sewage treatment and if they agree that we have intruders....then We don't pay an assassin !"* fom Nigel.T. U.K.
Dave Gordon (10 months ago)
You can get it in a couple inches deeper Hannity. Guys in love with our comedian in Chief
Dave Gordon (9 months ago)
Buzz Miller not msnbc but yeah cnn is light-years ahead of fox. But you keep loving the draft dodger. His pencil neck geeks are gonna squeal like pigs.
Dave Gordon (9 months ago)
Jesse H doesn't matter. Swamp creatures are gonna squeal like pigs. Fox followers so full of hate. You don't even know me. Can't wait till that hate monger goes to jail
Buzz Miller (9 months ago)
Libtards never let facts interfere with their fantasies
Buzz Miller (9 months ago)
Dave Gordon get a clue. I suppose you think MSNBC and CNN are credible news sources
Jesse H (10 months ago)
you idiot liberals ignore the facts and go for character destruction (I can't spell assassination). yo ignore the fact that you liberal hero Obama spied illegally on people . you're all hopeless idiotss
Ta-mater (10 months ago)
Hannity is awesome! Fox News is the only news that tells the truth!
Fuzzy Wuzzy (9 months ago)
You are obviously too fucking stupid to realize that Sean Hannity is not a reporter and what he delivers is NOT news. He is a PUNDIT and what he delivers is OPINION.
Michael Devine (9 months ago)
This dirty disease hannity spewing hate and lies. Hannity u fat mess please tell us about why the fisa warrent passed in the first place. The fact that page is a russian agent doesnt seem to bother you u disgusting dumb fuck
Robert Fields (10 months ago)
And you're an idiot, both FOX and CNN have bias and fake news you dipshit
Gary Rumain (10 months ago)
Says the fucktard who believes Dirty Dick's lies.
Gerald Trice (10 months ago)
It's fun to read liberal commenters spew their racial hate as they shove their pointy heads up Obama's ass and try to pretend they have seen the light. They all deserve a free ledkuchen cookie baked by a SJW.
hustler3of4culture3 (9 months ago)
Gerald Trice #releasethememo
hustler3of4culture3 (9 months ago)
Gerald Trice Yes. I. Know. It's. Huffpo. if you take the time you'll see I'm right. Hannity is full of hot air. https://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/us_5a613a58e4b01d91b25446b5?ncid=inblnkushpmg00000009.
hustler3of4culture3 (9 months ago)
Gerald Trice I think msm and my lib tard, sjw self, call people racist when they have demonstrable actions that indicate they are racist. Trunkp has said many racist things, DURING his presidency. Haiti is not a shit hole country and not all Haitians have AIDS. Not all Nigerians live in huts. These are demonstrable facts that trunkp doesn't believe, AND that he decides to say out loud the opposite of these facts as if he believes them. That's racist. I don't get what you think I don't get.
Gerald Trice (9 months ago)
hustler3of4culture3: Just trying to use words you might understand but looks like that's not possible.
hustler3of4culture3 (9 months ago)
Well ok you said "racial hate" but still why use the race card?
P. S. Fleming (10 months ago)
A grand jury was just convened in Arkansas for the C's
S. G. (10 months ago)
Sean Hannity - More like Sean Ins(h)a(n)nity
Gary Rumain (10 months ago)
You are Super Gay.
Darren Ball (10 months ago)
Reach the highest level of government- Yes- Trump, and most of the GOP in power today.
RAMAN RAZROLA (10 months ago)
OH My God its serious guy now with some serious face, found some serious news ... Lets see what it is .. Hmmmm ... OKay.. Some Nuunuu Found some poonuu .. but whats the poonoo here .. What's the basic point dude ??? Nuunuu not runing any INvestigation, Fusion GPS npt running any Investigation, Hillary clinton is not running any investigation how the hell you know that none of those people are not being investigate in the current investigation ??? Wait a min who is this guy again ?? WH coffee boy ??
RedCapitalist (10 months ago)
STFU spic
RAMAN RAZROLA (10 months ago)
Why dont you help yourself first and stop stalking me in the comment section .. :P
monkeygraborange (10 months ago)
Perhaps you should consider them, since you're obviously insane and in need of help.
RAMAN RAZROLA (10 months ago)
Sorry to Dissapoint you again but i dont take Any meds ..
big balls loud mouth (10 months ago)
Liberals hate this man. They hate truth, honesty, and free speech. Keep up the good work!
M P (9 months ago)
Truth? LMAO 😂
Gary Rumain (10 months ago)
But who else would if she didn't? :)
big balls loud mouth (10 months ago)
You thumbs up every one of your own comments. Like I told you earlier, _you're weak_ .
Jodie Holmes (10 months ago)
Liberal Jackass Liberals hate free speech.....Says the man who wants to remove broadcasting rights to news outlets because they are supposed liars
Flip Flop Synonamous (10 months ago)
dick pics im not worried about but if they got my sex tape please send it back to me cuz i lost it
Jodie Holmes (10 months ago)
Trump is weak on crime and won't do anything about these phony abuses.
Jodie Holmes (10 months ago)
BigChiefNoWashieTribe So dementia patient confirmed. Look you can trash talk me all you want. I don't give a shit because I know you suffer from a mental illness and can't help yourself. Your sad and pathetic and thinks he is so big and strong but is a dumbass
BigChiefNoWashieTribe (10 months ago)
Poor little jodie, you are sooo pitiful. Trump is not responsible for the enforcement of Laws, The JD is. If the abuses you mentioned are in fact Phony, Why would they need investigation ??? Your mindless rambling proves why your dad is right to kick your moms fat ass. You're a worthless little shit that doesn't fit in so you attack the President. Are you still packing shit in soda bottles for antifa or did they throw your stupid ass out to ???
Jodie Holmes (10 months ago)
BigChiefNoWashieTribe Yup delusional Trumptard off his meds. Can't face the facts so turns to whining about imaginary ideas like a true dementia patient
BigChiefNoWashieTribe (10 months ago)
Jodie H ? Why ??? Because he kicks your moms ass twice a day every day for not aborting your stupid ass.
Jodie Holmes (10 months ago)
BigChiefNoWashieTribe Do you really have nothing or are you that dumb?
Video Archives (10 months ago)
How does Hannity still have a job?
Fuzzy Wuzzy (9 months ago)
No, its not "my opinion". Its a FACT that Sean Hannity is not a reporter and what he delivers is NOT news. He is a PUNDIT and what he delivers is OPINION.
Gary Rumain (9 months ago)
That's your opinion.
Fuzzy Wuzzy (9 months ago)
You are obviously too fucking stupid to realize that Sean Hannity is not a reporter and what he delivers is NOT news. He is a PUNDIT and what he delivers is OPINION.
M P (9 months ago)
Kissing Trump's ass.
Gary Rumain (10 months ago)
He doesn't know! lol!!!