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Earn Extra Cash For the Holidays Working As A UPS Seasonal Helper In Your Own Neighborhood For UPS

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Days (varying hours 8AM - 8PM Monday - Friday). Weekends Off! The Seasonal Driver Helper is an ideal role for many people. It’s perfect for college students who return home (or remain on campus) during winter break. It’s a great opportunity for a stay-at-home parent looking for serious cash as the holiday season approaches. Above all, this is one of the roles where someone who’s serious about their future can make their mark with UPS, regardless of where you are in life. Sure, it requires some heavy lifting (up to 35 lbs.), but who isn’t looking for a healthy job these days? Most significantly, the Seasonal Driver Helper will be delivering merriment and cheer throughout the holiday season to the residents of the communities in which they live! This is a vital role in UPS seasonal operations that offers long-term career advancement with a Fortune 50 Employer. No drivers’ license is required – only reliable transportation – and the dedicated Seasonal Driver Helper will by picked up by the Package Delivery Driver on a local route. Apply today http://bit.ly/2gPMSM4
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