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Black Grandmas Try Other Black Grandmas' Sweet Potato Pie

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Text Comments (26151)
Rio Snyder (6 hours ago)
cassandra be speaking mad trash, and her pie tastes the worst
Relax just be more tea (6 hours ago)
Screw that witch
Juicy Jazlyn (7 hours ago)
“Where’s the flava” -tiktok stole it
Alyssa Rabbitskin (8 hours ago)
Mimi is nice
Osama bin Laden (8 hours ago)
Title made me lose brain cells
Matt C (8 hours ago)
Of course the one from Jersey is the biggest biotch
Serg Esparza (8 hours ago)
Cassandra said they all had no taste yet she did the worst 😂
JosephCecilHorne SmithJunior (8 hours ago)
💟🥇🏳️‍🌈Beautiful and More!‼️💚✝️🌍🌏🌎❗️! Yes FOREVER!‼️💜
CR RC (9 hours ago)
Cassandra need to get her taste buds checked
Evinne Reed (10 hours ago)
Now we know we're that tik tok came from
Jeffrey Salvador (11 hours ago)
Cassandra's taste buds are fried
AndrewSourPatch 177 (12 hours ago)
Why do I feel this is racist.
Maktown TV (12 hours ago)
Cassandra had that tired ass wig on, looking like it had been hiding under the back of a car tire somewhere... and you could put a pound of sugar on something and she would still say "there's not enough sugar". These people who say "there's not enough seasoning" are the ones dying young from heart disease and diabetes.
The Slayer (13 hours ago)
Me 2 minutes into the video Me: there overreacting about Cassandra Me 4 minutes in Me: damn does Cassandra have taste buds
Josh Stern (13 hours ago)
Cassandras taste buds have left the chat...
Cuppy Robertson (14 hours ago)
A good sweet potato pie don't need no drizzle of carmel, no whip cream no ice cream. Anything else is fraudulent!
Kayako (14 hours ago)
Jus realize Cassandra was the voice for tik toks
Joshua Aguilar (14 hours ago)
Cassandra:Breathes oxygen WhErE iS thE sugAR
noorullha anwar (16 hours ago)
Mexican moms try other moms tacos
noorullha anwar (16 hours ago)
Indian moms try other moms curry
Aniya’s Life (16 hours ago)
uhhh i was watching this and i found the audio from tiktok 'were is the flavor in this'
Bam White (16 hours ago)
Cassandra got no tests buds bout no flavour and then u have everybody say it good the u have Cassandra
LEEMUR (16 hours ago)
So this is where that TikTok sound came from
Lynn Arouna (17 hours ago)
1:42 My dad in a nutshell
Lynn Arouna (17 hours ago)
Damn these grandma’s r savage
Nightmare_Fox00 (17 hours ago)
So is this Cassandra acutally spellt with 3 s or is it a typo? I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't ngl
Elise Wendell (17 hours ago)
WhErEs ThE FlaVor!?
Haley Danielle Lloyd (19 hours ago)
why can't the title just be 'grandmas try other grandmas sweet potato pie'
Emese Molnár (20 hours ago)
3:25 I was dyeing😂😂😂
Onagie abedu (20 hours ago)
This one Grandma she never tasted something
Malaika Tah (21 hours ago)
I feel like Cassandra rated everyone else’s low to increase her chances of winning haha
Ashley (22 hours ago)
3:23 T i k t o k
angelin angkasa (23 hours ago)
Who new grandmas were sassier than *those girls* in college
jasmin martinez (1 day ago)
3:24 I SWEARRRRRR that i heard that on tik Tok💀💀 but not one damn person said anything about that
Marcus (1 day ago)
When I heard the tik tok song omg
Ava Nicole (1 day ago)
Where’s the flavor. Now I know where that tik tok is from
Quigley Quagmire (1 day ago)
Noah Arnold (1 day ago)
louisville baby!!! 502
joe mama (1 day ago)
4:53 cause you aint got no taste buds
Nursultan Iusupov (1 day ago)
races pls dont say black grandmas
Will Bentley (1 day ago)
Jacqueline: It tastes like my mother's pie... Me: Wow that must be pretty good Jacqueline: ...and I don't like my mother's pie Me: ...ok then 😬
Jack Robbo (1 day ago)
Rumour is she still can't taste the sugar cinnamon and nutmeg
Johnny Fate (1 day ago)
“where’s the flavor?!” reminded me of a tik tok 😂 @3:23
XayXay Official (1 day ago)
5:11 I think her tongues broken
Jamaal Shelton (1 day ago)
Should be labeled Black American moms. As we are a cultural/ethnic group not a RACE
Ijanae Henderson (1 day ago)
Cassandra was pissing tf off 😂 like stfu
Mystix_Y 1 (1 day ago)
4:50 - nah she just aint got no taste
Cat Gangster (1 day ago)
Nobody: Cassandra breathes: Also Cassandra: I don’t taste the suger
Sweet PEAS (1 day ago)
ISSAC 8426 (1 day ago)
Cassandra: trys every other pie where's the flavor and gives low rating Others: Trys Cassandra's this is a joke right
77SusGrl Cloudz (1 day ago)
Cassandra looks like a Linda honestly I don't like her
Lime Juice (1 day ago)
Cassandra has such a sweet tooth that she can’t taste any sweet lol
Hehe xd (1 day ago)
2:38 Am I the only one who gets triggered by seeing ,,competition' ' spelled ,,competiton' '
Coop Baer (1 day ago)
Where’s the cinnamon, the nutmeg
[LS] Covert (1 day ago)
What would Gordon Ramsey say?
Zakyboomboom S (1 day ago)
She don’t taste nothing
Canadianmom 87 (1 day ago)
The last one clearly got into the booze too much because nothing has flavour 🙄
Jellybean YT (1 day ago)
I don't taste any of the sugar the Cinnamon nothin it's just BLAND
Nshityzen_ (1 day ago)
So we just gonna ignore that Cassandra made the iconic tik tok line lmao
Jerald Brineon (1 day ago)
This where the got the tiktok audio from “where’s the flavor in this?”
Tuna Kutsi Güler (1 day ago)
Why do you need to state that they are black and is that racisc
SNIXZ Clan (1 day ago)
3:23 tik tok
Awkward Shoe (1 day ago)
Cassandra has given us a new Tik Tok Audio everyone say thank you
Wooly (2 days ago)
Was that snoop dogs mum? With the swizzle sauce
WhippingsadnessTwT (2 days ago)
I remember donna when i see mimi😂✌️
3M0j1 (2 days ago)
I don’t like how the title says “ *Black* grandmas”
coochiana (1 day ago)
well tough luck
Milan M (2 days ago)
Cassandra is like cardi b
Milan M (2 days ago)
I was literally watching this and then, where’s the flavor comes up and I was like. So their is where it’s from
This_ismia (2 days ago)
Cassandra I love you but their is flavor!!!!!
Keilani Yo mama (2 days ago)
𝙲𝚊𝚍𝚜𝚊𝚗𝚍𝚛𝚊:𝚋𝚛𝚎𝚊𝚝𝚑𝚜 𝙲𝚊𝚜𝚊𝚋𝚍𝚛𝚊:𝚆𝚎𝚁𝚎 𝚃𝚑𝙴 𝚂𝚎𝙰𝚜𝚘𝙽𝚒𝙽𝚐 𝙸𝚗 𝚃𝚑𝚒𝚂
Yoo Jarvis (2 days ago)
who named it blacked gramands
Ayo Nessa (2 days ago)
brooo the sound from tik tok saying “where’s the flavour” is here😂💀
D T (2 days ago)
Jayden Carmichael (2 days ago)
Cassandra so old her tastebuds died
Svs (2 days ago)
Racism in buzzfeed
Svs (2 days ago)
There is only one that looks old lol
j.reyes (2 days ago)
That lady and the dam nutmeg 😂😂😂😂
Tori (2 days ago)
Nobody: Tik tok: 3:23
Tori (2 days ago)
alli (2 days ago)
2:33 they spelt competition wrong **competiton**
Creative Caleigh (2 days ago)
Cassandra has the most to say but had the worst pie Girl bye😂
LSX THEWORLD (2 days ago)
Yall gone have these grandmas swinging at each other .
Salina Navarro (2 days ago)
Salina Navarro (2 days ago)
Omg who else didnt know "WERES THE FLAVOR" came from this until they watched it.
alan dababy (2 days ago)
“i don’t taste sugar or cinnamon” CAN YOU SHUT UP
lσνєѕєαl 990 (2 days ago)
You came here for 3:23
Юля Тен (2 days ago)
What s SandraSykes doing at cookout?
Jahmir Wright (2 days ago)
This grandma haven’t taste nothing
Earth is flat Series (2 days ago)
Low key kinda racist 🤷🏿‍♂️
Aurora Cochran (2 days ago)
I'm begining to believe Cassandra cant taste anything 😂😂😂
Communist Danimal Cracker (2 days ago)
Really wanted Mimi to win. She was actually nice like Donna from the Potato Salad one.
Wolverine Pete (2 days ago)
I love Patti Labelle's Sweet Potato Pie. It has become a Thanksgiving tradition along with turkey & the Lion's game.
Brazyyy J (2 days ago)
Yessir....gma from VIRGINIA won.😁😁🙃
Gemmy from the block (2 days ago)
“Or you put it on the plate, cause you know I watch the food network “ Took me out 😂😂😂😂
Justin Farre (2 days ago)
Yayy, i was rooting for Jacqueline because she’s from the same city as me 😁 also explains why she was the sweetest and nicest one ;)
Walkingtalkingvinyl (2 days ago)
I know she did not buy a bottle of caramel and put a damn piece of paper over it to make it look like her official licensed sauce 💀💀💀
I Heart Yaoi (2 days ago)
That one Grandma could try everything in Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory and still be like "not sweet enough."
Hex sonic Line rider (2 days ago)
The way that 1 grandma says nutmeg XD
MrSam (3 days ago)
Cassandras diet is about 500grams of sugar everyday.
Sarah Payne (3 days ago)
They all look so young??? Good for them!