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My Favourite 1950s/1960s Commercials (Part 1)

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I have many, many favourites when it comes to 1950s/1960s commercials. Here's just a few of them.
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Johnny Test (1 hour ago)
If that medium sized coca cola was a king size‚ then wouldn't the 3-liter be a god size?
Trice M (7 hours ago)
The Miami commercial really blew me away. Not gonna lie
Trice M (7 hours ago)
Cola had some long ass commercials
Kraaxpelax (8 hours ago)
This was great fun. But their grandchildren in middle-America became heroin addicts.
Rachna Dagar (3 days ago)
Over all the eras..I'll always choose 90s 😍 ...
Scrambler (10 days ago)
These commercials actually make me want to buy the products
Gemini Johnson (12 days ago)
The man in the Awake commercial looks like John List,the man who murdered his mom,wife and 3 kids.
Ana Felipe (13 days ago)
Sorry to bust the bubble, but depending in where in these United States u were living RACISM WAS RAMPANT. SEXISM HAS BEEN AROUND SINCE THE DAWN OF TIME
MattTheSaiyan (10 days ago)
Racism is still around, it's merely aimed at different people these days.
Noah Daft (14 days ago)
I love watching these
John James (19 days ago)
13:33 Who's great grandma is that?????
Robin Hood (21 days ago)
Wasn't this the time when coke had coke in it?
MattTheSaiyan (18 days ago)
Removed from the drink in 1906.
MattTheSaiyan (20 days ago)
Removed from the drink in 1906.
Tech 45 (21 days ago)
With real sugar not cancer casing FDA approved fructose corn syrup :(
MattTheSaiyan (20 days ago)
Real sugar FTW!
margaretsville (21 days ago)
4:03 Wow I just realized that 40 years ago there were like 5 bowling alleys near me. Now there is exactly zero. What happened to bowling?
jule c: (23 days ago)
they should remake the first ad!!! Foreverrrr stuck in my head
Paul Lucchese (24 days ago)
I'm glad I've found the one place not infested with Liberals
Fz Fk (24 days ago)
zebonaut smith (26 days ago)
a sugar rush high.
Branzinotito (27 days ago)
I wish death upon every feminist in the world, no exceptions.
Branzinotito (27 days ago)
America used to be fucking awesome. This shit sucks now. Degenerate cesspool.
Michael Hansen (30 days ago)
Skull Trooper (30 days ago)
There used to be good ads 7:41 Now there are just girls dancing in bikinis 😐
David Bilson (1 month ago)
If the people in these commercials could see what has happened to civilization in the last 50 years they would despair. Apart from the obvious predudices I would much sooner we return to the eras shown in these classic ads. I grew up in the 50's & 60's . I was always looking to the future and now I find myself looking to the past, maybe! I"ve just become an old fart!
Branzinotito (27 days ago)
The prejudices were justified.
Bene Butterbean (1 month ago)
@6:05 Somebody swat that fly!
Gabriel Reynolds (1 month ago)
I would so like to have a conversation with someone who grew up with these commercials. I was born 1989 but I just love hearing stories of times before I was born. I'm more interested in learning them before learning today
Donald B.Froud (1 month ago)
Some of us were unfortunate not to have a TV back then.
anonymous johnson (1 month ago)
It just seems that the newer generations want everything easier, faster, and right now.   They are taking cursive writing out of schools, so sad, because kids don't want to put in the effort.   They don't want to use their brains, a computer, to add, subtract, or multiply, machines or gadgets do it for them.   They are lazy in this generation.
limerent72 (1 month ago)
I wonder how many people were enticed by that ad to "Miami Go Go?"
europe is the best love is blind (1 month ago)
Colgate helps regenarate broken enamel i know this by myself i have weakened immune system and teeth broke when temperwture che ges from minus 20 toplus 20 and colgate helps regenarate
ASMR Sunset (1 month ago)
I am new here...I just subbed. I am really loving your channel.
geektoro (1 month ago)
Hmm I wonder, did coca cola numb their mouths?
Gabrielle Stargel (1 month ago)
Does anybody remember Dippity Do? That was my first exposure to television.
KaptKan1 (1 month ago)
Golly gee gosh! I want to rot my teeth and my stomach lining with Coke! Then I'll fight the tooth decay with Colgate! I want a nifty motion picture camera to take home movies with which to bore my friends and family! Someday maybe we'll have portable telephones with which to take "selfies" of our narcissistic lives, too! Wouldn't that be just swell?! And to drive an Edsel! It's such a dream! I'd be the envy of all the other guys at the soda fountain when I parked outside and all the gals came running to see me and my space age car! Gee whillikers!
The pine Apple (1 month ago)
Back when the ads were not annoying 👏🏼
jon byron (1 month ago)
Edsel ... 😂
Brown Paw (1 month ago)
This is America and the spirit of the times as it really was during that hopeful era. Not the dreary hell portrayed in modern media.
James Fox (1 month ago)
louis stevens (1 month ago)
Anytime is a good time for coke(Cain)
Sienna Hardy (1 month ago)
Ayyy where are all you old-school people?
Laura Nordell (1 month ago)
lol jiffy pop is still around
JD Powell (1 month ago)
for some reason I really want a Coke right now...
MahinaOlelo (1 month ago)
Coca Cola gives you that freshening new feeling .. that must’ve been the cocaine lol
Phylis Renee Marconi (1 month ago)
And today all the world IS camera land!😂
After watching all these old commercials I can't help but think about that scene from Back to the Future 2 where the kids are watching these old commercials and in the movie that was set in the year 2015 how ironic is that?
Derek Allen (1 month ago)
I would kill a man just to go back and taste that delicious Coca-Cola just one time.
spirals 73 (1 month ago)
Commercial for color Kodak camera is shot in black and white....
cosmo_rebeljdal97 (1 month ago)
8:50 Lizz Taylor lookalike
Andrew Ocean (1 month ago)
at 6:06 a fucking fly lands on the table. OMG and nobody noticed?
MattTheSaiyan (1 month ago)
Live commercial. No chance for retakes.
Ashley D (1 month ago)
As this began playing I was taking a sip from a Vanilla Coke. How’d they know? Lol
icougarman369 (1 month ago)
Crazy to think that everyone in these videos are either dead or super old right now
vinny (1 month ago)
Once you go black you can never go back
vinny (1 month ago)
And then came diversity, political correctness and 2nd wave feminism ...
RICHARD GORDON (1 month ago)
Smartphone Land
Anniefanny Charles (1 month ago)
Haha. I think they're all acting a little COKED OUT!!
MusicMan 78414 (1 month ago)
2:52 Is that Johnny Olson?
Cheryl French (1 month ago)
People respected each other. Go almost any where and you were treated with respect. Sunday's you barley seen a car on the road. People didn't have to leave there kids alone and work two jobs. You were safe to play outside and the food was good. What I wouldn't give to have a glass of the coke they keep showing.
john Sky (1 month ago)
That first Coca-Cola commercial was done by an amateur. That jingle suxed
CW 12 (1 month ago)
I dig the EZ pop popcorn ad
the artist (1 month ago)
Cue the Fly at 6:05 😝🍕🌭🍻
MattTheSaiyan (1 month ago)
The joys of live TV!
Manga Jesus (1 month ago)
Mango Potato (2 months ago)
Watching old commercials with some trippy music playing over them is awesome and relaxing for some reason.
Lincoln Parc (2 months ago)
He's a Dapper Don that Don Draper
Nick Mad (2 months ago)
Thank you
ImmaSheKitty (2 months ago)
i wonder what life would be like if we remained living like the 50s 🤔
gxrcix525 (27 days ago)
+Branzinotito well yeah but not big titty porn
Branzinotito (27 days ago)
America was 90 percent white in the 50's. Life was much better for blacks too. Intact families and thriving communities.
gxrcix525 (2 months ago)
ImmaSheKitty boring as hell and not good for those who arent white
ndcoten (2 months ago)
shoutouts to noisepuppet
Tubal Cain (2 months ago)
Whatever happened to "activated" Gardol foam?
graycloud057 (2 months ago)
Back when women wore skirts, dresses, and really looked fantastic. Now it’s the slutty look.
graycloud057 (2 months ago)
Ask Bob Crane about his camera land.
matt ola (2 months ago)
did everyone notice that a king size coke was NOT a 1/2 GALLON on the junk O.K. thanks fattys
K.A. Boncon (2 months ago)
That popcorn commercial is like 1950's rap, lol!
The World According to Bowhead (2 months ago)
Love n they don’t use straws but how about a napkin and some flatware?
PJ Walker (2 months ago)
6:05 to 6:11 you will notice a housefly stealthily crawling along the table toward the tray of sandwiches, getting ready to pounce, then is suddenly disrupted from attaining his goal by the lifting of the tray. Awwwww....
MattTheSaiyan (2 months ago)
The Coca-Cola commercial with the two ladies by the mini jukebox was a live commercial, so they couldn't do anything about it. I think the performers in the commercial did a good job all things considered.
PJ Walker (2 months ago)
Neato! Peachy keen!
Jérémy LEFEVRE (2 months ago)
50s is for me the paradise... I don't know why but I love everything from the 50s
Buttermilkjug (2 months ago)
You sure liked stupid commercials~
BadForBusiness (2 months ago)
I wish i lived in the 50s ;-;
BadForBusiness (2 months ago)
Ya got me there
MattTheSaiyan (2 months ago)
I could only spend a two week vacation there....I can easily give up the Internet and such, but I couldn't give up Nintendo games.
onlythewise1 (2 months ago)
back when people dressed nice now days everybody looks like the cheap help
gxrcix525 (2 months ago)
Why did they put so much emphasis on the H on Hwissing by or Hwat
asdfrewq (2 months ago)
ohaaa e-z pop çok iyi fikir ...
cunch (2 months ago)
I don't like these commercials
Cynthia B (2 months ago)
@6:41 He must got hit with gamma radiation (his right hand is fucking huge compared to his left hand)..
Jeff Daniels (2 months ago)
Well let's start hearing about how racist and bigoted everyone was back then.
S t r b i i s (2 months ago)
Kathleen Macellis (2 months ago)
Looking at this ( as well as my high school yearbook) , I notice that young people had sweeter , nicer smiles back in the day.
sherry Judith (2 months ago)
I would honestly say the 1950s are better than the modern world cause life is so much better back then people are more respectful and like today if am bored I watch Netflix or go on my phone or something like that but back then you could go and play outside but now when you ask people they are busy on their phones and video games and wasting there life,life is too short live life bye☺
sherry Judith (2 months ago)
One thing I notice about coke back then its that they we put in glass bottles not like today we just trush them please recycle
sherry Judith (2 months ago)
MattTheSaiyan there are glass bottles in other countries to reduce pollution and I have tested them they test better than the normal coke
MattTheSaiyan (2 months ago)
Soft drinks taste much better in glass bottles. They still sell them in glass bottles but they are hard to find. Wish the glass bottles were more common. Plastic bottles ruin the taste, and cans are even worse.
sherry Judith (2 months ago)
This make me want to go back to the 1950s life looks perfect With no problem perfect life were you don't get judged
Michael Rodriguez (2 months ago)
gxrcix525 (2 months ago)
Michael Rodriguez thats the "refreshing" new feeling
Tae Beach (2 months ago)
Good Memory’s.
harsh2945 (2 months ago)
At 3.50 YouTube subtitles read BOWLING as BULLYING 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 NO 1 CAN BE HAPPY WITHOUT BULLYING 🤣🤣
A Comment (2 months ago)
I really love the commercials ..but srsly? You can't just judge an entire era based on some commercials and movies. That's super naive. This in no way shape or form is an accurate representation of real life back then. Just like commercials today its super exaggerated and staged.
Ethan Pratt (2 months ago)
I got scared at 7:05
Ethan Pratt (2 months ago)
gxrcix525 suddenly switches to black screen and plays loud clapping noise
gxrcix525 (2 months ago)
Ethan Pratt how?
ray jay (2 months ago)
A time when liberalism didn't have a grip on America
Harry Knackers (2 months ago)
Was there still cocaine in Coke back then, because that would explain the "zing."
MattTheSaiyan (2 months ago)
Removed 1906.
MrsCottonCandy DarlingLife (2 months ago)
Thank you so much for sharing !!! Love these , Big Hugs xoxo
Felix Nemo (2 months ago)
I grew up in the 70's. I knew nothing of this era. Everything looks black and white. No color makes dull.
ดัด แก้ววินิจ (2 months ago)
thank you
BeagleStudios (2 months ago)
Huh. No annoying Trivago ads back in the day... YAY! :D
Jarred Cox (2 months ago)
And then vame the 60's and america went down hill
Dianne Flood (2 months ago)
Edsel car ad in black and white describes every color the car comes in.
aliciaejwhite (2 months ago)
All i know is that i'm suddenly really craving a coke!
MattTheSaiyan (2 months ago)
I think there should be an entire cable channel dedicated to Coca-Cola commercials.