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A Day in the Life of a Coca-Cola Driver: PJ

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THE CATCH (16 hours ago)
Those Freightliner stearing wheels annoying af
David Da Twin (23 hours ago)
What happened to the other video?
E P (1 day ago)
It's rare to see a truck driver on YT that's happy with his job. I'm glad you found a good one.
Nenad Vuckovic (2 days ago)
Find a proper job, for example deliver Pepsi...😂
Rushan R. (4 days ago)
Why do you stock it for them
alex agybaev (5 days ago)
weird thing that the truck driver is also supposed to be a merchandiser (or how do you call that people putting items on their places)/
nelcon grigg (6 days ago)
Do they give you free coke?
Madden mobile Master (7 days ago)
Has anyone ever stole any of your drinks while you were delivering the other box in the store ??
Jordan King (7 days ago)
lmaoooo way to much work
Angela Claydon (8 days ago)
He a Coco cola driver delivering fanta
Eli Bell (8 days ago)
I isn't know that you guys also stack the product.
LEMON GAMING (8 days ago)
I like this guy. He's very cheery
ZDRAWC (8 days ago)
If that all is driver job, than suks.
Edoji Kiaken (9 days ago)
Do they train you and give you a truck drivers license if you pass, and supply the truck? Or do you have to do all of that on your own?
Steven Sabi (9 days ago)
I'm so excited to start as a driver merchandiser this Tuesday and Coca Cola Daytona Beach Florida!
pyro 323 (11 days ago)
having a pleasant attitude makes everyone else happy and thank you for giving GOD the glory.
Joshua Fleming (11 days ago)
Why do you have to pack/place it in the store for them , can't the store employees do that ? You are a driver not a packer ?...
Number 1 (11 days ago)
The next day he was fired.. For breaching Coca-Cola's rule about filming sensitive private material..
barry beatty (12 days ago)
Circle K owned by a Quebec company
Tai Hung (12 days ago)
reveal the recipes please
J Vili (12 days ago)
well done dude , get me a job there i have A class clean licence 😊
Daniel Rutherford (12 days ago)
Let's go deliver some coke and then delivers Fanta
Zone Chrisp (12 days ago)
That’s Norway
Jeske Won (12 days ago)
Fuck Cintas, Alsco till the death of me!
My Little Brony (12 days ago)
I'm putting this on my likes pretty good I never knew looks like it was cool to be Coca-Cola driver let's be fun
Sauce Boss (13 days ago)
I actually didn't know that Coca-Cola manufactured NOS energy drinks.
Pedro Augusto Martins (13 days ago)
Interessante como ele trabalha feliz, isso me faz pensar que ainda existe pessoas boas, e é isso que me motiva ser um ótimo profissional igual a ele 😄😄😄
Wesley Roodbol (13 days ago)
The big quistion do u like coca cola
Road Rash (13 days ago)
Delivering diabetes to a store near you
Reiner Gale (13 days ago)
Cool to see this. Im a part time merchandiser for coke in Minnesota
Valiant Film Productions (13 days ago)
Reiner Gale yes the Family Fare Supermarket? That's where I did my shopping. I lived right at Oak St and State St(Hwy 19) for a time. I'd fill up gas there at Casey's next to Hwy 52 all the time
Reiner Gale (13 days ago)
Yes i live about 10mins from cannon....one of my stops is at the grocery store in cannon. Way cool! Its something I may have as a career for a while
Valiant Film Productions (13 days ago)
Reiner Gale if you look very closely to my Coke hat, you will notice it says "Owatonna" on it.
Valiant Film Productions (13 days ago)
Reiner Gale cool I lived in Cannon Falls close to you for about 6 months while working for Coke in Owatonna. That's where my Coke career started. We delivered to Rochester, Mankato, Fairbault, etc. I deliveref bulk in Rochester and knew some merchandisers there.
Reiner Gale (13 days ago)
Ohh haha. Redwing but everything comes from riverfalls wis for us.
rustybones99 (14 days ago)
Interesting. I thought for sure he’d mention that they’re trained to drive in the left lane at all times. Maybe that’s just the drivers going in and out of the Dayton NJ distributor.
Shane Sheppard (14 days ago)
That looks like a fun job but I driver Otr for a different company
SWMIKE100 (14 days ago)
You don’t get a thanks for nothing these days I don’t see the point of going out your way to shelf stack/brown nose That’s how you make other drivers look bad
SWMIKE100 (14 days ago)
Why the hell do you have to do the shops job of shelf stacking
Peter Griffin (14 days ago)
I try and fire my employee's when I know it's going to hurt them the most...like right before their kids birthday or when a bill is due and I know they are low on cash. Its just more fun to do it that way
taiidan1 (14 days ago)
Lol if you was in the uk all u would do is drop it off and the the shop staff would do the rest
AHellReign (14 days ago)
SAMPLE TEXT (14 days ago)
I would so fail this job There will be no more Coke left When I reach the destination I'm supposed to deliver to
Brendan Carter (14 days ago)
I have a part time job at my local coke plant while I’m in college and my job is to load the coollift pallets onto the trucks! When I first started a few months I was doing the builds on the pallets but I fortunately worked my way up to a forklift driver very quickly. Now I do transports and load bulk and coollift all day:)
Chris Kemp (14 days ago)
lol size of that truck and its not even half full....
Pancakemanmoto (14 days ago)
This was more interesting than i thought
Austin W (14 days ago)
How Much money do you make at this job?
winword1 (15 days ago)
Buen trabajo mi amigou
Spencer rounds (15 days ago)
This has got to be the happiest truck driver I've seen on the job 😂👍🏻
gamlagubbengren (15 days ago)
You are skilled labor and you should not have to stock shelves
Stacey McGrath (15 days ago)
I respect this guys enthusiasm and work ethic for the purpose of the job...I literally tip my hat off to him. My driving job consists of 3 hours driving a day and a 4-5 hour rest period based on a steady 5 day week.Early knock off on a Saturday morn for the equivalent of 50-60K per year...I count myself lucky. This guy has the drive, the attitude and the productivity that any employer would want working for their company!
Stacey McGrath (15 days ago)
Valiant Film Productions True words. It’s not always the money either but the lifestyle, morale and job satisfaction. Thanks for the insight into the life of a Coca Cola trucker. Greetings from the UK by the way and I’ve officially subscribed! Stay safe 👍
Valiant Film Productions (15 days ago)
Stacey McGrath thank you for your kind words. I believe a man who is treated well, not just monetarily, but with respect and integrity at his workplace by his employer and fellow employees, it makes a tremendous difference in your moral, enthusiasm, and work ethic.
Jonas Graven (15 days ago)
I bet he's looking forward for the new tesla semis
BigSecksyManny (15 days ago)
Thank you for showing what you guys do daily. I think I'll stick with hauling oversized loads for the oilfield. Though it's interesting seeing that the driver's have to stock. Seems like yall should drop and go and they should put their own merch away.
Knut Sakseid (15 days ago)
If you want a can of coke can you just take one?
le iboy (15 days ago)
When I was a kid we always used to go to Belgium and at gas stations on the side of highways you'd occasionally see a coca cola truck that was literally covered with Christmas lights and everything. was awesome! Edit: Omg I found them! Here https://goo.gl/images/947ER2
Brett ABA-D (15 days ago)
Cool video. I work for Coca-Cola in New Orleans Louisiana. Nice to see a fellow coke man
PJ Dooley (16 days ago)
I'm doing the wrong job
Jordan See (16 days ago)
Fuck that too much work for crappy pay
The0to1smell (16 days ago)
Don't be had..coca cola treats there employes like slaves and it's not by the hour..in trucking if it's not by the hour it's min wage for the work you do ..the big company Crooks figured it out..snd it's alote of work..for the little of money they pay..show them the real deal the dark side.
FrostyClipz (16 days ago)
What are you gonna tell the police when you get pulled over and they find all that “coke”
oli3659 (16 days ago)
How come a delivery driver has to stock shelves? :S
THEPLFOX Games (16 days ago)
Pepsi Uhhh...
michael (16 days ago)
I talked to a coke driver in circle k once he said he hadn’t drunk coke in 12 years- no joke
Donnie Wallace (16 days ago)
Coca-Cola 14 years and counting
SupBricks 101 (16 days ago)
Also I thought the person who owned the place sorted the drinks out but I guess both that person and the driver does it
SupBricks 101 (16 days ago)
Cool! I always thought that when u use that lift on the trailer it was a remotely controlled or something
Shavor Hart (16 days ago)
Ryan King (16 days ago)
Dj R (16 days ago)
Do you get drinks for free?
Yung Romän (16 days ago)
Ok the US Dilivery trucks are so different vs the Europe. The EU trucks are easy
Andrew (16 days ago)
Definitely need a second man to watch the soda. In my area people are quick to snatch up any drinks left out.
Greg rose (16 days ago)
Too bad because *I DRINK PEPSI*
Verennn 06 (16 days ago)
Are you norwegian becaus circle k is a norwegian gass station
Robert Arunarsirakul (16 days ago)
Sir..... that's not coke
Mr. Poopy-Butthole (16 days ago)
You're getting ripped off dude its not the delivery guys job to fill up
T Flems (16 days ago)
Wow someone else actually has those ugly McDonalds shirts. They're given to the merchandisers only in my region. The drivers and account managers get much nicer ones.
rvfjone (16 days ago)
I always wanted to do that, and work for the Coca Cola company?! There is one like a block away from me, and two of my uncles worked there all their life?!
Jack Lindsay (16 days ago)
Feel like it would me more interesting of the life of a coke dealer 😂
Vlad the Inhaler (16 days ago)
Doing coke, while drinkin coke, wearin coke, in a coke automobile
Kevyn Bamboo (16 days ago)
F.I.F.O system isn't used for Coca Cola?
Kevyn Bamboo (16 days ago)
F.I.F.O system isn't used for Coca Cola?
gtr02 gaming (17 days ago)
Can you do more of the these vids
hellfireansulfer (17 days ago)
Easy job but the driving must be difficult
Marky Charleston (17 days ago)
great attitude brother. i am a driver too but in SC for a different company.
Daniel Araújo (17 days ago)
Very different delivery system from what Coca-Cola has here in Brazil. Nice video, keep on going.
Football Geek (17 days ago)
Why Fanta
John-Michel Piepers (17 days ago)
Nice Job! I have the same job for coca cola in the netherlands!
TheCodedGamer (17 days ago)
I can't tell if this guy is genuinely positive about everything, or just putting it on for the camera. Either way, looks like a pretty fun job, although I can't imagine the pay is amazing.
Rexinus1 (17 days ago)
Wait. WAIT! You're a coca-cola driver but you deliver FANTA!? FANTA!!!!!! And other kind of drinks like NOS!? Why is it even called Coca-Cola driver and not a drink driver?! And also do you get free drinks?
FrankMeister (17 days ago)
I really do not get why truck drivers have to stock shelves. In virtually every other country a store hires people to stock shelves.
JuanLeMod (17 days ago)
This guy looks really happy. He loves life and his job. I haven't seen a guy this happy in a while. It's refreshing.
Napalm Junior (17 days ago)
Restocking them looks fun
Leonardo Gonçalves Thome (18 days ago)
Coca Cola needs to give this man a promotion.
SlipperyNinja64 (18 days ago)
My uncle is a pepis driver
Michael Monroe (18 days ago)
Change da music to spongebob
Michael Monroe (18 days ago)
Change da song to Bernie theme.. I love u.. U love me
Michael Monroe (18 days ago)
Change the music to DROP IT LIKE ITS HOT
Hunter Lishnoff (18 days ago)
How much coke do you get to drink
Trucking In the uk (18 days ago)
How many deliverys do you do in one day
Zeali_Xx (18 days ago)
This is PJ, and I work for Coca Cola as driver merchandiser. Has Fanta in his truck.
Max P. (18 days ago)
1:07 in the left back mirror, the enemy is creeping behind
Timmothy Barrera (18 days ago)
One of my dad's first jobs were to deliver Coca Cola driving one of their trucks in Ecuador.
Marcus Hill (18 days ago)
In other worlds you're a coke dealer lol jk hahahaha
rhys castle (19 days ago)
No way could I do that job I live coke
Adelin Nae (19 days ago)
that was fanta