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A Day in the Life of a Coca-Cola Driver: PJ

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eli Nowaskie 502 507 8377 (15 hours ago)
billy bandit (15 hours ago)
Fuck packing out
XNavySeAL91 (1 day ago)
Why do you have to arrange the drinks
Unknown Unknown (1 day ago)
Fuck all that rotating, I worked for the Pepsi Bottling Compnay in Sanfernando CA, Teamsters 27.40 it was a drop and go. I ran a bay truck/ side loader, sixteen bay to be exact. Our fifteen year plus drivers ran the bulk trucks/ large format stores, bulk trucks were available for weekend work for lower seniority guys. Pepsi for the most part CA region has gone all bulk/ GEO BOX drivers no more "side loader" . Cool place to start local experience if you already have OTR experience that way you have both type of experience.
billy bandit (15 hours ago)
Unknown Unknown AGREED...Fuck packing out
MbraceSage (1 day ago)
With my personality type and background - I think I'd really enjoy this.
Southern Pride Productions (1 day ago)
Love your music selection god is good
Patrick Doran (2 days ago)
Why do you have to unload and stock the product? Screw that..
TheOnlyInformant (4 days ago)
"Let's go deliver some coke today." Might wanna rephrase that...
Oscar E. (3 days ago)
My dealer also says that on thursdays and fridays
Oklart swe (4 days ago)
Its crazy how far behind in "trucking" america are. Small spread in the mirrors, nosetrucks, low loading weight, less ergonomic adjustments for the driver, and so on, ugh, great video though. Our truck was like that in the early 90's. Just got experience of scania, volvo and newer Mercedes. And btw I have literally been reading about "truckers" complaining about how "powerless" our swedish trucks are, and they nog big enough to pull heavy and so on, and still we have 60 tons weight limit, and some roads 74 tons, and about 24 meters in standard lengths. Poor bitches, (not you) im js.
Clunt Westrock (3 days ago)
It's all about money. Soda/beer companies aren't going to drop that kind on money on a fleet of day cab trucks.
TheOnlyInformant (4 days ago)
In Alaska there are road trains. I rest my case.
Bobby 2pistolz (5 days ago)
Wow dude, it is awesome to see someone with such a good attitude while working. Im not even 20 yet but i want to drive for the same or a similar company. How much roughly would someone get paid for doing this?
1hunterblack (4 days ago)
Bobby 2pistolz i dont recommend trucking at all all fines you get from cops truckers are easy money for them .im looking get out of driving .just normal job 7 to 4 is good enough.the main thang is have your house paid off
Bobby 2pistolz (4 days ago)
1hunterblack thanks for the heads-up. I am going to trust you especially since you have been trucking longer than I've been alive. Do you not recommend trucking in general? Or are there a few company's that are good to work for?
1hunterblack (5 days ago)
iv been driving 27 yrs its not worth driving the coca driver in video might make 20 hr but he working way to much
rick hagen (5 days ago)
Those trailers beat a side load truck or one with bays. I worked for pepsi as a relief driver before I got a route, very long days pulling orders and trying to get in and out in addition to store check ins. Dollar stores and time zones can make a good day very bad quickly.
FNQUIK01 (5 days ago)
rick hagen ghopk
Freddy (5 days ago)
I love the music I love it
Russel Mack (7 days ago)
LOL... it is exhausting just watching this video much less having to load, deliver, chase down manager to conduct count, sort, stack, merchandise each product and face label of each individual bottle/can correctly etc.etc.etc. This is why I drove a fuel tanker and only had to wrestle a few hoses during drops .. and let Gravity do the unloading ! Bwaaa ha haa ha Have to admit however that this red-headed Coke slave has quite a good attitude all things considered. FOOL !
MrSir2552 (5 days ago)
Russel Mack And how exactly do you know if I have a job or not? Or are you just throwing out insults to just try and make yourself feel like the bigger person in the conversation?
Russel Mack (6 days ago)
Says mommy's basement-dwelling nightmare who has NO JOB ! haaa ha ha haa
MrSir2552 (6 days ago)
Russel Mack Can’t people just work how they want? Have the job they want? He said he enjoyed his job and he seemed sincere about it. So don’t call people a fool, dunce, or other names just because they have a job that doesn’t meet your requirements of a “real mans job”
Isaac Taylor (6 days ago)
Russel Mack we need less people like you in this world.
Russel Mack (6 days ago)
No problemo Slave ... Thanks for your Epic Failure of declining to admit you've ever heard the expression "WORK SMART OR WORK HARD !" Now get back to brown-nosing your manager Dimmy, in the hopes of one day getting a promotion to where you'll be able to drive the little white van and run specials, product shortages and those cool cardboard merchandising displays ! hoooo yaaaaahhhh !
sean vernon (8 days ago)
That is a lot of work for one person really it should be a 2 person job
Steve A (9 days ago)
That's alot of.work for minimum wage.
Valiant Films (8 days ago)
Steve A lol I got paid good
Lord Beasley (9 days ago)
Is that song " when we all get to heaven"?
larry hopkins (10 days ago)
6th and the 9
Mad dog 123 (11 days ago)
And all types of drinks
Mad dog 123 (11 days ago)
I love Coca-Cola
Zach Haake (12 days ago)
I just watched a Pepsi add LOL
Eddie Willis (13 days ago)
Thepay isgood
TheToxicalGamer (14 days ago)
I thought it was only coke suddenly there’s Fanta and club soda
Zendor Graphics (6 days ago)
TheToxicalGamer fanta and sprite is owned by Coca-Cola
Dylan Skogen (14 days ago)
Holy hell, that’s a clean FL-70 they got you in
Andy Kr (15 days ago)
In brazil someone would steal the drink and the truck if they parked it without guards
Pac Guy Gaming (15 days ago)
6 yo: But they have fanta getting delivered to them. It owned by them so that why.
Lauren B. (16 days ago)
he seems to like his job
Diesel Wolf (16 days ago)
Thank you coco cola, don't know what I'd do if it wasn't for you truckers, I love my soft drinks, and collect coco cola stuff, I currently own, shirts, bed sheets, bed covers, key chains, and numerous other things. 🥃🥃🥃
Grim (16 days ago)
Coca Cola in DFW is the worst company i have every worked for by far
The_legend_of _Ryan (16 days ago)
Thank you for sharing smiles with the world!!! Somebody share a coke with this guy!!!!
Russel Mack (17 days ago)
Given a choice, I'd haul beer instead. ... better perks
Zues ThunderGod (2 days ago)
Don’t get why beer companies don’t pay much But Pepsi pays more when they aren’t as big as anhuser Busch
Javier Madriz (7 days ago)
Russel Mack beer is the worst pay company's coke or pepsi are way better pay and easier then beer
RedTieAgent (17 days ago)
Okay, i see all the Coke. But, WHY IS THE RUM GONE?
HONDA recon nation (17 days ago)
Sure makes me want to be a coke driver ever won is like pissed off and there mean to him and the truck is a piece of crap
Roscoe Dogg (9 days ago)
Miro Celic (17 days ago)
I worked for coke Australia,and all we drop off and leave, none of this stacking shit
Roscoe Dogg (9 days ago)
I'm moving Down Under!
I derrain714 I (18 days ago)
I envy how much this man enjoys his job
Lukeisnotdead (18 days ago)
Coke is better than Pepsi
Inyo Butt (18 days ago)
Breakfast:Coke Lunch:Coke Dinner:Coke
Donkey Kong gaming (18 days ago)
Coke driver delivers fanta
Roscoe Dogg (9 days ago)
And Barqs, Monster, Nos, Full Throttle, Minute Maid, Fuze, Hansons, Yup, Vitamin Water, Gold Peak, and loads of other shit I can't think of right now.
nice guy (12 days ago)
Donkey Kong gaming Fanta is part of Coke
Erix7810 (19 days ago)
Safety and Compliance called you straight into their office after watching this vid. Reading your manifest while driving and filming? Fired.
Valiant Films (19 days ago)
Erix7810 I'm not allowed to glance to be sure of the location of the next stop? Get real dude.
Valiant Films (19 days ago)
Erix7810 for what? I didn't break any laws.
Stu Bell (20 days ago)
Not the kind of Coke I was looking for tit
Christopher Munoz (20 days ago)
My dads been working for coca cola since 1989
SuperBigblue19 (21 days ago)
Friend of mine delivers the empty bottles to the coke plant in Bellevue Wa. 3 loads a day. Soda, energy drinks & fruit drinks are a no-no for me. I had a blood surgar level of 500 & lost 60lbs from too much of that killer called high fructose corn syrup. I now drink distilled water & green tea only. Your body can't process the amount of surgar contained in many products today. Want to live a shorter life & see doctors a lot. Pile on the fructose & salt.
Chief Ray (21 days ago)
Nice guy
GETREKT ! (23 days ago)
now i know
I am botimegaming bog fan (23 days ago)
Just like pepsi just with a nicer shirt
Roscoe Dogg (9 days ago)
You can wear it bowling too!
Tony Delgado (23 days ago)
Love my Coke!!
Riley Broderson (24 days ago)
Man, delivering all that sugary garbage to people...
Edgar Casillas (24 days ago)
Fuck this job!!!
TUB3Z (26 days ago)
Good Job
Chronically Vlogging (27 days ago)
this is pretty interesting . this would actually be a pretty good job
mrexy (28 days ago)
hey dude, We dealed about the crack you'll deliver to me, I don't see it in the truck and you still haven't delivered it. I'm waiting
cool cookie (28 days ago)
shit too much time for one stop
Doug N (29 days ago)
You left out the part where the employees pretend they didn't see you come in and make you stand there for 20 minutes before checking you in....
Javier Madriz (7 days ago)
So true Walmart is the worst
Roscoe Dogg (9 days ago)
You mean Quik Trip?
Mighty Lemon (29 days ago)
Drank a coke as I watched this
Roscoe Dogg (9 days ago)
I'm drinking a Coors as I type this.
M. Wissink (30 days ago)
Why can't stores fill up their own shelves?
Javier Madriz (7 days ago)
The way it works sales man stocks makes order store stocks anything missing will be stock on delivery if anybody doesn't do anything makes it worst for the next person
Roscoe Dogg (9 days ago)
I like your style!!!!
William Vitin (30 days ago)
I was legit singing to the music!
Moose the Dodge Pickup (1 month ago)
Is that an international
Moose the Dodge Pickup (8 days ago)
Roscoe Dogg wheel through me off
Roscoe Dogg (9 days ago)
Freightliner FL70.
Yamaha R1 (1 month ago)
Do you have to have a CDL to drive these trucks?
Anthony Polito (12 days ago)
Yamaha R1 yea you do.
Hiearch (1 month ago)
Hiearch (9 days ago)
He'll yea garbage
Roscoe Dogg (9 days ago)
Did you notice the pallet jack in the video?
Joe Garcia (1 month ago)
You have to love this guys positive attitude. I drove for Pepsi and did the exact same thing and fucking hated every minute of it.
CHU_AS10N (1 month ago)
why do i see solo and fanta hmmm
Roscoe Dogg (9 days ago)
Because Coke owns a shit load of brands. Starting with about 20 different flavors of Monster.
Back Nforth (1 month ago)
The company must've force his happiness so much.
Roscoe Dogg (9 days ago)
They will give him a route in the "hood if he doesn't behave on camera.
Ghxst Gaming. (1 month ago)
Yu filling these Things (coolers i believe) up? We in germany only deliever the cargo via truck an unload it by the supermarket and their supermarket workers are filling theses things up xD Sry for bad english i come from germany
Martin Riggs (1 month ago)
Reason why I wouldn't like doing that job is because you gotta stock them on the shelves without the store people doing it. I'll only do it if I got paid extra more just for stocking
Javier Madriz (7 days ago)
True it would suck if you are salary but hourly you are getting paid for it if everybody does there part most store won't touch anything those are the dirty stores
Roscoe Dogg (9 days ago)
I like your style.
Fjewt (1 month ago)
tbh truck drivers should not do the job that the store clerks should do
Roscoe Dogg (9 days ago)
Zigod Gaming (1 month ago)
0:24 "deliver coke"
Zigod Gaming (1 month ago)
0:24 what!?!?
Jules Rhymes (1 month ago)
hey pj i got a few questions! does coca cola hire drivers with no experience? and how much do they pay a week starting off
Javier Madriz (7 days ago)
Jules Rhymes depends where you live
Jules Rhymes (1 month ago)
Is it pretty easy to get a interview and hired?
Valiant Films (1 month ago)
Jules Rhymes they will train you to drive a truck if that is the route you want to take. I do not know how much they start you out
Nick Pishock (1 month ago)
I want coke now😂
Stephen Dailey (1 month ago)
Awesome Excellent video of Coke!!!! Love it!!!!!!!!
Bolt Thrower (1 month ago)
My buddy used to work for them he said it sucks and the pay is crap
Gary Valdez (1 month ago)
Love the music bro 👍🏼
long dong silvers (1 month ago)
used to deliver produce. Never again! Pay was crap had no social life customers were assholes. Dispatch was always up my ass to hurry up. Not worth it!
Anthony Prince (1 month ago)
This guy is on drugs no driver from coke is this happy they work off of 70 hrs a week. Bullshit video
Valiant Films (1 month ago)
Anthony Prince sorry you hate life. I enjoy mine, however. :) Good day!
MnCalapati415 (1 month ago)
I applied for CocaCola and got denied. Now im working for 7up as a driver. Pretty chill gig. Start at 3am and usually done by 8:30-9am and I still get paid my full 8 hour shift...
F.B.I (1 month ago)
"Lets go deliver some coke today!" *FBI Wants to know your location*
jonathan (1 month ago)
Nice vídeo
luke Laurence (1 month ago)
thas in michigan
WIZZLE THA BARBER (1 month ago)
I’ll stay otr 😂😂
Valiant Films (1 month ago)
Big Wax Tha Trucker no shame being OTR. It's a man's job to work local routes. I understand
ROCK USA (1 month ago)
The driver has to stock the shelves and fridges?
Roscoe Dogg (9 days ago)
At some stops.
undertaker666dead (1 month ago)
I am good friends with a guy who drives for Coca-Cola ^,..,^
Happy Stoner (1 month ago)
This guy made me be a truck driver
Clayton Wiggan (1 month ago)
I would work for this company but they do not have that find of truck lol
harry kerr (1 month ago)
Me:What’s in the back of the Coca Cola lorry Person: Fanta
dark lord (1 month ago)
Do more
Hardcorediver44 (1 month ago)
How many years in do you have?
Devastate (1 month ago)
Blows me away that the delivery driver is responsible for stocking the store shelves. How frickin lazy.
handheldnintendofan (1 month ago)
Richard Scheller I know at grocery stores they have separate merchandisers that stock I deliver Krispy Kreme donuts and see coke and Pepsi guys the drivers drop it off and leave
Mike Perez (1 month ago)
I don't care about what brands of soda I drink, I love them all.
Minato Namikaze (1 month ago)
I like pepsi
MufasaTheCatOffical (1 month ago)
I love this
Stan Patterson (1 month ago)
I could do this, unloading, checking product, wasting time waiting for a manger to come and check the product and sign the bills, but why do you have to stock the shelves? How is that not the job of the store employees to put the product on the shelves? When I deliver Behr paint to Home Depot, they don't ask me to face up the display or anything. Why does Coke and the other guys do that for grocery stores, convenience stores, etc? Someone give me a compelling reason why soft drink vendors do this willingly, please.
MbraceSage (1 day ago)
Also the company can rest assured their products are fully stocked in a TIMELY manner. Stores don't always have time or will neglect proper/timely restocking. I know from experience. It's just business.
MbraceSage (1 day ago)
Well getting paid by the hour is a great incentive. My question is why not? You can be in overtime by day 5 and skip on that optional day 6. Also I believe certain bev. companies offer stocking so that they're paying their employees to do it RIGHT. This makes their drinks more appealing, raising their profit.
DarkNinja x (1 month ago)
That a stressful job
Monster (8 days ago)
+Roscoe Dogg i see u in every comment lol u must work for coke...hahahaha
Roscoe Dogg (9 days ago)
It can be. A lot of stops. A lot of cases. Mix in a few asshole store managers. But most of its not bad.
Liam Doyle (1 month ago)
I delivered Coke in Australia, never had to stock up the fridges though. Just drop and go.
SoCal to Baja cal (1 month ago)
How much an HR?
Robbie Laroy (1 month ago)
So do u get free coke lol
Roscoe Dogg (9 days ago)
Damaged cases. Picking up outdated. So yes, there is some sampling.
Mark Quigley (1 month ago)
Great video. God Bless you.
Damien Knight (1 month ago)
You boys work way too hard. LTL work is much easier.
MbraceSage (1 day ago)
It's a more social and physical job when normally a driver just drives. To each his/her own. Do what works for you and don't worry about ppl enjoying themselves somewhere else.
Let’s deliver some coke Takes in everything that Is not coke
Heather Snyder (1 month ago)
He loves his job
Daytona Lanez (1 month ago)
Finally I know what the back of those coolers look like, thanks man
Roscoe Dogg (9 days ago)
Some are A LOT worse than that shown in the video.
bob smiths (1 month ago)
Also a follow up question, would you recommend driving for a route based delivery as a step into OTR trucking?