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A Day in the Life of a Coca-Cola Driver: PJ

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High lonesome Bluegrass (10 hours ago)
Awesome video and love the music
Paul FitzGerald (20 hours ago)
1:05 Pepsi lorry 😂
Rubical (1 day ago)
I love his work ethic! Such good spirit :)
Nancy Jakovac (2 days ago)
I'm one of the few female Coca-Cola drivers. It's a lot of work and a lot of responsibility but I'm proud of the job I do.
Flea 1 (3 days ago)
Put him in a side loader truck and give him a hand truck and don't forget 1,000 cases and see him at the end of the video lol .. I'll smash this dude
Facundo Smith (3 days ago)
Pretty good video I like it 👍🏼
Heinrich (5 days ago)
If my company found out I was filming myself while doing deliveries and driving they'd be like, "Sorry but we're going to have to let you go".
Anchor Films (5 days ago)
Not mine. They Pride themselves in employees who enjoy their job
Mad Trucker Max (5 days ago)
Why don't you mop the floors and take out the garbage while your at it they make you put away the merchandise after you have drove for hours like that's not enough let alone wheel it on in for them Coke and Pepsi ain't paying shit some of these guys make less than $800 FACTS! But if he likes more power to him I guess smh...
Mad Trucker Max (5 days ago)
Coke and Pepsi exspect to much for lil bit of local pay they need to pay more
Rey and ari (7 days ago)
I’m going to school to get my CDL and that looks funnier
Daniel Hester (7 days ago)
Love the music! "When We All Get to Heaven!"
Aron Leij (13 days ago)
He is doing this for a pay raise, coke should make yall pull the cold ones out and put the hot ones in the back.
Dallas Long (6 days ago)
😉 dont be jealous cuz his job is better than your dishwashing job !
muhammad khan (14 days ago)
Fake to fakes people ! Love to this video! But in real life I am working in 10 years as general manager in multiple shell gas station when ever not coke all of products merchandise they just drop to stores or store room . And never happy
3 name changes allowed every 90 days. (14 days ago)
Fuck that job. And this dude is wayyy too happy. Must be on wellbutrin. That or coke.
Santiago Ferrari (10 days ago)
+The Cat and do coke
The Cat (14 days ago)
3 name changes allowed every 90 days. He probably drinks pepsi
Dweebix (14 days ago)
I have never seen the actual driver fill up the coolers before. Usually just drop it off, and drive to the next spot!.
Blue Lamb (11 days ago)
Dweebix I worked for Pepsi. Yeah we had to put it away. Fill all the coolers and shelves. Wasn’t a bad job but just physical work.
john Baldock (15 days ago)
I Love people who Love there jobs!
Dallas Long (6 days ago)
Amen brother!! A freakin men!!!!!!
Multicrosman (15 days ago)
You make this seem so much fun lol. Although I just merchandise (I don't deliver), working for Coke up in Canada is way different haha. I wish we had the morale that you are showing here
Paul William (5 days ago)
How is it way different? I am just being curious not trying to be a smart ass. Fellow Canadian btw.
Dallas Long (6 days ago)
It probably is, I live in the states, & I've noticed we all do things differently here too! But hey, the man loves his job... much respect to him 👍👍👍👍
Demerrill Spencer (16 days ago)
KekMason (16 days ago)
I feel like it would be funny to say you have a job delivering coke lol
loveforthegame3 (16 days ago)
Is this is local and your sleeping in your own bed every night? Average Take home gross? Benefits offered?
Blue Lamb (11 days ago)
loveforthegame3 its all local. I worked for Pepsi. Worked 4 10hour days. Make about $50 to $60k a year.
The Cat (14 days ago)
loveforthegame3 free pepsi
Iron addiction (16 days ago)
Pj how come u left Coca Cola???
Carole Lea (17 days ago)
I like how he didn't rotate not coke a cola
Yo Yo (17 days ago)
Awesome video,. You sir are a role model.
Alexis Lee (17 days ago)
Oddkdkk ldodlroodlrk all of
Joey boy S. (17 days ago)
This guy needs a raise
ANTHONY 0 (17 days ago)
He is so positive i love it ❤
Warren Pereira (18 days ago)
Ritc hie (18 days ago)
Coke Driver...more like merchandiser and Dolly Driver 😂.... disgrace... 😂
Yo Yo (17 days ago)
Bet you don’t even have a job lmao
Anchor Films (18 days ago)
AKA... man's job for grown men
Aeron Denver Vlog2 (19 days ago)
Where is your Co Driver??
Aeron Denver Vlog2 (19 days ago)
+Anchor Films ok
Anchor Films (19 days ago)
+Aeron Denver Vlog2 4am
Aeron Denver Vlog2 (19 days ago)
+Anchor Films whats time in your country now Am or Pm
Anchor Films (19 days ago)
I go solo
Luke Farmer (19 days ago)
How are you Mr. Sandman?
douglas Melendez (19 days ago)
Prety much a stocker n driver to much work u put in alot of hours
Vortex24 (18 days ago)
That is life mate
Cian Maguire (19 days ago)
Why do you have to stock the shelves
Cian Maguire (11 days ago)
Blue Lamb thanks now I get it
Blue Lamb (11 days ago)
Cian Maguire The coolers are coke’s. And some time coke buys shelf spaces. They tell the stores the price to charge and how much they ,the owner , will make. The store pays for the product but Coke , Pepsi and the beer companies fill everything.
Leon Dunphy (20 days ago)
Surely it's not the job of the delivery driver to be replenishing the floor? Hu? Explain?
Blue Lamb (11 days ago)
Leon Dunphy Yes Coke , Pepsi and Beer companies stock their own product. Sometimes the store will if the shelf’s are empty but more often they will just call and say send someone.
FootballLyfe 23 (18 days ago)
I believe coke owns the displays and they're are specific in how they want there products displayed, thus they want their drivers stocking the product to ensure its done properly.
Steve The Pirate (20 days ago)
Why come you dont have a coke in the cup holder?
*CoolKiddD * (20 days ago)
I want to be a coke truck driver when I grow up🚛🚛🚛🚛🚛🚛🚛🚛🚛🚛🚛🚛
TheZombieHunter 868 (20 days ago)
Where them polar bears at
s1ckn3s (20 days ago)
This guy is way to cheerful to be a coke delivery guy 😂. Good money though 115k last year.
George Bp (16 days ago)
Well I would be happy to deliver coke for 115k a year 😂
Vortex24 (18 days ago)
115k to be a coke driver ?? Get outta here bruh
Great Tasting Goodness (20 days ago)
Slanging that coke today?
J Lopez (21 days ago)
I work for Pepsi
J Lopez (2 days ago)
Blue Lamb yea it’s a real stress what’s even worse is mine is a privately owned one so it doesn’t belong to Pepsi cola corporation we have no sick days and are not union
J Lopez (2 days ago)
robert silvers I know :(
robert silvers (2 days ago)
I'm sorry..
Blue Lamb (11 days ago)
J Lopez I did for 5 years and for Budweiser before that. It is just to physical so moved on to Fuel
Brooke R (21 days ago)
I work for UPS and I am ready to leave. I'm part time loading for only $14 an hour and it isn't going to cut it. I gotta make more money than that. Looking into working for Coca Cola, PepsiCo, Monster Energy or other beverage brands.
Jimmy Simmons (2 days ago)
+Prospect Trucker JW542 what company do you work for? Im searching to get my cdl
Prospect Trucker JW542 (6 days ago)
The company I'm with now paid for everything. I mean school,CDL, hotel. Everything.
Blue Lamb (11 days ago)
Brooke R Some companies will pay for you to get your CDL. Pepsi used to. Start in merchandising then move to driving. The company I work for gives a hiring bonus. So pays you back for it.
Brooke R (15 days ago)
+Prospect Trucker JW542 only issue is the money it takes to get into Trucking school. :/
Prospect Trucker JW542 (15 days ago)
Just go get your CDL do otr for two years then go local if you want. Money is out there. And most otr is no touch.
the youngest Tfue (21 days ago)
hey do you drive a automatic trans or manual trans
Brooke R (21 days ago)
Looks like a manual. He shifts it at 00:07.
Eddie (21 days ago)
What a great attitude and hard working ethic for a job that most of us would be too lazy to do properly. This is the way we have to look at our jobs, even the ones we may hate.
MatthewIsntHere (21 days ago)
Wouldn't the trailer be a reefer?
Anchor Films (21 days ago)
No. There's no need to keep product cool during transportation, because they will be going in a cooler upon arrival at the customer, anyway. It would cost Coca Cola more in fuel and maintenance for reefers when they will be going in coolers, anyway. 95% of the customers do not empty their shelves before we refill their product shelves, so the new product we bring into the stores will have time to cool by the time the consumers pull them out of the cooler.
brandoania (21 days ago)
Good music, im almost done with otr,considering applying,thanks for the upload.
dyllman98 (22 days ago)
I’m watching this while drinking a Pepsi lol
BlackStone LP (22 days ago)
"lets go deliver some coke today" *delivers fanta* just kidding i get it
Standards In life (22 days ago)
Why is this recommended?
Ernest Boateng (23 days ago)
Damn you hard working !
Alain Veenman (23 days ago)
Nice job great video. Greetings from Holland
Wally J (23 days ago)
very interesting that you stock the service station shelves. Here in Australia we just drop the pallets off and away we go
winter (20 days ago)
+Huller Mislen company doesn't pay a store to stock bottles lmao
Huller Mislen (21 days ago)
In the stores where u just drop it, there are workers who workes for the Coca Cola to travel around the markets and stock it. Or the company pays the store to do it.
Hallafolkens (21 days ago)
same in norway
Ali A (22 days ago)
Usually they drop the pallets and u stock it urself .
Th0MasSiiEee (23 days ago)
Same for me, just drop it where they want and go.
Eduardo Pena (23 days ago)
damn that first gas station customers love their 2L Fantas
Brian Williams (23 days ago)
Do you set up displays as well?
Adan Ramirez (24 days ago)
I used to be a koke driver too. Not that kind of koke thou.
RTS (24 days ago)
at the end of the day you’ll need a cold beer I tell you what! sure did enjoy the video and Bless your hard work !
Anthony Alexander (25 days ago)
Well I did enjoy. May God bless you greatly 🙂
The raging bull (25 days ago)
do you get free coca cola
Blue Lamb (11 days ago)
The raging bull When I worked for Pepsi we did. And if we wanted to buy some it was crazy cheap.
Antonio Ramirez (24 days ago)
edwin . (24 days ago)
I also would like to know the answer to that question
Ivan Medina (25 days ago)
i work for oroweat and i see the merchandisers for your guys get soooo underpayed.
Bobby Carrion (22 days ago)
Ivan Medina This is very true!
Mark robinson (25 days ago)
Are the trucks all manual or do some come as automatic?
Anchor Films (25 days ago)
Both. Most are manual.
Nicholas Smith (26 days ago)
I don’t haul Coke but I can appreciate a hard day’s work. I personally haul milk. Rain or shine, weekends, holidays...you name it. Cows never stop milking and we never stop running.
Diego Munguia (22 days ago)
Nicholas Smith not all heros wear capes!
Anchor Films (26 days ago)
It's a man's job, is it not?
daniel spell (26 days ago)
Do you need a CDL class A to drive For coke cola ?
Anchor Films (26 days ago)
K9Mate (27 days ago)
I thought the playlist was gospel.
Russian Bot (27 days ago)
Its like being a normal driver. But for C o k e
JustPlayFlo (28 days ago)
1:06 Pepsi is always behind you 😨
cole rauch (28 days ago)
A life runnin coke
BNSF Bandit (29 days ago)
This is so cool! Your like the friendly milk delivery driver that's always saying 'hi!' I would love to have this job!
sebastian olmos (1 month ago)
In Argentina coca cola's drivers only delivers the drink and goes away then the owner of the store have a few employee who their task is put all of the drinks into the fridge :)
de Mol (1 month ago)
pretty muchh every where lol i'm blown away by the fact that they have to put them in the shelfs
Jay Clemons (1 month ago)
what do they mean by commissions pay?
Jay Clemons (1 month ago)
+Anchor Films ill be paid by the hour but comes with commission so I was wondering
Anchor Films (1 month ago)
+Jay Clemons I was not paid on commission. I was paid a flat rate salary each day. Each day, the route will have x-amount of cases that must be delivered. A sales rep will order cases for each customer based on the need. That determines the case count the following day for the drivers
Jay Clemons (1 month ago)
+Anchor Films so is there a certain number of cases youre expected to deliver? or is dependent on the driver and how many he gets done during his shift? I'm confused to why it says 5 am till done
Anchor Films (1 month ago)
Commission was based on cases delivered. Some companies who distribute product will pay drivers a certain percentage per case of product, delievered, in addition to hourly pay.
Davtheboss :D (1 month ago)
I love how this man is so enthusiastic about his job
jake t (1 month ago)
If your not like this In your own job your doing the wrong thing
Darius Petroiu (1 month ago)
Cocacola truck delivers fanta:(
Darius Petroiu (1 month ago)
+Khandaker Faisal did not know that but is wierd for me
Khandaker Faisal (1 month ago)
fanta is made by the cocacola company.....
T. H. (1 month ago)
What’s the pay? And why don’t u ask for an automatic?
Anchor Films (1 month ago)
Pay depends on location, job title, etc. Why get an automatic? Manual works great already!
Sxntana (1 month ago)
This looks extremely tedious.
rio rio (1 month ago)
Work Coke company you work for man ? I’m a part time merch in TN for CCBCC. At least you guys don’t have to deal with the 10+ pallets orders at stores lol that is pretty difficult especially when the AD doesn’t know how to order lmao
Javier Madriz (28 days ago)
+rio rio sorry your right they both suck
rio rio (28 days ago)
Javier Madriz lol
Javier Madriz (29 days ago)
+rio rio a little homeboy i was a merchandiser in LA then a driver thats how i know you little peace of shit now im back to merchandiseing due to some trouble
rio rio (29 days ago)
Javier Madriz wtf are you talking about. Do you even merch? You realize how bad backrooms are bc of Coke’s shitty ordering system
Javier Madriz (1 month ago)
+rio rio you sound like a little bitch crying about 10 pellets which about 7 of those pellets are the same
Trucking News By MOB Trucker (1 month ago)
Seems like a lot of dry van and reefer drivers on here. This is not work... I thought about going local for coke it just doesn't pay what I'm looking for. Be safe out there
4o7KeV (1 month ago)
Drive safe brother 👍
Seye Hunsu (1 month ago)
This guy probably has only the 3 stops on his truck, I have been working with coke for 9 years as a driver/merch , I have never never had it easy like this. You get a minimum of 15 stops a day.
Seye Hunsu (22 days ago)
+Mar D. Chafee depending on where you live... I live on the east coast and the base pay is $145.
Mar D. Chafee (22 days ago)
+Seye Hunsu How much is the base pay if I can ask I'm thinking about going into the field
AARON IBARRA (22 days ago)
Antonio Ramirez I’ve seen those trucks in SoCal are they in other states as well
Antonio Ramirez (24 days ago)
Seye Hunsu Reyes Coca Cola now pay shit
Seye Hunsu (1 month ago)
+Jay Clemons you are expected to deliver every case on the truck.. you get the base pay and also commission on the cases.
Evan Slater (1 month ago)
I deliver coke too, it’s a little different though
Duke Dog Tom (1 month ago)
Look at all that sugar and obesity
Alex Jones (23 days ago)
JakeGaming324 (1 month ago)
Do you grab a cola sometimes while working?
Red Storm (1 month ago)
They used to make you rotate and pull out the older coke bottles first. Put the new ones in and then put the old ones behind the new ones. He is a b ulk driver. A side loader truck is harder because you have to pull case by case
DUSTERDUDE238 (1 month ago)
back in the 60's there was a man named Al Steele who worked for Coca-Cola in corporate sales, who Either was fired or quit and went to work for pepsi, and proceeded to blab Coca-Cola's Proprietary information to PepsiCo [ Sales techniques/ Etc.] in order to help pepsi Catch up with the #1 selling Soft drink Co. the rotten So and So! I will NEVER let a Pepsi Soft Drink touch my lips, and will never Forgive Pepsi for their Dirty tactics against Coca-Cola over the years! [ OK end of Diatribe ]
DUSTERDUDE238 (1 month ago)
Thank You for your Service PJ. and all the Coca-Cola Employees for all you do to get this Great Product Into We the Consumers Hands :)
beachsoap (1 month ago)
What does a Coke del guy make? Looks like honest work .. good job !
GrizzlyDippingHick (1 month ago)
Need more new videos
ThatGuyNamedScott. C (1 month ago)
Stocking shelfs should NOT be the truck drivers job... how ridiculous. The shop workers should do it..
Michal Korejtko (1 month ago)
+Butters159 the store pays for it
Butters159 (1 month ago)
was about to ask this. ive never ever seen it done. the store should do it
ThatGuyNamedScott. C (1 month ago)
Anchor Films I’ve done it first hand and trust me I hated it. Maybe it’s fine with truck driving but if you’ve ever been a shelf stacker then you’d think exactly like me haha. We do it much differently in England.
Anchor Films (1 month ago)
It's part of the contract the stores sign. Plus it ensures our product is full and properly in place. If I had a dollar for everyone who thinks stocking shelves is too much work, I would own YouTube
GameWekelijks (1 month ago)
Lol since when does the truck driver also fill the cola?
Anchor Films (1 month ago)
Since real men go to work.
Conner Newitt (1 month ago)
The store owners should restock the fridges
Michal Korejtko (1 month ago)
they pay for it
Jaime Ortiz (1 month ago)
So happy working for peanuts no thanks!!!!
Anchor Films (1 month ago)
I got peanuts and Coke!
john rikha (1 month ago)
Such a happy guy who enjoys his work...great video love it
Rob Heckman (1 month ago)
Looks like a good way to murder your back and feet...I'll pass.
Anchor Films (1 month ago)
I understand. It's a real man's job. Most can't dig it.
Sean McCaughey (1 month ago)
*When you’re supposed to be studying but you end up watching truck videos*
Juan Sambucetti (1 month ago)
Better than nothing, you're preparing for your future.
Cool Guy (1 month ago)
You gotta learn how to drive stick and do all the stocking, No bueno.
Trucking News By MOB Trucker (1 month ago)
Im sorry but who has a cdl that cannot drive a manual
TheYoutubeGuy (1 month ago)
+Darkreaper7897 Everything is easy once you learn it XD
Darkreaper7897 (1 month ago)
+TheYoutubeGuy ikr and usa are too lazy to put there foot on the clutch and shift into gear it's so simple even kids could probably do it
TheYoutubeGuy (1 month ago)
Also, automatic trucks go really slow when accelerating and going up hills.
TheYoutubeGuy (1 month ago)
In the UK everyone drives manual.
Cesar Cardenas (1 month ago)
How Long was Training for job ?
Taylor Sarauer (1 month ago)
Let's go deliver some coke proceeds to bring in fanta
Sonido Acuario (1 month ago)
Taylor Sarauer ahhh got you
Taylor Sarauer (1 month ago)
+Sonido Acuario ya but he said let's deliver some coke brought in fanta first I just expected to see coke first not fanta
Sonido Acuario (1 month ago)
Taylor Sarauer he did bring in coke too
Taylor Sarauer (1 month ago)
+MrWubly ya but I expected coke bottles not fanta bottles
MrWubly (1 month ago)
Fanta is a brand created by The Coca-Cola Company... Smh
Jon M (1 month ago)
So many ignorant people here. Coke, Pepsi, Nabisco, etc. Are all vendors. What does this mean? They are so big they dont trust store employee to do the majority of stocking. They pay their own employees to do it. For smaller stores like gas stations the driver delivers and stocks. For large stores the driver will drop off pallets and a second individual will come and spend a few hours stocking each day. This is easy work and millions of people do way more in less time every day for a third of the money.
Raleighs Cigarettes (1 month ago)
The pay sucks with that job
sometimes not always (1 month ago)
Raleighs Cigarettes i employ 130 guys and some earn more than others . Average is 75k a year
J Ramz (1 month ago)
Raleighs Cigarettes I made 81k last year working for Pepsi .
Raleighs Cigarettes (1 month ago)
+sometimes not always tell me how much you think it pays a year?
sometimes not always (1 month ago)
Thats bullshit it pays higher than lots of other haulage companys
robert silvers (1 month ago)
Yes it does...
sheikh shahrin (1 month ago)
mati la bos,u kerja ini macam
DareDev1L R (1 month ago)
Namanya juga cari uang mana ada yg gampang 😔
Matt Castle (1 month ago)
Looks like a Coca-Cola funded advert.
darwood darr (1 month ago)
all that hand bombing and rotating stock uhug that sucks
Jj M (1 month ago)
wow wat a hell of a lot of work..uggg
sometimes not always (1 month ago)
Jj M hard work makes your balls grow bigger
Kosovari Cars (1 month ago)
And after the upload he got bonus salary.