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Why So Many Airlines are Going Bankrupt

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Text Comments (4350)
Dean Winchester (2 hours ago)
Bottomline: eu economy is sht and going bellyup
MaxHD2490 Avenger (18 hours ago)
I really need to stop watching Air Disasters since some of the airlines companies end up defuncted after a major airliner crash.
Michael Charalambous (23 hours ago)
The pronunciation of "Cypriot" hurt 😬
Fab Five (1 day ago)
Thomas Cook collapsed recently
squid's don't have ankles (2 days ago)
collins obado (2 days ago)
Kenya airways will be next
Luke McCrory (3 days ago)
9:03 Norwegian: am I a joke to you?
Conga (3 days ago)
The smaller the Airline's logo is the bigger their company grows
LuciMax (4 days ago)
chipriot btw
.a. .ko. (4 days ago)
And how do you pronounce “Cypriot “? 😀😀
Ryanqube (5 days ago)
Airlines that acts like a college students. Works on summer and broke before Christmas.
Simon Pearce (5 days ago)
And bang goes FlyBe...
Blizzard Gaming (5 days ago)
What happened to jet airways
z-dawg hacker (5 days ago)
RIP ADRIA nobody cared about you
Aniruddha R (5 days ago)
European airlines are collapsing : Air India : you son of a bitch i am in 👋😏
james dean (5 days ago)
Nobody talks about the massive pilot shortage?
Cláudio Borges (6 days ago)
planes in europe are doomed. within such close markets, high speed trains are the solution!! faster and faster: you can go lisbon to paris, london to wien, atena to budapest, riga to odesa and moscow to berlim. in just few hours. same as planes. and no security line. HST are the future
Rhadaze (6 days ago)
"For exampooow"
Northeast Transport (6 days ago)
Flybe, the UK’s biggest regional airline, may be also going bust soon...
Northeast Transport (4 days ago)
@Noxava yeah just heard about that
Noxava (4 days ago)
They got a bailout from the government forn ow.
Jack Perry (6 days ago)
Here before Flybe bucks the September/October trend
Jo Bowler (6 days ago)
Virgin-dies in the rail life,gets more traffic in the Air
Timothy Mutuma (7 days ago)
Can you do African airlines next?
mueez adam (7 days ago)
Glad this whole fad is dying and we can finally get back to using horse-drawn carriages.
Jose8090 (1 day ago)
mueez adam even if planes go away we still have cars and trains
Jon athan (7 days ago)
It doesn't help either when aircraft manufacturers are asking 100 to 400 million per aircraft, and 20k per day to fly and on top of that a go around is around 4k... It's the quickest way to go bust.
WizaDude (7 days ago)
Ah yes Ryanair
Douglas Jackson (7 days ago)
How do you make a small fortune in the airline business? Start with a large one.
fillupread (7 days ago)
Awe, poor asshats...I can take a 3 day cruise for less than a 3 hour flight, even in the off season. Air travel in the US is a scam. A majority of the flights are business based which is paid by companies and wrote off as an expense. That leaves the common leisure traveler paying excessively high ticket prices. Not to mention in the US, we are treated like cattle where as on a cruise ship, we are treated like a guest. Most of the US flights are handled by a 3rd party company doing business for the airlines and the tickets are sold through another 3rd party company, meanwhile all the assholes have to get their cut which helps to drive the prices through the roof. To hell with all the commercial airlines and I hope they all go belly up.
NoOnesFault (8 days ago)
While watching this I got an airlane ad
Tyler c (9 days ago)
Ev an (9 days ago)
What if elon musk made an airplane?
Stanley Lin (10 days ago)
Half as interesting sounds the same are they same person
M S (10 days ago)
Kingfisher Airlines???
Jhin Four (11 days ago)
he sounfs like realifelore
Merc (11 days ago)
You focused a bit too much on the random info of what happened with the Cook airlines. It would be nice to hear more about the macro situation for airlines globally, and not have a 3 minute segment on what happened to an airline when they went bankrupt.
fingergrip (11 days ago)
could have done a much better analysis.. sorry but very generic. not enough data
alex luke (11 days ago)
Adria was full of insolvency and plenty of bad money management...renting airplanes from Cyprus and other low-tax area which was in truth rooted back to Slovenian HQ of Adria...enough of loaning from state, the bankruptcy was the only option. Reast in peaca Adria, hope you'll never come back...we need something new, maybe from a foreign airline that knows it's business.
K. Rahimi (11 days ago)
me: "Go to sleep, you need to work tomorrow." Also me: "But why do airlines go bankrupt???"
TTGGaming (12 days ago)
You missed the going down of Jet Airways the largest Indian private airline
Rexy 1776 (12 days ago)
I liked Wow a lot that sucks.
Food and Travel (12 days ago)
Jet Airways was also a really high profile airline that went bust in 2019, it’s sad that airlines these days are struggling to make a good profit
jai prakash Singh (13 days ago)
Small correction to the title "Why So Many European Airlines are Going Bankrupt ".
johnsamu (13 days ago)
So it's possibly safer to book with a state owned airline company to prevent having to swim back home when your airline company goes belly up.
SavageKingTexas _ (13 days ago)
Dad: Why are you crying so damn loud? Me watches this:
Shashank Kumar (13 days ago)
Jet airways also followed same path.
Cisco4kid1990 (13 days ago)
it cost to much to travel its not just the tickets to fly but the cost to get hotels or to go visit places
Evan Koch (13 days ago)
I once purchased a bottle of water in an airport and was NOT allowed to bring it on the plane as it might be "dangerous". All this fucking bullshit like having to dump out your perfume bottle and get harassed by security guards for no good reason. Maybe if there was not so much fucking bullshit travelers had to put up with they would be more eager to spend their money on flying.
Mirza Sohel Ahmed (13 days ago)
The patterns are actually 3. A). All in Europe, B). The Month of September Or October & C). All were flying the Airbus.
Airbus A380 (13 days ago)
Why didn't you mention jet airways from India ... you need to do your homework well
level 1 boss (14 days ago)
Obviously bcz teleportation is cheap nowadays
joe 90 (14 days ago)
Because the management is fuckin shit
TheHadesShade (14 days ago)
You should also mention that some European airlines are funded by the government. Especially the case for asian and middle eastern airlines.
Mr. Pikabou (15 days ago)
did you call Cyprus chypriat?
El Daffa Maxgarda (15 days ago)
Can youtube channel go bankrupt?
Alex Goslar (15 days ago)
Thank you for a plausible analysis of the commercial dilemma that airlines are facing. There are alternatives but they demand uncomfortable adjustments.
daniel rodney (15 days ago)
I think I have a solution....
Zorn Casteel (15 days ago)
With what they're charging for a round trip, a city 1000 miles away? - *Greed* at the top.
Charlie Sierra (15 days ago)
The main problem is Government. Taxes, fees, fuel taxation. The profit margin becomes little when government takes a big cut with their regulations.
Saumitra Chakravarty (16 days ago)
Classic example of ecological trap in business ecosystems.
Shivang Tripathi (16 days ago)
Jet Airways!
shreya raman (16 days ago)
Do a video on the collapse of Jet Airways
Max lopolo (16 days ago)
Short version: Free market. When a new market model comes in, and doesn't give a crap of your little cartel play, you get chopped up to pieces and fed to the pigs. Adapt, or become irrelevant.
Mr. LongSword (16 days ago)
Jet Airways India.
4v1at10n 3nthu51a5t - Funny plane Videos and More (16 days ago)
1:34 You forgot Germania and Flybmi (bmi Regional). Both went bankrupt in February 2019. Germania's subsidiary Germania Flug was not affected, then in the summer, rebranded as Chair Airlines. I prefer "Chairlines"
4v1at10n 3nthu51a5t - Funny plane Videos and More (16 days ago)
PrincessKait1 (16 days ago)
so what you're saying is instead of going home for Christmas, go to Europe
Parth Shah (17 days ago)
Jet Airways from India too shut down in 2019
Nikhil Garg (13 days ago)
Parth Shah no one cares
Mitchell McCallum (17 days ago)
With the inevitable rise of China and it's miraculous authoritarian government American airlines are having a hard.... oh wait this isn't a polymatter video.
Neu bornchild (17 days ago)
It’s too easy! They do their billion dollars business, and then file for bankruptcy to not have to pay their employees and customers motherfuckers
bukueOner (17 days ago)
qantas beats all other airlines imo. started flying with them as a kid, tried a few others over the years but they're all trash in comparison. best safety record, best food and best service. legit the only operating airline that has never had a plane crash. australia makes the best airlines...except ansett which we don't talk about.
Ichi Capeta (17 days ago)
didn't know there is so much more to this. damn
Interceptor Cop (18 days ago)
arie kusumah (18 days ago)
too many how than why
Freddy Marcel-Marcum (18 days ago)
Why? Because within a few years there's going to be one or two airlines in the entire world, and you'll have to choose between them, kinda like so much in America today. Walmart or Target, Burger King or Taco Bell, Delta or Southwest, Nike or Adidas, Ford or Chevy. What's also happening is you can't even get on a plane as of 1 October if you don't have a "verified" ID, which God knows what that is, although as a guy who drives a taxi in San Francisco and an airport bus I know a bit about it. You've got to be able to prove your birthplace and provide an original birth certificate. Do you have one? Most blacks don't, few Hispanics do, they're essentially going to be grounded and that's not cool.
Hal 9000 (18 days ago)
Crap mgmt and employee rape.
Ten Minute Tokyo 2 (18 days ago)
Because they all outsourced to India Inc crapheads.
Krishnan Unni Madathil (18 days ago)
2020. Air India coming through. Following the footsteps of Kingfisher and Jet Airways.
Gene Constantinou (18 days ago)
The cash flow while true is a weak excuse. Very basic money management means you should save some money to cover for the.months you run into negative with a % mark up to cover for fluctuations. And before you say easier said than done, they should pay me half of what they pay their cfos and ill take care of it It's a weak excuse.the real reason is, the heads of these big companies dont really care about the survival of this airline/company. Company gone bankrupt? No problem, golden parachute my way into the next one. Why save money to ensure survival when the company rewards these sharks to behave in a way that runs it to the ground?
kil koh (18 days ago)
I thought this video was going to be about Overwatch....
Francis Fong (18 days ago)
What about the massive profit being taken by those at the top of the company? Does this not affect a businesses being unsustainable? Seems like you missed a big variable.
shubham sharma (18 days ago)
What about jet airways??
Dinesh Namdev (18 days ago)
You said most of these Airlines were from Europe and most reputed one, but fact is you didn't cared enough to research outside Europe, otherwise you might have included Jet Airways, Kingfisher Airlines and Air India in your little list of failed Airlines.
Tom Meyers (19 days ago)
Why So Many Airlines are Going Bankrupt "Hmmm.... I'm guessing its all the zoo animals people bring about nowadays?"
Just watch it (19 days ago)
you forgot to mention kingfisher airlines they not only are bankrupt but also their owner is now a scamster, and air india which is owned by indian govt and if it is not sold will close within a year or two.
voxer99 (19 days ago)
Maxwell Nau (19 days ago)
Allitalia is waiting in line
IDK Plays (19 days ago)
*hey you sound like that guy from half as interesting. . oh wait*
Daath is one (19 days ago)
So Thomas doesn't cook?
Kanishk Chaturvedi (19 days ago)
You forgot Jet Airways, what used to be India's most iconic non-budget airline.
Jonathan Larocque (19 days ago)
Because they run out of money, the end
George V. (19 days ago)
Every one of these airline was based in Europe? Well, not really. Cyprus is (and therefore Cobalt was) geographically in Asia.
MATTHEW'S ENCHANTING WORLD/EnglandMapper (19 days ago)
Thomas Cook has Left Chat.
Ethan Clarke (19 days ago)
The question is how come didn’t Boeing go bankrupt?
I'm Just Saiyan (20 days ago)
Why? Because their lines are infinite, they pack you in like sardines, they overcharge, and nobody feels like getting fingered by a TSA agent wearing a blue rubber glove.
Scavenger626 (20 days ago)
Pilot: Should we tell Wendy here the actual truth? Manager: Well you thought we were already fired before....
Karl Davis (20 days ago)
YoutubeTM algorithm (20 days ago)
Mhh at least its good for our climate
BL4CK FL4M1NGO F0R3V3R (20 days ago)
I would also mention the TransAero going bankrupt since it was one of the biggest Russian airlines. It was also quite important.
Sr. (21 days ago)
Why exclude Jet Airways? It's was much larger than most of the airlines you focused on.
Ancient Kid (21 days ago)
MMO Archives (21 days ago)
because no one travels anymore, ppl are too broke, ppl are localizing their lives, and why travel when you can see the world through the lens of youtube videos/facebook?