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Why the World is Running Out of Pilots

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Wendover Productions (6 months ago)
Hey all, a few people have had some questions about the break-down of costs for a ATP License at the beginning of this video so I thought I’d try to clear things up and show a few sources for the different components. College Cost: I misplaced the original source that lines up exactly with $133k but this statistic is about the same accounting for yearly growth. https://www.statista.com/statistics/238112/university-attendance-costs-in-the-united-states/ Private Pilots License: I said $8,000 in the video based off a source’s estimate. Looking at a random selection of flight schools’ estimates it could be even a little higher. Many have also pointed out that the vast majority of individuals can only apply with 40 hours flight time (a small minority of US pilots are trained under Title 14 of federal code part 141 which allow them to apply with 35 hours.) While I was choosing to use the lowest numbers for training as to not sensationalize the cost numbers (it’s sensational enough as it is) I probably should have done the math for 40 hours (maybe even more as many need more hours to gain the skills needed) to get a more average estimate. $9,950: https://www.illinoisaviation.com/flight-training/private-pilot-141/ $8,123: http://www.stcharlesflyingservice.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/CostEstimateToAdvance.pdf $7944: http://www.flyhafc.com $9500: https://www.executiveflighttraining.com/Private_Pilot_License.html Instrument Rating: The way I presented this bit was definitely confusing. The $900 I mentioned was accounting for the ground training and then I wrapped the hours needed for an instrument rating into the additional hours needed for a commercial pilots license (215/210.) Commercial Pilots License: From the comments I’ve read nobody really disagrees with the estimate I put for the overall CPL cost but here’s the source I used anyways. $80,000: https://www.l3airlineacademy.com/us-career-programs/pilot-training-cost
James Coco (1 day ago)
Wendover Productions For some reason you didn’t mention the Defense Air Force academy as a common option for aspiring commercial pilots, and it won’t accrue them any debt as the training for Defense purposes is government funded.
Darth Awar (4 days ago)
Here is a craxy idea to fix the problem throw out the rule you need a diploma and make their training free and pay them more most pilots make only twice as much as a steward/stewardess but they have to make sure the plane is safe and fly it safely so why not pay the pilots more and I agree make at least 50% of all pilots female!!!!
Endra Ruhendri (9 days ago)
You should do seafarer salary and they regulations shit too
jetBlue 001 (2 months ago)
The cost estimate in this video is very inaccurate.
Luminda Gunawardena (2 months ago)
The average I believe is 75 hours for your PPL.
MrDillPicklez (12 hours ago)
I think it’s university. I mean, they spend 4 years learning stuff that has nothing to do with flying when instead they should be training and getting flight hours during those 4 years.
Michael Pare (21 hours ago)
This is the biggest lie, there are more than enough pilots.
Michael Pare (21 hours ago)
Automation will take care of the shortage with pilotless aircraft.
James Coco (1 day ago)
For some reason you didn’t mention the Defense Air Force academy as a common option for aspiring Civil Aviation pilots, and it won’t accrue them any debt as the training for Defense purposes is government funded. In every country.
Greggg57 (1 day ago)
Most of the young commercial pilots get their flight hours paid for by grandma and grandma, or mom and dad. And then Great Lakes airlines works their ass with about 2 days a month off. Commuters suck.
Edward st.antoine (1 day ago)
it is simple it cost too much and you dont make any real money anymore
HD Freak (2 days ago)
Let's say I have become a pilot got married after few years. Then can I take my wife wherever I go like pilots are traveling from one country to another so it won't be possible to pay for plane tickets every time I am traveling so hope you got my question any valid answer to it?
Ryan 7149 (2 days ago)
Me: I want to be a pilot! My parents: A pilot? A doctor is better! Me: a pilot is well paid too. My parents: What if the plane crashes!!!! Me: It's safer than driving! My parents: THAT IS WHY YOU NEED TO BE A DOCTOR!!! Me: Were you listening to me????
Jerome L. (3 days ago)
Lol, he said cock
darling-wendy (4 days ago)
very telling that instead of raising pay to not haemorrhage pilots to the point of business being lost, the airlines' prospective solution was 'get women to do it'
Jacob Bartel (4 days ago)
Thanks to capitalism, this is a self-correcting problem. As airlines get desperate, pay will go up and restrictions will go down.
Shivati Starr (5 days ago)
Good video but avoid using the phrase "young". By some estimations, as many as 75% of college students are nontraditional like me. We may be newer, fresher, and less experienced, but we are not necessarily young. Maybe if ppl stopped using phrases like young, older pilots and women would stop assuming it's only for 23 year old men and join. Just remember, when you say "young pilot" it's like saying Mr pilot and shuts out half of the population that could help.
señor pepper (5 days ago)
cant you just go to flight school in the military? i know its not easy but its another route
Christopher Crepon (5 days ago)
It's not but may be in say 20 or 30 years if ATC is privatized
De U (6 days ago)
I absolutely love this channel
Gregory Wolff (7 days ago)
Good luck convincing the legacy owners and CEOs to pay the pilots and crew more. I’m surprised we don’t have to tip them...
Doug Grief (7 days ago)
You have 70 plus lives on board of most aircraft. 70 plus lives in a pilot's hands. They deserve no less than the salary of someone who works in emergency rescue pay.
lkj802 (7 days ago)
Easiest solution, airlines set up flight schools and train their own pilots. The pilots do not pay for tuition provided they fly with the company for a given service time. After that time they are free to go and do what they want and will not be charged tuition costs. If the pilot leaves the airline before the required time then they have to pay back the remaining tuition fee themselves. Allows companies to get young pilots for the small routes. Allows pilots to get through the expensive flight school. Allows pilots who are offered a significantly favorable job to go to such a job ahead of schedule and pay back the remainder.
Texas80 (7 days ago)
I would love to be a pilot yet I would have to take a huge pay cut. Someone asked me what I would do if I had won the lottery, I told them I would go to pilot school and learn to fly an MD80.
Crayton Caswell (7 days ago)
This video explains why paying pilots more (including paying for their training) would result in higher ticket prices for smaller destinations and almost certainly to fewer of those destinations getting service. Everyone in the comments: "pay them more or pay for their training!" Dude, he just said... And when it comes to paying for pilot training, it would take years and then what could airlines do if the pilots quit, maybe to go to another airline? They can't enslave the pilots. You can have a multi-year contract, but it couldn't have real teeth if they really want to leave, and people are fickle when they aren't paying their own way. The female angle is pointless: they will want the same money the men make, so what's the difference? Lots of people want to be pilots, that's not the issue. They're not cartoon evil capitalist bastards, give it a rest.
RenaloEmberheart (7 days ago)
Getting experience to eventually work the better job isn't an advantage the worse job has over the better.
serpent977MB (8 days ago)
I am 40 years old... I still have the desire to be a pilot...
Taher TEB (8 days ago)
My dad is a captain at Oman air's A330 and he earns 125k a year
C S (8 days ago)
Eye color : yellow. No wonder there’s a shortage of pilots
jve89 (10 days ago)
When I started as a commercial pilot, I earned the same as the junior flight attendants who earned the minimum wage. It was really rediculous but the story behind it was that I 'made my hours' which were priceless so I agreed to it.
Ricky Lowry (10 days ago)
You don't need a college degree anymore
Nick Sintora (10 days ago)
I’m in flight school currently and I feel like I have to sell an arm, a leg, and a kidney to pay for it 😂😂
Vela van laack (11 days ago)
That’s the price of medical education, who wants to do this
Ken Bellchambers (11 days ago)
As much as I love flying I will never take another jet flight. Jets are almost certainly the primary driver of serious weather events worldwide. The reason is because the continuous and increasing emission of extreme heat into the frigid stratosphere is causing the destabilisation of the entire atmospheric envelope. Also, jets destroy the ozone layer and the contrail is composed of over one hundred synergised toxins including nano-particulated aluminum. The contrail displaces atmospheric water vapour by dragging it to lower altitudes through condensation. The condensate is also polluted as the exhaust chemicals are exchanged into the water vapour. It is great to fly, but jets are insanely destructive.
Ken Bellchambers (8 days ago)
+Syntheon, Here are a few bits of data to start you off. It takes 17 tons of air to burn one ton of Jet A fuel. This produces 18 tonnes of contaminated atmosphere for every ton of fuel burned. Jet exhaust results from the combustion of kerosene, gasoline, and around ten additives such as anti-fungals, anti-freeze, aluminum oxide, sulphur, and many others. This fuel, when combusted at 2300 degrees Centigrade, produces over one hundred exhaust chemicals. Multiple synergetic forces act upon the fuel and the resultant exhaust, creating completely new compounds never before seen. At any given moment, day and night, somewhere on the planet, there are around sixty to seventy thousand people in jets at thirty thousand feet. This traffic is growing very rapidly largely due to Asian people earning more and wishing to travel more. It is very likely that the heat emitted into the stratosphere alone, is enough to explain violent weather events. Think about it, heat drives weather. The stratosphere is around 30 to 50 degrees below zero Centigrade. Now inject massive amounts of intense heat into that frigid zone directly - obviously very likely to cause problems.
Syntheon (8 days ago)
+Ken Bellchambers is this related to the chemtrails issue? Either way i have not studied it enough to have a valid opinion on the matter. Emissions from such vehicles are obvious to a degree, the ammount a standard gas fueled car emits are high so something larger that uses much more fuel makes sense. The degree of effect on the environment it has i do not know as i said previously i dont have the actual data but will try to educate myself on further. I do believe your statment has merit based on obvious factors and again am nof disagreeing with you. I think this issue at its core is the same core issue of most every mechanical and/or technological creation of mankind. A clean and efficient enough power source versatile enough to be used in many large and small scale solutions. I dont think its at all impossible as many of our common place standards of today were probably though impossible less than a century ago. But work and time are a large part of making it to that point. I have hope though
Ken Bellchambers (8 days ago)
+Syntheon, Thanks, I don't beat myself up about it. I don't fly in jets because I have learned haw dangerous it is to use jet aircraft. This is a very touchy subject of course, as the tourism and jet industries are probably the two biggest industries on the planet. Jets rake fantastic amounts of ozone from where it is absolutely necessary to our survival, and the ozone, captured in one of the many forms of nitrogen oxide, is brought down to the surface where it acts as a corrosive and plant pathogen. The contrails also displace, through condensation, much high altitude water vapour to lower altitudes. This is very upsetting to the world's water cycle as well as the atmospheric balance. I am convinced that jet aircraft are the primary driver of the OTT weather events worldwide.
Syntheon (9 days ago)
+Ken Bellchambers i didnt write my comment to condem you bringing up the issue, i fully support any scientific look into any current issue, my reason in doing so was to tell you not to feel guilt if you need to fly via that method currently, current fuel burning cars are aweful with so many bad emissions, but we need to be aware of the issue but also i dont feel bad for using it until the point i have a different option. I meant it in a good way my friend, and i fully support raising awareness of this and any current issue, just dont beat yourself up if you ever need to take a jet flight for work or vacation, etc :)
Ken Bellchambers (9 days ago)
+Syntheon Yes, I do see your point. I can't make an iota of difference to how much air traffic there is. So, you say why bother mentioning the subject at all. The reason I bring the subject up is because we need to find out if jets are as destructive as I have stated above or not. I have been doing daily observations for almost two decades under a busy jet corridor and I have seen and photographed the almost unbelievable effects on the natural flow of the atmosphere caused by jet emissions. I have done intense research of jet engines, jet pollution, composition of jet fuel, and I have spent hundreds of hours on many associated studies. My conclusions lead me to warn people whether they listen or not. Jets are extremely dangerous, and we need to find alternatives, and the sooner the better.
a b (11 days ago)
Lmao seeing this makes me really grateful universities are free in my country
清水ケビン (12 days ago)
lol didn't know that the wages are so shit in the US for being a pilot. Here in the Netherlands it can get high as 200000 dollars per year.
Maulan Wong (13 days ago)
At first i wanted to be a airline pilot but now i want to be a train driver even though flying is faster and safer than driving on a train
viperblitz11 (13 days ago)
...Well, I *did* want to become a pilot about 11 minutes ago.
DJ Matty Ice (14 days ago)
A. You should WANT to be a Pilot. B. Not everyone is cutout to be a Pilot. C. The Pay is actually not bad...$134K-$160K some less depending on Airlines. (after becoming 1st Officer/Airline(get a good contract)) D. Corporate/Charter Pilots make way more. E. Get off of your ass and network just like any other job to find the best contract or service to work for. F. 50% of what he is saying is up in the air(see what i did there).
ChesterDaMemeMaster (15 days ago)
I actually wanted to be an Airline pilot, but when I realized I'd need to go $250k in debt and not even start working until I'm 24 or older, and then hardly make enough to live in a modern society off starting pay that I'd likely be stuck with for 5-10 years, that dream's completely dead. How about these airlines create a training program that doesn't require a college degree that's significantly cheaper or even paid for partially by the airline company if the applicant is qualified enough? Why do you need a 4-year degree in a field like Aerospace Engineering? When are you going to have to crack out the notebook and do advanced Calculus 2 and determine to a fraction of a percent every piece of data about the plane to make a diversion to an emergency runway? Obviously you should know the physics and mathematics about the planes you're flying, but that can be trained and taught in likely a month or two, not several years.
Kilo Yang (15 days ago)
I finished the storyline on ace combat 7 on hard mode. Hire me?
Adam R (16 days ago)
Honestly dont let this this discourage you, if you want to become a pilot go the part 61 route. You dont need a degree unless your at a legacy carrier which you wouldnt even be considered at low time.
Homofloriensis Godfather of the Renaissance (16 days ago)
Anyone notice that at 0:37 it says that he is 9ft, 300lbs and that his eyes are yellow?
yakota18 (17 days ago)
The domestic airlines try to recruit a lot from the military, theyre also heavily recruiting helo pilots now too and paying for the transition to multi engines.
obi2020 (17 days ago)
the college degree seems like a waste here
Randoms fandoms (17 days ago)
I’m 11 and my heart is set on being a pilot. My problem is bots will be flying by then.
Mo (12 days ago)
Flight automation is nowhere near developed enough to take over pilot jobs any time soon, don't worry. Simply put: people will not trust a robot with their life
Vishnu Vardhan (17 days ago)
Utterly wrong information. Try to get a EASA (European) license, then you won't compare CPL to fast food. Getting a FAA (USA) is very very easy, compared to EASA. FAA syllabus is only 10% of EASA syllabus. And most of the information about course fees are wrong.
SWAGGUT2 (17 days ago)
good my country has free education
james dean (19 days ago)
and sadly people pay to fly now
Butter king (19 days ago)
A instrument rating for 900$ you joking right try like 9,000$ for a instrument rating
jayden chow (19 days ago)
All they need is to let us fly jets right after private pilot license has been achieved. -student pilot (15 years old)
StormRanger 808 (19 days ago)
the prices for training and salary are kinda off
cs512tr (20 days ago)
because its ridiculously expensive and over regulated.
Diesel Burner (20 days ago)
Lies I spoke to a pilot in downtown Los Angeles and he makes over 100k
StormRanger 808 (19 days ago)
Shhhh we keep the real pay pilots get to ourselves, don't let the others know
Manik Rustagi (21 days ago)
Will automation completely replace pilots?
Thiago Navas (16 days ago)
+Manik Rustagi Brazil!
Manik Rustagi (20 days ago)
+Thiago Navas You are from which country?
Manik Rustagi (20 days ago)
+Thiago Navas You are from which country?
Thiago Navas (20 days ago)
+Manik Rustagi imo plane manufacturers are going to focus on more fuel efficient planes rather than automation.I highly doubt that passengers would feel comfortable flying in a plane with no pilot given their low understanding of commercial aviation. This pilot shortage could be solved if companies payed for all the fees and raised the initial salaries, especially in the US where pay roll is ridiculously low when compared to other countries
Thiago Navas (20 days ago)
+Manik Rustagi we are on the same boat lol. i´m also studying to be a pilot and this has been a huge concern, however it is not likely to happen before we retire unless technology evolves at a much faster pace than it is projected to.
Bright Joseph Mweemba (21 days ago)
Emirates have shot themselves in the foot. They keep on rejecting foreign applicants who want to join their ab-initio programme. They shouldn't be in this situation in the first place.
Bright Joseph Mweemba (21 days ago)
Dear Airlines.... You need us. Train us. Not everyone out there is born rich and can afford the exorbitant training fees.
rickbrown03 (21 days ago)
This video made no mention of increasing aircraft size and lowering frequency to lower demand thru upgauging,
Natalia Livonof (21 days ago)
They will start to hire Air-force pilots when the Air-forse invest more in Drone's then there will be alot of pilots need jobs from the Air-force.
Amir A (22 days ago)
Two reasons: 9/11 and popularity of smaller airliners like A320 and B737.
Ninjaman195 (22 days ago)
Doesn't even mention the military option?
TFrills (22 days ago)
If you're paying $133,000 for a college degree, then you must be going to a pretty prestigious university. I probably paid an average of $8,000 per year for my bachelors degree and that includes books, parking, and all fees combined.
Matthew Gillespie (23 days ago)
Unfortunately, automation is the actual solution to the problem, which just causes more problems.
Steve the Pirate (24 days ago)
In the cold war there also was a steady supply of multi-engine certified pilots with a high amount of flight hours. sort of inflating the market a bit.
strew TM (26 days ago)
Guys dont freak out its good were losing pilots that means in the future flight school is gonna be free
Lane DY (21 days ago)
Good for the next generation, but it sure sucks for pilots and people who want to be pilots these days
Gurdas Atwal (24 days ago)
I like your thinking 🤔
strew TM (26 days ago)
Before watching this video let me guess why BECUSE FLIGHT SCHOOL IS SO EXPENSIVE(but one thing im lucky i live in austria and flight school in austria is not that expensive)
Adomas Prisijunge (27 days ago)
I'm just in glider school I hope I'll be a pilot
R1orKarmz z (21 days ago)
I'm 17 wanted to be a pilot as well, now I want to do Aviation law, it's also quite interesting to be honest.
SimpleAviator (27 days ago)
Keflavik at 10:50!
Pretty__ nice_guy (27 days ago)
more room for me 😁
My Wife doesn't believe in me (27 days ago)
This video is so negative jeeez
Joe B (28 days ago)
I'm too dumb for math and physics
jefar amoose (28 days ago)
I passed all my gyrocopter test on pilotwings 64 I hope they will consider me for captain on a A380?
Brandon 1 (28 days ago)
You could be smart like some of us here and go into the US Military Reserves and have them pay for it all ;)
Brandon 1 (22 days ago)
+Yariee Moore It was pretty easy...
Yariee Moore (22 days ago)
That's what I want to do
Seyun Park (28 days ago)
Would you recommend a pilots job?
joseph cruz (29 days ago)
Not running out of pilots just flight school is getting so expensive
Alex (29 days ago)
A simple Google search revealed that the entry level salary for a commercial pilot is over 70k, much more than a fast food employee wtf
W34P0n 7413 (1 month ago)
Lol in my country to be a pilot it would cost 29.000€
GAMETIME R (1 month ago)
Let this corrupted ass system get short in pilots, maybe then they’ll change something
Claudia Cyrankowski (1 month ago)
I've been trying to get my medical back to continue flight training, I don't think I'll get it back, but fuck it, it was a terrible decision and I don't have the money. Working ground for 5 years at airlines and an fbo, it is time I'm changing industries and my career path. Goodbye aviation!
Kristian Canoy (1 month ago)
Now I understand why Cebu Pacifc (Philippines’ Low Cost Airline) is offering a “Study Now and Pay Later Program” because this pilot shortage seems to be true. One time they’ve cancelled a domestic flight because “there is no available pilot” and I was like WTF? How can they sell tickets if there is no available pilot to fly that freaking plane!!
Grzegorsz PK (1 month ago)
just join the air force or start crop dusting if you want to fly
I Nalys (1 month ago)
Raise the bar for requirements, eliminate the bar for costs of education, nationalize the industry to make it a public utility. Focus on efficiency and safety alone. Let the capitalists seek profits elsewhere.
A Tem (1 month ago)
because people do not want to crash and die
Maserati7200 (1 month ago)
Airlines: Help, we’re running out of pilots! Reasonable person: why not pay entry level pilots a decent salary to attract people to the industry? Airlines: No u
Yasmin Barry (5 days ago)
+Nathan Jay : Wow.....Thanks for clarifying. Now I can see why there is such a need for pilots around the world.....
Nathan Jay (5 days ago)
+Yasmin Barry the main problem is that even with the lucrative intro prices, the current flight school system in America can only hold about 12,000 to 13,000 students, where around 17,000 pilots are forced to retire each year. We would need to drastically revamp the schools in the US (and around the world) to allow people to become pilots. Even once that is completed, it will still be 5-6 years after that before those people can fly for the airlines, and we definitely cannot compromise safety.
dragoon17c (6 days ago)
+Nathan Jay 10 years ago it was USD 20,000 for a new entry regional airline pilot
Yasmin Barry (6 days ago)
Exactly: start offering decent salaries, intead of going for profit, profit, profit.....And you'll get pilot, even on regional airlines.
Nathan Jay (8 days ago)
The thing is that most pilots starting at a regional airline will make anywhere from USD$50,000-80,000 (including bonuses). The actual hourly pay comes out to about $36,000 but they offer massive signing bonuses and annual bonuses.
Badiuzzamzdloser _ (1 month ago)
Dude backup's in 2024 or 2027 is coming I WANT TO BE A PILOT! anyone with me?
My Life As Tom (1 month ago)
7:59 Woah! That’s a lot of wheels on the plane
Dead Baron (1 month ago)
My dream is to fly... but this nails why I never chased that dream 😭
Aitaana Requena (1 month ago)
I have to choose a career very soon and one of the things i wanted to be was a pilot but my miopia has become so severe recently that i cant pass a vision test to become one in my country :/ and probably in none
Josh Jones (1 month ago)
Increasing number of female pilots won't help airlines keep costs down - the cost of paid maternity leave if the pilot workforce became 50pc women would be crippling.. not to mention they would have an increase in costs related to the provision much higher number of part time pilots as well since cost of simulator / uniforms etc doesn't decrease for part timers..
Devyn Yates (1 month ago)
I'm only paying $40k for my commercial license and it'll take around 2 years. Pretty cheap for the profession in my opinion, and it's always been my dream. Not sure why everyone is saying $80k, $100k, etc. Also, a lot of airlines and companies are lowering their degree expectations. Jetblu for example has lowered their degree requirements to an associates and many airlines are heading in the same direction. My suggestion? Find a community College that offers most, if not all the classes you'll need. Stop going to universities people, they are scams
tunezjunkie87 (1 month ago)
0:41 Shoutout to St. Cloud State University, my alma mater!! #GOHUSKIESWOOOOO (the StC logo on the lamp post isn't that blurred, and I took classes in Centennial Hall haha)
HackanHacker (1 month ago)
brilliant is overtaking all youtube
Albert Ferguson (1 month ago)
The major airlines depend on foreign pilots trained in foreign militaries to fill the gap left by the lack of American suckers that fail at the difficult task of getting through the process of getting a commercial ticket. This situation is logical given that corporate airlines depend on international empire credit for business loans necessary to stay in business.
Ice Karma (1 month ago)
Heh, three and a half feet tall, and 300 lbs? Grey hair, yellow eyes? What are you, a dwarf? ;3
Joshua Gohres (1 month ago)
Hmmm, my dads a pilot at American rn on the a321, but he’s also been flying for 14 years. It’s still a great job tho
Niklas Raab (1 month ago)
Autopilot? :)
Planespotting Nürnberg (1 month ago)
What's the difference between a pilot and a bus driver? The bus driver earns more money.
Alpha Redeye (1 month ago)
7:56 where are the back wheels some crazy gravity defiying stuff going on here
Lebron James (27 days ago)
Alpha Redeye lol they’re under the engines😂 the ramp is kinda blocking it
David Dima (1 month ago)
If God allow me then i can pay that high cost and became pilot
Andrew (1 month ago)
pay is way too low but i would be able to see past it besides some of us are low maintence individuals. in my opinion, getting to be behind the controls of one of the ultimate man-made vehicles, having all that power at you and your first officers fingertips, is rewarding and humbling in itself. im about finished with my associates degree and hope i can make it into some sort of flight training program. my only fear is automation destroying the pilot industry for good.
Derrick Gray (1 month ago)
Why? 1.Because it's way too expensive to become one. 2. No real return on your investment.
Karl (1 month ago)
pussy pass strikes again
w4k1- 70wn (1 month ago)
Respect the pilots..
RĘBÈLZ YT (1 month ago)
When females get into the flight industry they just get into being the ones attending the costumers but not many as pilots cause Ive only seen one as a pilot
RĘBÈLZ YT (1 month ago)
I’ve only seen one female pilot on United from Mexico to Houston and I was like damn that’s rare AF and it really is