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Why the World is Running Out of Pilots

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Wendover Productions (2 months ago)
Hey all, a few people have had some questions about the break-down of costs for a ATP License at the beginning of this video so I thought I’d try to clear things up and show a few sources for the different components. College Cost: I misplaced the original source that lines up exactly with $133k but this statistic is about the same accounting for yearly growth. https://www.statista.com/statistics/238112/university-attendance-costs-in-the-united-states/ Private Pilots License: I said $8,000 in the video based off a source’s estimate. Looking at a random selection of flight schools’ estimates it could be even a little higher. Many have also pointed out that the vast majority of individuals can only apply with 40 hours flight time (a small minority of US pilots are trained under Title 14 of federal code part 141 which allow them to apply with 35 hours.) While I was choosing to use the lowest numbers for training as to not sensationalize the cost numbers (it’s sensational enough as it is) I probably should have done the math for 40 hours (maybe even more as many need more hours to gain the skills needed) to get a more average estimate. $9,950: https://www.illinoisaviation.com/flight-training/private-pilot-141/ $8,123: http://www.stcharlesflyingservice.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/CostEstimateToAdvance.pdf $7944: http://www.flyhafc.com $9500: https://www.executiveflighttraining.com/Private_Pilot_License.html Instrument Rating: The way I presented this bit was definitely confusing. The $900 I mentioned was accounting for the ground training and then I wrapped the hours needed for an instrument rating into the additional hours needed for a commercial pilots license (215/210.) Commercial Pilots License: From the comments I’ve read nobody really disagrees with the estimate I put for the overall CPL cost but here’s the source I used anyways. $80,000: https://www.l3airlineacademy.com/us-career-programs/pilot-training-cost
KgkSourBreme (16 hours ago)
A couple website's list a common low pay of a pilot ranging from 100k to the lowest of 70k
Noah Gist (1 day ago)
Have you thought of people who get hours by the army because that is usually what pilots do
Ondrej Pazdernik (2 days ago)
Disliked this manipulative video! The title should be why USA... Not world. In the majority of the countries school is free and college degree is free as well and you don't need any money to become a pilot. Now I don't speak about Denmark and so on. I could make a list of at least 20 European countries here.
Joe0400 (3 days ago)
Paging @Captain Joe
Jurgen Dexon (5 days ago)
can you do a similar video on maritime transport both for cargo and passenger ships, please?
Pedro Camara (1 hour ago)
What do you mean, this is a problem? As less and less pilots show up, the pay will go up. The market always corrects itself👌
NoName (3 hours ago)
If you become a pilot for the german Lufthansa its not that bad...you can enter without having a private pilot license and your training is being paid for by parts of your later income. Also,they dont want any money from you when you quit the training.
GTAcrafter007 (6 hours ago)
1:00 how the fuck do you have yellow eyes
Adele Therese (12 hours ago)
Adele Therese (12 hours ago)
I would love to be a pilot. Now it seems too expensive.
aramchek (12 hours ago)
I wouldn't say it's that people are "unwilling" to put themselves through the process, and more that most people cannot afford to spend almost 300K up front, with only a very tiny immediate return on that ..that wouldn't even put a dent in the money spent/borrowed.
Hans Krebs (15 hours ago)
ahhhhhhh so many peoples are discouraging my dream but f*ck it i am doing it and please people who wants to be pilots do not be discouraged by this video, it's your life, you choose what you do, we need more pilots in the world
Nenad Radosavljevic (16 hours ago)
Solution is not that complicated. Show them the moneyyyyyyy!
zeffery (16 hours ago)
I've always wanted to be a pilot, but sadly, Im a Muslim...
DundenOverwatch (20 hours ago)
hate to break it to you, but the US isn't the world
Noah Gist (1 day ago)
Have you thought of people who get hours by the army because that is usually what pilots do
Brant (1 day ago)
Fuck being a pilot damn
Soy Yo (1 day ago)
same thing with the US "running out" of truckers. Regulation and the impetus to replace with A.I
Aengrod (1 day ago)
Hahahahah, as always 'recruit women' .... increase labor force without increasing pay, as has been going on for decades already. The typical solution, obviously, then after that's done, women pilots will need to become 'empowered'! ;-)
ohplezz (1 day ago)
There will be a recession soon and no more shortage.
hollywood 899 (1 day ago)
Back in 2005 when I was in high school my councelor Mr Bagwell told the exact same thing about the future of pilot holy he was so right but idk something told at that time he was probably right
steelmesh (1 day ago)
Emrites making $200k tax free is like making $300k in the States!!
steelmesh (1 day ago)
Sky King had 0 hours of formal training.
steelmesh (1 day ago)
I'd prefer automated computer pilots where they don't have family and life dreams.
Ghastly Gibbus (1 day ago)
Offer would-be pilots 10-20 years contract that eliminates training fees. That's how most civilians get to be a commercial plane pilots in my country.
Ghastly Gibbus (1 day ago)
Senior choosing better working situation first, wow, can't see that happening in other industries.
Gin Vodka (1 day ago)
to summarize this, youll have to pay for training, licensing, flight time, lodgings and other daily stuff and all the money you earn wouldnt be enough.
Szalai Laci (1 day ago)
Make more bullet trains
Josh Johnson (2 days ago)
id love to be a pilot myself... but like the video said,, its money/cost that i dont have.
FeirceDeity64 (2 days ago)
How would recruiting women as pilots be a way to get more people without raising the pay for pilots? Do the financial burdens that male pilots face go away for them?
Orlando Rotundo (2 days ago)
we need underwater hyperloops
Steeltrap (2 days ago)
It'll be funny when the main airlines go back to running their own programmes, just as they did 30 years ago. The poor sods who went massively into debt then became wage slaves in the USA will really feel like mugs. Sad, really.
Annadog40 (2 days ago)
so you are 108ft tall and 300 pound, have gray hair and yellow eyes. What a twist.
Jayjay Volz (2 days ago)
Ah, so to keep the cost for regional airlines down, employ more women. I am appalled.
Av8tor (2 days ago)
Should probably be a little more specific. PPL REQUIRES 35 hours if it's conducted under Part 61. It's 40 hours under Part 141. Also, this does not factor in the national average that it normally takes people to get their PPL, which is between 50-70 hours. Also, the cost of the instructor AND aircraft are closer to $200/hour. The airplane alone costs around $140/hour (if it's a Cessna 172 or similar), this is also subject to location as prices differ, but you're looking at an average of that much. Then you factor in the cost of the checkride, which is $500 for the examiner (NOT including the aircraft rental for the checkride), at least that seems to be pretty baseline where I live. (This is an average of $10,000-11,000). Now, instrument training is an entirely different animal, and sometimes may cost more per hour. This could be due to spending more time in the airplane, or maybe you elected to use more sophisticated and expensive equipment (G1000 or similar) versus the traditional "6 pack" Cessna. You can also save money here by utilizing an FAA approved ground training device or simulator for up to 20 hours of the required 40 hours of simulated or actual instrument time. (This is an average of $8,000) Commercial training - The actual training is typically 15-20 hours worth of flying a complex airplane with an instructor. The large chunk of it is simply closing the gap to the 250 hours after you've obtained your PPL. This also includes ground school and time spent with your instructor reviewing material per the ACS for your checkride. Again, factor in the checkride cost as well (as well as for instrument). (This is an average of $4,000-5,000 for the hours spent actually flying a complex aircraft with an instructor in prepping for your checkride - This does NOT factor in the time and money spent flying in between training further building your hours towards that 250. When you factor in the cost of renting an airplane on your own for the other 130 or so hours not spent in a training environment with an instructor, say the average cost for a Cessna 152 is $110/hour wet - this puts you right around $14,500. Certified Flight Instructor - Cost varies for your CFI, between flying and ground school/study. Some pay a lump sum of money (around $3,000 from some places I've seen that offer these courses) and attend a fast track CFI course and then take the checkride within a short span of time. Others take their time, keep in mind that the average cost for the checkride for your CFI is $1,000 for the examiner alone. If you fail your checkride, you pay that $1,000 all over again for the examiner. Multi-Engine Rating - This is a required rating if you ever wish to fly anything with more than one engine, which will cost around $5,000 from 0 multi engine time to multi engine checkride. All in all, you're looking at close to $45,000-50,000 (not factoring in a college degree, and not factoring in extra costs for supplies or more than average required flight time to meet the ACS standards for the checkride. These numbers will also vary somewhat based on where you're doing your training). Is it cheap? Not at all. It's quite asinine if you ask me, but flight schools need to stay in business and pay their flight instructors and maintain their aircraft, while making a profit. Do I DISCOURAGE anyone from pursuing this career path? Absolutely not, but I make them aware of not only the financial sacrifices that one will be required to make, but also other sacrifices that may accompany such a career path in your personal life. It's certainly not for everyone, but if you have a passion for it, and you're willing to endure the hard times that'll come your way throughout your training as well as career, it can be a very rewarding career path that can turn out to be a multi-million dollar career by the time you retire. Though, it isn't for everyone.
abu hudhayfah edwards (3 days ago)
Perfect Military recruiting video. Become a pilot with the Armed Forces 🤷‍♂️
K W (3 days ago)
How about not exploit your workers
Roger Medina (3 days ago)
Learn how to fly then work for a cartel and win 30k a month haha
Raphael Adiprasetyo (3 days ago)
I still want to be a pilot even tho its expensive
Hunter Anderson (3 days ago)
there a lots of pilots, just not commercial lolll
OU812 (3 days ago)
...because everyone wants to be a Youtuber. :(
Robert Sanchez Jr. (3 days ago)
Sounds good the company are picky with the pilots cause they don’t want us to die !!!
BallsTavies BallsTavies (3 days ago)
lmao great sponsor talk at the end of the vid!
Austin Butler (3 days ago)
Full benefits, paid vacations, bonuses, overtime, and free air fare for you and intermediate family members... and you get to fly/travel... sounds good to me.
Adithya Ramachandran (3 days ago)
Young women out of college need just as much money to survive in this world as men. So how is the idea of offering poor pay going to attract out of school female pilots. Wouldn't they just take their skills elsewhere just like their male colleagues ?
WackHistory (3 days ago)
1:06 “weight 300” XD
ColoradoStatePatrol (3 days ago)
See i would love to become a pilot but it's the cost and time it takes to train to become a pilot. So prob wont become a pilot due to that even though you get paid really good in most airlines.
Jakepetro21 (4 days ago)
8:00 where are the tires?
Ken Brownfield (4 days ago)
Start paying pilots more money to make it an attractive career. Hell, even Walmart is paying $15 an hour now.
John Gault (4 days ago)
Respect for political and religious insanity. You don't have to believe. You'll understand why you were doomed. Appreciate it, or you won't.
Gerard Avinash (4 days ago)
your facts are so wrong ! ppl min is 45 hrs and 90% of people get it done only above it and the cost per hour single engine is around $225 ,instrument rating takes a FAA min of 45 hrs!
Angel: The True American Woman (4 days ago)
Bruh it's cheaper to drive a bus for a living
talkhtw55 (4 days ago)
I'm surprised, because in Israel pilots make a FUCK-ton.. beginner pilots make 160k USD anually, the more senior ones can make double than that.
Anthony Galbo (4 days ago)
I'd love to be a pilot, except im scared of flying sooooo
SneakerEND TV (4 days ago)
No you don’t need that much math 🤦🏿‍♂️ I’m in a part 141 flight school and I’m currently a private pilot working on my instrument rating and no you need more than 15 hours to get your instrument rating
tdegler (4 days ago)
9:11 What the Fcuk!!! How can you even mention that as reasonable solution?
Joey Gerkin (4 days ago)
Hey does anyone have any advice on how good of an idea it would be to learn how to fly in the military for free, then go into commercial airlines?
John-Murray Hofmeyr (4 days ago)
And then if you have the 200 or 1500 hours then they say sorry its not the right kind of hours, the industry is an absolute joke and the cost is just one of many reasons why its failing.
Jango (4 days ago)
this video taught me how to suck me own dick
Legendary King (4 days ago)
The only happy pilots are the lonely type who don't have families
Hans Krebs (15 hours ago)
probably me lol
Brandt Becker (4 days ago)
No way in hell I'd fly in a pilotless plane - Hell, I won't ride in a driverless car either.
Peter Carter (4 days ago)
You really don't need to be a genius to be a pilot, if you're willing, you can get it done.
Eduardo Romero (4 days ago)
this was the longest commercial ever
Marion Cobretti (4 days ago)
This video proves a lot but its not just flying you watch the tractor trailer shortage is getting bigger every year. Out of a class of 20 guys that paid close to 10k to get a quality tractor training program only 3 of us remain... The driver shortage will be 170k in 2019. Plus who the fuk wants to be away from his family weeks at a time. Ive bee driving for 8yrs and I have refused from day one to be away more then 1 week at a time and I havent had any problems pay wise or job wise but the industry requires somebody to be willing to stay out longer and its just not finding ppl so as a result business are created distribution centers everywhere resulting in less miles and less pay therefore the problem is getting worse...lol
RealWorldNews247 Real News, Progressive News (4 days ago)
*This is absolutely true, I am a commercial, instrument rated pilot. I got my Commercial license and never took a flying job..I was making more money driving tractor trailer.. Being a pilot, you are also gone for weeks at a time and forget having a social life..*
Duane Bidoux (4 days ago)
The industry is shooting itself in the foot. The pilots coming into the small regional airlines should be paid a living wage commiserate with what it took to get there and the precious cargo they carry that they would die to protect. How can the airlines not see that they are creating the pilot shortage that will eventually constrain their growth? It seems that it's the right thing to do, and it would also be one to the long term benefit of the industry as well. People are flying too cheaply anyway--when the luxury of flying has become a weight on the people having such responsibility and such a long route to learn the trade then the business model needs to be reconsidered.
Jason Pyre (5 days ago)
Before I start the video, Im gonna guess it's because of how expensive it is to learn to fly. If they want more people getting into aviation, maybe lower the cost of entering the field.
j (5 days ago)
I blame FAA drug testing for weed
Toyota Corolla (5 days ago)
I would be to scared to be a Pilot xD
Joe M (5 days ago)
What about military pilots
Dean Boogren (5 days ago)
Dan Pizzi Firearms Instructor (5 days ago)
My recommendation for those wanting to fly as a career (I was an airline pilot and have about 10 years of airport ops / management experience). Don't bother with a college degree upon graduating from high school. Save your money and get your flight training done first from a reputable flight school where you ARE NOT paying for the entire flight training up front. You may realize in flight school that flying is not for you and you don't want to be stuck with debt. Once you complete your "zero to hero" flight training, get your flight instructor certifications and teach as a part time job while pursuing a college degree. This way you are getting paid to fly (as an instructor), you are building flight time to the magic 1500 hours, and you are getting a degree in something OTHER THAN AVIATION.
LunchBoxKillFace (5 days ago)
Self flying planes lulz.
TheEpicAlejandro (5 days ago)
Pilot positions may be one of those jobs that get replaced with AI or robots. Instead of a pilot, hire an engineer to keep the systems functional. You would have to change the fuel type or power source to something more cost effective to save more. Idk if this technology is out but that would be my businesses goals.
Johnny Beast (5 days ago)
You don’t know want your talking about
Aaronivoify (5 days ago)
pretty sure this is all wrong or limited to america...
MrJohnisthename (5 days ago)
Hiring women pilots is a great money saving idea cause they can get away with paying them 70 percent of what they pay male pilots.
robert warner (5 days ago)
A college degree is not required.
Man Of Arms (5 days ago)
What’s chasing everyone away with various degrees is the increasing minimum level of education and the cost increase.
Alex (6 days ago)
Don't fly passengers instead work for ups or fedex. You make more than double flying cargo.
҉K҉N҉I҉G҉H҉T҉F҉I҉R҉E҉6҉6҉ (6 days ago)
solution: fuck plains and let use rockets... #elonmusk
Alamakina 22 (6 days ago)
Delta CEO Ed Bastian made $13.2 million in 2017. United Airlines' Oscar Munoz was the high-earner, with total compensation of $18.7 million. All while their first officers are making 30-40k a year with 100k+ in debt. But its ok we all know how hard CEOs work, its only fair that they get to afford 4 vacation homes, 3 yachts, and little Junior's 2nd Ferrari.
WittyStooge42069 (6 days ago)
It's itachi's sharingan at the top right of the card
Joseph Poniatowski (6 days ago)
I'm glad humans were not born with wings. We have feet that most people barley use flying in planes is useless and absolutely horrendous on the world we live if I could I would travel back and push the write brothers over a cliff and anyone else who sought to fly
Cayman Jarchow (6 days ago)
🤑🤑🤑 chig Ching I am gonna fly emirates when I grow up xD
Jess Whallon (6 days ago)
"Start by getting a degree". That's some of the worst advice I've ever heard for becoming a pilot! Get your ratings first and get your hours. Insurance runs the business and therefor if you don't have the required hours you will not get hired. A degree is like icing on the cake. You don't start with that, you end with that. If you get a degree and saddle yourself with huge debt while being a CFI and low wage first officer you will quit and end up driving a truck for a living.
PearBear HD (6 days ago)
hey man my dream is to be a pilot anyone looking for a 16 year old pilot im your man, ill wing it no sweat
Nicholas Penton (6 days ago)
This kinda killed my dream..
Dogs Sing (7 days ago)
PROTIP TRY PAYING PEOPLE A LIVING WAGE U AIRLINE EXECS. GREED. Looks like you can make way more money starting a business and teaching pilot lessons instead of working for airlines.
Stanley Denning (7 days ago)
I looked into getting a private pilot's license quite a few years ago. I even did all the book studys. But as soon as I realized the cost of getting a license I gave it all up. It's ridiculous !
Greedy Gamer (7 days ago)
I have dreams of becoming a pilot and an aeronautical engineer, However, many people try to discourage me from becoming one because of some reasons which will be listed below: 1. If you are a pilot and you get any sickness like sugar, blood pressure etc. you will be fired. 2. When you are a pilot, you sometimes work in offical holidays and weekends and you most likely miss special occasions, birthdays etc. .. .. Basically I still want to become a pilot because they pay too much and it’s a fun job to do and I personally love it! (My age is 15 and my parents have enough money to put me in a flying school)
Greedy Gamer (3 days ago)
Dan Pizzi Firearms Instructor Thank you for pumping me up and I am from Dubai and Dubai has one of the best airlines which is emirates airlines. And yes I plan that in the future I will be single till 32 of my age then after that I will marry. Because I love adventures and meeting other countries people and getting to know more about their traditions, way of living, food etc.
Dan Pizzi Firearms Instructor (5 days ago)
Greedy Gamer Go for it if your parents will pay for the training! The main thing you can do now is talk to a local aviation medical examiner to make sure you do not have any medical conditions that keep you from keeping a 1st class aviation medical. Yes, you will work holidays, weekends, ALL THE TIME! Flying is a 24/7 industry with wake up calls at 3am for a 530am departure. Flying is a great career if you are a single man / woman who likes adventure and wants freedom to go wherever whenever! Join a local Civil Air Patrol squadron in the meantime as a cadet and learn about aviation through them.
valicourt (5 days ago)
Greedy Gamer go for it and don’t give up. Get a loss of license insurance once you’re working. You’ll work irregular hours that’s true. You might miss some stuff at home but very often you’re home when everybody else is working. Also, European companies have great leave systems and staff travel etc. Go for it. Never give up. You will get there.
ousmacbook (7 days ago)
Pornhub Running Out Pornstars Will Concern me but 4 now OK O....
K Sea (7 days ago)
This applies to way more professions than "pilot," but I suppose if you do one of these for each you will have at least a year or two of content...
Anthony Mendoza (7 days ago)
If you want to be a pilot, join the Air Force or Navy. I had a cousin who did that and went from flying transports in the Navy straight to a good paying job with American Airlines. Of course he had to serve for 8 years in the Navy, but he got officer pay for that and ROTC payed for collage.
GREG BIEL (7 days ago)
Being the pilot on long haul flights is very boring and crazy jumpy , many short daily flighs schedule is extremely hard on personal life . Only the pilots on the Concord ,3.5 hrs , twice a week fast flight across the ocean could truly enjoy their jobs as the pilot. That is what Concord pilots say , not my opinion.
Hunts By Chainsaw (7 days ago)
Are you telling me people don't want to go into massive amounts of debt to get crap wages and under go financial abuse from greedy soulless employers? Why don't people like making fat profit margins for greedy wage slavers?
Rafael Khalitov (7 days ago)
Emirates pilot does not make 200k per year. From 96 to 140, and since 2018 there is tax 5% and each year will increase 1%. The most who pays a lot is China.
Skyler Wilson (8 days ago)
This is an extremely miss leading and inaccurate video. Yes starting pay may be low at SOME airlines. But you seemed to avoid mentioning airlines such as FedEx who’s average retirement age is 41 and you can make well over $300,000 a year there as a captain. Or he fact that companies such as Skywest will compensate you for flying from one airport to another for your flight. Or how Skywest has sighing bonuses. Or how envoy will get you to American Airlines with a guaranteed job. You also had some false information About the hours. Yes 1500 is required for the people who do go through part 61 training. However if you go to a school such as mine witch is a part 141 you only are required 1000 hours. And the extra schooling fees are around $64,000 without tuition. So I would say to review your figures it is very do able to become a pilot with relatively low debt. Also starting pay is not that low I know for a fact Skywest is over 50 k a year first year.
Ray Darden (8 days ago)
Spot on! Great work!
Eric Claeyborn (8 days ago)
American public schools are dumbing down our kids. Most will be working at Walmart and McDonald's. Bring back the education from the 1970s... before they started changing the text books to Common Core and Eureka Math.
Ahad Khot (8 days ago)
rocket H (8 days ago)
As long as NO CONCESSIONS are made in regards to training to get the WOMEN in the door, then great! Although I have read otherwise😟
JaeDaRealest (8 days ago)
I'll crash this damn plane That'll end your precious lil flight!!
Masha Kalinkina (8 days ago)
Airlines should pay them more, cover training Focusing on the bottom line when there’s so much at stake is kinda crazy.