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Why the World is Running Out of Pilots

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Wendover Productions (4 months ago)
Hey all, a few people have had some questions about the break-down of costs for a ATP License at the beginning of this video so I thought I’d try to clear things up and show a few sources for the different components. College Cost: I misplaced the original source that lines up exactly with $133k but this statistic is about the same accounting for yearly growth. https://www.statista.com/statistics/238112/university-attendance-costs-in-the-united-states/ Private Pilots License: I said $8,000 in the video based off a source’s estimate. Looking at a random selection of flight schools’ estimates it could be even a little higher. Many have also pointed out that the vast majority of individuals can only apply with 40 hours flight time (a small minority of US pilots are trained under Title 14 of federal code part 141 which allow them to apply with 35 hours.) While I was choosing to use the lowest numbers for training as to not sensationalize the cost numbers (it’s sensational enough as it is) I probably should have done the math for 40 hours (maybe even more as many need more hours to gain the skills needed) to get a more average estimate. $9,950: https://www.illinoisaviation.com/flight-training/private-pilot-141/ $8,123: http://www.stcharlesflyingservice.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/CostEstimateToAdvance.pdf $7944: http://www.flyhafc.com $9500: https://www.executiveflighttraining.com/Private_Pilot_License.html Instrument Rating: The way I presented this bit was definitely confusing. The $900 I mentioned was accounting for the ground training and then I wrapped the hours needed for an instrument rating into the additional hours needed for a commercial pilots license (215/210.) Commercial Pilots License: From the comments I’ve read nobody really disagrees with the estimate I put for the overall CPL cost but here’s the source I used anyways. $80,000: https://www.l3airlineacademy.com/us-career-programs/pilot-training-cost
Andrew Reeves (13 hours ago)
IF you're going to throw numbers around, you should always be including the data sources in the video description.
Luxeria Head (6 days ago)
You also forgot to mention you need a multi engine license which you also need books, class time and hours in flight.
Weird Science (22 days ago)
A pilot is a glorified (in his own head) bus driver. Sh1tter of a job.
Paulo Castro (22 days ago)
+A Jim Fan not enough to pay debt though
siddarth iyyappan (2 hours ago)
Make a video on shortage of merchant seafarers .
Studio Stupid (4 hours ago)
This is a short term problem though, as we'll be able to automate these flights eventually
alt coin (6 hours ago)
they are tired of being hassled and sexually molested by TSA
Devan (14 hours ago)
people talk about the cost but compared to 4 year university WHICH ISNT NEEDED FOR ALL PILOT JOBS its not that crazy.. Think smart and work hard you will get where you want.
Aviation With Connor (18 hours ago)
My this is such a lye United Airlines starts with $60,000 a for your first year, in your fifth year you earn regularly $110,000. You realize pilots don’t have to go through security. This is so incorrect, and where did you get that you can pick and choose your airplane no you choose your airplane and in five years you can be promoted to captain then maybe you can be a first officer on a bigger airplane. More seniority, more flexibility.
BROOKSIE (20 hours ago)
Or u can join the Air Force and by pass all of this…
Brian The Explorer (1 day ago)
Research your goals before you attempt to accomplish them.
Klaus Gartenstiel (1 day ago)
why even bother to comment?
Tampa Bay Fan (1 day ago)
I understand the problem in the US but how on Earth can towns like Manchester and Willard have airports. Their combined populations are less than 115 000. They should not have commercial airports under any circumstances.
Joseph Williams (1 day ago)
They need to pay pilots more.
Sean Massey (1 day ago)
Jfc... I'm glad I don't live in Australia. First Officers here earn is $85k.
Ryan Daniel (1 day ago)
Can we just limited flying for non Americans?
H4RRY T4YL0R (2 days ago)
They should scrap the college degree
JacobLZP (2 days ago)
Just no one become pilots until everyone pays more
Perich29 (2 days ago)
Today, you have to be a Millioneer to be a Pilot.
dinesh prabhu (2 days ago)
It's not the same anymore. Just way too much workload. And 6 month currency and all that crap. And there is no shortage it's just that they don't hire ahead if time. They always wait until the point where they will have a shortage before they look for more pilots. That's because they don't have to pay them. They can always solve it but they will never do it.
selfmade [closed] (2 days ago)
0:35 UAS??
ParabolicCat (3 days ago)
"Hire more women" is a silly suggestion and is only going to solve some perceived sexism agenda rather than the shortage of pilots. As you spent half the video already saying, the problem is cost. It is not a shortage of MALE pilots, but pilots in general, across all countries. People of any sex are going to have the same problem paying a quarter million dollars to become a pilot. Whether they got a penis or not is not the issue here. If such a small percentage of pilots are women that's an entirely different issue as to what is so unappealing about the pilot lifestyle to women versus men. Maybe they dislike being away from their families more, I don't know, but just dumping a bunch of women into the workforce won't solve the problem if they can't pay the costs either.
Marilyn (3 days ago)
You really have to start training at 18-19 and if you haven't completed training by 35...........Sorry.
King Daniel (3 days ago)
There is also a pressure to cut down on CEO.
TimothyOnline (3 days ago)
12 years ago I tried to get into a pilot training track but the FAA shot down my physical. No student certificate. I'm told I'm doing better in IT w/ my CS degree, but I still stare at the sky...
Collin Zook (3 days ago)
I will have to disagree with the whole college degree cost. If you go to a small part 141 school with approved R-ATP. You can get away with spending less than 80k. Now this all depends which school you choose.Obviously if you go to somewhere like Embry Riddle you're going to be spending an excessive amount.
Halcyon Outlander (3 days ago)
Degree + 1500 hours + 100k flight training for 40-70k starting pay = nope. Medical issue or blip on a ekg and you are done.
Steven roberts (3 days ago)
join the military, become a pilot.... that's the pipeline without debt ;)
Jay Ho (3 days ago)
How about recruiting people with glasses? I bet many people would like to be a pilot without going thru some costly eye surgery before competing with the others... Btw I'm going to try my best to enroll my self in airline cadetship with my glasses on.
William Orr (3 days ago)
Hey after, 9'11.I certainly don't blame them!
Patrick Rameau (3 days ago)
At 1:00... That's a UAS ("drone") license. For a guy who weighs 300 lbs and is 108 inches tall... i.e. 9 feet. Seems unlikely.
Andrew Miles (3 days ago)
Everyone who’s discouraged by this search up the “public” pay tables and learn the actual numbers. After you do that research cadet programs and realize how fast you can now get to those higher paying jobs. You will also stumble upon the “reserve pilot” which is where this video gets its 30k number. Yes there is a shortage but that only encourages the airlines to realize the foreign airlines will succeed if they don’t raise their pays and “QOL” . That term is also the most important and if you are in aviation you already know what term that is. Don’t be discouraged there are so many opportunities arising everyday and scholarships are cancelled everyday because there aren’t enough people applying for them so apply yourself and you’ll make it.
Dennis Fajardo (3 days ago)
The airline industry is trying to attract more women, since they're cheaper than men pilots!!😂😂😂😂😂
Ron The Rebel (4 days ago)
Let me sum this up as fast as possible for you............. LAWS!!!!!!!!...... There are to many damn laws today, plain and simple. There is no other reasons! Laws drive the absurd prices of everything this day and time!
ASF Animated Short Film. net (4 days ago)
You destroyed my dreams
CalebandMicheal Plane (5 days ago)
welp time for me to become a pilot and work for southwest :p
thatoneguy000 kohn (5 days ago)
Man how am I just discovering this channel
Music Maniac (6 days ago)
$900 for an instrument rating? You are smoking cracker my guy. Why don’t you make a video specifically about part 141 costs get this part 61 shit out my face talkin bout $900 for a instrument rating.
edenbriand (6 days ago)
I think I have never been discouraged by a video like that
Snarky . Live (6 days ago)
It's not even the cost, people who can afford it still don't want to be away from their families. The job can be challenging, but typically it the same as some of the most tedious office jobs. The regulations, the communications, the bureaucracy all make the idea of being a pilot miserable. Everyone gave Sports Pilot licenses a pass because not only are Light Sport aircraft inherently more dangerous than general aviation aircraft, they weren't any damned cheaper. 6 times the deaths and crashes for half the fun.
Maulan Wong (7 days ago)
The world is running out of pilots because 1. Most people are afraid of flying 2. Some people might end up dying before they can even become a pilot 3. The work can be stressful and the pilot might give up
McLeish Martin (7 days ago)
$200,000 for working in the UAE isn't actually that good. I have friends that are high school teachers that were going to make almost that much
Mitch Pash (7 days ago)
Google "Pilots License" - This ain't it 0:57
Joanie Adams (7 days ago)
Send one my way
Michael Martz (8 days ago)
One major way a lot of people become a pilot that wasn't covered in this video is by becoming a military pilot. Of course, becoming a pilot in the military is pretty competitive but it allows you to get all the required hours at the government's expense.
Maximum Vlogs and Railfanning (8 days ago)
It’s better just to be a train engineer
ESKko (9 days ago)
Probably because its so fucking expensive for flying lessons that majority of us can't even think about being a pilot
Tim Newman (9 days ago)
self funded path aside, the other path is via the military initially. that path is very exclusive. many people who could be a pilot are rejected for minor reasons. it could be argued in fact that many who would be superior pilots dont make the cut due to very selective barriers which limit the actual cognitive standard. imagine rejecting a pilot applicant with an iq of 145, a degree and a slightly less than 20/20 vision, but otherwise fully physically fit. thats the kind of thing thats been going on for decades via the military. contact lenses, vision surgery and glasses not allowed, BUT, if a pilot's eyesight deteriorates, these things ARE allowed. To make it even less sensical, female pilots take the best of the applicants regardless of the physical and aptitude levels- to meet political and PC promises.
88 Magnetis (10 days ago)
I'd rather have AI take dying jobs like these than jobs already being preformed by humans
SIngh (10 days ago)
0:00 because it also cost $100k
Tom Meyers (10 days ago)
NASA is also involved in aviation so I can only conclude that air travel is a hoax.
omar faruk (10 days ago)
but but the pay gap between flight attendants and pilots are massive!!! well those idiots need to see this video
BritAmerica Ball (10 days ago)
So basically, Airlines are treating pilots as slave and thats a sweatshop
Chris L (10 days ago)
Also they push women to become pilots who then leave after 8 to 12 years instead of working 30 to 40 years
TornadoCreator (11 days ago)
There's a reason women aren't pilots, it's fundamentally a male job. It involves technical mathematical know-how and very little social interaction. It's naturally going to attract men. You won't get women as pilots for the most part, because women don't WANT to be pilots... though that won't stop feminists from bitching about it like it's some kind of fucking injustice. The pilot shortage will stop when airlines pay pilots a decent amount comparable to their expertise. Until then, fuck the airlines, they clearly don't understand capitalism and deserve to fail.
RAYMOND SYKES (11 days ago)
Sounds to me like 200k plus to be able to even do it is the reason you wouldnt. I can work a lot less hard making a lot more and be home every single day lol
Hoodini Sharif (11 days ago)
First officers get $65k a year average now for the first year
Sam Arnold (11 days ago)
The problem is the expenses of college, and the dumbest thing about becoming a commercial pilot is that you need a college degree to do so, from which I think is stupid and that airlines should soon start stripping college out of the requirement picture, so hands on is even better.
Forrest Nelson (11 days ago)
Who else saw the freedom fox
Kelvin Alelex (11 days ago)
Good information....
Markus Staudt (12 days ago)
2 promos in a 10 minute video, rough
game freaks (12 days ago)
Got a quatar airways add before this .
Wayne Michaels (12 days ago)
Wow it's went up a lot. My private cost me 3000 which included my ground school and I had 43 hours when I took my check ride, another 2,000 for my IFR then another 1,500 for my commercial... I ran out of money so I stopped there but Ive hauled medical supplies, skydivers and I was pretty limited what I could do because I was twin engine certified but not checked out for jet and no ATP
Casius CBU (12 days ago)
Share knowledge/ expertise, airlines submarine like safety and management in some level etc, private sector monetary swasbuckler ding dongs etc.
entropy22 (13 days ago)
I am not flying on a plane without pilot.
Ben Ghazi (13 days ago)
Just think what a tall blond female pilot would earn in China!
Peyman Abedi-Rad (13 days ago)
$133k? What is that a fucking doctorate degree or some shit?
mike a (13 days ago)
I've been in aviation for at least 30 yrs.the VA paid for 9k....I held numerous jobs to pay the rest My advice is to have different job possibilities available .flying does take on away from family.a very important disisions to make. I walked away from my last 135 job when my wife got stuck in a snow bank at home ..I was 2500 miles away Someone once told me in the beginning ...one has to accept aviation on it's terms ...can't hack it; then move on....
V1 Gibby (13 days ago)
Do anything their video on why we won’t need pilots
Analyze Perspective (13 days ago)
major airlines like delta not hiring doesn't help
toxic Law (13 days ago)
Who cares of the price? $200,000? *begs parents for money* Anyone going to FIT?
toxic Law (13 days ago)
Dont you need to get a FAA commercial licence or EAA?
Rajivrocks Ltd. (14 days ago)
500k O.O jesus christ
pranav sharma (14 days ago)
same will happen in merchannt navy if, salaries will not be increased.Wages have not been incresed since deacades.
Danskheart (14 days ago)
Just automate that shit.
Агрон Департье (15 days ago)
Autopiloting a plane is much simplier than a car. So once car autopilots will come into masses, the unions will not be able to hold back the progress in the skies either. In fact drivers are bigger political force than few pilots. Agree ? PS A solution in Russia - claim that 900 hours is an outdated work limit and increase it (don't remember exactly) - 1700 hours.
Tom L (15 days ago)
interesting...... maybe i should contact Lufthansa for a job :D
Christopher Hadsell (15 days ago)
There are terrible shortages in the medical field also--many other venues have great shortages of workers--it's not just pilots. This does, however, sound rather acute.
ashish sahota (15 days ago)
rather be a doctor than pilot, cuss it can take 10+ year to work for a good company like United Airlines for long distance pilot. The cost to become a doctor is very similiar to become pilot, but the pay is way more
MayDay GoingDown!! (16 days ago)
Then make it cheaper to bloody learn then...MUCH cheaper. Only the ones with super rich parents can afford to apply. It's not fooking Rocket Science:)
Niva98 (16 days ago)
Lufthansa pilots start at 50.000€ and go up to 230.000€. In addition Lufthansa pays for your training.
Lane Tomkow (17 days ago)
Very sad when these people should be supported in going through such a specialty as piloting.
Jacob Lopez (17 days ago)
Go to the Air Force instead of paying all that cash.
pixie pixie (17 days ago)
this vid is bullshit
Baseballautographs02 (18 days ago)
Most regionals start off at 38k and go to about 78k your only working their for a few years so it’s not like your making 38k very long, also you can get OT very easily so it’s not like your getting killed
Jack Murry (18 days ago)
A bunch of stuff is wrong in this video
SUSHIL TIRKEY (18 days ago)
Dying with loans here and short staffed getting management scorn for complaining how shitty life is, low cost carrier issues man.
xSw eD (18 days ago)
1:35 or free in Germany
Mandalorian crusader (18 days ago)
If you need a new one, I know twenty øne more.
Flash (18 days ago)
I always wanted to be a pilot... in a porn skit of course...
RhysieBoii (18 days ago)
I really want to be. A pilot when I'm older I don't care about the money I just want to do the thing I love
Imperium Americae (18 days ago)
9:24 wait what? Are suggesting airlines use the gender pay gap? LOL
TarmacTomato 677 (18 days ago)
I have a solution; top gun
EnraEnerato (18 days ago)
I once saw a television show from japan called "Miss Pilot" it was produced in cooperation with ANA and I think it showed how the path from "I want to be a pilot" to "Ready for take off" goes. Apparently the airlines pay for the education of their pilots but the critiria for becoming a pilot are strict.
Squishy Potato (19 days ago)
*imagine moving a bunch of rude fat idiots through the atmosphere all day* 👋😂
sjow (19 days ago)
The world is running out of oil. 44 years until the last drop is mined. What is the airline industry going to do then? Its going to be interesting times for those that will be around. Prices will go up alot way before.
Roland xB (18 days ago)
No. There's plenty left, just in less easily accessible places. Drilling technology continually drops in price, and when supply is scarce, prices will go up and make more sites profitable. And Russia is for sure going to drill in the Arctic eventually. Flying might get a bit more expensive, but that's fine. Demand is skyrocketing anyway, even with rising prices. Also, electric vehicles, power plants and manufacturing will need less oil. Peak oil has been proven wrong time and time again.
Ronald Halverson (19 days ago)
What sort of college degree would one need to be a pilot?
Jack Murry (18 days ago)
Aviation:Pro-pilot degree like those offered at Middle Tennessee State University or Embry Riddle
Chris (19 days ago)
What about getting into aviation going the military route?
Jack Murry (18 days ago)
Military is going through shortages too, thus requiring them to require longer commitments of their pilots. plus medical requirements for the military are stricter than civilian.
sarcastic Admin (19 days ago)
the main reason is becoz they charge more and pay less, bu that i mean the college fee is tremndesly high and u get paid low
Ѕээмѕ lэБіт (19 days ago)
I got quoted in AUD for RPL = $9000 PPL = $14000 CPL = $50000 Too damn expensive but it’s hella fun. Best just to do it as a hobby. Aerial surveys in Australia can land you 5 - 7 thousand in one day flying smaller aircraft.
meet bhatt (20 days ago)
I recently started training at a regional airline. I couldn’t be more happier and I’m very excited to start flying for them. First of all, the flight training cost in this video is wrong. I went to a university and got my flight training and my degree in aerospace in about 100,000 USD. This number includes all my costs for the 4 years. I became a CFI my 3rd year in college and by the time I graduated, I had about 750 hours. I only needed 250 more to get to a 1000 to get a restricted ATP bc of my aviation degree. So I went from high school graduate to a regional airline in 4 and half years. Regional airlines are paying well and you make 50- 60000 a year as starting pay. You upgrade to captain in about 2 years and you are now making 80-90000 a year. Don’t let these videos discourage you from reaching your goals. With a good education and a good medical history, you should have a very fulfilling and rewarding career as a pilot and should be able to pay back your loans in about 4-5 years. You get to go to the major airlines in about 2-3 years as a captain at a regional and then you are making six figures at a very young age. Also talk about the working conditions, the video does not mention the fact that you get to make your own schedule every month once you get a year of seniority at a regional so it’s not bad at all. Chase your dreams! Don’t let videos like this discourage you especially if you’re still in high school and interested in aviation!
None Ya (5 days ago)
And, flying heavies is boring AF.
Eudes Rafael (10 days ago)
I hope things be different for you, hope that you keep passionate for flying and build a great carrer. I'm Just saying is hard to convince others to follow this path today.
Eudes Rafael (10 days ago)
meet bhatt thanks for putting your perspective but it still hard to belive flying is a good deal today. Almost all happy pilots are young (and probaly single) like you. Is pretty hard to find a senior pilot, who has a family, satisfied with the profession. Maybe the financial costs of the video are exagereted but the personal costs are also huge factor.
CaptainSazzman (11 days ago)
+meet bhatt okay. my friend got into easyjet that way and paid about 1/3 of what it would cost on your own. It took slightly over a year but hes flying now, just like that.
meet bhatt (11 days ago)
They don’t give you money for your flight training tho.
Pilot404 (20 days ago)
I gotcha
hallmonitor98 (20 days ago)
i never thought being a pilot was a low paying job
Jack Murry (18 days ago)
it isnt anymore. The video is wrong. In the past pilots were on food stamps for years until they got upgraded to captain at a major airline. These days pilots' first airline jobs as FO's at regionals are getting them 50-60 thousand $ per year.