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What Happened to Dean Martin?

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Text Comments (1449)
StoneThug Music (14 hours ago)
*Lord I love your videos Sir*
Daniel Kellington (1 day ago)
Nice work, Jerry Skinner !!
tp yount (2 days ago)
could you imagine, making a good living as a barber now-a-days?
Backinto Balance (4 days ago)
Lovely narrator and documentary. Thank you I just married 2 days ago and will make sure never to take my wife for granted or neglect her. (7 years engagement over) new beginnings!!
D Outcast (5 days ago)
Life is a story written by chance.
Edil Leon (6 days ago)
Avoid sounding dumb. It's " ,Italian" as in eetalian.Italian as in "e"(enormous, ego)and not as in "identity, etc.GET IT RIGHT!!!
vtwinrs (7 days ago)
Dean, my all time favorite! Thanks so much for the video.
Nigel Lewis (7 days ago)
Always loved Dean Martin not only a good Singer but a funny man to! God Bless Dean RIP xx
Steve Stumbaugh (7 days ago)
Dogface 53 (9 days ago)
A great entertainer.
Sharon Dates (9 days ago)
This mans voice is putting me to sleep
Frank Falabella (10 days ago)
Shadowe NightHawke (12 days ago)
to be Italian and to sing there is no greater thing Dean Martin
Fred B. BLOCK (12 days ago)
A wonderful tribute! "May you live as long as you want to and want to as long as you live".
tony TAW Productions HD (15 days ago)
Loved his music. Now do a story on Frank Sinatra
Ted Kier (15 days ago)
wasn't Sammy Watkins Orchestra headlining at Woodstock?
tiffsaver (16 days ago)
I met Dino at his favorite watering hole in Hollywood in the sixties. No, it wasn't his place, Dino's Lodge, it was a little restaurant/bar on the strip, nothing fancy. After his son, Dino Jr. died in a jet fighter crash (he was in the Air National Guard), I noticed him sitting at his favorite table all alone, up front, and I could tell he was hurting. I said hello, and he looked up from his drink and managed a weak smile, but I could just see the pain in his face. It was although when his son died, the life just went out of him. He died not long afterward. More than anything else, I believe that when Dino Jr. died, a little bit of him died, too. RIP, Dean Martin, a really kind, sweet, and down to earth gentleman.
Dale Holbert (16 days ago)
Thank you for this
Franklin Gell (16 days ago)
He was the best.
Rob Favuzza Sr (16 days ago)
Dino, i’l FantasticO ... Bene, molto !! My Late Wife who loved that I was Her Italian Stallion, loved his music - we sang it together...
Mr Mister (17 days ago)
Good video and I can’t believe how much Dino looked and acted just like his father..I loved everyone of these guys in the video...the fat pack was great and I wished they could have continued with the original three
John Bozzi (17 days ago)
Thank You Jerry. Marvelous job on this video. Dean Marin was a man.
Richard Habicher (18 days ago)
What a very wonderful presentation! It gave all of his life! I treasure all his times, I had many and still do go on!
auriptide (20 days ago)
Thanks. My favorite entertainer of all time. Love his movies with Jerry also. You don't see talent/singers/musicians like you did back in the day.
Anthony Mehmet (21 days ago)
Great singer , I think he was as great as Sinatra. But alas we all are mortals
Neil Forbes (21 days ago)
What was not mentioned was his role as Jamie Blake alongside Sammy Davis Jr.'s Fenderbaum in "Cannonball Run" and "Cannonball Run 2"
James Manky (22 days ago)
Great video to watch!
William Hoeweler (22 days ago)
Amazing story ,I loved watching it,i was only a kid when he was at his peak but absolutely loved watching all he did and the Dean Martin roast was so funny ! It's a shame what Hollyweird has become there is not the first bit of class left in Hollyweird and I no longer will watch the SOCIALIST antics of them!
Tina Cunningham (25 days ago)
I always love to hear your Great songs May you R.I.P. DEAN
kris best (25 days ago)
My Aunty Eva Kuling worked in his home, l regret losing a pair of his glasses frames and hanky, mum had a watermarked note paper with a martini on the top,and a framed Mr Wonderful tapestry a fan had made and sent to him.
Robert Young (27 days ago)
Most people think that Dino just gave up after Dean Paul Martin(his son was killed) when his F-4 Phantom slammed in Mount San Gregornio
THE NEWER PATRIOT (29 days ago)
Beautiful, thank you. <3
Fay Lanteigne (1 month ago)
I have no sound???
Thomas Mchugh (1 month ago)
Love it. They dont make guys like thar anymore
Darkwolfe (1 month ago)
Too much cancer :(
ann robi (1 month ago)
So sad about Dino. Heartbreaking. It hurts.
William Jones (1 month ago)
Why would you move from beautiful Italy?
Rob Labow (1 month ago)
I understand Dean hating rehearsing and did his shows, nevertheless, mistakes and all.
Tons of Beautiful, Natural & Dramatic Videos (1 month ago)
Amanda Gomersall (1 month ago)
Thank you, Jerry,,, simply lovely as always.I'm slowly working my way through all your videos. Nothing better than a quiet half an hour with you. God bless and keep the videos coming.
Leslie Mellott (1 month ago)
Thank you for posting this..ive truly enjoyed learning more about the man my grandfather & my dad told me to sit and just listen to him sing this or just watch him on this..im so glad they did..i love that you gave such great story telling also!
EDDIEPIRRERA (1 month ago)
Great video! Dean Martin was the ultimate "King of Cool" and there will never be another like him! Thanks!!!
lane jangula (1 month ago)
Dean Martin loved him since I was a kid.His voice, so smooth.Never missed a Dean Martin show from '65 on.RIP
Teresa Skinner (1 month ago)
He died of broken heart from losing his son. His Christmas songs all I ever listen too. His show OUTSTANDING!
Alex Wilde (1 month ago)
I could watch Jerry's videos all day.
Thomas D.aniel HandmadeClips (1 month ago)
Jerry Skinner (1 month ago)
O.K. Thomas. Jerry
tony TAW Productions HD (1 month ago)
Great!!!! Now do one on Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis jr.
Bleedwell Haney (2 months ago)
Thank you for a wonderful video of Dean. I love Dean!!! I grew up listening to him....Frank....watching the westerns with him n John Wayne.....n loving n watching Jerry!!!!! Your video does him honour in such a messed ip business as Hollywood n Vegas! Again thank you!!!!! be blessed........
Russell Montminy (2 months ago)
What ever happened to Jerry Skinner.
St. Beautifulemkcus (2 months ago)
Was there anyone cooler than this guy ? He absolutely owned it from the late 50s to the mid 70s
Contact Info (2 months ago)
Dino was a family man
Karen Karen (2 months ago)
I think he smoked and drunk too much !
Keith Purdue (2 months ago)
Dino Crocetti was and is an Icon. He created a niche in showbiz that cannot be touched, much less filled.
Albert Mag (2 months ago)
There was only one Dino , They really did break the mold after making Dino ,,,, There wasn't a person alive that could have worked the magic with music that Dino could ...
jawaid manzoor (2 months ago)
Amongst his best"evening in Roma"..
Carol Benson (2 months ago)
Such a good man but such a sad story.
William Curry (2 months ago)
DEAN was fluent in Italian???
Maxwell World Wide Historical Films (2 months ago)
Stupendous work on the Great Man!!!
Marie Hickey (2 months ago)
TO ME....He is the best out of all of THEM! His VOICE..was magic!
linda fleming (2 months ago)
Nice story he was a great singer and actor
john g (2 months ago)
Very well done! I remember Dean's show, him pretending to be drunk and singing " Everybody loves somebody sometimes". A great actor/singer.
Philly Lady Miami (2 months ago)
Love Dean always
BRR (2 months ago)
Another brilliant presentation from Mr. Skinner. Mr Skinner has a unique style which I think is the best. I look forward to the next Jerry Skinner video. Take care sir.
bufo (2 months ago)
Bill Otto (2 months ago)
Why is it Hollywood people change spouses more often than most people change their socks ? Sad. SMH
Les Sager (2 months ago)
These guys lived in my living room every fri night parents loved them amen
John Schaefer (2 months ago)
Angela Defilippo (2 months ago)
Harry Inkpot (2 months ago)
Mebrice Depace (2 months ago)
whats this "19 and 76" business. Its an unnecessary affectation.
MaryJo Paolinelli (2 months ago)
God bless Dean Martin Good Man....
MaryJo Paolinelli (2 months ago)
Listening to him all the time very relaxing 🤗
MaryJo Paolinelli (2 months ago)
Love man.... always wanted to sing with him love watching his show he was the Best in my books 👌😊💕he was beautiful and his music was beautiful too.
Annebeth Larsson (2 months ago)
Can you do Andy Williams
Rodmerlin (2 months ago)
He was amazing
Sher Grissom (2 months ago)
Thank you for making and sharing this account. Loved it.
Cesar A Meza (2 months ago)
Wolf Pak (2 months ago)
Special entertainer for sure
Voyageur Bushcraft (2 months ago)
Awesome guy. R.I.P. Dean
workingstiff19 (2 months ago)
These are getting professional, Jerry. But when the time comes, who will do "What happened to Jerry Skinner"?
Wade James Kennedy (2 months ago)
aida quintana (2 months ago)
Wow... what a beautiful video that was. Was is the title of the music on opening of the story? What beautiful music.
Terry Johnson (2 months ago)
I learned so much about Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis that I hadn't known.
R v W (2 months ago)
Thanks Jerry for this beautiful contribution to this artist.
Stuart Ferry (2 months ago)
funny looks like the guy next door, smells like a rat.
JCASHES1 (2 months ago)
I loved this guy
alan m (2 months ago)
rest in peace dean let it snow let snow let it snow in a marshmallow world in the winter as he died on christmas day 1995
Darla (2 months ago)
It’s hard to find love after you’ve been cremated & your ashes scattered. 9:30
priscamolotsi (3 months ago)
The narrator!😱😱😱😱😳😳😳😳
anthony curcio (3 months ago)
deanmartin and jerrylewis were both good in there on talentsdean martin and jerrylewis were both star icons.
Jean Bastarache (3 months ago)
Ah... the King of Cool!
Lankan Nomad (3 months ago)
They apparently spoke eye-talian at home.
Miriam Jewett (3 months ago)
a super star, multi-talented, gorgeous man..... love Dean Martin... mmmm.mmmm💋💋💋
angelfirelite (3 months ago)
What ever happened to the Rat Pack....Didn't Dean, Sammy and Frankie do numbers together? I live in Las Vegas and I use to see them on stage, all three of them, you missed something Jerry ~
Tom Smith (3 months ago)
he died Christmas day...1995. :(
Newton Washinton (3 months ago)
What a wonderful life story Thank you Jerry
Keith Purdue (3 months ago)
He was a true legend, giant. He died of lung cancer. Score one more for a legal killer, taxed by the government so it can continue killing.
Anthony Mehmet (21 days ago)
People didn’t have the same information about smoking back then. But now ! We have all we need to know. And people still choose to smoke and to start smoking. So what does that tell you. People don’t care until it’s to late !
Archiebald Arsledon (3 months ago)
This guys grammar is strange
Tiger. (3 months ago)
Dean Martin celebrity roast boy my dad would just have a good time watching that show and talk about laughter he would just laugh , hit the Arm of rocking chair , When dad would laugh it be so funny that he’d get everybody else in the house laughing with him!!! Jerry thanks for sharing !!!
jarritt brown (3 months ago)
I love the way you told the life story .keep up the good work I love your work!