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What Happened to Dean Martin?

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Text Comments (1626)
Mark Jones (8 hours ago)
A beautiful entertainer who loved life and most of all his family rest in peace Dino
Joyce Sciarretti (23 hours ago)
David Swift (1 day ago)
Really enjoyed the whole bio.. the southern sort of slow commentary surprisingly worked 👍 thanks for post !
timothy lines (1 day ago)
his moto[i dont give a fuck]
John m (2 days ago)
l just wish l could like this twice :)
Michael Garske (2 days ago)
((( R.I.P. ))))
Diane Miller (3 days ago)
Jerry, I so enjoyed your video- it was cohesive, informative and certainly brought back many memories. Dean Martin was a great entertainer. Thank you!
Chrissy Margo (4 days ago)
This was the most sincere and heartfelt video I hv ever heard. Thank you sir 🙋🏻‍♀️💕
Jerry Skinner (4 days ago)
Thank you so much Chrissy. Jerry
Dane Logan (5 days ago)
makes me proud to be italian, even though I am only half . Thanks mom!
katherine A. Rodgers (5 days ago)
I watched his show for as long as it ran. He and Jerry were always funny and they both had their separate careers. I did not know That Dean had 7 children. Thanks for bringing back some memories.
Charles Sphere (7 days ago)
Never had any reason to delve into his private life, but now knowing what an asshole he was, all respect is gone. Deserting his first wife and children is lowest of low.
Kayinfso Here (8 days ago)
Another wonderful video-bio!  Jerry - how about Louis Prima and Keely Smith?? Please consider....
Kayotik96 (8 days ago)
Damn his son departed from March air force base. That's where i live in Moreno valley CA. Been there my whole life and i didn't know that.
sharmclair (10 days ago)
thank you for your work!!
David Keeler (12 days ago)
You used one of my photos of dean in your biography. The one of dean and Jeanne at the restaurant
Brillo Light (12 days ago)
Lung cancer, he always was with a cigarette on hand
Josefina Santos (16 days ago)
I believe that Dean Martin was the best singer I ever heard . Thank you Mr Dean Martin for your awesome voice it will live forever. !
Deona (17 days ago)
I love the way Mr. Skinner narrates.
Jerry Skinner (16 days ago)
Thank you Deona. Jerry
Lynne Lip (17 days ago)
Thank you, a very interesting documentary of an interesting man
moron821 (17 days ago)
he was the spit of his dad
BondiBeach Sydney (18 days ago)
What a legend and sadly we don’t have those classy man anymore.
Montery12 (21 days ago)
Divorcing him and seeing that her kids were unstable without a father figure must've killed her.
Nan Fagan (21 days ago)
He died on Christmas Day of 1995 of acute respiratory failure.
alex white (22 days ago)
Peter Bowen (23 days ago)
Deans voice was like pouring honey in your ears what a singer.
Nik Del (23 days ago)
Love your accent!
Detlef Kerkau (23 days ago)
Hello Jerry, thanks for all your memory-videos ...I've watched a lot of them so far ....and everytime I do ...it brings back old memomies of my own live in connection with the times when i watched those people on the big screen ...when I was young as they were. Again, thanks a lot an keep on doing this fine work.
TheBostonranger1 (23 days ago)
Thank you Jerry for all the great videos.
Greg Jurek (25 days ago)
Hey Jerry how do you know all this did you know him or something? or are you reading from a biography
GooLoo 963 (25 days ago)
You are a dream! Thank you!!!!
GooLoo 963 (25 days ago)
Thank you so much for sharing & being able to get this information! My GaGa was a "short" of a fan which now, in appreciation no just for my GaGa but the Man the could "eat crackers in her bed any time!"
Jersey Joe (27 days ago)
Life is too short !!!
scasey1960 (27 days ago)
A steady stream of high quality videos.
D Outcast (30 days ago)
with.all his legacy at the end of the day he had to perform for the average Joe's in the clubs, for money, for money. Money drags a man to the lowest level.
Ona Bush (1 month ago)
How. Cute
NZ K (1 month ago)
Thanks Sir,Awesome vids
Mark Raker (1 month ago)
Just watched a show about comedy last night. It talked about the Dean and Jerry comedy team. They had a falling out. Jerry was doing his show about raising money for whatever it was. They had a surprise guest, it was Dean. They hadn't talked to each other for twenty years, It brought tears to my eyes.
Ken Johnson (1 month ago)
Jerry Skinner is the best. In all the videos he's done, I've only taken issue with one fact. Here he says, "...or the thousands of fans..." I think Dean had millions.
sally sdhesi (1 month ago)
He was a ledge do born on my birthday,what a voice
Bruce Junker (1 month ago)
Rio Lobo, my favorite old western.
James Banfield (1 month ago)
Who is doing the narration? I recognize that voice
Roger Wilco (1 month ago)
Interesting how Dean's children adored him, while Jerry Lewis' kids couldn't stand him. One of his kids actually sued him to get funds to take care of his sick first wife after Jerry dumped her for a Vegas dancer. Jerry, the humanitarian, left all of his first-marriage kids out of his will. Dean was much more of a family man. Jerry? A prick.
Kit Chow (1 month ago)
Miss him
suzycreamcheesez (1 month ago)
55 and a 26 year old model? eewww
Paulette Little (1 month ago)
when yo eyes meet the sky like a big pizza pizza pie that's amore ! o think I'm singing it right not sure I'm a black American woman who grew up in the hard inner city but I loved 2 play Dean Martin songs when I was in hi skool I'm 53 now luv u always Dean 😙😙😙😙😙😙
mxnfx (1 month ago)
I hate when they say he didn't drink!..he DRANK...
walt7500 (1 month ago)
The only use for marriage is to divorce.
Richard Maldonado (1 month ago)
Why do they put a video of a dead person and ask what happened to them???? They died!! Freaking idiots..
Anthony Whelan (1 month ago)
Dean was my favourite rat pack character. He was funny and a fantastic singer.
DENNIS LORELLO (1 month ago)
great man
Daymond ' Chief ' Jones (1 month ago)
Thanks again Brother. Brother Daymond
Steve Elder (1 month ago)
What happened? He thought cigarettes and booze were health foods.
Tone Seeker (1 month ago)
How could any one person be so cool.... To me, he was the one. Dino was as smooth as silk. His voice, his looks, his charm. Never has there been another like him and there never will be... In so many ways, he reminded me of my father. So he will always be dear to my heart..
RD Simmers (1 month ago)
*"eye -talian"* 😎
Earnest Redwood (1 month ago)
Excellent information my friend Dean Martin was one of my favorite actor
Vito Anthony D. (1 month ago)
Just a tremendously well done and well narrated documentary!
Wendy S (1 month ago)
That was wonderful. Jerry, you're the best documentarian. Thanks so much.
bloodsoaked vengeance (1 month ago)
This is so depressing
GG MA (1 month ago)
So handsome and he reminds me of my dad. Love his music and movies.
dave johnsen (1 month ago)
Wow,...another superbly done Tribute Sir....Thank You so much.... Dave J
Why Me? (1 month ago)
Those celebrity roasts were hilarious
Joseph Landrut (1 month ago)
Dean will one day reincarnate to become a man who knows I loved his singing although never shook his hand.
MaryJo Paolinelli (1 month ago)
Beautiful Man and his Voice Match the Man. . Beautiful...
MaryJo Paolinelli (1 month ago)
Love this Man...💙♥️ Talented and awesome.....He knew who who he was and what he wanted...🍷
russell white (1 month ago)
Gary Simone (1 month ago)
great job
Frankie Raman (1 month ago)
Best actors of all time.
Dallas DautermanDallas (1 month ago)
Very thorough information. Another great video record!
Mike mike (1 month ago)
what happened to Dean Martin is such a misleading title...just a bio on Dean Martin
michaellkelley (1 month ago)
Jeeze. What a loser. All those wives left. All those children ignored. Not someone to admire.
Gary Cianfrocca (1 month ago)
Jerry you are a brilliant man God bless you keep up the good work.
Issac Arellano (2 months ago)
Did Sammy also quit school I know Frank did and know I know Dean did
theruffedge94 RUFF (2 months ago)
Thank you very much !!!
Mario Faelli (2 months ago)
Grazie a Jerry !!!,,
Kenny Scarborough (2 months ago)
Pontiac GrandPrix73 (2 months ago)
He was a class act, grew up with him on my TV, my father watched him every week in the 60s, I was a Lil kid, I loved Matt Helm, the entire rat pack, and the celebrity roasts, he was Mr Kool
Danoid Dano (2 months ago)
Walter Batch (2 months ago)
Excellent short story of the life of Dean. A tribute to , in my opinion the greatest entertainer of his time. The most natural man in his such great life, bringing laughter and happiness to all of his followers.
Esteve Jame (2 months ago)
He died.
MKNJ_ Media (2 months ago)
Great video but Accent of the anchor is too strong, should practice to speak American Universal..
willem janssen (2 months ago)
i loved it, it made me get tears in to my eyes.
Henry Frederick (2 months ago)
Great narration Jerry Skinner...
RICHARD BEALS (2 months ago)
albert forlini peace on earth (2 months ago)
Eye-talion .
Roy Barratt (2 months ago)
They were singers .
John Picaro Jr. (2 months ago)
Noticing all the Fame and notoriety, and I always hear they all are alone in the end.. Not right!
MaryJo Paolinelli (2 months ago)
He grew up and was a Natural....he was proud of who he was..He worked his way through life....He Deserved it...thank you and God bless you Dean 🍷💝. 🇱🇷... Those were the days my friend....😘 👌. 🌹 ......Mat Hellma Loved his Movies.... Awesome.....and his TV show watched it all the time cool .....He Always loved Jennie and his Children good Man....🎰♦️♥️..... 😊 Thank you Dean Martin....He was the Best in my Books....He was a good Husband and Father.... Love He had a lot of love....
Keith Porter (1 month ago)
MaryJo Paolinelxgli
Betty Williams (2 months ago)
Potosi Finance (2 months ago)
You ARE the bomb Jerry!!!
M.J. Leger (2 months ago)
The guy who does these bios has a very "hokey" accent! Don't know where he grew up, but he certainly has a "WAY-down-south" sound to his accent. He uses present and past interchangeably and it often does not make sense, e.g., "her ashes were scattered....she will never marry again" is awkward. Losing a child is perhaps, worse than losing a spouse. Couples may split for various reasons and, MAY still love each other and get along, but a child who dies is gone forever and that is extremely difficult for a parent. They never get quite over that, but life must go on and they may recover enough to be able to cope and exist quite normally, but some pain is always still there.
Robert Ray (2 months ago)
least it sounds like he cared for his kids more than Jerry (Lewis) , but its too bad it sounds like he was married to his work more than his wives ... :( (he'd give um money rather than loVe, sounds like) :(
Tina Gallagher (2 months ago)
What a wonderful tribute. I remember going to what I later learned was a celebrity golf tournament. My Mother handed me a piece of paper and a pen and asked me to get "that man with the golf club" to sign it. It was Dean Martin- I was 6. He asked me my name and wrote, "Tina- you're cute." My Mom loved it.
oliverthecat666 (2 months ago)
love the way richard farnsworth narrated this
Geore Mycroff (2 months ago)
Martin and Lewis were 'ENTERTAINER's'! I was right there too, as a kid, who didn't love their movies in the '50's! But If that's why you admire them, think again! See how 'Jer' wound up, a mean, bitter, sarcastic sorry old man, who by all accounts, disowned 'his own kids' but always held himself in the highest regard!? "HOORAY FOR HOLLYWOOD!" How much money and aggrandizement do these people need?
Htliven (2 months ago)
Man oh man oh man that sir was beautiful.
scootergurl48 (2 months ago)
She died at the age of 66 and her ashes were spread over the bay. She would never remarry. Well DUH! LOL
Paul Letchworth (2 months ago)
Great job !!!!!! Dean was my moms favorite she and I would watch his show and laugh together , great memories thank god for memories !!!!!
Paul Kyriazi (2 months ago)
Great, concise, pictorial video, Jerry. Keep them up.
StoneThug Music (2 months ago)
*Lord I love your videos Sir*
Daniel Kellington (2 months ago)
Nice work, Jerry Skinner !!