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Elkhart Family Day - Recognizing our railroad family and yours

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Last month, Elkhart Yard hosted “Family Day” as an opportunity to say “thank you” – not only to our own team of railroaders, but also to the families that support them. NS employees and family members of all ages joined the celebration at Elkhart Yard and enjoyed food, music, and family activities. Surrounded by family and friends, several employees emphasized NS’ ‘I am coming home’ safety message and their team’s commitment to workplace safety to ensure that everyone goes home safely to their loved ones, each and every day. “’I am coming home’ is absolutely a mentality. It has to motivate you and inspire you to do the right things for the right reasons,” said Will Deshazor, superintendent terminals, Elkhart. “That’s really what it’s about – to say ‘I am coming home’ at the end of the day because people are depending on me.”
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Text Comments (8)
Quaob TOSP (1 year ago)
Can you do a Cupp family day?
Garrin Hatfield (1 year ago)
Norfolk Southern Corp is there any way you could do this at the Williamson WV yard and also nice video
Southern Railway (1 year ago)
Do you go through Strasburg Virginia
Highball Henry Productions (1 year ago)
This is so cool! I hope that I can join NS and have a family that supports me like these kids, wives, and husbands do. I love NS!
Norfolk Southern Pocahonis Division Railfan (1 year ago)
I wish i can have a job when i grow up
Southeastern Rail Productions (1 year ago)
Cool, that’s a great idea. Wish this would happen for railfans all over. (Especially Georgia maybe Gainesville or Atlanta @ Inman 😉)
Ohio Railfan production (1 year ago)
I know someone who is a engineer for NS who works at Bellevue and he is so cool
Black Diamond Railfan Productions (1 year ago)
Pumped up kicks