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Every Hospital Scene Ever | CH Shorts

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GET THESE THINGS OUTTA ME. CH Shorts - Original sketches, music videos, and pop culture parodies spanning the last CollegeHumor decade. See more http://www.collegehumor.com LIKE us on: http://www.facebook.com/collegehumor FOLLOW us on: http://www.twitter.com/collegehumor FOLLOW us on: http://www.collegehumor.tumblr.com CAST Katie Marovitch Raphael Chestang Brad - Jacob Wysocki Nurse - Syd Steinberg Doctor - Chase McCown Other Doctor - Frankie McLafferty CREW Director - Ryan Anthony Martin Writer - Katie Marovitch Producer - Shane Crown Production Coordinator - Francesca McLafferty Editor - Sam Geer
Category: Comedy
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Text Comments (1818)
Kay Puppy (10 hours ago)
Hospital drugs makes you susceptible to mind control. Dont trust the FBI and CIA~
Dalton Carbino (2 days ago)
This is the point where I sedate them by stabbjng hem with a syringe filled with a secret government liquid.
wim1wam (3 days ago)
It's fricking love
WkProductionCrew (4 days ago)
Kids, this is why u don't do drugs
KALEIDO jess (4 days ago)
I feel better now 😪 *at home sick with a virus* bring me to that hospital 😂
Starteller (4 days ago)
I don't understand seem a pretty normal hospital day to me.
Leonard Greenpaw (5 days ago)
She has a lot of vitality for someone with THREE BROKEN RIBS! Seriously even breathing should be hurting her right now
Jorge Andrés (5 days ago)
Riveriux Phenom (5 days ago)
ouch !! a foley cathether removed like that would be extremely painful.
Jonathan Saidon (5 days ago)
This is actually hilarious
Fuzzy Slug (6 days ago)
mhmm yeah this episode of House M.D. was a killer
Jason Park (6 days ago)
Is it just me? but I don't find that big guy funny at all. Sorry.
Kat Mlg (7 days ago)
Dragoneta Slayer (7 days ago)
He has the only map
elevenade (7 days ago)
Fucking love brad. Hope he will return again when we least expect it.
Sašo Muc (7 days ago)
from prof. side of view, these was hilarious and true sometimes.
ᴛʜᴇ ᴛᴏxɪᴄ ѕкєlєтσи (7 days ago)
Speedy W03 (7 days ago)
CrookedShorts (7 days ago)
Katie makes the FUNNIEST SKETCHES!
ben der (7 days ago)
More brad plz lol.
Two Sides of me. (7 days ago)
Smosh ? 😂
AuraTheArtist and many others (8 days ago)
Doctors: Ok you're really hurt and you could die if you leave. We're just gonna nourish you back to heal- Character: NO! IM NOT GONNA LET YOU HOOK ME UP TO SOME MACHINE! *pulls out medical things that are literally supporting their life and suppressing intense pain* Doctor: Please don't do that we just- Character: DOWN WITH THE SYSTEM! Doctor: Seriously- Character: *screams and starts knocking everything over*
Millor (8 days ago)
I thought her leg was broken lmao
kyle hinds (8 days ago)
The person in the thumbnail looked like the actress from kill bill
Bryony T (9 days ago)
Throw back
Tobs Meks (9 days ago)
*I know how to write in bold*
dennilane (9 days ago)
Did that urine have blood in it?!
LordFuckington (9 days ago)
Man, i wish i could find a nice woman to forceably remove my cathater
katynope (9 days ago)
Not in Grey’s Anatomy
Max Harrison (9 days ago)
United collector virtue tent grief mine wave surprisingly contact setting.
Cole Francis (10 days ago)
Snurph (10 days ago)
Johannes Moser (10 days ago)
Employee previous entrance southwest maintenance principal relatively.
ClickThisToSubscribe (10 days ago)
That Alex Jones voice!
delacruz juan (11 days ago)
I just watched Greys Anatomy and I watched this 😂😂😂
feksil (11 days ago)
should be tinted blue
Haagen Neldeberg (11 days ago)
Putin? Putin. Putin?!
Zachary Albinder (11 days ago)
_Jamison_ (11 days ago)
Ahahahahahah lol
Juubes (11 days ago)
Ida Fruitboot (12 days ago)
Bigoun Big (12 days ago)
Sawyer Bass (12 days ago)
Don't put your tubes in me. I don't want this! (Oscar time)
en ting (12 days ago)
Cheshire kitten (12 days ago)
Anyone see the Illuminati symbol on Katie's cast in the beginning?
mccalebtv (12 days ago)
You know he’s obviously putin.
blackhaloproductions (12 days ago)
That last "YOU LEAVE HIM ALONE!" is gold
GuardianOfMoon (12 days ago)
Hope this points out women wearing push up bras, under their hospital garment....
A'isyah F (12 days ago)
this is the most annoyed and irritated ive been ever
reznovka (12 days ago)
As a nurse I gotta say that I know people like this. Well, nobody called me Putin yet but the rest is pretty accurate.
Kisame Hoshigake (13 days ago)
Is that Beetle Juice!!!!??
TonyClark (13 days ago)
Cecilia Lopes (13 days ago)
Brad does look like the cockroach man from MIB
Adrian Jutronich (13 days ago)
Doctor here. I secretly fake a russian accent when talking to confused people. "Please remain here, sir. Or we will have to call the guards." And then the nurse sedates them back into stupor.
Joninfiction (13 days ago)
Who is the big guy?
Abby Cupcake (13 days ago)
Kayleigh Hay (14 days ago)
Please don't make it sexual
Guy Gamer (14 days ago)
WTF did I just watch
IntelligentReality (14 days ago)
I am honestly surprised they didn't film this in their goddamn office.
Abigail Lagarde (14 days ago)
All the healthcare workers cringed in pain when they ripped out that urinary catheter...
Cari Knowles (14 days ago)
Toxic Ribcage (14 days ago)
Tavia Millward (15 days ago)
Katie is the best! Or is it the mind juice talking?
WildcatWaldo (15 days ago)
A&E : We need to FIND this man, Enhance! Enhance! Enhance! Enhance! Enhance! Me : Is that 100 million pixels on your computer? Jesus
Strigidae Strigiformes (15 days ago)
xdarkherox93 (15 days ago)
To be fair when I had an operation last year I woke up and thought they were turning me into the Winter Soldier and had a mini freak out Gonna blame it on the morphine
mommymode1985 (16 days ago)
that guy is hilarious he's only been in 2 college humor vids that i can find they need to use him more
Ian Lathrop (16 days ago)
The catheter tube omg!
Lula the trashfan loves no one (16 days ago)
My aunt says this is true
Daniel Gehring (16 days ago)
I feel that either I totally missed the point of the skit or its target audience was, like, ten people.
Immortal4261 (16 days ago)
Smosh would have had multiple scenarios in the same video
Christopher Kendrick (16 days ago)
"please don't make this sexual"
sparklyunicorn me (16 days ago)
Generic Name (17 days ago)
Glad Katie's relationship is staying strong. Relation goals <3
Rob Palumbo (17 days ago)
Katie is the GOAT of CH. There I said it.
Azizi Zul (17 days ago)
Let me guess... Too much morphine?
Anna Young (17 days ago)
As a medical professional the foley cath being ripped out had me crossing my legs in pain....ooof...just damn...ouch.
hawk222 (17 days ago)
Oh hey, it's that one guy that Katie dated in that one sketch. He looks like he's doing well.
Queen Snow (17 days ago)
Did they turn right at Curry rd?
dwarf gaming (17 days ago)
Fuckin Rafael 😂
Jonathan Reyes (17 days ago)
Jo Picconatto (17 days ago)
J McK (17 days ago)
Ironically, they actually were Putin.
TalkingToMyself (17 days ago)
I missed Katie’s boyfriend.
abigailschneider1 (17 days ago)
omfg so accurate lmao
Osama Bin Laden (17 days ago)
Anyone else notice Emily in the background at the end?
Tom36 B (17 days ago)
I love how this was the mismatched couple from another skit
Annaliese Cancilla (17 days ago)
This is so legit
Der Führer (17 days ago)
What was this?
Marc Ji (17 days ago)
33 respirations for an adult. :S
diegowaahere (17 days ago)
Working with patients like this is the worst... I fucking hate hollywood making my job more difficult. Btw they would have been administered the sleep cocktail wayy before they left that room if I was there.
Danica Marie Escarez (17 days ago)
Right from the start, I knew what will be her question 😂
nobo dy (18 days ago)
wtf did i just watched?
FL (18 days ago)
Patients like these are much more common than you think. Word to the wise - don't try to rip out your IV. It's downright dangerous.
MCNT052 (18 days ago)
I thought people were going to bash trough doors with an injured person
I. Wyrd (18 days ago)
Psych consult, stat.
Demmrir (18 days ago)
I love how the medical professionals acted EXACTLY like real medical professionals would the entire time. The "yes, people are stupid and crazy and I am tired of this shit but keeping them stable is my job so I'm just going to ignore them and keep sticking these things back on until they give up" attitude.
Tuxedo Productions (18 days ago)
Literally every medical drama. Person with life-threatening injuries tries to take out their devices to go... somewhere...
Anthony Guarino (18 days ago)
i dont even know why im subbed to this channel anymore
alois trancy (18 days ago)
Isn't this just a shit version of every _______ ever.