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UPS Planes Departing Louisville International Airport HD

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These are some video clips that I shot at the UPS hub in Louisville, Kentucky at the Louisville International Airport (KSDF). Please enjoy the video and feel free to rate and comment. Please subscribe for more aviation videos
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Captain Steven Markovich (5 months ago)
Awesome MD11 👍 subscribed
Joseph Harmon Music (6 months ago)
I live in Louisville, and go by the Airport a lot. They really like those MD-11s as you can see
AeroFiles (1 year ago)
I am planning to go planespottibg here as Louisville is my home and I live pretty near it
sputnik (2 years ago)
Hi can you tell me where to go in Louisville ? Nice ! Thanks
Bornapatriot BythegraceofGod (1 year ago)
sputnic Crittenden Dr, runs right beside the runway, there is like a industrial park back there you can park there and watch planes all day and night super super close too
Randy She (2 years ago)
Camera operator needs to either buy a tripod or switch to decaf!
El_Ectric (26 days ago)
Todd (2 years ago)
I'm thinking maybe I should know this but is Louisville a major hub for these guys? I remember driving past Memphis years ago and fedex jets were stacked up like dominos there and I had heard Memphis was a major international hub for Fedex, at least at that time. Does Louisville serve as a major playground for UPS?
Connie Higginbotham (1 year ago)
Todd W. Louisville is the main hub for U P S around the Dayton OH area. I personally know a pilot and he lives in Dayton Ohio area and it takes him 3 hours to drive there. He has flown out if Anchorage as well
Roger Lewis (2 years ago)
I have been working for UPS for several yrs. in Louisville, KY. to answer your question. Louisville is the MAIN air hub for UPS. dubbed "WORLDPORT"
Randy She (2 years ago)
They can park SEVENTY aircraft at the building at one time and They have the ability to process 416,000 pieces per HOUR
Will Viser (2 years ago)
Todd W, World Port is UPS big daddy hub. It's mind blowing how big it is. It makes Fedex world hub in Memphis look very small. Their is videos on YouTube about UPS World Port but it doesn't do any justice on how big it really is. UPS World Port processes something around 1.5 to 3 million packages a day. That's a serious HUB.
Mystique Ufo Pirate (2 years ago)
this can be scientifically explained to me all day long, I'll still never understand how those planes can lift off and fly and stay in the air.
Rebel9668 (1 year ago)
Or Helicopters....they look as though instead of lifting off they should screw themselves into the ground, lol.
Ryan's vlogging it (3 years ago)
fed ex is in indy airport
J Beckmann (2 years ago)
Ryan Belden Memphis
Ryan's vlogging it (3 years ago)
what's the two engine plane the others a dc10 I was at Kentucky kingdom a week ago the planes come in low because the airport and mile away thanks Ryan
jan bar (10 months ago)
theodore scott (3 years ago)
i love U.P.S the greatest shipping company in the world
Rydog (3 years ago)
globalpeter100 (4 years ago)
GreaT VideO
Robert Wilmoth (5 years ago)
That road is no more and there is a high fence next to the Republic hangar. Construction around the airport has just about taken all of the once great spots this airport used to have. If the cops see you taking pix, they will stop you and confiscate your camera so be very careful.  You can go to the cellphone lot but stay in your vehicle. There is only one time during the year you can take all the photos you want and that is during the Ky. Derby the first Saturday in May. It's a great time to be there.
scott roark (5 years ago)
Thank you sir.
scott roark (5 years ago)
Are you in ups parking lot?
AddictedToAviation (5 years ago)
I was off of Crittenden Dr. There are a few businesses along the road that I stopped at. Pretty decent spot besides the fence. 
scott roark (5 years ago)
I'm also in Louisville. Have been looking for a good place to take my son to plane spot. What road are you on? Thanks
ofdrobb (5 years ago)
What is the triple engine plane?
DowntownCanon (3 years ago)
It's an MD-11.
Kathryn Leavitt (3 years ago)
or DC-10.
AddictedToAviation (5 years ago)
McDonnell Douglas MD-11
Aviatorspot (6 years ago)
Good video and filming of UPS takeoff! I subbed, sub back?
mylosairplanefan (6 years ago)
very nice video! well done, likd!
Starbuckin (6 years ago)
I Identified one of them as "N128UP" an Airbus A300F4...
npadul30 (6 years ago)
There goes my new tv, computer, ipad, what not. Isen't logistic amazing?
flymen918 (7 years ago)
Awesome video man!
Ville24 (7 years ago)
Spelled Louisville wrong at the top. Other than that, good video.
Bobcat1Deere2Cat3 (7 years ago)
I saw two 747's. I wish one of them took off. it would be really cool.
AddictedToAviation (8 years ago)
@Bluepanther110011 It is on that same road, but not in their parking lot. It was back down the road just a little bit. Do you video out there?
Josh Reeves (8 years ago)
At some of the clips, were you at Republic's Hangar parking lot?