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Red Bull's Max Verstappen And Daniel Ricciardo | F1 Grill The Grid

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Quiz time for the Red Bull duo as they team up to take the Grill The Grid challenge... For more F1® videos, visit Like F1® on Facebook: Follow F1® on Twitter: Follow F1® on Instagram:
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Text Comments (792)
Atharva Rao (15 days ago)
i love daniel ricciardo! what a jolly guy
Jacky Beck (1 month ago)
Seb Took the pole position with M.Webber
Antonio Cantante (1 month ago)
Sabrija VucInc (1 month ago)
I can't believe he was 12 in 2009 . It is ridiculous .My mind is still not ready for that .I've gotten old ,and I am 26
Maria Popova (1 month ago)
Give us an hour.....😂
Juan Pablo Ferraristus (1 month ago)
Daniel and Max the best drivers
Zrob8 _ (1 month ago)
We are dominating Lol
bowlchamps37 (2 months ago)
1:31 Raikkonen and Vettel don´t count?
jan.woz_38 (2 months ago)
Gonna miss these two in one team :(
NextKaretus (2 months ago)
Ric is too fun xd
Denden Yannik (2 months ago)
Love these two together 😂😂
Adrisco/EduPlayZ (2 months ago)
matyi Wittmann (3 months ago)
3:38 Niki Lauda
Stylo (2 months ago)
He’s Austrian
Tiger Costa (3 months ago)
“That’s a really difficult one...u u don’t know”
Kimi Räikkönen (3 months ago)
Kimi Räikkönen (3 months ago)
Lumber Jack (3 months ago)
We got some time here, right? Give us an hour.
Mez Hossain (3 months ago)
Incredible they're still bros
DhDeadMan (3 months ago)
''10 GERMANS?!'' LOL
Vincent Junior Milot (3 months ago)
1:42 i'm down ahahha "give us an hour" :D
SebaCod Py (3 months ago)
nurulla Huseynov (3 months ago)
This was before Baku 2018?
Nvidia Boy (3 months ago)
Phineas and ferb
NationVenomous (4 months ago)
I was minus 6 hahaha
Dikke Joppe (4 months ago)
The ferraris front row?
JФSЕРНI КЯАКФШSКI (4 months ago)
He was minus 6 bro!
Vishnu narayanan (4 months ago)
Best teammates off the track
Nick Hartwell (5 months ago)
lol, im sure plenty have said was 1990 not 1991, tut tut James Allen! :)
girlgreenivy (5 months ago)
How do they know who's in the car. You can't see their faces
AUmarcus (2 months ago)
The helmet design or car number.....every driver has a unique one.
BAKER 13 (5 months ago)
GRJ 1 (5 months ago)
"i was minus 6"
Emilio carrapeña (5 months ago)
Daniel ricciardo China 2018 woooooooooohooooooooo
Bleron Preniqi (3 months ago)
Elysium Nat (5 months ago)
Max was 12 yrs old in 2009......... shoot me now 🧓🏻🤣
s10dlka (5 months ago)
"they gotta get one somewhere" loll ooh too close to home
Mia Slngd (5 months ago)
And, he did it again in China2018!!Go Red bull#Aston Martin rule!!
I Love 80's years...... (6 months ago)
Meglio Ricciardo che il pericolo pubblico in pista che gli sta affianco...
Its Aura (6 months ago)
“I was minus six” Shows how good Max is at math.
BioloItz (6 months ago)
"I was -6", goddammit I laughed too hard
OnlyFor Luxury (6 months ago)
Welp Torro Rosso was better than RedBull in Bahrain
TKF1 (6 months ago)
And on his skin brah!
Tequila Sunrise (6 months ago)
If Verstappen turned his head around he'd have seen a giant lizard! Driver of the interview: Max Verstappen
Marisa Tamayo (6 months ago)
the way Max says Jaguar 😂😂😂
Jonathan Lazarus (6 months ago)
best and funniest of all the grill the grids. even the grill the grid team bosses chris horner was funnny
Bogdan Garasyuk (7 months ago)
What is the wrist watch on Max?
Collin en Martijn games (7 months ago)
Max ik ben nederlands
AirEdin (7 months ago)
I was minus6
Vanessa Kittenheart (8 months ago)
Daniel has some hella fine biceps
Rambod B (8 months ago)
3:14. "I was minus 6" 😂😂😂
Empire Mapping (9 months ago)
2:46 max one the toilet
Car Person (9 months ago)
Can we get a moderator's reaction to grill the grid?
Mak Rockson (9 months ago)
0:18 verstappen say Damn!
Shawnt Ferrer (9 months ago)
3:30 Maximus Verstappenus, "Ten Germans???"
Conor Duffin (9 months ago)
This is why i love Red Bull
ItzDan (9 months ago)
''Oh, well done Daniil and Carlos Nerds!''
Alex (10 months ago)
Skin Bruh
Yarred Pel (10 months ago)
Wow last question so less points compared to the many options others had.
WinteR (10 months ago)
Best duo
Dayne OfStarfall (10 months ago)
On his skin BRAHHHH 😂
Luca Munro (10 months ago)
I absolutely adore these two. They're my favourite team pairing in F1
Natalie Martin (10 months ago)
"Give us an hour" "I was minus 6" Max verstappen everyone.
crusherbmx (11 months ago)
"What was the team's name before it was Jaguar?" didn't Jos Verstappen drive for Stewart? Replacing Jan Magnussen?
DJ Annie mimo wairish (11 months ago)
Congrats to Lewis passed the test
Secret Handshake (11 months ago)
Here's a joke. Max's engine.
erico 29bwoah (11 months ago)
By far the best grill the grid of them all. We now that Dani is incredible humorous but Max is also a funny guy, maybe because he's having time with Dani
Luca Mino (11 months ago)
MasterMGM - Gaming (11 months ago)
Name the circuit....... He won there!!!!!!
Bryan Jeaks (11 months ago)
McLaren should have said Still I fall
Brynxx (11 months ago)
best team in F1 ☺☺
GenoegTeDoen (11 months ago)
Like als je wilt dat max in Mexico gaat minnen
Jakarta Hobby (11 months ago)
I cant imagine if they forget nico rosberg in german driver
Jie Kang Koh (1 year ago)
Lewis Hamilton must have been mad when he heard still I fall
Hugh Janus (1 year ago)
Daniel talks so much shit I love it
Jamthetiger 1017 (1 year ago)
I say Pérez and hulkenberg
thosegreengentlemen (1 year ago)
out of all of them, this seems to be the only pair of boys
David Jordanov (1 year ago)
I was -6
Mad Mac 66 (1 year ago)
Great the track
Manuel (1 year ago)
Daniel roasts toro rosso team 3:49
Daniel Watkins (1 year ago)
"The B Team got one up on you"
Dino Draftsky #21 Clutch-Aid (1 year ago)
0:42 Thought Maldonado.
sweet as kookie (1 year ago)
I miss vettel with redbull
Cavarro (1 year ago)
Wasnt Daniil Kvyat the youngest point scorer ?
Unbekannt_NL (1 year ago)
Cavarro Gamez till Verstappen yes
Gian Vittorio Libri (1 year ago)
'Still I Fall' lol
Doğan Yazgı (1 year ago)
Ricciardo had a lot of time to look at the rear of Lewis' car, that's why he answered
Animated Apologetics AKA LW97 AKA Ruben Silew (1 year ago)
Let's see if RBR will be ahead of Ferrari again in 2018
Filosofia Criativa (1 year ago)
Ricciardo, I fucking love you !!!
Maketsu (1 year ago)
Oh man, Rosberg is away for half a season as a champion and they almost forgot him... :D
Berdy (1 year ago)
Which RedBull teammates have crashed the most? :D
Amias (1 year ago)
That was the funniest Grill the Grid 😂
Callum Mongan (1 year ago)
Ricciardo and Verstappen are a sorted combo both sorted as
Eathan Hide (1 year ago)
You got time here right give us an HOUR!!! Wow
Hugo Stiglitz (1 year ago)
I think it's funny how 2 drivers that play video games immediately identified the track pictures. K Mag and Max
Danang Seta (1 year ago)
sore loser
MrJanizPetke (1 year ago)
"I was twelve in 2009" :DDDDDDD
Will Black (1 year ago)
I just realized how ironic it is that Toro Rosso won their first race before Red Bull
Curious Cat (1 year ago)
I love how cheerful Ricciardo is. :D I hope these two get a winning car soon.
Unbekannt_NL (1 year ago)
Curious Cat because they had the exact same car that year (most of it anyway)
f1franky 23 (1 year ago)
Very funny max and daniel
Chang Freddy (1 year ago)
still I fall lmfao
Franza Putra (1 year ago)
When he [Hulkenberg] did a good quali? LOL
Jacob Becker (1 year ago)
Two best parts of this video were maxs' laugh after the 'still I fall' and ricciardo saying "What squids." Lmao
rhysdude (1 year ago)
Anyone here after what happened at Hungary today? Doubt this relationship will last now haha
NotASupraOrGtrFanboy (1 year ago)
rhysdude naa Riccardo was just frustrated, they are fine