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Guy Stuck in History Class

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Text Comments (30520)
King Karstagg (6 hours ago)
My life in one video
This is not my real Name (1 day ago)
bOOOOOObs in thumbnail, click click click *drool on lap
Jay Snow (1 day ago)
I see boobs in the thumbnail, I have to click the video, Damn you CollegeHumor
Wormster (1 day ago)
Zoniac74 (2 days ago)
"you are looking at the clock. you are weak" sounds like me
nik macice (2 days ago)
now if you excuse me i will look at the girl with big boobs
It'snotaplane 32 (2 days ago)
it actually felt like 15 minutes just at the 2nd minute lol
Muhammad Sharif Cheema (3 days ago)
Caramel Snack Bar (3 days ago)
9 whole years ago... Jesus
dagoogler01 (4 days ago)
burn victim girl O.O
Whatthenoope (4 days ago)
As someone who currently goes to middle school, I can confirm this to be accurate
aamir aamir (4 days ago)
blade (4 days ago)
Meredith Wheeler
Dr. Rapture (4 days ago)
"Now that thats over now its time to look at the girl with big boobs"
Jacinto Leite Aquino Rêggo (4 days ago)
me in school
Avocado Boner (4 days ago)
*cough* *ppppfffffffrrrrrrrrr*
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mohammad badran (5 days ago)
americans are disgusting animals
dee kay (5 days ago)
I rarely cringe so hard
Chris Burdick (6 days ago)
Not gonna lie, CollegeHumor is weirder than Deadpool.
Tony Jones (6 days ago)
Actually, I did this in economics. Statistics, too, for that matter. Stuff went so far over my head, it wasn't even funny. So I hid in the back of the classroom, where there would be no chance of being called upon to display my object lack of understanding (if not sheer stupidity) in front of the class...and where there were no girls with big boobs to gawk at, either :{ Of course, I sold the text books for beer money. The 1980's were good days...
Azure Genius (6 days ago)
Lol.. And CarryMinati is the one getting age restricted..
MeroBongo (7 days ago)
You always get a boner in early morning boring classes like these :P
Yertzle 500 (7 days ago)
John Jackson (7 days ago)
Boobs in thumbnail. I click
Fishing Man (7 days ago)
Dude stop smoking lol
Salomon Sigala (7 days ago)
I always draw cubes...for some odd reason.
Altmer Werewolf (8 days ago)
This is me in any math class. Just having my ADHD fueled mind go back and forth about everything.
Lightning Soccer (8 days ago)
How many came because of the thumbnail I know I did
Olivia Rose (8 days ago)
"Couldn't be me. I'm too busy drawing cubes."
Janice Hurley (8 days ago)
This is HORRIBLE.  Why am I subjected to this?
Irish Tour (9 days ago)
Ik you clicked for the thumbnail
SpiderMan Fan (10 days ago)
this is so me in class
turbokid991 (10 days ago)
What's "DSLS"?
Marcus Michaelis (10 days ago)
This has to be the horniest kid in the universe.
Ash Ketchum (11 days ago)
I wish they made videos like this today
Ash Ketchum (11 days ago)
I love 2008
Versipellis the rogue Changeling (11 days ago)
the only history classes you should definitely not be bored in are early to mid 20th century stuff like world wars and the cold war, etc., that stuff is interesting.
RandoMusicman (12 days ago)
This POV is so realistic 😂
Gabriel Ruesga (12 days ago)
who's big tit mc'gee
Popcorn (12 days ago)
I love this video but I also love history
AlphaleaderGaming (13 days ago)
Wow this is actually me in my high school history class. I fall asleep sometimes cause it's my first period, I think about random shit a lot, and I stare at my hot ex girlfriend who sits behind me
HotSalsaSauce Cast (13 days ago)
Mr. Decapitator (14 days ago)
what's her name?
Calliope Foxwood (14 days ago)
I love history though...
Cancer (14 days ago)
I hate people who find a certain subject interesting. Like it must be so fucking easy for you you fucking peice of shit
Spuster ツ (14 days ago)
Yay not the only one drawing cubes
kenonifty (15 days ago)
Uploaded on SECRET GAY AGENDA.......
Firas Najjar (15 days ago)
thats Guys life right ?
T Katkip (17 days ago)
is it sad i never study for history and get all a's?
Brendan Tighe (17 days ago)
Is that Chris Pratt?
The Unicorn (18 days ago)
I passed every class pretty easily and loved history but math fucked me over ever grade.
lilmisskaylie marquardt (18 days ago)
I relate to this on a spiritual level! 😂 Except the "Time to ho back to looking at the girl with big boobs" part... usually I'm the one catching the guys looking at me... and then questioning everything I know about life because I'm ugly. :P
Mis Kay (18 days ago)
i was in 8th grade when this came out holy shit!! lol
Intense Productions Inc. (18 days ago)
This is called Binorol Technique.
tailedgates9 (19 days ago)
All of these college POV's are so relatable it hurts. Lol
Ethanlego (19 days ago)
So he wants to be in Dennis's mom's boobs...
Sai Views (19 days ago)
Bline Atlanti (19 days ago)
Cute breast....
#geek (20 days ago)
I relate to this on a personal level
Anthony Long (20 days ago)
But...but i love history And those breasts arent that big. But they're good enough.
XGN FlawlessStrafe (21 days ago)
who is the girl
E (21 days ago)
Back when CollegeHumor was actually good.
CelsoTeaGreen (21 days ago)
wow shes beutiful gwbb
Stav AF (21 days ago)
CollageHumor were click baiting before it was cool
sqottwerd88 (22 days ago)
haha me too
4 Tonnes of Fury (22 days ago)
History is fucking fun.
Gábor Králik (22 days ago)
If you put your soft dick in a Nestea bottle and get a boner, it doesnt get stuck, you can pull it out slowly.
Gábor Králik (20 days ago)
I won't tell you haha. But it didn't hurt at all.
Anthony Long (20 days ago)
Gábor Králik you must speak from experience
Zeno of Caledonia (22 days ago)
Why does everyone always doodle those s and cubes?? I did that 15 years ago as well!
Zouboi Vaiphei (22 days ago)
Dario Franciosi (23 days ago)
O M F G !
krustykidd (24 days ago)
How was he able to lucid dream do easily
Martjn Mao (24 days ago)
How could history classes ever be boring tho
Phatnaru0002 (24 days ago)
I always thought that about that with the plastic bottle too.
Anthony Long (20 days ago)
Phatnaru0002 try it
Journalism Now (25 days ago)
" it couldn't be me, I'm too busy drawing cubes..."
Aman Aishwarye Sharma (26 days ago)
Aaa have you seen that window??😂😂😂😂
George Graydon (26 days ago)
if a teacher looked inside my head i would be expelled
DJI Flights (26 days ago)
It couldntve been me I'm to busy drawing cubes
UltimatumC (27 days ago)
That list is hilarious xD
Aldar (27 days ago)
That Mona Lisa lol wtf
Ľuboš Mudrák (27 days ago)
your old videos were best :D
Grizzexploder (27 days ago)
Who is Girl with Big Boobs though
Anthony Long (20 days ago)
Grizzexploder lowkey looks like Miranda Cosgrove
Andrea Castellanos (28 days ago)
Read the rest of the list in his journal. Just read it.
KingOfWorld3000 (28 days ago)
Dennis' mom
brokenchickenleg (29 days ago)
incredibly stupid vid. nothing clever, nothing funny. just dumb
waseem abbas (29 days ago)
ahaahahahah funny
TRKYDICKINSON (1 month ago)
:) , fair play , is funny actually :) ....
Nuzaira Habib (1 month ago)
Who's watching in 2017?
Reyx 124 (1 month ago)
"Don't look at the clock don't look at the clock don't look at the clock *looks at the clock* you are weak"
HotWolf Productions (1 month ago)
This guy is so creepy and weird
dsupre blue (1 month ago)
10 years later "welcome to macdonals how may i help you"
Jon Smith (1 month ago)
Is the teacher Adam Savage
killer boy (1 month ago)
This is exactly what I think during class.
Marc Burmholdt (1 month ago)
ɪʀᴏǫᴜᴏɪs. ᴛʜᴀᴛ's ᴛʜᴇ ᴀɴsᴡᴇʀ.
Marc Burmholdt (20 days ago)
+Anthony Long it was so fuckin tempting to look it up on google.
Anthony Long (20 days ago)
Marc Burmholdt pop quiz! What was the name of the road that passed throughout the iriquois nation?
Vanessa Berberi (1 month ago)
LOL I did that gag in the end to my friend once she beat me in front of the teacher hahaha
South Baller (1 month ago)
Draw cubes 😂😂
Missdevil666 (1 month ago)
lol a lott of women are pretty much the same as this trust me xD
Anthony Long (20 days ago)
Missdevil666 that's why I am single and proud. So I wont deal with them bitching
chonchat Chomnanwet (1 month ago)