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Guy Stuck in History Class

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Text Comments (33095)
Anh Đức Trần (2 hours ago)
that girl is hoooooooooooooooooootttttttttttttt
austen (3 hours ago)
"Girls I'd Like to be Inside: Dennis' Mom"
Jacob Miller (4 hours ago)
We need to bring back these povs
HazzaPadmore (7 hours ago)
Wow this video is really good.
MysticBlast3r26 (20 hours ago)
*dat song tho*
Adam B (2 days ago)
Cough *FAAART*
GAMEplay 27 (4 days ago)
King TBoy (4 days ago)
seems like a good lesson, id def listen
Howard Jeddore (4 days ago)
2:45 lmao
Jellos Del Pellos (4 days ago)
Dennis’ gf Dennis’ mom??????
SREEHARI 003 (5 days ago)
*Easiest way to remove boredom*
XxRoboticNerdxX (6 days ago)
Was this monitized?
Everyone unsubscribe! I don't want anyone else! (6 days ago)
At 0:40, her boobs are so very cute! I want to touch her boobs right now!
bryan Brown (7 days ago)
Only like 45% realistic
da7omfarhan1 (7 days ago)
10 years
V Music (7 days ago)
0:39 thank me later 😋
Garang Tiir (8 days ago)
Damn I thought I was the only one who drew cubes when I was bored
Kenden Turd (9 days ago)
The original tits in thumb nails
VeryRareVrother (9 days ago)
Me at school
Raghu Mulukutla (9 days ago)
Ah! Nostalgia! Watched this video about 5 years ago :)
Janishi Zitexion (10 days ago)
Signature "cough fart." I used it only once because I found out the cough doesn't cover shit. In more than one way.😑
Devyn Coleman (10 days ago)
Dang thumb nail
Egg Puppy (11 days ago)
How about......just focus on studying at this point?
JAGER (12 days ago)
Nope (12 days ago)
I hated Every class except History class...
537monster (12 days ago)
My entire life in high school.
Adin DuBose (12 days ago)
This is scarily accurate
Sh00k (14 days ago)
its been 10 years.
dj blast (14 days ago)
The pov makes me feel so awkward
LUMINOUS (14 days ago)
Who is the girl??
SUP BRO (15 days ago)
HumorDash Airsoft (15 days ago)
I want 5k likes
ROYL Flame (15 days ago)
HumorDash Airsoft no
GOAL & HIGHT LIGHT - (16 days ago)
Hahahahaah!! That was funny!! Anyone in 2018??
the oneandonly (17 days ago)
It's been one decade.
Gilbert Matillano (18 days ago)
Good old days... oh its been years. 😊
Mastraal (19 days ago)
10 years....
Amit Verma (20 days ago)
Relatable (21 days ago)
To scale replica of me in school MSP (21 days ago)
X0sniper Animations (21 days ago)
jd danil (21 days ago)
Ig I am not alone after all
rag doll (21 days ago)
Ahem *farts*😂
Mr Temporal (22 days ago)
The most prominent Native American tribe in the French Indian war was 4
BeNERiSM (22 days ago)
But... I love history...
DaGirlyManchild (23 days ago)
10 years.
Dank Memes (23 days ago)
history isn't that bad
its a brent new day (24 days ago)
well that's how i talk to myself the whole time
Damien Webb (25 days ago)
Me in math
Noah Moorer (25 days ago)
Me in high school
WhatAreYouSaying? (25 days ago)
I thought nothing changed since I went to school 10 years ago. Then I noticed the video is from 2008.
Andrei Peter (25 days ago)
10 years later..
account. (26 days ago)
*No mature content*
Zarki (27 days ago)
This is basically what I do in all of my classes, yet somehow I still get straight A's.
ZackAttack (28 days ago)
10 years later lol
HAIL MGTOW (28 days ago)
damn in the list he wrote😂😂😂 dennis's gf and dennis's mom lmao
Dhruba Kr Saha (28 days ago)
its even older that the earlier one
Xtina_227 (30 days ago)
Damn...I was 8 when this was uploaded...
vijay s (29 days ago)
Xtina_227 but, now?
Bob Ross (1 month ago)
Bit boobs in thumbnail
LIITEMIES (1 month ago)
you passt 4 grade. its school. lol :D
Iskaka (1 month ago)
Really!,! I wanna learn more about those wars! Focus!
Iskaka (29 days ago)
Because the colonial period is an interesting
vijay s (29 days ago)
Iskaka lol, but why?
Shimi Shimi (1 month ago)
"I just watch it for the plot"
Free accounts (1 month ago)
almost 10 years.
laurenlove99 (1 month ago)
Is that Aubrey Plaza?
Bryan Rizo (1 month ago)
Ao accurate and true😂🤙
Docibal (1 month ago)
10 years ago 😲
Himanshu Saroha (1 month ago)
I all i noticed apart fom big boobs that the clock is not working
GR reviews (1 month ago)
I thought he'd wake up with a boner after that dream
deniz * (1 month ago)
2018 anyone?
That Guy (1 month ago)
I personally find history extraordinarily interesting
Scarlet Crusader (1 month ago)
10 years, my god i'm old
Uchiha Itachi (1 month ago)
10 *YEARS*...
Luprez Tryson (1 month ago)
THIS VIDEO IS FRICKIN 10years old. Would you believe that.
Gimberg Preval (1 month ago)
This shit is almost 10 yo
Tijo Games (1 month ago)
Why is this accurate?
James Ricky (1 month ago)
name of the girl with big boobs?
Jorgim Loko (1 month ago)
James Ricky girl w/Big boobs
FishyYT_ (1 month ago)
*quiet pewdiepie in the background* boobs in the thumbnail
Rose (1 month ago)
If I ever fell asleep at my old school in class my teacher would probably rape and murder me
vijay s (29 days ago)
Rose lol! It's so terrible
Danny Semakov (1 month ago)
Was that girl Aubrey Plaza from Parks and Rec?
RICHARD1974 (1 month ago)
thumbnail clicked for it?
Niveyah Owens (1 month ago)
learn about Jehovah stop being nasty
Saskia Miller (1 month ago)
Haha! Part 2?
girlvstheplanet _ (1 month ago)
This guy is the most basic kind of douchebag
Kawaii Universe (1 month ago)
I'm going to bed now...this is too much because it's so late and I'm afraid my parents can hear this from my room.
SSPspaz (1 month ago)
FYI, the answer is the Iroquois Confederacy haha
pixel Buhs (1 month ago)
This is ... accurate
david Swenson01 (1 month ago)
If I ever said "time to look at the chick w/ big boobs" outloud I would sprint to the bathroom, bust the mirror & slit my throat
Rosemary Atkinson (1 month ago)
Not _all_ guys think like this.... right? That could be why some can never get a real girlfriend worth anything.... (-_-)
Sp1der2king 2k (1 month ago)
He is now a ""perverted college student now"" or is he??
Scorcher Cubone (1 month ago)
That moment you hear your stomach rumbling in class, but your trying to figure out if they can hear it too. 🤔
James Vo (1 month ago)
Sajid Zahid (1 month ago)
10 years.
Math Shazam (1 month ago)
A french song...
XxOxiCleanAThingXDxX (1 month ago)
10 year ago, wow things really changed :O
Dank Dylan (1 month ago)
10years wow 😯
Sangma eswel (1 month ago)
aga de sok rimna sikenga aro juna sikega
Sangma eswel (1 month ago)
life is short but now on work
lara grove (1 month ago)
girl with big boobs has such big boobs
Rose McGlinn (1 month ago)
10 years ago
Michael Rahaman (1 month ago)
What kind of fart is that sounds like kirby died
Danish yadvendra (1 month ago)
10 Years