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Guy Stuck in History Class

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Text Comments (32501)
Retro Horizon (58 minutes ago)
thinh le (1 hour ago)
oops! draw cube, draw cube... xD
BlokBustr208 (11 hours ago)
I feel bad for Dennis, dude wants to be inside his mom and girlfriend
FuSe_X MohammeD (14 hours ago)
That time I was 1 year old now I am 11
Kiki Gaming (20 hours ago)
One decade
Cade Glaser (20 hours ago)
Still fapped
Someone On YouTube (1 day ago)
Almost 10 years
IdontEvenKnow (1 day ago)
Well, u just described a bad day for me......
Adam Davenport (1 day ago)
Time to look at the girl with big boobs... that was DEFINITELY out loud! 🤣🤣🤣
Seth Tward (1 day ago)
Can Somebody Give me the name of that girl, much appreciated
Irrelevant Intelligence (2 days ago)
What kind of anime is this
JasonNation (2 days ago)
I love this
John Smith (2 days ago)
Guys, the most prominent Native American tribes in the French and Indian War were the Delawares and the Shawees (where the state of Delaware gets its name from). The French teamed up with the Indians to fight the British but got their ass kicked because the British spent so much money on their military. If it was not for the French and Indian War, America would still be part of England because that is what caused the colonies to rebel. The British spent so much money on that war that they had to tax the shit out of everything in America which is what pissed off the colonists to start the war and become an independent country.
John Smith (2 days ago)
Girls I'd Like To Be Inside: Girl with big boobs Girl with perky boobs Girl with nose ring Girl with DSLS Burn victim girl Kinda goth girl Dennis' GF Dennis' mom
Casey the Caveman (3 days ago)
those desks look like a lefty's worst nightmare
AJ Podcast (3 days ago)
Ashley Eriksen (3 days ago)
Those boobs aren't very big
Awesome Kiddo (2 days ago)
Ashley Eriksen oh... then i would love to feel those tities...😉👐👐😂
Ashley Eriksen (2 days ago)
Awesome Kiddo yup
Awesome Kiddo (2 days ago)
Ashley Eriksen guess you've got big one! 😉😉 Just kidding...
SavagePanda845 (4 days ago)
So true.
Jemma Pizzanelli (4 days ago)
This is such a classic
The Wrestling Duo (5 days ago)
The thumbnail was so attractive 😂
Quaaint (6 days ago)
Have you ever cringed so hard your spine slid out through your ass
Kevin Galeano (6 days ago)
Headless Guy (6 days ago)
Back when people didn't get offended with everything...
John Dickerson (6 days ago)
Sick this is so sick Dickerson he has stinky dick
dooterscoots (6 days ago)
well it's either this or the class is amazing and the teacher has a way of making history interesting and amazing to learn about while painting vivid images in your head of the time he's talking about.
Jacob Evans (6 days ago)
When I'm in history class and bored I just pretend history is something like The Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit.
Totally not the flash :3 (7 days ago)
Me when im doing the Math test and i forgot on how to do all of the equations right. Edit:The score was 10/55.
Hay boi (7 days ago)
sadiq ali (8 days ago)
seen this 5 years ago, seeing it again in feb 13 2018
Bell Idrael (8 days ago)
When "Big boob girl" has like, C cups.
Ibrahim Moh (9 days ago)
sooo relateable even in 2018...............
The Gaming Melon (10 days ago)
10 years.
Jover Serafico (10 days ago)
W4ter_MELON_Man (10 days ago)
Me at school all the time.
Anthony Cassani (10 days ago)
eh. its all about the ass
Nightangle Moon (11 days ago)
Sarah Roy (11 days ago)
Nice thumbnail.
vitality of spirituality (11 days ago)
*Rated TV-Y*
Fatima Khan (11 days ago)
10 years.
BELEIVE IN SCIENCE (11 days ago)
whoa!! i was 15 when i first watch this .
VivTheUnicornHere 666 (12 days ago)
Why is this me?? (I’m a girl)
Leo The SurfingLime (12 days ago)
Francisco Russo (12 days ago)
10 years!!!
Tube Master123 (12 days ago)
Dr. Lance 18 (15 days ago)
Big boobs is wareing as tank top
eugeneriettie (16 days ago)
"Now that that's over, time to look back at the big boobs, that was definitely out loud" XD
The depressed Twinkie (17 days ago)
Why did he want to be inside burn victim girl
t' b (17 days ago)
I’m still watching this in 2018
Christopher Partain (17 days ago)
Basically life
Vuk_93 (17 days ago)
Anyone in 2019?
LSX_ moe (18 days ago)
COUGH COUGH *Farrrtttttt*
Tele Tubbies (18 days ago)
Tele Tubbies (18 days ago)
Dennis Arlan (18 days ago) let him get called up to the board with a huge boner in front of everyone...
Pikaleena Gaming (19 days ago)
i wonder who was hired for the dream part
William Charles Schneider (19 days ago)
RoadTrip No1Roadie (20 days ago)
what is this
Monkey Man (21 days ago)
See my friends dont wake me up when i fall asleep
Andres (21 days ago)
Big boobs, pfft. Girls in my back when I was 7th grade had HUGE BOOBS. A REAL SET OF BADONKERS.
Douglas Chew (21 days ago)
The weirdest
Fancy Spider (21 days ago)
56 million views wow
ELEMENTAL DELTA (22 days ago)
It’s ironic because I actually knew what the biggest tribe during the French Indian war was
Karan Singh (22 days ago)
Anger against the Bio organisms (23 days ago)
Joker always kills us boy.
Jose Castro (24 days ago)
2018! Still funny
ClickerMaw Thornback (25 days ago)
History is actually interesting to me
Jenshie 02 (25 days ago)
Lol this is true af specially when u sleep at class then youre dreaming about your class and your classmates are like waking you up
piz za (26 days ago)
Matthew Novak (26 days ago)
Anyone knows who dat girl is, the big tits one?
Edwards Industries (24 days ago)
Matthew Novak Rosa Salazar I believe; turns out she's in the new Maze Runner as well
Yoan afoan (27 days ago)
My favourite college humour video ever
Zachthetrooper #1 (27 days ago)
I believe the answer to the question was either the Shawnee or the Mohawk
smol. kookie (28 days ago)
Asha O'Hearn-Harvey (29 days ago)
The fart tho
Samantha Q (29 days ago)
More like grade school humor.
Bola Bola (29 days ago)
TealFlame1 (30 days ago)
The shit that I have in my head would give anybody an existential crisis. Maths teacher: "Anything is possible" Me in my head: "That means impossibility is possible too. But if that is true then that means not anything is possible. This is a self-contradicting statement."
Lawrance Hameed (30 days ago)
Manuel Rivera (30 days ago)
"The air's like blankets" lol
MrStensnask (30 days ago)
Aaahh....I miss those times. Those were simple times.......
RobbyBobby 123987 (30 days ago)
Anybody watching this in the year 2018 for the win.!
Daniel Pyro Cho (30 days ago)
This video is 10 years old... How's that even possible ???
Christian Clapyhands (30 days ago)
This is me, but im in 8th grade, except girls don't have boobs yet. bummer
Tyrant Xenos (30 days ago)
10 years.
BISHOP _ (1 month ago)
SteSte (1 month ago)
Shout out to 2018!!! Amazing video! Click it
dead pool (1 month ago)
2018.... Almost 10 years
kobo heights (1 month ago)
what was the song playing during the dream sequence
Daniel Awosika (1 month ago)
Its been 10 years... Wow
Kamron Phray (1 month ago)
10 years. Omg
Radicrash (1 month ago)
For the entire first semester i was not called on once for the warm up and i always knew the answer. The first week of the second semester he called on me and i didn't know the answer. He told me to look at the agenda for today if i didn't know and I pronounced it horribly. Agenda: "non-mendelian 101" What i said: "Non medallion L-O-L"
The Pixel Apple (1 month ago)
“Burn victim girl”
Syndrome616 (1 month ago)
10 YEARS!?!
THE LEGEND 27 (1 month ago)
TheDalekProject (1 month ago)
Aurora (1 month ago)
Boobs in the thumbnail. Good job 👏
Epiphany Unleashed (1 month ago)
Read the entire list lmao.
theguy youonceknew (3 days ago)
"Dennis' mom
Meta Halo (1 month ago)
so true
Alfreedo Sanchez (1 month ago)
9 years and this is still me
mr theory (1 month ago)
Just as insurance I'll cough. Cough 💥💩