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Guy Stuck in History Class

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Text Comments (33626)
the legend 69 (5 hours ago)
Surprised there's no MySpace link
rednecks do it the best yee yee y'all (1 day ago)
Raph c-j (1 day ago)
American peep show.
Tony D (1 day ago)
Still getting me LMAO
trolololmfao (2 days ago)
Jose Lopez (2 days ago)
I was 4 when those was uploaded
Alex K. (2 days ago)
She looks like a hot version of Aubrey Plaza.
A Dog In a Cowboy Hat (3 days ago)
Man I never knew how much I relate to some video
XoozSnav (3 days ago)
*D R A W C U B E S*
Julia Brooks (3 days ago)
Lol guys
Alibi Kazken (4 days ago)
Ocean Park Avenue (4 days ago)
When he said the thing about the dick in the glass bottle, It reminded me of when I first watched this when I was like 9-11, I Imagined a penis going into a beer bottle and then turning into a bone...
the legend 69 (5 hours ago)
What kinda things did you think at that young age?
The Galactic Galaxy (5 days ago)
History class is actually interesting though I fall asleep in math though
MoTo Furierzz (5 days ago)
After 10 years! Still enjoying
flame phoenix (5 days ago)
i can't stop laughing now it to look at the girl with big boobs he said it out load wow
Jedidr (6 days ago)
Power naps in school during class is always refreshing
Jatin Mulagund (6 days ago)
*3:28** thats bcoz the clocks not working*
Jatin Mulagund (6 days ago)
*1:15** I would love to sit in a class with justin bieber and enriuque iglesius*
Zetoria (6 days ago)
I wish they would make these videos again
Dog days (7 days ago)
The thoughts of a eleven year old ADD cursed horny adolescent with medium to low intelligence, you think this is reliable because your education system has infantilized you to the point where you become the perfect little brainless Marxist drone only able to repeat the insane bullshit they indoctrinated you with *congratulations you're a fail as a human*
Lizzie McCoy (7 days ago)
I'm sure they think about more than that.
The Nerderer (7 days ago)
Irfaan Jahdhi Assimon (7 days ago)
2019? Anyone? K...
Rj Rocky (7 days ago)
Is that thumbnail used for history classess.....dam youtube....
vishnu kolleri (7 days ago)
2019 anyone?
Can I get 1 quintillion subs with three videos? (8 days ago)
College humor is any humor.
Edgar Sosa (8 days ago)
ZephyrDisk (8 days ago)
Ohkae64 (9 days ago)
Mmmmm..... Middle school
Dawood Q (9 days ago)
i read this as Gay in history class and didnt understand the clickbait and how it was relevant to the now im here.
Ricky Dawn (9 days ago)
Hi, you beautiful comment section scrolling person! Have a nice new year.
Gapple (10 days ago)
Omg when he said 11:41 it became 11:41
May's World! (10 days ago)
Wow this is almost 11 years old
Redstone Sausage (10 days ago)
Yes? *Have you seen that window?* *Smooth*
Lid ya (10 days ago)
Lmao I got a collegehumour ad before this
Danny Cohen (10 days ago)
have you seen that window XD XD XD
Lithunderbolt1003 (10 days ago)
So true
Shrek is love Shrek is life (10 days ago)
Happy new year 🤡
oof spoof (11 days ago)
welovfree (11 days ago)
leo Sapp (11 days ago)
If you can zoom in to see the boobs
1000 Abonnenten mit Video (11 days ago)
Parkourist 46 (11 days ago)
2:14 the first porn video on the internet
Raph c-j (1 day ago)
Parkourist 46 No?
Hemanth Singh (11 days ago)
Super crow Dan (12 days ago)
fun madeproductions (12 days ago)
Holy shit 10 years
Will Grogan (12 days ago)
The_Wanderer (12 days ago)
*slowly claps hands* good job there, you totally got the point
Mr.VeryGood (12 days ago)
Blue Shadow (12 days ago)
I love history lessons
Muhamad Dakota (12 days ago)
this gives me anxious
Pace I subscribed Stein (12 days ago)
Malik Otto (12 days ago)
Raistlin Majere (13 days ago)
This is all men all day
PewDiePie 123 (13 days ago)
Whos the girl?
shailja prachi (13 days ago)
Zilch71 (14 days ago)
Here in 2019
Dan TRE (14 days ago)
2019 anybody?
Andrew Ertle (14 days ago)
Rens Janssen (14 days ago)
2019? Enyone????
Mark Santos (14 days ago)
My dude just tryna nut
Corne Hofman (14 days ago)
Happy 2019!!!
had gh (14 days ago)
Sanjiv Prasad (15 days ago)
Watching in 2019, anyone? 😊
Krishna Doraisamy (15 days ago)
This will never get old.
Spongebob_ (15 days ago)
The girl was *-FAT-*
John Wick (15 days ago)
2019? Anyone
Blood Raven (15 days ago)
2019? Well in a few hours🥂🍾
Doc Dre (16 days ago)
This is loykey so true
Solitario (16 days ago)
Tapped the vid When I saw the pic
Piano-_-cat_HD _ (16 days ago)
Lmao 😂
xXShredder05Xx (17 days ago)
What... the... future
EZ PZ LEMON (17 days ago)
Niw its nearly 11 year.....
Anhur (17 days ago)
good old days with jokes that are now deemed sexist
Enakc (18 days ago)
10 years
GareBearGamingDood (18 days ago)
This Is Me At School...
Al Tinaco (18 days ago)
Wait I'm hearing *DEAD POOL* ?
Té N (19 days ago)
isaac boi (20 days ago)
Teacher: (doesn't notice you sleeping) Also teacher: Notices you get an answer *incorrect*
Mr. Dynamite (21 days ago)
This is what goes on in mind.....this entire scenario
Cassidy Salter (21 days ago)
I was 2 when this video was made now I am 12 wow
Zlaine (21 days ago)
That's actually me, in a different way.
Ahmed Benani (21 days ago)
Ur list of Girls is messed up
AJ _258 (22 days ago)
Legend says it’s still 11:41
MMJ Edition (22 days ago)
11Years later still Funny as F
LuCkY dOlLaRhOoT (23 days ago)
DiZzie Shockwave (24 days ago)
This was published on my 7th birthday 10 years ago
Mia Ang (24 days ago)
I'm that one nerd in class who listens to the teacher's one-hour lecture and writes down adorable notes.
FireClaw90A (24 days ago)
This is so relatable especially the S thing lmao
Tom Lwin (24 days ago)
Deadpool in class
HAPPY KILLER (25 days ago)
Dude, perfect video!. It made me laugh. xD
2017 RVHS STU JEROME KWEK WING KIT (25 days ago)
Good thing I'm not taking History course for the next 2 years
AndreiDaGamer25 (25 days ago)
I got a lot of boners in my history class
EcoJaws973 (26 days ago)
After he farted, I farted 3 times.
Phobophobia (27 days ago)
Who else had this as their first CollegeHumor video ever? lol :D
MojoMaelstrom (28 days ago)
The late 2000s style of humor is one of the greatest of all time. Change my mind.
Andinga Tacho (28 days ago)
Please no plot twist
An Average Viewer (29 days ago)
Excuse me, how is this TV-Y?
Calvin Bottoms (29 days ago)
I would feel weird if my boobs where a thumbnail for over a decade.
Lucas Newman (30 days ago)
You are a nutsack's nutsack