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Guy Stuck in History Class

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Text Comments (31043)
Gh0st Trooper (1 hour ago)
Hahahaha the fart was so funny
Aurctic (1 hour ago)
You know what? I Normally press on the thumbnail to go on a video, I clicked on the boobs. Like if u did too :)
LunarIzHigh (4 hours ago)
Fucking leafy
lil dude (20 hours ago)
That dude sounds like deadpool
Ziyan Hussain (1 day ago)
why are there so many people with like 2000 likes I wanna be one of those people
Ewanoskill o (1 day ago)
Fun fact: the clock went back in time if you pay attention closely to every frame you can see it in.
TheLegend 27 (2 days ago)
RazerBladeGamezz _ (2 days ago)
All of this is very true
Boyet Rele (2 days ago)
When I sleep in class, I put my book up to make it look like I'm reading then sleep.
*zakiddo* *animations ENT.* (2 days ago)
I died at the cough part when it was outta sinc with the fart, and when somethings awkward I draw cubes to
Do not click on my Profile picture (2 days ago)
Don't read my YouTube channel name
Mickey Mole (2 days ago)
Wow 9 years later
PSGamer (4 days ago)
Omg that was his larious
Zaimaster (5 days ago)
Basically if girls could read my mind... I'd get slapped every minute.
Eshwar (6 days ago)
Willhelm Klink (7 days ago)
I do this.... except its math class not history.
MakoGP (7 days ago)
i can relate, ive always hated history class, haha
Elijah Baltazat (7 days ago)
Somebody please figure out the name of that girl
Butt Head (7 days ago)
I can relate to drawing cubes.
VizE Red (8 days ago)
When Deadpool goes to school
Сагат Есимов (9 days ago)
англичани на русском разговариваете и русских уважаите
Connor Duffy (9 days ago)
how is he that fuckin retarded?
cupcakedemon1029 (9 days ago)
Thoobs in the bumbnail
Dildo Shwaggins (9 days ago)
British boi plays /Halo, art and live commentarys (9 days ago)
What a surprise, the video with boobs as the thumbnail has 52000000 views
The Lucky Dude (10 days ago)
I saw those tits
Alex Kraus (10 days ago)
WOW! over 52 Million views I never seen anything like it.
The AshBrothers (11 days ago)
Me: *cough* *farts* Everyone:*stares at you Me:oh *draws cubes* couldn't have been me, I was to busy drawing cibes
Queen Danielle sister (11 days ago)
who else draws in class with you is bored subscribe and like ✋
Gala Yash (12 days ago)
one of the best video
Joshua Baker (12 days ago)
Fuckin Hilarious
The Stupid Mario Bros (12 days ago)
holy balls this was made back in 2008 i was 3 when this came out
Kratheo TheCrazy (12 days ago)
the one thing guys don't want to say out loud is "now back to go look at the girl with the big boobs"
Half-Blood Academy (13 days ago)
Fave part. Oh draw cubes. Draw cubes
fantdm hero (13 days ago)
please watch my channel called fantdm hero
Jama Llama (14 days ago)
Little bit of clickbait going on here in the thumbnail.
TheRedWolf (14 days ago)
this is all some shit that would happen to me except the last one
Bran Holo (15 days ago)
College humor is basically the ripped brother of buzzfeed
Tyquan Stewart (15 days ago)
her boobs were average size
Space Cat (16 days ago)
Ok time to look back at the girl w big boobs(thinking out loud) oops...
MrDusRam (16 days ago)
Dennis mom on the list of girls I'd like to be inside of xD Hahaha, killed me
James Jeroham Shaffer (16 days ago)
Je déteste la France et le français.
Esteban Guerrero (17 days ago)
Boobs in the thumbnail
Emily Shadel (17 days ago)
arsetitstree (18 days ago)
They hired all the hottest girls on campus back then. Like in that video about female body armor (she was gorgeous, probably sports student or so).
SoulBlayzR (19 days ago)
Great fucking clickbait CollegeHumour
Brianna Isabell (19 days ago)
"if you put soft dick in a bottle would you get a boner?" Yeah...
NaughtiusMaximus (19 days ago)
He couldn't have fantasized about girl with big boobs wearing something a little more revealing?
SmileoChibi! (19 days ago)
We have this rule at school about no sitting on the desks, but we all do it anyway. I'd love to see our sports teacher - he's 53 and his grandmother has the same name as me - sitting on the sports shed table. He'd break it but hey - he'd be YOLOing...right?
Mr Videos & Games (19 days ago)
"No mature content"
alex roheiler (19 days ago)
history class? more like math.
Kawaii Senpai (20 days ago)
The ending was so funny lol
Giraffenkatze (20 days ago)
John Storino (21 days ago)
Do i still have a chance to win the 500 dollars
Diablo del Angelo (21 days ago)
This is real. Painfully real. And I'm in middle school.
kevin p (22 days ago)
This is just like the ecuadorian youtube channel enchufeTV!
michael111104 (22 days ago)
I was getting nervous when he got nervous lol
Mohamed Hany (22 days ago)
اريل ف،
Levi vB (23 days ago)
just read my comment from 3 years ago, jesus how times changed....
PzKpfw VI Tiger ausf. H1 (23 days ago)
lmao the cough
berwwtje (23 days ago)
This humor isn't acceptable anymore, just 9 years later :(
Hunter Hansell (23 days ago)
this is me
CodingTuts (23 days ago)
Funniest video ever!!
Joe Richard VoadoraColossau #thelegend (24 days ago)
For some Strange reason this happened whit me...
Twisted Bot (24 days ago)
Dank Pepe (24 days ago)
Clock didn't even change lol
Destroy All Bacteria D.A.B (25 days ago)
I want shit like this in spiderman homecoming
Ethan Meddaugh (25 days ago)
I laughed so hard at the end
Sidharth Bhaduri (25 days ago)
The most relatable video i have yet to come across on YouTube!
konan obayan (25 days ago)
how to tame a rabbit in Minecraft?
Boran Ucdere (25 days ago)
I came back for the boobs. Years later.
Simple Brian (26 days ago)
Uhh aren't students suppose to wear uniforms or is that just in my country?
Giles Greene (25 days ago)
Simple Brian it's usually private schools, but other schools usually have a dress code like collared shirts. But in high school you wear whatever you want as long as it's school appropriate
Baller Walruses (26 days ago)
this is a video with a rating which this is easy to deal with a rating which is very weird on its own but it is a TV y like TV why do they rate this this when it contains mildly sexual content am I right
Rhiane Persaud (27 days ago)
Yeah but I'm a history nerd
Jemma Pizzanelli (28 days ago)
Poor Dennis XD
Truls Kroneberg (28 days ago)
I hate you for using unskippable ads
Motley (28 days ago)
Hammy & Astro ANIMATEZ (29 days ago)
Ken Kaneki (29 days ago)
I actually love history class
TheForestFamily (29 days ago)
A quick poll: does Girl with Big Boobs have a good body or is she kind of overweight?
Alaap Dhall (30 days ago)
this is sooooooooo mee... hahahahahaha
I GOT THE POWER (1 month ago)
I have no frisking idea why am are here emmmmm am 10.............
Bryce Studios 2010 (1 month ago)
I remember this being the first CollegeHumor video I ever watched like 8 years ago
Kekarinkashi !!! (1 month ago)
I think 85% of us clicked us because of the thumbnail
Lazari Creepypasta (1 month ago)
The French and Indian war is when the......
XxATKAxX Gaming (1 month ago)
hahaha the moment he coughes and then farts 😂🤣😂🤣
Crimson Claw (1 month ago)
Now that's over I'll just go back to staring at the girl with big boobs Oh no.That was out loud Oh my god so funny
Crimson Claw (1 month ago)
Why does that feel like me when I was in school except without talking about that stuff
Kallankari - Neo-Classical Composer (1 month ago)
Wow at least their class clock works.
Ardee Blancas (1 month ago)
The clock isn't ticking at all... he's gonna be stuck in that timeline forever. xD muahaha
Deturaboi Hafiz (1 month ago)
“have you seen that window?” after you sneezed and farted.. good idea bruh
KonstantinGeist (1 month ago)
a history class was the only class I ever actually fell asleep in school
Kevin verwey (1 month ago)
that fart lol
Ifeno (1 month ago)
Completely unrealistic, the professor knows his name.
Michael Urevich (1 month ago)
Dab Howlter (1 month ago)
2008 was a good time
TheDorkKnight 03121 (1 month ago)
This guy can zoom his vision, what are his eyes made of
Darkshark Lp (1 month ago)
Who elso is like the guy in the video during school
M4ster Ch1cken (1 month ago)
Giles Greene (25 days ago)
M4ster Ch1cken yeah seriously...
Darkshark Lp (1 month ago)
Really? well go and look at the Gangnam Style video then...