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Guy Stuck in History Class

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Text Comments (30755)
Alaap Dhall (1 day ago)
this is sooooooooo mee... hahahahahaha
I GOT THE POWER (1 day ago)
I have no frisking idea why am are here emmmmm am 10.............
Bryce Studios 2010 (1 day ago)
I remember this being the first CollegeHumor video I ever watched like 8 years ago
Kekarinkashi !!! (1 day ago)
I think 85% of us clicked us because of the thumbnail
Lazari Creepypasta (1 day ago)
The French and Indian war is when the......
XxATKAxX Gaming (2 days ago)
hahaha the moment he coughes and then farts 😂🤣😂🤣
Crimson Claw (2 days ago)
Now that's over I'll just go back to staring at the girl with big boobs Oh no.That was out loud Oh my god so funny
Crimson Claw (2 days ago)
Why does that feel like me when I was in school except without talking about that stuff
Jacob Trenk (2 days ago)
Wow at least their class clock works.
Ardee Blancas (2 days ago)
The clock isn't ticking at all... he's gonna be stuck in that timeline forever. xD muahaha
Deturaboi Hafiz (2 days ago)
“have you seen that window?” after you sneezed and farted.. good idea bruh
KonstantinGeist (2 days ago)
a history class was the only class I ever actually fell asleep in school
Kevin verwey (2 days ago)
that fart lol
Ifeno (2 days ago)
Completely unrealistic, the professor knows his name.
Michael Urevich (3 days ago)
Dab Howlter (3 days ago)
2008 was a good time
TheDorkKnight 03121 (3 days ago)
This guy can zoom his vision, what are his eyes made of
Darkshark Lp (4 days ago)
Who elso is like the guy in the video during school
M4ster Ch1cken (5 days ago)
Darkshark Lp (4 days ago)
Really? well go and look at the Gangnam Style video then...
Try Not to Laugh (5 days ago)
i love this
little locy (5 days ago)
They just try to make this so funny
Horacio Cuevas (5 days ago)
draw cubes draw cubes
Makayla's Tube (5 days ago)
The fart was so funny I'm DEAD 😀😝😜😄😱😱
Giglia Carstens (6 days ago)
ke basura
Sebastian Koller (6 days ago)
brick sort hide regarding shade live vanish qualify age pace.
TheLockAndLoll (6 days ago)
I wonder what it's like to be able to say, "My boobs were in the thumbnail of one of CollegeHumor's most popular videos"
soul star ssama (7 days ago)
pour L'Amour absolue 😂
James T (7 days ago)
I'm just curious who plays the girl with the big boobs
L (7 days ago)
click bait :D
cheekielad (7 days ago)
The fart one is too close to home
Lemon Lord (7 days ago)
History classes are boring, but there were boobs on the thumbnail
Inline (8 days ago)
"Oh man, girl with big boobs has such big boobs!" -CollegeHumor 2008
MiniAshi (8 days ago)
Subscribe to me if ur from 2017
nonnanevrotica (8 days ago)
Remember when you used to draw these S-shaped things everywhere? Yup, that was 2008.
Param Singh (8 days ago)
same shit happens with me😂😂
Ricky Rickalvous (8 days ago)
Best relatable pov video ever
Šimon Opočenský (9 days ago)
Still funny after even many years
plazmawarrior (9 days ago)
That dream though.
Kyky DJenkins (9 days ago)
this is a 99.9% accurate replica of me in math class
Rainbow Cheetozzz (9 days ago)
the S !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
john posadas (9 days ago)
deadpool accent... lol
Comment As (9 days ago)
Then the professor said after he farted: " *YOU* *GREEDY* *DIRT* *BAG* "
Ryan Munzlinger (9 days ago)
I draw the same exact shit except for the monalica
Nox.INk# Records ❶ (10 days ago)
LOVE THIS video to bits xD lmao
aashrith madagiri (10 days ago)
11,000,000 subs 😳😳😳😱
Jimmy Page (10 days ago)
Is it just me or does the narrator remind me of Eric Forman.
Marco Presti (10 days ago)
I never had a girl with big boobs in my class.. :'( And surely not wearing a tank top. :\
Nestor Vuno (11 days ago)
this is so true
George Crookes (11 days ago)
hey does anyone know the real name of big boob girl I want to do some studying with her as my subject
Shalashaska 994 (11 days ago)
Back before college humor was super liberal
WhatWasThat? (11 days ago)
History was so cool , in school , and so much sleep. :)
just some guy (11 days ago)
when you're really tired in class and you put your head on the desk and suddenly you get a boner for no reason. and then you spend the next 15 minutes trying to get it down. i have had a this happen to me way too many times
TheGamerCode123 (11 days ago)
Funniest thing I have ever seen in a while
youraveragenoodlez (11 days ago)
That last part still gives me anxiety
mrchicken x11 (11 days ago)
history is actully my favorite class
tarun reddy (11 days ago)
just for her boobs a like from me.
Cupcakes & Bruises (12 days ago)
"Draw cubes draw cubes, couldn't have been me, I'm too busy drawing cubes." my logic
ramennd (12 days ago)
Walker #5768 (12 days ago)
he has very low standarts
***SlaYer1204 *** (12 days ago)
XD I also draw cubes when I'm bored!
iTunes Beats (12 days ago)
it is so fucking unbelievable about how true this is
Nickelbackist meinLeben (13 days ago)
Don't get me wrong, i love boobs too, but looking (STARRING) like that i would find disgusting
Vladimir Kool-Aid (13 days ago)
They were so good back in the day. Then the Dutch West guys, Jake & Amir and a number of others left, they hired a load of hipster SJW normies and nowadays it's shit.
Jeff Gothro (14 days ago)
I actually liked history class.
Doggo (14 days ago)
Meep Nation (14 days ago)
I just clicked on this video because of the boobs on the thumbnail
Nate Acosta (15 days ago)
how many men clicked this video because they saw breast and 52 million views
NickHou82 (15 days ago)
Tao Tangam (15 days ago)
totally relating
T-Chain (16 days ago)
If girls don't want the attention, then why does girls have there boobs just hanging out to look out. Like sorry you got nice tits👏🏼
T-Chain (16 days ago)
Literally me! So true!
Locke Lamora (16 days ago)
That's a really strange way to draw cubes.
Popspider Gaming (16 days ago)
I freaking died at the end
YetAnotherRandomYoutubeChannel (17 days ago)
I feel his pain...
TwistedFPS (17 days ago)
This was definitely me in 7th grade.
cookies gaming (17 days ago)
I'm ashamed I loved social study's
gregory gre (17 days ago)
In pe , i had to run with a fucking boner and i think eveyone saw shit... my life sucks
Ariyan Shaikh (17 days ago)
Skydive Entertainment (18 days ago)
History class isn't boring... For me that is, but I get the joke.
Calliou HD (18 days ago)
HSAK907 Stamper (18 days ago)
I hope this never happens
Xsniper BOSS (18 days ago)
that's so me XD
Simon Fr (19 days ago)
She's realy having greate boobs
kristis siciunas (19 days ago)
dat click bait
Bassline Pac (19 days ago)
guy at the end giving wrong answer 😂😂
Yaks97 (19 days ago)
whos the girl with the big boobs? just doing research for my history class
Jadentheperson (19 days ago)
This is me except the girl with big boobs part
Joerious (20 days ago)
When youtube was about free speech and didnt censor you.
JaggerMaster14 (20 days ago)
'No Mature Content'
Josiedragonmaster 1016 (21 days ago)
The paper says Dennis' mom
Little ImPossible (21 days ago)
Who's watching this in 2035 I know I am
luciferr Hadge (21 days ago)
that guy is high on history
Raispains (21 days ago)
nice fingernail
Kiisseli Rekka (22 days ago)
man.. just listen the teacher..
Finley Castello (22 days ago)
When college humour was awesome...
Domanick Petersen (23 days ago)
hahaha his journal includes a burn victim girl... XD
Abinash Nandan Jena (23 days ago)
Nino Saareks (23 days ago)
Holy shit, this is so accurate, at least for me :D
rubik2003 (23 days ago)
i just liked this video because of the boobs