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10 Unforgettable Moments Caught on Live TV!

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Text Comments (4242)
JRPG (53 minutes ago)
Fatboy SSE
Jeff Fleck (1 hour ago)
Total BS click bait crap show a sweet looking woman and it's not in your vid.
xX3 Kaskobi 6Xx (1 hour ago)
1:28 thanks later
banty boss (2 hours ago)
That second one. The thickness...
dad ? (3 hours ago)
Ronnie Lenhardt (3 hours ago)
Number 8 was too funny
Vetle Christensen (5 hours ago)
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SG YouTube (6 hours ago)
What happened at number 10
Peter Briganti (6 hours ago)
After seeing all of the thumbs down I stopped this at 5s and banned the account from showing up as recommended.
Adam Symborski (7 hours ago)
3rd one is fake
Nonya Beezanus (7 hours ago)
YouTube should not allow false advertising.
furbek007 (8 hours ago)
Nevas Life (10 hours ago)
He lifted his fingers and dropped it in there
Nishant Thakur (12 hours ago)
2:00 Cats! They never understand
siankaan71 (12 hours ago)
el video del 1:30 es un fake ya que en el momento del golpe los automoviles ya no se mueven, la imagen restante fue editada
TheDruidKing (13 hours ago)
Clickbait pic is a lie
lonzo maggard (14 hours ago)
The last one was fake!!! And no video of the girl in thumbnail so fuck this channel and fuck this video
Brandon Nichols (14 hours ago)
lol #8 bitchslap
Anglosphere United (14 hours ago)
OMG... S T O P sign
Savage unicorn (14 hours ago)
1:29 😱😱omg
Roberto Buenafe (14 hours ago)
0:00 RIP headphone users.
Ghost Rider (14 hours ago)
0:52 what a lucky cow
Cali Cooker (14 hours ago)
Clicked for the thumbnail. She is bad
lol guy 261 (15 hours ago)
Nightshadow 7100 (15 hours ago)
Dave Micolichek (16 hours ago)
Poor bastard.... Bird shit right in the pie hole....
Tjodh (16 hours ago)
1:29 yes thats true, most of my friends are thinking that its real but the board is faced towards us so could not hit her
Shadio (16 hours ago)
1:23 the only reason I didn't burst out laughing is because it's 12:30
w23857980 (16 hours ago)
0:44 she said bottle the milk and the cow showed her.
caroline Bunner (17 hours ago)
Last clip
Ryley Dyck (17 hours ago)
She gets hit by a stop sign
Luisa Bautista (17 hours ago)
Number 9 was really cute and funny lol
Nathan Knight_06 (17 hours ago)
0:01 RIP headphone users
Conner Monier (18 hours ago)
I made it by myself. I used stodoys scripts for that.
Daniel Tucker (20 hours ago)
Number 2 was lame
Daniel Tucker (20 hours ago)
One of the Indian girls reincarnated relatives just tried to lick her.
Racer 101 (21 hours ago)
1:43 just plain clumsy 😆 😂
Racer 101 (21 hours ago)
Shane Strass (22 hours ago)
Where is the video from the thumbnail photo? Pure clickbait, besides, half these videos were staged vids and not readl
Super pug Junior (23 hours ago)
The 3rd one is fake she doesn’t get hit by a stop sign I remember watching that live on rte on the nine o clock news
love love (23 hours ago)
1:28 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 lmaogsddjdsk
Alisha Gordon (1 day ago)
Press playback stopped at 1.25 and change it to the top one 2x then watch the women it puts it in slow Mo she gets hit be a STOP sign
faizan nasir (1 day ago)
0.51 😂😂
Pauls2theWall Gaming (1 day ago)
#7 is also fake
Pauls2theWall Gaming (1 day ago)
#8 is also fake
Pauls2theWall Gaming (1 day ago)
#10 is fake
Cool Cat (1 day ago)
Clickbate ass. I was hoping to see some hot chick get hit in the head with a football!
Kyle Altamirano (1 day ago)
1.07 cow lick girl boob, girl, did he just lock my tit cow, you like it tho 🐮😋
Sonny Crockett (1 day ago)
10 Forgettable Clickbaits Caught on Youtube!
Etek Dav (1 day ago)
No hot chick liar. DISLIKE
Eric Davis (8 hours ago)
Ruby Gloom , that's how I like it baby :D
Ruby Gloom (8 hours ago)
How about tying a rope around your neck you fucking pervert.
Mish_ A (1 day ago)
Why is the transition so creepy?
L S (1 day ago)
#1 was on purpose for ratings value...tv and the internet have turned into one giant bag of embarrassment. Time to tune out.
bliss X (1 day ago)
Seg 8
John Smith (1 day ago)
nothing will be better than no. 8
Evgen Petsko (1 day ago)
im sure you'll build it yourself. I made it 2 weeks ago thanks to avasva website.
o Darkdevil (1 day ago)
the lady hit by a shield is fake
o Darkdevil (1 day ago)
you can actually die of salmonellae when a bird shits in your mouth
three Baby (1 day ago)
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Jesus H (1 day ago)
kora kora (1 day ago)
ممكن اشتراك اخوانى
Greninja_Gaming (1 day ago)
da bird was like: i herd u liek poop
EddieTruth (1 day ago)
What Name (1 day ago)
Rip ears earphone users during intro music
Samuel115s (1 day ago)
1:27 :0 is she ok
jamie d (1 day ago)
I have forgotten them already, what a load of shite
Achim Derrick (1 day ago)
1:28 oh fuck, that was realy hard, she alive after this?
shanavine2 (1 day ago)
Number 8 is fake she wasnt hit by any sign post
Shining Star (1 day ago)
1:29 i m shocked what happen so danger.
Joshua Flint (1 day ago)
yeah this video is a big downvote from me dawg
Sean Austin (1 day ago)
That cow’s a playa
The White Rose (1 day ago)
Oh Chuck bet it feels like there's a big old Storm in your head now
The White Rose (1 day ago)
Does the weatherwoman at #8 survive? Is she ok? If that sign came at her at a different angle she could have been decapitated or does she die of embarrassment anyway
TheRqinbow (1 day ago)
1:43 I was goin ta get mea a peesa beRRger from beRRGER kAANG!, When he smaCCED RIGHT INTO tha POEE! HiS HEAD WENT THIs way, his body went THAt way, and I think I outrigtte just lauwst mie appetite.
Stars N’ Stripes Forever (1 day ago)
Ok that’s false advertising! I clicked for the hot lady
[WR] STRΣΣT B⃖ULLIΣS B⃖ULLIΣS 23 (1 day ago)
0:58 the slow motion tho😂😂😂
Rowan Gordon (1 day ago)
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Under A Twilight Sky (1 day ago)
Paper Explanator (1 day ago)
Surely that was in reverse order.
Frank Cichon (1 day ago)
The pic was not in the video
INFINITE SAVAGE (2 days ago)
1:29 😂😂😂💀
Joshlive (2 days ago)
TA Lommagami (2 days ago)
Lavi Zurz (2 days ago)
Holy God pretty sure that weather lady has some serious injuries..
Marian Purice (2 days ago)
LEMON HEAD (2 days ago)
Some of them are fake
LOUI J (2 days ago)
1:27 i feel bad for laughing at this xp
Ash Williams (2 days ago)
I'm so glad you circled that girl on the thumbnail. I wouldn't have seen her otherwise.
1mandivision (2 days ago)
Aditya Pandey (2 days ago)
Mast jakaash very nice ☺️😊👌
Matthis Werner (2 days ago)
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Simba Badimba (2 days ago)
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porkie porkchop (2 days ago)
1st one looool
Louis Pauwels (2 days ago)
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Vere Witch. (2 days ago)
Number 8 was being soooo dramatic god told her to STAAAAAP!
Melissa Monteiro (2 days ago)
the last one - it looked like he was helping to deliver a microphone.
rishi_ OO7 (2 days ago)
Fred Watson (2 days ago)
Anu xoxo (2 days ago)
1:20 i live where that is in Galway in Ireland i remember this so much😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
SIXTRIX 111 (2 days ago)
I salute that cow
Nikhil Rauniyar (2 days ago)
*1:28** I'm dying XD*