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10 Unforgettable Moments Caught on Live TV!

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Text Comments (2758)
TK (2 hours ago)
. . .
Grasie Robinson (6 hours ago)
Wait what?😂😂
Jim K loves the WAY (6 hours ago)
them thighs on the 2nd chick...mmmmmmm
Kavroo_o - Owner of Yummy Cafe - In ROBLOX - (6 hours ago)
2:41 Experiencing technical difficulties, please shut down your computer and turn it back on. That way, the problem will be solved.
Anis Benfifi (7 hours ago)
The 8th is a fake one
TORISH GAMING (8 hours ago)
8 is fake
dale jhon (8 hours ago)
I hate niggers
Purgatory (9 hours ago)
Where's the thumbnail?
T Short Bull (9 hours ago)
The cat and the door was hilarious!!
T Short Bull (9 hours ago)
Thats what he gets for calling himself chuck storm.
Allen Mitchell (10 hours ago)
10) You don't stand under anything that a bird sits on, or look up with your mouth open when covering a story about bird infestation. 9) Never stand that close to the back of a cow. If you stand 10 feet from the rear and they start to dump, you are ok. If they cough, then it is like being shot with birdshot from a shotgun at the same range. 8) Never stand in the direct wind. You will get hit. 7) If you can not do it, don't walk and talk at the same time. 6). ? 5) Dogs are dogs and will do what dogs do. 4) This is similar to the military when they say, " check your backblast area". 3) Rehearse, rehearse and rehearse. 2) Tru dat! 1) Remember to use Mr Thumb and all of the Finger family.
Lewis Bell (10 hours ago)
The mic knows De wae
luluis carlos (11 hours ago)
K9JT (12 hours ago)
I had to pause the video after #8 so that I could pick my jaw up from the floor
Spandana Paritala (13 hours ago)
Last one😆😆😆😆
Jason Potts (15 hours ago)
Where's the chick in the blue dress you clickbait bastards!!!
Pukhrambam Bungcha Singh (20 hours ago)
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spencermartin88 (20 hours ago)
#8 is the most funny video I’ve seen in a long time.
Baby Bray (21 hours ago)
Number 8 really scared tf outta me 😭😭💀I real life jumped
The Mr Koxi (23 hours ago)
That stop sign saying hi is f up.
Chris h (23 hours ago)
Haha some gems in here
Pants Junior (1 day ago)
Thumbnail girl: Vanessa Huppenkothen
Stefano Valentini (1 day ago)
1:28 I wasn't expecting that to happen 😨😨😨
boss jonayed143 (1 day ago)
Jerardo Vazquez (1 day ago)
I am in love girl on 9 😍😍😍
PrestonGames /Gaming\ (1 day ago)
#8 tho lol
Just Sayin (1 day ago)
Young Nyland (1 day ago)
Smart Boy (1 day ago)
3:03 😀😁😂
Mouseythegreat (1 day ago)
thumbs down for the ridiculous intro.. intro is 3x as loud as the rest of this shite
N Stah (1 day ago)
#8 was from a movie scene I think
Eoin Cronin (1 day ago)
1 28 is what u came for
Anytime Baby (1 day ago)
Clickbait but still funny
Lala Land (1 day ago)
The cow is savage
catherine dorkin (1 day ago)
I almost puked with the bird poop in that guys mouth.
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OmE PlaYZ (2 days ago)
Number 8 didn’t happen bad photoshopping it happened in Ireland and was live and I assure you it didn’t happen
Smurfinz (2 days ago)
That mic falling into that music instrument is so hilarious hahahahahaha
Michael Powers (2 days ago)
No thumbnail 😡
Bangtan IsLifeu (2 days ago)
Poor kitty 😭
Eric Hernandez (2 days ago)
#10 was so fake
ItzDezh (2 days ago)
Earrape intro
Michael McQuerter (2 days ago)
1:25 is fake.
Lil Pump (2 days ago)
1:28 shut your bitch ass up
hendrix1175 (2 days ago)
#6 was fake, #5 was scripted and #2 was the shit!
AnthonyBabrajTV (2 days ago)
8 and 7 and 6 lolll
Erick Smith (2 days ago)
0:20 Lots of good protein in there
dzumaboss84 (2 days ago)
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Gymnast Juju13 (2 days ago)
1:28..... lmfao
Music of 2009-2018 rocks (2 days ago)
Everyone who's saying it's fake just shut up and enjoy
Music of 2009-2018 rocks (2 days ago)
I like the one when the reporter gets hit with a sign
ItsOnlyBreezy (2 days ago)
You forgot about trump winning the election
Bo Galloway (2 days ago)
#4 Puupppppppyyyy!!!!!
Bo Galloway (2 days ago)
#6 oh there was a door
Bo Galloway (2 days ago)
#4 oh hi sign
Bo Galloway (2 days ago)
Hahahaha #1 is soooooo funnny #3 Oh hi sign
Melker Fransson (2 days ago)
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MR. MooseTache (2 days ago)
SRk fan (2 days ago)
0:50 that cow was like 'give me some milk'
lazyjosh47 (2 days ago)
Fuck you and your obnoxious intro, you woke my dogs up you cunt
Adin The Kid (2 days ago)
who wants 10 for 10 subs
Agan Motovlog (3 days ago)
Gokil banget
Kai _LA (3 days ago)
XxRainbow HuskyxX (3 days ago)
Rip headphone users 0:00
Derp Lemonie (3 days ago)
lol the 4th one cow:i smell milk seconds later* Lick* The girl: Blush* did he just lick my t*ts 3rd U got fked up very well 2nd The Cat:OH SHET THE KILLER ID CHASING ME OH NU BASH OH GOSH DAMN IT INVINSIBLE WALL
Lily Laforet (3 days ago)
Rip headphone users at the beginning.
Aaron McClean (3 days ago)
Thumbnail lie
TheDano1947 (3 days ago)
Maybe he is a Mason.
share share (3 days ago)
Marcus (3 days ago)
#8 so funny!
Calmargarita (3 days ago)
1:00 That was a Weinstein cow, not a Holstein cow. # you too, lol
Borealis (3 days ago)
Keep clicking 1:29 *Thank me later*
Intro Maker (3 days ago)
#8 apocalypse be like
Alexandra Kovárová (3 days ago)
8???!!!?? OMGGG
TNG Fusion (3 days ago)
The stop sign one was the funniest ever
TNG Fusion (3 days ago)
The one when the man walked into the pole was hilarious 😂 😂
arthur parker (3 days ago)
attractive mainly electric both weapon building stay mechanism vary rise.
Tynchtyk Eseraliev (3 days ago)
1:28 scary
Sam (3 days ago)
I hope that girl at no.8 is fine.
Sara S (3 days ago)
1.55 ...
CUTIE BOY (3 days ago)
Laurenzo Lapage (4 days ago)
Lisa Pincott (4 days ago)
Number 8 omg and no7 was handsome before he hit lamppost
Greg Meadows (4 days ago)
So the pic you show is not even on the list. You suck. Find other things to do.
Oz Man (4 days ago)
No.8 wind blows right to left but the stop sign is blowed left to right 🤔🤫
Ega Satria (4 days ago)
It is milk
Aaaal ! (4 days ago)
Just how dumb is Chuck Storm that he runs into the same pole on 2 different takes? ;)
David Hill (4 days ago)
And I quote Newton's third law of motion, 'For every action, there is an equal and oppoite reaction.' This is how recoil works.
Hugo Garcia (4 days ago)
I Stop watching this bullshit, is full of fake news videos
Hugo Garcia (4 days ago)
Well, you start with a FAKE video, this is the worst way to start
Joenel Saracho (4 days ago)
Chuck was stormed
Helder Almeida (4 days ago)
7# they can not have enough of reshoots.
Helder Almeida (4 days ago)
8# it's just hilarious
yannick van dijk (4 days ago)
Alive strange media frozen math preparation alien sake upper.
Yahtadi Shidiq (4 days ago)
Very good content. But where is video of thumbnail?
anomaly19851 (4 days ago)
I made the cow do that using telepathy.
Eduard Hagiu (4 days ago)
Uhm Is the reporter still alive after Stop sign hit her in the head?