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Lurpak® Spreadable - Freestyle

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Here's the plan, there is no plan. It's time to set aside the recipe books, banish the measurers and let our tastebuds call the shots. We're going freestyle. With the Voice of Rutger Hauer Agency: W+K London Director: Juan Cabral
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Text Comments (27)
Chaoticspiceppp (1 month ago)
Sasha Brixham (1 year ago)
love love love
Lucia Hernández (1 year ago)
So much awesomeness!!!!
Account Change (1 year ago)
damn for a butter ad they are so over though XD love it
中国好创意 (2 years ago)
Juanm 123434 (2 years ago)
Stephen Blanchard (3 years ago)
All these people using the best ingredients to create exciting food. Why the hell would they use artificial butter substitute.
Robert Smith (3 years ago)
Rutger Hauer is the voiceover
mshara1 (3 years ago)
Is that Birdman on voiceover?
lechaise (3 years ago)
Why is he laughing? What's the accent, isn't Lurpak from Denmark? Who actually cooks like this? I'm obviously not the target market.
Maria Paula Mejia (3 years ago)
beautifull, amazing. all looks great!
FAST N BULBOUS (4 years ago)
this advert is so cringeworthy, how it pains me so.  the salt on the egg, that bite into the sandwich, that horrible horrible hand gesture by the woman at the end, no lurpak NOOOOOOOOOO!! Oh and you've ruined that 'Whiplash' film now as well, well done, damn adverts
George Lee (4 years ago)
what's thebsong name? and is there a full version?
Andrew Whiteford (3 years ago)
@George Lee + Ben Castle with Soundtree Music
FAST N BULBOUS (4 years ago)
@George Lee Darude - jazzstorm
l'oo'l (4 years ago)
When I'm watching it, I give full attention. like on med. Irresistable!! So subducted CM.
tzolomaia (4 years ago)
Juan, espectacular !!!!!!
Robert Hintz (4 years ago)
Sounds like Jim Cummings
lunkwill7 (4 years ago)
Rutger Hauer? So, I didn't come into my pants for nothing...
GeorgeSmith1066 (4 years ago)
Work like this shows there is still hope for the UK ad industry
Wolf Man Lyken (4 years ago)
0:45 Michael Jackson is that you?
alen g (4 years ago)
mindblowing! food porn 2.0
Christoph Bauer (4 years ago)
This is the 1% of good advertising that gets created these days.
Rachel Kopit (4 years ago)
Beautiful and daring! Loved it!
Shawn Griffith (4 years ago)
Игорь Тригубов (4 years ago)
Восхитительно, как всегда
Jay M (4 years ago)
things like this is why I'm still subscribed to a damned butter channel