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How Airlines Schedule Flights

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Text Comments (2105)
michoel panzok (6 days ago)
Insanely complicated
Veni Vidi Amavi (6 days ago)
*ok so, I just started working for an airline, and as a pilot in training I love this video!! It really helped me, was extremely interesting, and incredibly well done! Great job explaining too!*
DaKu wolfie (7 days ago)
I'm gunna use that clearme.com stuff and bring some fucking guns onto a plane and fucking kill everyone and fly the plane into the Pentagon.
Horace J (17 days ago)
Who will be in charge of scheduling the flights?
MofongoGringo (18 days ago)
Very impressive video. Great job!
quackingplatypus (23 days ago)
0:27 Hey, Southwest Florida Airport! :)
AreZriey (28 days ago)
Someone make conclusion of this video please, i want to make assignment
马云 (1 month ago)
gold documentary porn
Joshua 윤호 Han (1 month ago)
they couldn't just have the flight back NY from Sao Paolo stop in Miami so they can catch connecting flights in Miami. The flight should be able to arrive to Miami in time to catch connecting flights.
Alan Fox (1 month ago)
Why don't you fly from north to south America?
Alan Fox (1 month ago)
Don't be a sucka
Collin Im (1 month ago)
Deep Lover (1 month ago)
Still a better channel than “infographics”.
angry man in a panda mask (1 month ago)
Your telling me a joke 7 minutes in LaGuardia with handcaps blocking the way un believe able how the hell have i not heard of this before
AirportBuilder1 (1 month ago)
There's only 9 American Airlines Hubs on the video you put
rhuttrho88 (1 month ago)
@7:23 so, is that the route Crocodile Dundee took?🤔🔪
Sarcastamus Raconteur (1 month ago)
Ding ding ding ding,wtf pause..ding ding ding ding.wtf pause.ding ding ding....
jocax188723 (1 month ago)
6:56 This is no longer true, with Quantas doing their Project Sunrise flight from NY to Sydney in a 787-9.
FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation (1 month ago)
7:04 not anymore!
Willie Scroggins (1 month ago)
YeetMyMeat (1 month ago)
More like: Clear my privacy....
ShadowXII (1 month ago)
It's pronounced 'Bris-bin', not 'Bris-bane' as literally written.
김명중 (1 month ago)
항공대 모여라 💙
Kulbir Singh (2 months ago)
Do spirit
Ehis King (2 months ago)
Thanks a lot. I would someday be the C.E.O of an Airliner
Mirza Ahmed (2 months ago)
7:10 It's pronounced Bris-ben, not Bris-bayn.
Mirza Ahmed (2 months ago)
6:00 Not sure what you are talking about. JFK has hundreds of flights scheduled to depart after 7:30 pm.
Janani Siva (2 months ago)
It was interesting but I gotta lil lost ngl
Janani Siva (2 months ago)
Lol American airlines say that then have delays 😂- lovwd the video
Atomik Laser (2 months ago)
ive really got to start charging more or sell some overpriced shit to suckers so i can travel. everyone on youtube sounds like they fly everywhere all the time. it would take me a year to work and save for one national flight just here in shithole nz, let alone out of this stinkhole country.
CosAnime (2 months ago)
Any thumbnail with a girl in it will get views lol
shelby wratchford (2 months ago)
You do realize the low wait time is only momentary until everyone is forced to use biometrics. Remember the VIP lines? You give up so much of your freedom for temporary convenience.
ThatSimDude (2 months ago)
you pulled the nose too much, but yes itwas buttery.
Inspiring Gaming (2 months ago)
5:07 are you sure that the plane does not go from Hong Kong to Singapore then back to Hong Kong in those 9 hours or maybe it goes from Hong Kong to Singapore and then the plane waits and then the plane flies again to Abu dhabi
Rails of the Midwest (2 months ago)
I don't like the logic that Chicago, DFW, and Phoenix are THE important connection airports. Houston, Minneapolis/St. Paul, and Detroit are also big hubs that thousands of people fly through every day.
Francisco Garcia (2 months ago)
I finally understand what is going on
necromancer (2 months ago)
Too difficult to keep track, so I just enjoyed animation without paying attention.
Pse_Jo (2 months ago)
Just come from Europe and OMG checkpoints are so long and I have no problem going through all the checkpoint because it's for our safety but what's good about it when Democrats demand open borders? We would travel more often around the world especially to Europe if their prices are cheaper than $1000!
Anthony Strunk (2 months ago)
I live just outside of Knoxville,Tn we
Jack Robinson (2 months ago)
This is fantastic!!
Trevor Austin (3 months ago)
A “banked” hub or “wave” system places you at the mercy of the wankers who run ATC and airports. As a hub or operator gets more successful the likelihood of you being screwed over by incompetence, stupidity or greed increases. The problem starts at the beginning of the day when the first inbounds suffer a delay. If you are on that flight or one that will be flown by the delayed aircraft later in the day you are screwed. So do yourself a favour. Either stay where things are best ie. at home or if you really, really, really have to travel go by rail, walk, drive or cycle. Only fly when you want to be late, lose your cool to stress or waste your life.
FSAUDIOGUY (3 months ago)
Nice piece of work Wendover!
Brian Yo (3 months ago)
I have had nothing but TERRIBLE experiences with American Air....how about anyone else????
Krii Fii (3 months ago)
this man just said brisbane...
Cian Mac (3 months ago)
Dublin is in Ireland which is NOT part of the British Isles. Thank you
Cian Mac (3 months ago)
@FBP O No it is not, The Government of Ireland does not officially recognise the term
FBP O (3 months ago)
WTF? Of course Ireland is a part of the british isles.
János Burgyán (3 months ago)
Is there something like clearme in europe?
MJ’s Aerial Photography (3 months ago)
Wheelchair people clogging your day up?
Bryyy Raiz (3 months ago)
But will you get dragged out the airplane?
Metehan Erdogan (3 months ago)
"...so the TSA agents wouldn't yell at me..." :)
Klobi for President (2 months ago)
What would they freak out about more, a running camera or a bottle of water?
Hastin Nuraini (3 months ago)
The Jas1001 (4 months ago)
British passports have biometric data anyway, so we don't need clear.
Crimson Trail (4 months ago)
Did u really stop there?
joey patzer (4 months ago)
Westjet finally got into a wendover video
Kevin G (4 months ago)
i didnt know that about American Airlines thats interesting as well as Southwest and some of the airports in this video i know by name and code thanks for clarifying this i always wondered how airlines schedule flights.
Remember Neda (4 months ago)
So with Global Warming projections of 5 feet of sea level rise by 2100, major hub airport like Miami, FL international airport which has an elevation of 7 feet above sea level could be in jeopardy of flooding, certainly during King Tides or Hurricane storm events. So AA using MIA as is Latin America hub airport might want to start looking for a new hub. I wonder if Jose Marti International, Havana Cuba at elevation 210 Feet Above Sea Level would be a good option with some facility and runway improvements. It is close to Miami, so distances are comparable. Labor Costs are probably lower. Then there is the Politico....issues. How to work on the Relations between USA and communist Cuba?
Remember Neda (4 months ago)
Maybe the USA could offer the Cuban Government a deal of sorts>We will give Cuba the Island of Puerto Rico. And Cuba will give the USA the Island of Cuba. So the physical islands will retain their names and peoples and Spanish language of course, but the government will change. And from the looks of things, nothing much there too will change either. So the Communists can go to Puerto Rico, and the official status of being a US Territory will be conferred to Cuba.
Andre Newcomb (4 months ago)
Amazing how American politics talks about American exceptionalism. Watching these videos, I see that prosperity approaches global. And I'M one of those making the sacrifice of 'world peace through sharing'. The jobs and wealth appears to be for someone else and I'll just gladly enjoy their good times.
Helen Murphree (4 months ago)
How do all airlines recover, when the weather is bad and many get canceled?
Clark Gable (4 months ago)
all this sounds like safety is not the #1 consideration..... im big on safety
the fuhrer epicness (4 months ago)
I learned this in a hard in "air tycoon online 2" because I crammed all my flights in 1 airport and costing me 500k each turn
- H (4 months ago)
Anyway to block this channel There just long winded promotional material ugh!!
Rob Potato (4 months ago)
What about flights to/from South Africa?
Truthfears Guilty (4 months ago)
airline industry is DOOMED!
Devil515151 (4 months ago)
AA doesn't dominate shit!
Propop pop (4 months ago)
8:30 sorry I'm sure you have that figured out but I sware that illigal your not allowed cameras in security also that seems scetchy to me you could of have taken out your camera walking into the commercial area
Hexo_Typhoon Oethou (5 months ago)
thank you
12345fowler (5 months ago)
Finally got an explanation to the redeyes flight. Thank you.
Dynamic Solution (5 months ago)
Airplanes: Reliably fly 11 hours a day for 30 years straight. Boeing 737max: Hold my peanuts!
Question MK-Question (5 months ago)
What is even more mind boggling is, how you got to know all this in such detail.🤔
Sam White (5 months ago)
How many banks does American Operate at Laguardia?
Colin Purvis (5 months ago)
How are you gonna mention airline hubs and leave off the busiest airport in the world, Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson and the main Delta Hub.
Dave Cain (5 months ago)
I have Clear and Pre. For the amount of air travel I do, it's worth the money. It used to be that Clear would get you right up to the x-ray belt and the body scanner. Now it simply skips the line up to the first TSA agent. Still worth it. :-)
Toasty Hoodie (5 months ago)
Am I the odd man out? I don’t mind long connections. I don’t have to run, and can plane spot, get food, etc. definitely prefer them.
Hiroku S (5 months ago)
Nice video, but I have to disagree with you on Clear - you only go ahead of a few people, most of the time that line is fairly short anyway. Unlike Global Entry, which is cheaper, it does not allow you to go through the TSA Pre line. To add insult to injury they charge $179 a year whereas Global Entry is $100 for 5 years. I get it that they are sponsoring your video but Clear is a massive ripoff.
aresef (6 months ago)
When I’ve flown to Japan, the scheduling out of Dulles was more or less the same between UA and ANA, but the flights back to Dulles were obviously scheduled based on the fact that Narita was ANA’s hub (and not so much UA’s anymore), and Dulles was UA’s. ANA’s return flight arrived in the mid-morning, with my mom navigating rush hour traffic to grab me. But if I had taken UA’s flight back, we’d be stuck in the evening rush... but connecting passengers going to Florida or whatever wouldn’t care.
Carl Tan (6 months ago)
Wow.. I'm sure u did a lot of research for this episode, well done!
Cristina S (6 months ago)
great videos on the air travel industry! thanks for sharing.
Alex McLeod (6 months ago)
That’s my home airport, Southwest Florida international airport at 0:28
Sentinel Vortex (6 months ago)
You’ve got enough to pull a primeval, bank those flights
Jeffrey D (7 months ago)
We bitch about a 4hour layover, and 140 years ago, it took 6 months to get from Boston to L.A....
Josh Benjamin (7 months ago)
Thats a rough trip for a pilot coming from Sydney to LAX then LAX to NYC.
Jeffrey J (7 months ago)
That's all well and good, but if my flight was departing at 3:30am, my head would explode!
Emily Payeur (7 months ago)
I didn't know about WestJet's St. John's connections, that's really neat! I've flown Ottawa-London before and it was a direct flight, and it was sooo long to be on a plane. If I ever go to the UK again/Ireland, I just might stop in St. John's for a day or two in between since I haven't been to the east coast since I was a kid.
Muhanned Alsaif (8 months ago)
I always was wondering about that, nice video!
Brian Coelho (8 months ago)
Pls make a video on Why budget airline not flying between Heathrow to New York
E1craZ4life (8 months ago)
He did.
JJ Reider (8 months ago)
Clear sucks, complete waste of money. They’re in like six airports nationwide. TSA precheck is the most reliable way to quickly navigate through security.
David Calejo (8 months ago)
Why are planes landing at my airport at 1am almost 2am(not delayed, actually scheduled), what passengers would want to fly those?
Bait Hunter (8 months ago)
The lady in the thumbnail is a dude.
DjTruchas (8 months ago)
Where I live, you don't need Clear, you can get from the entrance to gate in 3 mins boi
Truthfears Guilty (8 months ago)
american carriers(except for southwest) are ripping american people off in broad daylight.
John (8 months ago)
What's up with Atlanta's Hartsfield International?
Grover (5 months ago)
What about it?
E1craZ4life (8 months ago)
That's Delta's main hub.
sanch Sanchayan (8 months ago)
It seems there are lot of inefficiency in the airline industry. Lot of variables can be optimized for better cost and lesser time.
E1craZ4life (8 months ago)
That's how budget airlines work. By taking inefficiencies and minimizing them.
Horace Sawyer (8 months ago)
Is that Chicago at 2:58? Great and informative piece. Thanks.
Flights Bird (9 months ago)
Nice video with informative. We Flightsbird.com provides same service at cheap price.
Roshi 710 (9 months ago)
0:34 why is there a bike in the airport?
Ciara Fallon (9 months ago)
Dublin isn’t apart of British isles
William Russ (9 months ago)
A very good analysis - thanks! I also use CLEAR and think it is money well spent.
Jr Woodson (9 months ago)
How can qantas fly from LAX to JFK. Ant that against the law being that it's a international airline. Air china has to come from PEK to IAH and then to PTY and go back to IAH and then go back to PEK. Because that's what the laws say. It makes sense.
Dean L (8 months ago)
E1craZ4life Yes, I know. I’m just explaining the technical details behind it.
E1craZ4life (8 months ago)
@Dean L The Second and Fifth Freedoms of the Air are what make those flights possible.
Dean L (9 months ago)
Jr Woodson Qantas has the right to fly between LAX AND JFK, but only if the passenger is going on the sector between Australia and the US, to go on the sector between LAX and JFK, technically still an international flight. For example, if I want to go from SYD to JFK, I could take the Qantas flight to LAX and connect onto JFK on the same flight, but they are not allowed to carry passengers domestically solely between JFK and LAX, being an international airline. There is a similar flight in Australia, where Singapore Airlines flies from SIN to SYD, to CBR (Canberra) and to SIN again. They are not allowed to fly passengers solely between SYD and CBR, but if they are connecting onto Singapore, they can connect in Canberra. Qatar Airways has another similar flight, DOH to SYD, SYD to CBR, CBR to DOH. Passengers are only allowed on the SYD to CBR sector if they are going onto Doha. I don’t know much about the Air China flight, but I’m sure some of these principles apply to that flight as well.
Patrick Sumner (9 months ago)
0:54 only 9
E1craZ4life (8 months ago)
LaGuardia and JFK both serve New York City.
Diesif (9 months ago)
Am I the only one that likes long connection times?
Diesif (8 months ago)
E1craZ4life (8 months ago)
So there's less chance of missing your next flight?
TurboTaxBaller (9 months ago)
One of my favorite thing to do at c lt is to sit by American's service desk. It's always packed by people who miss the 30 minute layover American scheduled for them.