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Social media's role in spreading hate

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This week illustrates how people can become radicalized by "living in the fever swamps of the internet," Brian Stelter says. Oliver Darcy explains Gab, which the Pittsburgh shooting suspect used to post hateful messages. Julia Ioffe, who's been a target of anti-Semitism online, says the "buck stops with the president."
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Sha (2 months ago)
This steaming pile of turd and the snakes are the enemies of 1st amendment and free speech... dox these motherfuckers and shove crosses down their throats... President Trump is gonna stay the President of the United States of America... Make America Great Again
mrmashedpotato (2 months ago)
"if you don't like it, start your own social media" (Starts own social media) "REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE"
fernando meneses (3 months ago)
This guy cant hide his homosexual tone. I feel really bad for Brian stelter
mrmashedpotato (3 months ago)
Stephen Paddock probably watched CNN at some point.
Andrew LaMothe (3 months ago)
Nice try fake news. Free speech, regardless of the content is every citizens God given right. It’s that right that allows people full of hate to be exposed. Would you prefer to be the guy to decide what is “hate” speech and what is not? You’d probably want to silence people who think abortion is abhorrent or those of us who dislike socialism. No thanks Brian or Oliver. You can’t even do your job in an honest agenda free manner. I prefer to keep my rights (the 2nd amendment also)!
rob1248996 (3 months ago)
I guess CNN doesn't like competition with other hate groups. You're obviously to stupid to realize the amount of crap that comes out of your own "network". You should go back to the days of 2am news (Bill Tush) with a dog (don't remember the dog's name) as a co-anchor (look it up). Your ratings would go up if you would dig out some of Ted Turner's old re-runs from the 50's.
Brendan Day (4 months ago)
Anti white hate
Vicky Traversa (4 months ago)
Didn't u just go off because people wished you a Merry Christmas ffs
Charles Wildman (5 months ago)
May this man burn in hell and everyone who thinks like him! THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY WILL BE HIS JUDGE AND GIVE HIM EXACTLY WHAT HE DESERVES!
Aryan Afshar (5 months ago)
As someone with an Iranian heritage can I say that I am ashamed of Oliver Darcy. I deplore his tactics to silence journalists and shut down free speech even if it is Info Wars.if he put a turban on he would look just like the Ayatollahs who use their sermons to silence journalists.
Aryan Afshar (5 months ago)
Unfortunately Oliver Darcy has been conditioned my the mullahs in Iran whether he admits to it or not. Darcy has no understanding of the first amendment - and why would he given that democracy and tolerance of speech which you do not like is not something accepted in modern Iranian modern culture. If Darcy wasn’t working at CNN he would probably be working at the ministry of internal affairs in Iran where he would be shutting down news papers and jailing journalists.
Michi Hirohito (5 months ago)
Yeah, you think that your side is not spewing hate? You are fomenting it! You are nurturing it and they you are acting surprised when people become pissed off at you. Hate Group, Hate Speech and all of the above terms are not real. They are perceptions by people who have an agenda to reap the benefits of your creation of said "Hate". CNN, stop trying, no one believes you anymore. So we Trolls, Shitposters and Memers are going to continue making your lying asses hell until you stop. Believe it.
It's O.K to be a straight white alpha male! (6 months ago)
It's baffling that a government which is bringing record jobs increases, economic resurgence and stability has most of its countries corporate media trying to bring it down and to replace it with the radicalised leftist ideologies who now run the Democrat Party. They have done quite a job in making American citizens vote against their own interests.
Mutha fuchka Castillo (6 months ago)
CNN are fascist for trying to shut down free speech & putting a vail over it & calling it hate speech. CNN is fake news. They don’t even report the news anymore, it’s 25/8 propaganda.
Visteo Bman (6 months ago)
Social media is polluted with Putin paid trolls, among others. Their entire intent is to create division. They are here in these comments.
Guen Norin (6 months ago)
Sure, thank you for bringing democracy to Palestine, Irak, Lybia, Syria... You won't bring division anywhere, would you ?
g money (6 months ago)
Left wing extremists are being radicalized by CNN. Please report this video to Youtube thought police.
murph1329 (6 months ago)
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Social_media_as_a_public_utility ....it's coming CNN and now that republicans have the SCOTUS, it'll happen. Get ready....
murph1329 (6 months ago)
So social media shouldn't be considered a public square when it comes to speech? WTF. This is a complete violation of the 1st. If you all want to see social media become a utility keep on banning accounts. The Gab thing is a big damn deal because everyone said if you don't like what company A or B is doing make your own....DONE....and now payment processing companies and hosting providers are blocking them, what's next ISPs?.....no, completely unacceptable and falls right in line with what liberals wanted in net neutrality, but guess what, now they're silent.
fake Apple Store (6 months ago)
One word: Reddit.
Серж Шуляченко (6 months ago)
New American record. The fortune of Jeff Bezos, founder and owner of the Internet trading company Amazon, which is the richest person on our planet, fell by $ 19.2 billion in just two days. This figure was a record in the field of financial losses of billionaires of the world in such a short time, reports Bloomberg
ILoveCoffee (6 months ago)
CNN spreads anti-Russian, anti-Trump hate 24/7, and now they have the nerve to accuse Social Media? These people have no sense of awareness or self-reflection. Trump is 100% right to say YOU are the enemy of the people. You have no idea how much pain and suffering you have caused, and continue to cause on a daily basis. You don't give a shit. You are intoxicated by the power you have to control the narrative. You see yourself as gods being in charge of what people should think and know. You are disguting sub-humans. I do hope somebody blows your building into pieces, you deserve it. You have done far more harm and pain to others.
polifatts (6 months ago)
Do a video on CNN's role in spreading lies and division.
Anthony LDS (6 months ago)
Julia has aged 5 years in the last year. Yuck!
s b (6 months ago)
whats wrong with hate?
olzt100 (6 months ago)
Hate is a mental problem. Everything in the world exists for a reason. Your hate does not eliminate that reason. Your hate does not make anything better. Why not ask what is good about hate? What is positive about hate?
Серж Шуляченко (6 months ago)
Crypto pyramids fell https://ru.blockspoint.com/news/cryptocurrency/canadian-crypto-exchange-closed
sathi187 (6 months ago)
Not social media its this fat bald prick spreading HATE ON FAKE NEWS CNN.
AlphaWoIF (6 months ago)
If social media platforms are NOW suddenly responsible for sickos that go out and start murdering people! Then Twitter and facebook HAVE GOT A LOT TO ANSWER FOR and should be the first ones to be taken offline. you are spending more time trying to demonize a free speech platform than you are the deranged Wacko who murdered people. Your agenda is bloody obvious! you couldn't give a rats ass about the victims as long as you get to attack those that call your BS out! and YOU dress it up as news stories . You are FAKE NEWS & propaganda
Gulp_Man102 (6 months ago)
m1 (6 months ago)
Where were the CNN cowards when that Black dude murdered someone on FB live? Amazing how you cowards are happy to burn the books of the world when they say things that displease you.
Bilbo Beutlin (6 months ago)
Where were you when the YouTube bomber used Facebook? Where were you when the two islamists of San Bernardino used Facebook? Double standards
Abraham Lincoln (6 months ago)
Fake news.
Orangutan (6 months ago)
He’s triggered by Gab 😂
Leonard Martin (6 months ago)
what about all the hate speech towards white people there has been many accounts where people have targeted innocent white people for being white. hatred is hatred yet the mainstream media does not want to cover those stories. fact is that white people are tired of being shunned for being white for far to long. and people are taking action. i do not agree with any hatred but i will not stand when a race or someones background is being targeted, no matter what.
Palmyra Arecaceae (6 months ago)
Leonard Martin completely agree, that type of hypocrisy is intolerable
Orangutan (6 months ago)
FalconGaming (6 months ago)