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FedEx and UPS, shame on you !

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Text Comments (44)
Glitter (2 months ago)
0:44 Just use the dolly dumbass
Cat Walk (3 months ago)
Or lock up your dumb ass dogs.. or yeah mace them dogs..
Cat Walk (3 months ago)
You fucking idiots don't appreciate delivery drivers anyway.. dont order shit.. take your lazy ass to the store and buy your own shit. No one owe you idiots nothing..
beast mode muscle (4 months ago)
Bunch fucking low life
FutureZeal (7 months ago)
If i dont have a handtruck, best believe im rolling that heavy shit all the way to the door and not ringing the doorbell
CJH200iiWii (9 months ago)
I recently ordered some model trains, very expensive ones from a website, they finally arrived but when I opened it I saw that 3 out of 7 of the models were broke and couldn't run properly on my layout, I check my security footage to see this dip shit FedEx guy CHUCK my package from his truck to my door, I somehow fixed my engines got them running again but I am always from now going to pick up my trains.
inuyashakarin (9 months ago)
1:20 the guy tripped not like he did it on purpose, at least he didn’t just leave it there in the drive way.
Corey James (10 months ago)
@39 secs... Nothing wrong with that. It's called a heavy box. Fucktards
Mr. yoyo (10 months ago)
Very rare I hope my ups people are great
Rhys White (11 months ago)
I mean-- At UPS, we're told that if it's too heavy to lift, then just roll it so I don't see the problem?
raul gomez (11 months ago)
Does UPS or FED X not own dolly's?
Greg White2323 (11 months ago)
I throw yo shit at the dog you know the one you ppl live to have loose all the fuckin time
KNighTErRanTry Wang (1 year ago)
0:40 so? It's heavy!
llengford (1 year ago)
They should put these guys in prison
Daddy Tech (1 year ago)
1:20 that guy tripped, so he shouldn't be on this video
O Cole (1 year ago)
I'm not saying this is right because I don't throw my packages but there are times that I want to especially when customers leave their dogs out.
TwstedTV (1 year ago)
Now I know why ALL my packages get stolen or contents broken..... - Also at 1:20 that guy tripped, so he is NOT suppose to be on this video.... not fair he is catching shit because he tripped.
newlife (1 year ago)
Frederik Saraber (1 year ago)
I spent 24 years at Fed Ex, that's how we do it so fuck you.
Avion Mech (1 year ago)
Does any thing happen to these ASS WIPES I bet if it was their packages it would be a different story UPS USPS FED X they should be ashamed no work ethics many others would be happy to have your jobs
Daniel (1 year ago)
BOY!!!!! I work at UPS and man if you only knew 😂😂😂
vikings844 (9 months ago)
Daniel idiot!
Snoglydox (11 months ago)
The stuff gets handles worse during shipping. The managers at transfer facilities get paid per package, damaged or not, so people are rushed.
raul gomez (11 months ago)
Then tell us
James Finnen (1 year ago)
As a driver, some of the outrage is silly. First off, the videos give zero clue to what is in some of those boxes, with the exception of the tv. It could be carpet samples, in which I bet 90% of the drivers would toss, knowing that they can't get damaged. Same goes for sweaters that are packages in thicker plastic envelopes. If they get lobbed and land on the porch, they can't get ruined.
Joshua Dougan (11 months ago)
James Finnen difference between a driver picking up and one that's delivering. You should know that. The guys who pick up have a general idea because they visit the businesses, but those who deliver probably don't know what's in most of the boxes, unless the outside of the box is marked. Which is a small percentage of boxes.
James Finnen (1 year ago)
albana dervishi if you don’t think we have a general idea of what is in the boxes, you’re pretty clueless.
albana dervishi (1 year ago)
James Finnen non of your business what's inside those package. You're supposed to treat every package with CARE especially since you DON'T KNOW what's inside.
Nakita Lin (1 year ago)
The dude tripped! I'm also a driver for FedEx ground and if I'm about to trip, you better believe I'm going to try and save myself before your materialistic stuff.
Get Off Your Bass And Lets Fish (11 months ago)
Ok 🤔 let’s install a breathalyzer in truck and do constant drug tests. I had fedex asshole steal my worms I was tracking in winter. He returned them after he opened it to find composting worms 4 hours later then asked why I would need worms shipped to me. I asked for it to be left at post office for me to pick up but he must have thought it contained gold or a rare fish he always wanted.
O R (1 year ago)
lol that was ONE guy out of a whole bunch. FedEx SUCK ASS at everything, the same goes for UPS.
Yoli Howard (1 year ago)
too funny I remember I order something online and FedEx dropped on my order front of the door once I open the door it was in the floor and this round 9 p.m. without ringing the doorbell or knocking or anything
James Finnen (1 year ago)
Yoli Howard yeahhh....there is nothing that requires them to knock or ring a doorbell
R B (1 year ago)
didn't see anything that would be an issue for proper packaging.
raul gomez (11 months ago)
You are fired!
Andygamer99 (2 years ago)
:45 that package is obviously too heavy for her, shame on the customer for not ordering lighter junk
Ronald Simmons (1 year ago)
Real easy to judge and point the finger but the reality is the public doesn't even have a clue
BigNick (1 year ago)
Hand truck = dolly
Andygamer99 (2 years ago)
Falcon ah my apologies I misunderstood you
Falcon (2 years ago)
That's what I'm saying.
Andygamer99 (2 years ago)
Falcon at least they could've given her a dolly
Davel Foote (2 years ago)
RE: 1:20, that's not fair, he tripped.
Get Off Your Bass And Lets Fish (11 months ago)
Davel Foote ok 🤔 drug test him or install breathalyzer in truck. Or I guess require they know how to walk.