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PTC: A merger of technology and human ingenuity at NS and across the industry

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Norfolk Southern is on track with its PTC Implementation Plan to meet the 2018 and 2020 goals. PTC, or Positive Train Control, is technology designed to prevent train-to-train collisions, derailments caused by excessive speed, unauthorized incursions by trains into sections of track where repairs are being made, and movements of a train through an improperly aligned track switch. The U.S. Congress has required that railroads install PTC on tracks that carry passenger trains or toxic-by-inhalation materials. NS is implementing PTC along approximately 8,000 track miles at a projected cost of around $1.8 billion. The installation of PTC capability involves work on thousands of locomotives; a large new wireless communications network; and thousands of trackside devices connected to signals, switches, and other wayside devices. Here is an update on Norfolk Southern's progress at the close of 2016: The NS Engineering team has installed: •2,758 radio towers •2,976 wayside interface units •68 switch position monitors •2,685 wayside radios •321 base station radios The NS Mechanical team has installed and readied: •2,108 locomotives with onboard computers •2,178 locomotives with PTC displays •1,468 locomotives with PTC-capable event recorders •1,304 locomotives with PTC-220 radios •More than 1,300 locomotives are fully-equipped and PTC-operable. •NS is operating PTC trains in revenue service demonstration runs across 1,020 miles of track. •NS has trained more than 10,350 employees and their supervisors on job-specific PTC material. Learn more:
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Text Comments (19)
Talesin- God of the Internet (10 months ago)
goodbye train crews! you are no longer needed don't worry about being lonely. truck drivers are right behind you
Krustyasianboy 69 (1 year ago)
Oh I thought it was from too many crashes
manga12 (1 year ago)
I fear that it is just one more step before fully automated trains, which will put more people out of work of good paying jobs, and runs the risk of dangerous things happening with such huge flying weight down the track, sure it might be safer but I fear it is just another excuse to put people out of work before much longer, and I sure will miss the wayside signaling of lights in the distance something that is part and parcel since the early days of railroading. call me a dinosaur for loving railroad history, but I have my reservations on ptc, not to mention the implementation headaches the big railroads have to endure and the many systoms that are employed, its non standardised and may not have innerconnectivity from one railroad systom to another.
Conrail Gp-40 Guy (1 year ago)
Norfolk southern is putting up new PTC signalling on the ns Pittsburgh line, like at mg, un, AR, mo, so, and c. I can't wait, until Norfolk southern activates the signals.
Jacob Ripperger (1 year ago)
Love how they say "every major railroad in America" and just show Amtrak, UP and BNSF
TrainBrain107 (1 year ago)
I am so happy that they are working with BNSF (0:15) and Union Pacific (0:17)! Maybe, they will work with CSX too!!! 😀 😃
J L (2 years ago)
Norfolk Southern Corp, how much percentage is Pere Marquette Railway railway related to Norfolk Southern?
Stan Patterson (1 year ago)
I would say absolutely none, seeing as how the Pere Marquette was merged into the Chesapeake and Ohio in 1947, and the C&O eventually became CSX Transportaion. Go see the article...
Quaob TOSP (2 years ago)
Dose this person work at you companie Casey Cup?
Seth Howell (2 years ago)
Umm, Britain, France and most of Europe have had this since the 1950s..... Amtrak and other commuter railroads have had this for 10yrs now.... Telling regulatory agencies that you must entirely reinvent the wheel to install long proven technology is a lie.....
Kevin Howard (1 year ago)
Amtrak hasn't had it for 10yrs. If they did then the Philadelphia Derailment in 2015 wouldn't have happened. Besides most of the Europe is nothing but high speed rail. they don't have grade crossings to deal with.
Curtis Ehrgott (2 years ago)
Does not explain the benefits or reasons behind PTC. I saw a PBS hour long video on this topic that was more informative
ec_traindriver (1 year ago)
Curtis Ehrgott we've built, tested, installed, regulated a "PTC" system — actually a ATP system — in less than five years in Italy. It's not rocket science. There hasn't been any collision, or accident, involving speeding, or unauthorized movements, on the national network, since 2008.
Seth Howell (2 years ago)
France has used a far more advanced system than any american railroad is proposing using since 1970.... French TGVs have operated at over 200 mph with the exact technology for 40yrs with ZERO accidents and American railroads act like they have been asked to run a train to the moon.....
BNSF Mephis Intermodal (2 years ago)
Hi to all in NS I am trying to find out the name and location of this fantastic Terminal please this is something else I really like the design can someone help me with the information about this Fantastic Terminal in this video please
Umberto Fournier (2 years ago)
great to see positive train control
BNSF Mephis Intermodal (2 years ago)
Hi to all in NS this a real Fantastic video well done to all the Team involved in the making this video and the Interviews were spot on I am really delighted to see a well made video and the amount of hours gone into making this video if someone can please tell me the name of the Intermodal yard at the end of the video please I am living in Ireland I am a big NS Fan I am a HO Intermodal Container Modeller keep up the excellent work on and off the Tracks. Greetings from Ireland Kind Regards Teady HO B.L.I. N.S. Intermodal Modeller
Tyler Duncan (2 years ago)
Look at the head that Tommy Phillips has. He should get that checked out.
Tim. Trains.Chaser (2 years ago)
Nice Job guys I am Railfanning the Norfolk Southern Harrisburg Line that I live by in Hershey Pennsylvania at Derry Rd Milepost 98.8 but I'm Railfanning Hummelstown Pennsylvania at Milepost 103.3 Called Burke but can you help me get to 10K subscribers by advertising my YouTube channel on yours guys please I'm like the biggest NS Fan ever